Florida Governor Rick Scott Tries to Get 20 Seniors to Bash the ACA, Gets Completely Embarrassed Instead

rick-scott-1Every time I write anything about Florida’s Governor Rick Scott, I still can’t believe this guy won his election.  It’s bad enough he was CEO of a company that was found guilty of defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars from Medicare.  One would think that would have disqualified him from having any chance at winning, but he rode the tea party crazy train in 2010 to victory.

Needless to say, his first term as governor has been an absolute embarrassment.

And the embarrassments continued to pile up recently when Scott tried to get a group of 20 seniors to bash the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”), but instead got mostly praise about President Obama’s signature health care law.

“I’m completely satisfied,” Harvey Eisen, 92, a West Boca resident, told Scott.

Ruthlyn Rubin added, “People were appalled at Social Security.  They were appalled at Medicare when it came out.  I think these major changes take some people aback.  But I think we have to be careful not to just rely on the fact that we’re seniors and have an entitlement to certain things.”

Which is a great point.  Many programs that have strong support today were often very controversial during their creation and initial implementation.  I liked how she also mentioned that it shouldn’t just be seniors that this country worries about having access to health care.

“We’re all just sitting here taking it for granted that because we have Medicare we don’t want to lose one part of it.  That’s wrong to me.  I think we have to spread it around.  This is the United States of America. It’s not the United States of senior citizens,” Rubin said.

Though I think it’s vital that we ensure our elderly have access to health care, the point she seemed to be trying to make is that it’s unfair to support the socialized medical program for seniors (that’s very popular with those seniors by the way) while condemning a law which aims to provide access to health care for Americans of all ages.

To add to his embarrassment, Scott asked one woman if she had noticed any change to her Medicare Advantage coverage, to which the woman replied, “Not really.”

Another woman praised the law because her son, who has heart problems, now has health care coverage.

A point Scott failed to mention during this exchange is that because of his refusal to expand Medicaid in Florida, many Floridians aren’t able to gain access to health care coverage through the program.

This was just another example of a Republican trying to set up a situation where they could get people to bash the Affordable Care Act, yet instead heard mostly praise of President Obama’s health care law.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sparks13

    Repulsive, innately evil slime that oozed out from a pile of Tea Party shit.

  • Pipercat

    … and to think, this guy ran a healthcare related business. Goes to the folks on the single payer system looking for complaints about the free market one. Not exactly the brightest light in the marquee.

  • auntielib

    As it turns out, most people agree with Governor Rick Scott and disagree with Allen Clifton:

    “Last month, a Post-ABC poll found 49 percent of Americans saying they supported the new law [the Obamacare tax that the Democrats wrote] compared with 48 percent who opposed it. That finding was more positive for the administration than most other polls at the time. Democrats saw it as a possible leading indicator of a shift in public opinion, but that has not materialized.

    A 58 percent majority say the new law is causing higher costs overall, and 47 percent say it will make the health-care system worse. While a majority say the quality of the health care they receive will remain the same, a plurality expect it to result in higher personal costs for that care.”

    Boo hoo, Allen.

    • caileigh

      you would think that the someone should point out that initially people tend to be resistant to new social programs/entitlements
      oh wait…. “Ruthlyn Rubin added, “People were appalled at Social Security. They were appalled at Medicare when it came out. I think these major changes take some people aback. ” additionally i think those numbers tend to be trickling up

    • 80sretrodude

      How the hell are we supposed to take anything you say seriously with a DUCK DYNASTY icon on your profile? Epic fail, dude. Everyone at my job- INCLUDING hard-core Republicans, are all pleased as pie with our new ACA policies. My insurance went down- all of ours did. Boo hoo, Duck Dude.

      • lindylou

        If any policies went up it’s because there is better coverage.

      • Shari D

        The only policies that either got cancelled or “went up” were the garbage policies that the rate gouging insurance companies sold to people who didn’t see they were paying for crap every month instead of real coverage that was actually useful and paid for something when needed. The kind with outta-sight out-of-pockets, or deductibles that nobody could actually afford to exceed before the policy would jump in there and pay something back. Those were the ones that disappeared from sight. Now, insurance actually has to provide useful coverage andd accessible benefits. It may cost some more than the old garbage policies the insurance companies were scamming people with, but now you actually get something for your money.
        As far as “Bat Boy” Scott is concerned, he’s a worthless, useless do-nothing tool, and he will be “flying away” come the next election.

      • auntielib

        Oh gee, good point, Progretread – since my chosen avatar is one of the folks on the Duck Dynasty show, that obviously proves the Washington Post/ABC News poll data I cited must be incorrect.

