Florida Governor Rick Scott is Trying to Destroy Hurricane Insurance to Benefit Big Insurance Companies

rickscottTo this day, I have no idea how Floridians elected Rick Scott.

I mean honestly, the man was CEO of a company that was found guilty of 14 felonies for defrauding hundreds of millions from Medicare.

How you can be CEO of a company caught defrauding Medicare to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, and still get elected governor?  It’s truly pathetic that anyone actually voted for this man.

Many who might not have known about the fraud committed while he was CEO of Columbia/HCA might know him from the Florida voting fiasco where he closed polling places, and shortened early voting times, causing Florida voters to wait in ridiculously long lines to vote this past November.  Then followed that with an “investigation” into the voting process in Florida and the problems they had.

Now, I’m not a rocket scientist, but when you close voting locations, then cut early voting times in half, there doesn’t need to be much of an investigation as to why people waited till as long as 1 a.m. just to vote—especially when you approved both measures.

Now Scott is out to hand state disaster funding for Floridians over to his corporate buddies.

He’s using the claim that the not-for-profit company which provides property insurance for the state of Florida, Citizens United Insurance Corp., is inadequately funded to handle Florida’s disaster needs should a hurricane strike.

Except, he completely distorts his numbers—shocking, right?  Who would think a man whose business was convicted of hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud would push false numbers?

Scott claims that Citizens carries less than $10 billion in funds for disasters, yet insures over $500 billion worth of property.

Which both claims are actually true.

Citizens carries with it roughly $6 billion in funds for disasters, and insures roughly $500 billion worth of Florida property.

What Scott doesn’t say is that they’re backed, just like every private insurance company in Florida is, by the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.  This back up insurance puts their funds closer to $20 billion rather than his “less than $10 billion” claim.

And his $500 billion in damages number?  Well, he’s right about that—if every single property in Florida covered by Citizens Insurance was somehow destroyed simultaneously by an apocalyptic storm that resembled something from a Michael Bay movie.

Then yes, theoretically the total damage could reach $500 billion.

But by realistic expectations, the next time a “1 in 100 years” storm strikes Florida, most expert estimates put damage at around $21 billion, not $500 billion.

What this really breaks down to is his attempts to funnel more money to his big insurance backers so they can profit heavily off devastation the next time Florida is hit with a hurricane.

And don’t kid yourself, this plan would end up shifting an even larger burden of disaster relief onto the federal government and FEMA.

But what did Floridians expect when they decided to elect a man who was CEO of a company found guilty of 14 felonies for defrauding the federal government of hundreds of millions of dollars?

Solid morals, a strong work ethic and a representative of the people?

They’re getting exactly who they elected—a corporate shill who would sell the soul of every citizen in the state of Florida to the highest bidder if he legally could.

And if his plans for completely privatizing all property insurance in Florida go through the way he hopes, the next time a hurricane devastates millions in Florida, that’s exactly what he will have done.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • bamcintyre

    They voted for him, they deserve him. Elections have consequences.

    • Jimmy jam

      Mean spirited response. I would expect it of a Republican.

      • Me

        It’s a pretty standard Progressive line of reasoning, actually.

      • cattnipp

        yeah we progressives tend to blame the victim and say that people need to live with the consequences of their choices in life…. that is why we progressives are waging a war on women; their right to make decisions about their own bodies ….. what nonsense….. oops that is the GOP
        well those girls who rape easy, the ones who dress up nice and then complain when they get raped…. no… that’s the GOP again…… sorry your answer was invalid

      • Me

        Actually, you could have taken those words right from the mouth of a Berkeley matron…

      • OohRah Mama

        Good Lord, better a Berkeley matron than a low-information voter. At least the matron researches & uses facts.

      • Me

        Based on historical performance? Not really.

      • OohRah Mama

        We could base it entirely on your posts, dear, and win the case.

    • Luciole1987

      Not all Floridians deserve him. I certainly didn’t vote for the man, nor can I understand anyone who did.

    • Ann Parker Crawford

      Not all of us voted for him, thanks so much!

