Florida Gov. Rick Scott Gives Embarrassing Excuse for Why He Objected to Charlie Crist’s Fan (Video)

rick-scott-fangateBy now it’s no secret that current Florida Governor Rick Scott made an absolute fool out of himself during his debate with Democratic challenger Charlie Crist when he essentially threw a hissy fit concerning a fan Crist had set up at the bottom of his podium.

But just in case you haven’t heard, Scott refused to come out until six minutes after the debate had officially started due to his objections over a fan Crist had placed at his feet on the backside of his podium.

When I first heard about this story, I thought it had to be something from The Onion. I mean, why would anyone care? It was a small, discrete fan that provided absolutely no kind of advantage to Charlie Crist whatsoever. Honestly, who cares? 

Well, apparently Rick Scott did.

And toward the end of the debate, it just so happens that the moderator asked Scott why he objected to this “highly controversial” fan. Well, let’s just say, his answer was as pathetic as the tempter tantrum that he threw at the beginning of the debate.

The moderator asked, “And Governor Scott, why the delay in coming out over a fan?”

“I waited to be…’til we figured out if he was gonna show up. He said he wasn’t going to come to the, uh – he was – he said he wasn’t gonna come to the debate. So why come out until he’s ready?,” Scott said.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. Go ahead and wait six minutes after a debate has started to see if the opponent who’s already on stage would show up.

Not only that, but he doubled down on this ridiculous excuse Thursday when he was asked about it by reporters.

“Charlie was throwing a fit,” he said. “He was saying he wasn’t going to show up, so we waited to see if he would show up.”

Again, that makes absolutely zero sense. Crist was clearly on stage. All Scott had to do was see that he was at his podium, then come out himself. And that sure as heck wouldn’t have taken six minutes. The bottom line is, Scott acted like a petulant child who didn’t get his way. Then embarrassed himself by not coming out for the debate for six minutes.

It’s like I’ve said before, if the people of Florida re-elect Rick Scott it’ll be an absolute embarrassment. Not just for the state of Florida, but for the entire country.

Watch his answer below via Talking Points Memo:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Christine

    It’s a FAN!!!!!! Grow the Fuck UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    I’m not one to defend him, but I heard on my local news that a fan was strictly forbidden by the debate rules. If that is the case, then he looks even MORE foolish for giving that ridiculous response.

    • John Masters

      That’s what I don’t get. If it was “the rules,” then that’s the answer. I was concerned that the previously agreed to rules were not being followed.

      However, from everything I’ve read, the prohibition was against anything “electronic.” I think most reasonably in-touch people recognize that means tablets, computers, smart phones, ear phones, and the like. I don’t think I’ve ever considered a fan an “electronic device.”

      I also know the rules said, “no props.” Again, in a reasonable world, a prop would be something like a book, a chart, a white board, etc. This was placed in the bottom of the podium and not visible to anyone else in the room. So how’s it a prop?

      Scott is just a tool. He won’t answer questions that are asked of him, he and his staff created gmail accounts to try to hide state business, and don’t me started about how he should be in jail for his healthcare fraud rather than the Governor’s Mansion…but suffice it to say, as a Floridian, I’ve been embarrassed the guy was elected since day one. As an American, I’m embarrassed he’s not in jail.

    • Gary Smith

      But it wasn’t. No one has been able to produce any documentation that says a fan was specifically forbidden.

      In fact, I’ve seen the signature page Charlie Christ signed and right above his signature is a handwritten note to the effect that “Gov Christ agrees to the debate rules, with the proviso that if the temperature is too warm, Gov Christ may bring a small fan to place at his feet.” (paraphrased, of course)

      If it was acceptable when they received that signature page, why wasn’t it acceptable on debate night?

      • Noel Kerns

        It WAS acceptable on debate night, at least to the organizers, obviously. I suspect Scott tried to use the fan as some sort of leverage point, or opportunity to suggest Crist was trying to break the rules, and it backfired on him.