        Gosh, you Progs over here are just too smart for me, I can see that!

      • 80sretrodude

        I never said your avatar has anything to do with any poll. I just said I probably cannot take you seriously with Uncle Gay Basher as your chosen avatar.

        Speaking of smart…… tell us, oh Conservative one, how many progressive liberals would you see at a KKK rally, as opposed to how many conservative tea partiers?

      • lindylou

        And while the ACA might cover lobotomies, it will not cover a complete head removal.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      The troll is back. Don’t you have something more interesting to do?

      • Lee

        He needs attention.

    • breakingbabylon

      auntie lib you fat nasty cunt. I can’t wait until you receive my packages!

    • MrThoughtful

      Auntielib attach a link to your credible source.

  • Lynn

    Didn’t Rick Scott learn from Romney that you need to pre-screen your audiences first???

  • PamelaHaley

    Quick, someone put that dick back where it belongs…

  • Sandy Greer

    Years from now, Repubs will try to ‘own’ ACA. They’ll stop raging against the ‘socialized medicine’ of Obamacare and remind folks ACA was built on Romneycare.

    Assuming we don’t go to single-payer, of course. Which seems the next logical step.

    In any case, Healthcare for all will be just as much an Entitlement as Social Security and Medicare.

    • auntielib

      Ah, Sandy the Seer belches forth another of her epic Prophetic Utterances…

      • 80sretrodude

        Aren’t trolls supposed to lurk under bridges and wait for unsuspecting passerby?

  • lindatseed

    While I completely support the ACA, it doesn’t really affect senior citizens. They are on Medicare or Medicaid and nothing much changes for them. It does seem strange that the governor of a state with lots of senior citizens doesn’t know this.

    • shopper

      Medicare only covers 80% so most of us have supplemental policies, too. The company that I retired from pays a partial amount on what they get for us. July1, 2013 they were able to switch us to a much better policy because of the ACA – better coverage and benefits and lower premiums. Should save us at least $5,000/year.

  • lindylou

    Didn’t he offer them free scooter chairs in exchange for lying?

  • Edward Krebbs

    I’m confused even to the pretense for the meeting, specifically a meeting of seniors to comment on the ACA. Once you’re of a certain age, you get Medicare and can’t participate in the ACA. I could see 20 seniors to comment on Medicare. But for the ACA wouldn’t someone looking for opinions look to a younger crowd ?

    • AnkyNan

      On Medicare, you still need a Supplement for the 80% not covered. The ACA provides access to less expensive &/or better Supplements.

      • Shari D

        Isn’t it the 20% not covered? I thought Medicare covered the 80% and you were responsible for the 20% left over, either with a supplement or out of pocket? And also, for Part D to cover prescriptions. (I’m disabled, and looking at Medicare myself next year, so I want to make sure I understand the process.)

    • dmcrane

      ACA made several things better for Medicare Seniors also. It made many preventative tests and shots co-pay free. It is closing the RX donuthole, and for people on Medicare Advantage Plan, many of us saw our co-pays decrease. My Primary Care co-pay went from $30 to $10. I had a mammogram, pap test, yearly wellness exam, colonoscopy, dexoscan, flu, pnemonia, & shingles shots alll co-pay free which saved me easily $500+ since January. I also am able to belong to a gym on my BCBS Medicare Advantage which includes the Silver Sneakers benefit for free with my Plan, so I go use the treadmill and take a yoga class for free..designed to keep me active, fit, and healthier. And I agree that all Americans need affordable healthcare and am thankful my 40 yr old son, who has a pre-existing condition can’t be denied coverage now. When Medicare was started we had a vibrant middle class most of whom had healthcare with their jobs..but lost coverage when the retired so Medicare picked up the slack. Sadly for many that is no longer true in many jobs so as the world has changed other things must change also. We are long overdue for universal healthcare but looks like we will get there now.

  • adcbeast

    Rick Scott isn’t bright … so .. come on ..

  • Stephen Barlow

    WHY was he NOT jailed? I never got THAT part of the story?

    Did he get to keep the PROFITS from his stock options while Columbia/HGA paid the 1.7 BILLION DOLLAR FINE?

  • ICBM904

    The fact that Rick Scott got elected in Florida despite his record is an obvious indicator of the stupidity of Florida voters. It’s not the majority, but it’s the majority of voters that show up in off year elections. They are road-kill Republicans. They will vote for road kill if it has an R by the name. To knowingly vote for the biggest defrauder in U.S. history takes a special kind of stupid. The legislature is much the same or worse. Florida ranks second only to Texas in that kind of stupidity although states like North Carolina and Tennessee are making up ground quickly.