      • jd

        He won by a very narrow margin, and even those that did vote him in despise him now! I didn’t trust him from the get go i seen his beady shift eyes and said devils daughter

      • Chris Alexander

        It’s a rule of natural law, when a Florida Republican wins by a very narrow margin, that means he lost by a narrow margin and made up the difference by fraud. I don’t think we can blame Florida voters because they didn’t actually elect Rick Scott. But they need to memorize this lesson: the only way to keep Republicans from stealing elections is to win by a big enough margin. Vote count fraud has an upper performance limit, so a large victory margin can prevent another Rick Scott from happening.

    • patsijean

      That reminds me of the end of the Bush years when I could not find anyone who admitted to voting for him.

  • shopper11

    I certainly didn’t vote for him. Someone in FL ask me the difference between IL and FL politics. I told them that in IL we put the crooked ones in jail and in FL, they elect them to office. It’s hard being blue in a red state.

    • DB

      Obama is from IL and isn’t in Jail. Touche Douche

      • Dustin Cahall

        Thats because obama hasnt been convicted of any crime u dumb bitch

      • Me

        Neither has Rick Scott.

      • dave.lefevre

        What a joke. He was CEO of the defrauding company. It’s people of your ilk that constantly whine that CEOs earn their money… well you have a conundrum here. He’s either a criminal or he was incompetent.

      • Me

        You haven’t bothered to actually look up the case, have you? He. Was. Not. Convicted. It’s that whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing. Like with Bill Clinton and his perjury charge.

        Or, wait, is the progressive version “innocent until proven guilty, unless I don’t like him, then get out the rope, and the hell with due process”? If so – that makes you different from the KKK how?

      • scrzbill

        Apparently you not only can think logically, you can’t read either. Or maybe English is your second language. “He was CEO of the defrauding company””He’s either a criminal or incompetent” Well I vote he was incompetent, he’s a bagger.

      • Me

        Thanks for once again demonstrating the maxim that when your argument fails, you should immediately resort to ad hominem attacks.

      • brianmc3113

        @ “me” That’s rich from someone that resorted to name calling in his first comment … douche …more fitting for you than the poster you . You obviously either don’t know how corporations work, or you are being willfully ignorant. There are a lot of piers in Florida … why don’t you take long walk off a short one and do the rest of the world a favor

      • Me

        “Me: Neither has Rick Scott.”

        Literacy. What a concept. The rest of your post… well, it’s about as factually correct.

        “douche”… that would be your logical refutation of…?

      • dun

        He. Was. Not. Charged. Does not mean he is innocent. No wall street banks responsible with creating our current economic strife have been charged or convicted either. I looked up the case when he announced he was running for Governor.

      • Me

        Gets back to “innocent until proven guilty.”

        Or are we back to “innocent until proven guilty, unless I don’t like him, then get out the rope, and the hell with due process”?

      • scrzbill

        Right, he was just CEO over the company that was hit with multiple felonies. The only reason he wasn’t prosecuted was it was a corporation, not subject to prosecution.

      • maxiemom

        Despite what your Faux Noise puppeteers say, Obama hasn’t committed any crimes.

        The same can’t be said of Scott, or the last Republican president…..

      • Chris Herz

        Barack Obama specializes in getting folks who thing of themselves as progressive to sign up for the warfare state. In this sense he is even more of an hypocrite than any Republican.
        And yes, he is just as guilty as Bush in waging imperial and aggressive war.

      • Don Berry

        Oh, yeah, cuz Obama got us into that debacle of a war in Iraq, right!?!??! Oh, wait… ….and he dragged us into Afghanistan, right??!!? No, not that one either…. BTW, I vote liberal, and I’ve never been on-any-government assistance…ever. I’m just not stupid enough to fall for Republican “patriot” bs…

      • merr7242

        I need proof of what you say Chris. I don’t know how you could think you know something like that.

      • Me

        No. Obama has not _been convicted_ of any crimes. Facially, he violated the War Powers Act. Almost certainly, there are others – it’s almost impossible to be President and _not_ violate the law. But there is a big difference between committed and convicted.

      • dave.lefevre

        You know how many Presidents have violated the War Powers Act? How many Presidents have there been since the War Powers Act has been enacted?

      • Me

        Really? Care to try that bit of stupidity again?

