Florida Ordinance Makes it Illegal for Homeless to Use Blankets to Protect Themselves from Weather

1899052_10152211463202489_299226097_nI think most of us can agree that life isn’t easy.  So many Americans live in a perpetual state of fear about the future.  Going paycheck to paycheck, one long string of bad luck away from total catastrophe.  I remember when I was a server thinking sometimes that all it took was one wrong step, breaking my ankle, and I would have been absolutely screwed.  What good is a server if you can’t walk?

Our lives can change in an instant.  We’re brought up in different environments and have to overcome different obstacles.  It’s why I try not to judge people (outside of their willful ignorance) because I really don’t know what they’ve had to overcome in life or what led them to their particular hardships.

This is especially true when I encounter a homeless person.  Granted some homeless are in their situation in life due to their own decisions, but many aren’t.  And like most things in life, once you dig yourself into that kind of a “poverty hole,” it’s really hard to get yourself out of it.

The last thing I’d ever support, or want to see happen, is for a city to pass laws that almost seem to be picking on homeless people.  Laws or ordinances that make the lives of people who already live in extremely challenging situations even more difficult.

But that’s exactly what’s happening in Pensacola, Florida.

Right now there’s a “camping ordinance” within the city that basically makes it illegal for anyone outside to cover themselves with a newspaper or blanket in cold or otherwise inclement weather.

It’s ridiculous.  Before even getting into the impact this has on the homeless, let’s just look at how this could impact an ordinary citizen.  Say you’re caught outside in the rain with only a newspaper to keep you dry while you wait outside for a bus – technically that’s illegal.

But of course the real people this ordinance will impact are the thousands of homeless people who are left freezing outside (Florida has had an abnormally cold winter this year) who have to make the conscious decision to break the law just to keep themselves warm.

Isn’t it hard enough just being homeless?  Do we really need to make their lives even more difficult?  Hell, isn’t this flat-out inhumane?  To tell someone who has nowhere to go, no home to keep warm in, that they’ll be breaking the law if they dare try to shield themselves from freezing temperatures and high winds – it’s reprehensible.

Every person who’s homeless has their own unique story as to why they’re in their current situation.  Again, some are there because of their own volition and choices in life.  But many suffer the plight of homelessness due to circumstances beyond their control.  And let us not forget that many of these individuals are war veterans suffering from PTSD or people who were born with other mental illnesses that (since birth) have prevented them from ever standing a chance at assimilating into society.

But this isn’t about judging why someone is homeless.  This is about common sense and basic human decency to treat some of those who are most vulnerable in our society with at least a shred of compassion.

Next week, the city will be considering amending the City Code to remove this awful ordinance.  I would encourage everyone reading this to contact the Mayor of Pensacola, Ashton J. Hayward, and let him know that this lack of basic humanity must stop.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sherry06053

    Maybe it not about making it harder for them, maybe it’s about “arresting” them and taking them to jail for heat and a meal…

    • truther26

      Hardly the case. That means they’d be losing money housing them. The goverment is corrupt. They rather see someone freeze to death than to help out. Its all to eliminate and weed out people. They’re useless in the eyes of our government. Its a corporation, not salvation.

    • Bet Gitlin-Rich

      Why jail, though. Why not a shelter?

      • sherry06053

        Maybe they don’t have any – they are not accustomed to that kind of weather. I don’t know. I am just trying to justify something that can’t possibly be so inhumane, heartless and cruel. And it’s the police that have to enforce those laws, which would put them in a position of making a conscious decision of “wasting” their time on someone who is obviously suffering or “helping” someone in need. I would like to think the best, not the worst…

      • sparkkeh

        Lots of homeless people refuse to use the shelters – they are often dangerous and people will steal your stuff, not to mention the way people are treated. I’ve heard awful stories from homeless people about the “shelters” and why they would rather risk freezing to death than go there.

      • nicole32123

        The ones around my area are supposed to be infested with bedbugs.

      • loranna238

        Anything that doesn’t actually make money in some way is run-down and neglected for the most part. Because seriously, that’s what it’s all about, making money. So shelters are pits, and it’s better and more healthy probably to end up in a jail-cell where you at least get fed and aren’t robbed and beaten than a homeless shelter.