      • Cemetery Girl

        That is my thought. It the fan was such a violation then it would have been removed prior to the debate.
        Although I appreciate the level of confidence this must inspire with the voters towards Scott. You want to elect an official with such keen observation skills that claims he was six minutes late to the debate because he wanted to make sure his opponent on stage had shown up.

  • Lincoln E Rodon

    I kept hearing electronic devices are forbidden. Well, a fan is an electrical device not an electronic one.

    • My thought exactly!!!

    • Stephen Barlow

      Touche` To me a device is a cellphone, a prompter of some kind.

      What really galls Me is that Scott’s people specifically made a point of the fan. They PLANNED this little game. if Crist’s people had played it, they would have put a fan under Scott’s podium as well an REALY had a chump of him!

  • Marshall Weaver

    Scott is beyond strange. Get out to vote next month, end the pain.

  • Jenny

    Another reason to be mortified by residing in Florida. Sadly, I live in a part that is very red. Rick Scott, in my opinion is a lying thieving dirtbag among other things. And now I can honestly add cry baby to the list. When Scott first ran, every single day for months leading up to the election, when I got the mail, there was his face. Not every other time but every time. Here in the Sunshine State, if Charles Manson ran as a republican he could have a chance. It’s so embarrassing.

  • raypc800

    Scott who if there was any real justice in this country would be in a jail cell for his numerous crimes of medicare/medicaid fraud was doing this to eat up time and to give the media a shinny globe to look at. In other words he did it to misdirect attention from his own policies and the numerous failures of those policies to the fan. He ate up air time that was his main goal. The media allowed him to get a free pass about all of his failures for articles are all over about “THE FAN”! Real News huh.

  • GenerallyConfused

    Yes, please tell us why you refused to come out because if a fan.. and then tell us it was because you didn’t know what you could clearly see with your own eyes.

    And while you are at it, please tell us why you had a problem with a fan in the first place.

    …still waiting…

  • Matthew Reece

    The truly ridiculous thing that happened was Adrian Wyllie’s exclusion from the debate.

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      why was he excluded?

      • Sandy Greer

        Libertarian. More often than not they are shut out of debates.

      • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

        did he apply for the debate? what criteria is needed for entry to that debate? did he fit all the criteria? did he enter his ”want’ to debate on time? who’s fault was it he didn’t get into the debate? — that’s what I mean when I ask: why was he excluded; not some poor answer with no proof of that answer

      • Stephen Barlow

        You usually need 15% of the polls to be asked. While not a law, Republicans made this business as usual to silence third parties like Ross Perot and Ralph Nader from taking intelligent REDS from their base.

      • Matthew Reece

        The establishment does not want any voice besides Republican or Democrat to be heard.


        wrong answer— what FACTS do U have to prove he was wrongly excluded?
        opinions serve regressive republicans,,,,they do not serve me

      • Matthew Reece

        He is a candidate with ballot access, so he will appear alongside Scott and Crist on the ballot. Elections are supposed to be constitutionally guaranteed to be free and equal. If some candidates on the ballot get to debate and others do not, that is not free and equal.


        u provide no facts as 2 why he was excluded– only an opinion

      • Matthew Reece

        What I said is fact, not opinion. You can look up what I said and see that it is true, not just my thoughts on the matter.


        u provided NO specifics regarding THIS debate

  • Sean Jones

    Ahh, Voldemort is up to his old tricks again.

  • Eg Kbbs

    Agree on how stupid it is to say he wasn’t going to come out until he knew about his opponent (who had already come on stage and was enjoying free, un-contested exposure time).

    But also, shouldn’t this story be a chance to remember that unexplained bulge under Bush’s coat during a debate ?????

  • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

    yes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I live in S e FLORIDA—-and will be voting for Charlie C.
    scott can draw unemployment until he procures his rightful place at FOX “news” as a political analyst

  • Stephen Barlow

    But there are enough people in Florida voting against noncandidates who are NOT on the ballot.