      • scrzbill

        Who could match, “facially”?

      • dave.lefevre

        If you don’t know the history behind the act I am not going to spell it out for you. Learn to use Wikipedia.

      • scrzbill

        Facially means what?

      • Me

        Wait, you’re the same guy who said something about English as a second language?


      • scrzbill

        I think the douche is someone who would stick up for Scott. Takes from the poor and gives to the rich. Started testing people for drugs so his wife could make millions.It has cost the state millions(taxpayers) with very poor results. Kept people from their constitutional right to vote, but hey, when did baggers ever care about the constitooshun. Now wants to throw a NON PROFIT insurance company out so YOU and the rest of property owners can pay more in insurance rates. Bend over and take it like the good……..Buy you’re probably not from Florida, you just want baggers to be baggers, screwing over the workers in America, one state at a time.

    • merr7242

      Believe me, I know. I lived in Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama and Tennessee.

  • Ronk

    Didn’t vote for the thief. Also not happy that, besides the fact that my insurance has tripled even though I have never made a claim, I have to pay into citizens united for those who do not have insurance, or keep building on the beach and can’t get insurance. Can’t wait to get the hell out of this corrupt state.

    • william

      same here,, ASAP I’m voting with my feet,, hitting 95 N and not looking back

  • Its really sad that ALL of Florida has to suffer because of this man. I understand what it’s like to have your state ran by the greedy. We’re stuck with Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, I and many people that I know, did NOT vote for these two but yet we must put up with them.
    Good luck, Florida. Maybe if you’re lucky, the next hurricane will leave minimal devastation on everything else and destroy the governors mansion so maybe this man can get a clue how his citizens feel.

  • Ann Parker Crawford

    If anyone in this state claims that they did not know that his company was indicted for fraud, they are liars. The commercials were everywhere.
    But of my friends and family members who vote a straight Republican ticket, only 2 will admit to casting a ballot for Tricky Ricky.

    • Mandy DivineChaos Andersonn

      Gee, same exact answer I get from known Republicans. “Nope. I sure didn’t vote for him. Uh uh!”

      Obviously someone fucking voted for him. Quite a few someone’s. Now all of us will be paying the price. And let’s remember, this hurricane giveaway to the insurance companies comes as the cherry-on-top of the sinkhole giveaway.

      • MyKarmaRanOverYourDogma

        Either that, or he cheated. What a surprise that would be. /sarcasm

  • Anand

    It’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp, not “Citizens United”. Liberals hate that phrase!

  • Lizette Mullen

    It was HIS company that DEFRAUDED the Federal Government right? Why isn’t this man in prison? Why isn’t he at least a convicted Felon? Oh wait…could it be that corporations have the same rights/protections as people when it benefits them…just not the the same legal consequences when they break the law? Am I right?

    • dave.lefevre

      The U.S. does not put defrauding CEOs in prison. On top of it, Scott put forth the posit that he didn’t know what was going on in his own company and, despite the size of the fraud, he was somehow believed. This is while he was making a multi-dollar paycheck, of course. If you want to see why people like me say that the corporate structure in the USA is toxic, look at this man’s life. The fact he got a single vote shows how sick our political structure is.

      • That’s exactly the same defense the Enron guys tried to sell–they had no idea anything illegal was going on. I think Bill Frist said the same thing.

  • Please tell me Woody Harrelson plays Rick Scott in the inevitable HBO mini series!

    • MyKarmaRanOverYourDogma

      Jim Carrey as…Fireman Bill!

  • Corey

    Moving to FL later this year for work, “Praying” this guy doesn’t get re-elected

  • Mr. Smith

    Never ceases to amaze me how conservatives consistently vote against their own best interests.

    • Me

      You voted for Obama. ‘Nuff said.

      • dave.lefevre

        I am trying to understand this comback… wait… no.. don’t get it.

      • Me

        “Never ceases to amaze me how conservatives consistently vote against their own best interests.”

        OP voted for Obama. All he needs to do to answer his question is to look at his own motives.

      • dave.lefevre

        I voted for Obama. The reason is because his opponent showed beyond a shadow of a doubt he would do nothing but help his buddies for 4 years. He was open about it. Obama is also a corpratist, but he wasn’t even on the same level as Romney. I voted for what I felt my best interest was. So you can put the “low information” card away it simply doesn’t apply.