    • Mike Williams

      Jail in P-cola? If you go, don’t sit down. They have a thing they lovenly call the minichair. You sit down, they taze you. Eventually they taze you to death.

      • skibumstevo

        Bullcrap…I could find NO references to any such thing. Cite your sources if you want to made ludicrous claims…

    • ditomagik

      Oh Yeah! Out of the goodness of their hearts!
      I would like the names of all of those who voted yes for such an ordinance or law, and publicly post them here for everyone. I don’t care if they have had a change of heart. It’s very clear who this law was to impact, and it’s time to stand up for our brothers and sisters. This is not just an offensive statement. This is an act to cause direct physical harm. Outrageous!

  • Philo Van Kempen

    What kind of piece of shit pens and votes for legislation like this? I will never understand the punitive mindset.

    • Mike Williams

      A standup, God fearing, Christian republican. Amen.

      • tnicols

        more like an piece of shit redneck devil.

      • taymie

        same thing

      • PrincessDavina

        its not the same thing

      • white trash religious teaparty

        its pretty close in southern states

      • Charles Vincent

        Query; Who voted them into office? Are the democrats or republicans? You wanted more government, ask and ye shall receive.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        both guilty of bigger government,,,,the diff? regressives ‘run’ on the (“please vote for me” ) stance of smaller government. when in office,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the politicians do whats best for their (“please vote for me” ) constituents
        my biggest hatred? bringing VOODOO (SEE: religion) into the mix

      • Charles Vincent

        I found a page that lists about 50 cities that have this sort of law. I think I saw 3 in Florida.

        Edit to paste link to aforementioned web site;
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

        I have also seen articles on the Florida police arresting people for serving food to the homeless in city parks. there are articles floating all over on this in various states.

      • citizenw

        The Un-Nanny State: like the Nanny State, it wants to run your life (into the ground, if possible).

      • Charles Vincent

        I would prefer the government to kindly stay the hell out of my life and my pocketbook.

      • Asher B. Garber

        Then I guess you should get off the road. And stop flushing your toilet. Thanks.

      • Charles Vincent

        Uhh no I pay taxes thank you very much. Secondly I doubt very much that you even know where the funds for roads comes from or city water.

      • Sideswiper

        Then don’t expect to have roads to drive on or police and ambulances to respond when you need them. Why don’t you go to Somalia where there’s no government, no rules and everybody has assault weapons, RPGs and tribal lords to tell them what to do and who to pay to stay alive.

      • Charles Vincent

        Man you’re just being ignorant now. The city of Oakland Ca is using private policing to cover the shortage by the city government and according to several articles I read on that they seem to be providing a better service that the regular police force. Please go play the nut-slap game with your kissing cousin.

        Here is one article;
        http://www DOT npr DOT org/2013/11/15/245213687/with-robberies-up-oakland-residents-turn-to-private-cops

      • white trash religious teaparty

        would that include how texas TRIED to keep that dead -and decaying- woman alive with the obviously deformed fetus which as TOTALLY against her( and her family’s) wish? shall we include the southern (repub held) states which try the religious crap on womens bodies and their rights? lemme know

      • Charles Vincent

        I thought it was the Hospital not the state? The family enlisted the state to force the hospital to take the woman off life support.
        http://www DOT bing DOT com/search?q=state+forces+hospital+to+remove+texas+woman+from+life+support&form=U147DD&pc=U147D

      • white trash religious teaparty

        doesn’t happen in liberal states,,,,,,,,,,,, where atavistic “RELIGION” controls govt.
        funny how FOX “news ” barely touched this story; yet as it mirrors in many ways the ACA/fed govt trying to get those lovely NUNS on board w contraception ( see: “BIG” govt) ya’ think FOX “news” would be all over this???
        nary a peep

      • Erik Christensen

        The city council which wrote and passed this law are mostly democrats.