      • Me

        “Wasn’t even on the same level as Romney”? You can write that with a straight face after watching Obama create the Department of /T/r/e/a/s/u/r/y Chase Bank?

        You voted for what you felt your best interest was. Good. Would it be possible for the thought to penetrate your mind that maybe conservatives vote the way they do because _they_ feel it’s in their best interests? Or maybe even, (gasp!) society’s best interests?

        Give it a try, Stretch out, and enjoy the concept that they disagree with you about means and methods, but maybe, _possibly_ have the same general goal in mind – what’s best for the society you and they live in. That they’re not the devil incarnate, and neither are you.

        Go ahead – give it a shot. Spread _that_ gospel. Maybe if enough Progressives start picking up that concept, we won’t have the civil contretemps we seem headed towards.

      • This discussion is NOT about Obama, it’s about Rick Scott. Put on your big boy pants and try to keep up…

      • Me

        You need to work on that whole “reading comprehension” thing. Here’s the FIRST PARAGRAPH OF THE ARTICLE:
        “To this day, I have no idea how Floridians elected Rick Scott.”

        Door. Open. Ask an unpleasant question, don’t be surprised if you’re staring your own preconceptions slap you in the face.

        And, lest I forget – thank you for again demonstrating the truism that when you’ve got nothing else, ad hominems are the default act of last resort.

      • christian_928

        Your argument again fails to really hold water here. Your quote doesn’t mention President Obama. It doesn’t ask a question related to President Obama. Governor Scott and President Obama have little in common other than being politicians and the point is that this is a person who has defrauded medicare and has continued to work to funnel as much taxpayer money into private bank accounts as possible. Whether you agree with the president or not, you simply cannot equate his policies with the shameful and criminal behavior of the Floridian governor.

      • christian_928

        That’s almost a good point. The problem with it is this. Conservatives have shown consistently that the policies they will vote for do NOT have the general good of the citizenry in mind. They have voted against every piece of legislation that would provide help to the average American and FOR every piece of legislation that would benefit corporate interests. They screamed the entire 4 years of President Obama’s first term about jobs jobs jobs but have YET to introduce ANY legislation designed to help create them HERE in the U.S. They HAVE however, introduced HUNDREDS of bills, (this includes state legislatures as well as the U.S. houses), designed to deny equal rights to gays, lesbians, women and poor people. They HAVE managed to put forth legislation designed to keep financial institutions free to continue stealing from the taxpayers and consumers and they have managed to WASTE over $60 million in taxpayer funds attempting to repeal the ACA which they KNOW is something that will not happen. They are wasting your and my tax dollars to try and make a political point while doing exactly NOTHING to make things better. It isn’t progressives out there talking about armed rebellion because they don’t get their way, it isn’t liberals out there advocating violence against people who voted for a candidate they don’t believe in, it isn’t progressives out there trying to force people to live according to their personal religious beliefs and it certainly isn’t liberals threatening to shut down the U.S. economy by playing political games. Conservatives are the ones doing that, more specifically, right wing extremists and religious fanatics who have more in common with the Taliban than they do true conservatives. If you want to talk about places to cut spending, talk to us about the fact that the U.S. accounts for 48% of ALL military spending world wide. Talk about the fact that we spend 10 times what the next highest spending country spends per year, (China who spends $80 billion to our $800 billion), and that “conservatives” scream that we are decimating our military if we try to cut even a little from that number. Talk to me about how much they “support the troops” except that when it comes down to it, what conservatives support is spending money to support the defense contractors. Do they cut funding for the big toys, (the war ships and fighter planes and bombers),? NO!!! They cut money from the foot soldiers! They claim to support these men and women but the truth is, when the come home they are on their own. Republicans continue to vote AGAINST benefits for the returning troops, they cut funding from the V.A. while generals travel in private G5 jets and get million dollar paychecks. Sorry, but your concept doesn’t hold water.

      • ginger t. too

        Thank-you! Very well said!!!

      • Pay no attention to anyone remotely defending–or appearing sympathetic to–Rick Scott. Particularly if they troll thread after thread and try to deflect the conversation to anything or anybody else. Pathetic, rude, hopeless, arrogant, uneducated fools that they are–and as loud and obnoxious as they have been–they will never change the FACT that Rick Scott is not only a heartless bagger felon, he probably stole his way into the Governor’s mansion as well. It’s been almost 4 years, and I *still* can’t find anyone who will cop to voting for him…

      • Go to “The Villages”. It is a Stepford enclave in Central Florida. If a Republican politician shows up in Florida they go to two places, The Villages and Miami where they promise to keep the embargo against Fidel, even though he is no longer in power.

  • william

    I remember reading a quote by Scott during his campaign, about hurricane insurance,,, a reporter asked him what he would do if the roof was blown off his mansion in Sanibel Island ,, and he answered ,it would be ok because he has a spare roof in storage,, don’t know if he was kidding or what, but I wouldn’t put it past him, he is constantly trying to screw the middle class and normal people, drug testing social service recipients ( when his wife owns stock in the drug testing company to be used) , voting restrictions to enable T party and GOP candidates to win, slashing funding for education then reinstating it partially and acting like he did this great service to the state, turning down Federal aid for a high speed rail because his big auto company backers didn’t want it,, it goes on and on,, this yahoo is bought ,, owned and in the back pocket of big business. He knows he’ll probably be a 1 term governor and laying the ground work for a cushy “consultant ” job after he’s kicked to the curb next year.I don’t know anyone who will admit that they voted for him. But beware,, there are alot of tin foil hat t party lemmings in central and Northern Fla who think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. personally all I can say is don’t blame me,, I voted for Alex Sink.. my jaw dropped when I saw he was elected. Bachman and Palin quit,, Fla should be so lucky,,

  • Well, he owns…or owned…a chain of health clinics that does drug testing when he tried to mandate drug testing for all who apply for public assistance and for all state employees, with the cost reimbursed by the state for the 98% who pass. So, the leopard hasn’t changed his spots.

    • He signed over control of the clinics to his wife so he wouldn’t personally benefit. The money still goes to the family but not directly to him.

  • Klypto

    Charley Crist ran as an independent and split the vote three ways. That is why this ass was elected, not because he was the best choice.

    • minnieduker

      Please also take note that he had every public hospital investigate their competence because he wanted to privatize county medical care. And that he came out in favor of expanding medicaid only after he privatized it. However, Crist ran for Senator, not governnor. It’s was a stright up vote between the tea party and the rest of the people. So sad the tea party won.

      • Klypto

        Thanks for the correction. My mistake. I get lost when I think of the politics in Florida.

      • Chris Alexander

        I think it is a mistake to assume that Rick Scott was actually elected. Stealing does not equal winning.

  • djhunt6353

    I am as much to blame as all the other Floridians that didn’t bother to vote. I was NOT going to vote for a former banker, Alex Sink. Especially one that worked for BofA. I hate that in this country we have been reduced to voting for the lesser of two evils. It was the ONLY election that I failed to vote since 1972 and I’ll never let that happen again.

  • Dale Watkins

    Can’t someone find a way to rid Florida of him, by legal or illegal means? He’s a two-legged cancer elected by a group of voters who I believe to be gullible and who rely on TV ads for virtually all of their election-related decisions. I don’t recall who the Democrats ran against him in the last election, but my bet is s/he was outspent in TV ads by a large margin.

    • When you have the money you took from Medicare to finance your campaign, of course you will win. “i didn’t know what was going on”. “My executive business experience is why you should elect me”. Those words should not be from the mouth of the man you vote for.

  • shoot they will put a regular person in jail for stealing a pack of bubble gum…. but they get away with stealing BILLIONS……….. df ………… they put a women in JAIL for STEALING FOOD… but they get away with STEALING BILLIONS??? and still become a GOV…. now aint this BACKWARD

    • dave.lefevre

      Rick Scott should have gotten 0 votes. It’s not a party thing… the man has no morals or ethics and the record is very clear. If Republicans think he’s a good govenor they are reflecting the moral bankrupcy of their party.

  • CLG

    The question is more than how did he get elected Governor, but how is he not in jail? FLORIDA!!!! WTF?

  • Ginger

    What does Obama have to do with this topic? NOTHING! Scott is and was what he is and how anyone voted for him is well beyond me. From Florida…I surely didn’t.

    • rachellebelle

      Obama has nothing to do with it. Just wanted to let you know at least one person realizes this.

  • Liberal Person

    And, we must not forget that in the event of such a catastrophic occurrence, Florida has cut so much spending on disaster relief at a state level, there would be no help there, and, to further endear himself to his corporate buddies’, he is doing things this way so as to relieve the federal government from passing any disaster relief laws that would be necessary because of the Republicans’ in Florida approving of cutting all disaster relief. I guessed they learned a great deal from the malaria outbreak about a year ago. A homeless man contracted malaria and the State lawmakers had stopped funding a malaria treatment facility (the only one in the state) and people began dying from malaria, and not all of them were homeless. The CDC stepped in and took care of the problem, on the federal taxpayers’ dollar. That was the beginning of the end of disaster relief in this country.

  • Don Berry

    Walking pos, like so many GOP politicians. But then, look at the mentality of those who voted them in…not exactly bright…

  • The only problem with the theory of privatizing flood insurance, is that no one could afford it if the government were not helping out. And if they had a real tragedy, the private insurance companies would go broke.Oh, and I guess then they’d get bailed out by the state. And simultaneously refuse most claims and make people sue them while they are homeless. I forgot. Privatize profit and socialize loss. Never mind. Carry on.

    • This is not about flood insurance. That is a federal plan. This is about homeowner’s insurance. In years that we have hurricanes, your rates go up. In years we don’t have hurricanes, your rates go up. The Insurance commissioner has passed through every rate increase they asked for. And when houses prices took a dump, guess what? It cost more to insurance less value.

  • CantonCook

    The man is a crook, pure and simple. A dishonest, shady, crooked corporate snake who weasled his way into the Governor’s seat. Idiots voted him in, so they deserve what they get now. Once a crook always a crook.

  • mel tracy

    look at this guy’s face. You don’t need to know more. He must be a democrat, they will overlook anything to get what they want!!

    • jchastn

      Rick Scott is NOT a DEMOCRAT!

  • merr7242

    If anyone doesn’t know more about a candidate before they vote for them, they get Rick Scott.

  • openlyblack

    Florida’s “banana republic” reputation was cemented during Bush v. Gore … Rick Scott’s election is just an afterthought.

    He was the CEO of a corrupt corporation and is now selling out the people of his state to corporate interests.

    Is anyone surprised?




  • LadyeCatte

    Damn. Reading the comments from Teabaggers here, I have to ask: WHEN did it become ‘patriotic’ (let alone sane) for the inhabitants of Sherwood Forest to root for the Sheriff of Nottingham?

  • jb

    I also did NOT vote for him, and I have yet to meet anyone who ‘owns up’ to voting for him, but there he is, bigger that fraud itself!!~

  • william Scanlon

    Wow!!! Well I’m in Texas where voters ignorantly elected R Perry time after time. Let’s put our faith in big business to do the RIGHT thing — maximize their personal profits. Yes let’s let the Devil be the preacher in all the churches. Where are the lies coming from? HRUMPHHHH

  • corppigwatcher

    Scott should be in the BIG HOUSE not in the State House!

  • Dale Boggs

    Scott has done exactly what he said he would do. He created new jobs. They may all be in the Unemployment Office, but they jobs in demand!

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    Wiki says he was not implicated in the fraud with HCA…just saying . must be truthful when we write

    • He was driving the bus when it ran off the road. If he was not involved, why he did invoke his 5th amendment rights 75 times during testimony?

  • Ron West

    “There are liars, damn liars and then there are statistics.”—Mark Twain

  • tom

    If Citizens insurance has 6 billion in assets what is Scott’s allocation plan when the State run company ceases?

  • Tired of It

    Here’s a progressive question for you: why the hell are we paying to fund a Hurricane Catastrophe Fund? It’s one thing to protect public property and infrastructure. It’s another altogether to provide coverage for people who couldn’t otherwise afford it, affluent or not. If you couldn’t afford the insurance you shouldn’t have purchased the property.