        This is what the democrats in Pensecola want

      • tiger16id

        Um No Dems in Pcola

      • tiger16id

        Um, Florida, = republican controlled state government

      • Charles Vincent

        Erik Christensen to Charles Vincent • 6 hours ago

        The city council which wrote and passed this law are mostly democrats.

        This is what the democrats in Pensecola want

      • pablo

        I thought the mayor of Pensacola was a Republican

      • Charles Vincent

        I dont know I only found the mayor of Miami to be a republican but like Erik said the city council of Pensacola is mostly democrats and they passed the ordinance.

      • ElRonbo

        It’s a non-partisan office, as is the mayor’s. But why not just make stuff up, right?

      • Charles Vincent

        Hello you can look it up and see the city councils party affiliation. Secondly government officials are never non-partisan they all have political ideologies and they follow them so your idea that somehow mayors and city council member’s are non-partisan is patently false. Last stop being lazy and look it up instead of spouting fallacious rhetoric like some talking bobble-head mouthpiece for some crackpot political ideology.

      • ElRonbo

        Sigh. I didn’t say the PEOPLE are non-partisan, the office is non-partisan. As in, if you look it up, there is no listing of party affiliation for the people holding office. I tried looking it up, but thanks for acting like a jerk. Okay, smart guy, you look it up, because ten minutes on google and I couldn’t find an answer. While you’re at it maybe understand what a non-partisan office is.

      • Charles Vincent

        http://www DOT miamigov DOT com/home/cityofficials DOT html

        The link above shows the names and the positions on the city council if you look each name up you can see the party they ran under Erik stated this already please learn to read posts. I am sure you can easily find the Pensacola city web site and do the same thing I did in less than half an hour and find all the council members party affiliations. This isn’t rocket science its simple searching. I know what it means but your premise is flawed because the people that occupy those offices are not non-partisan they have a party affliction ergo the office isn’t non-partisan you just have to look to find what your looking for.

      • ElRonbo

        Sweet evil Darwin, if it’s so easy then why didn’t you bother to do it?
        Here’s a sample:www DOT cityofpensacola DOT com SLASH 510 SLASH Jewel-Cannada-Wynn

        See how there’s no party affiliation listed? While you blather on that it’s sooooo easy to look up, try ten seconds of looking at their official page. It isn’t there. In Pensacola the office is non-partisan.

        Oh, wait, I’ve told you that three times now and it still hasn’t sunk in. Pro-tip: if you’re going to lecture someone that something is soooo easy to look up, and they tell you that it isn’t, take half a minute to check *your* premise.

      • Charles Vincent

        I did it with Miami and I did it with about 20 different towns on this list;
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities.html

        “See how there’s no party affiliation listed?”

        Google each name individually that’s how you find out can I make it anymore clear for you.

        this took less than 3 minutes to find;

        http://www DOT pnj DOT com/article/99999999/ELECTIONS/120723021/Pensacola-City-Council-District-7
        Cheers dumbass she is a democrat.

      • Sideswiper

        What’s your position on withholding blankets from the homeless , Vincent?

      • Charles Vincent

        I think it’s a despicable ordinance and if you read my posts you would have known that. see also the list of cities that have similar ordinances I posted here, its a rather long list.

      • Paul Schneider

        Yeah, they’ve got to impress someone because they don’t want to spend their lives on some council. That shitty seat is just a springboard to get them into higher seats which ARE partisan. If you don’t play partisan politics, you never get to join their club.

      • Charles Vincent

        This is part of the problem there should be no such thing a a professional politicians. Politics was meant as a civic duty where you perform some task as a civil servant for a term and then move back to you own personal job in the private sector.

      • Guest

        So you know that the majority of our politicians are democrat, but you can’t even spell Pensacola correctly? Almost all of the elected officials in Pensacola are, and always will be, republican. Over seventy percent of our voters are republican. Learn to fact check, or keep your ignorant mouth shut.

      • Charles Vincent

        Not me that said it dipshit it was Erik he live there.

        this took less than 3 minutes to find;

        http://www DOT pnj DOT com/article/99999999/ELECTIONS/120723021/Pensacola-City-Council-District-7
        Cheers dumbass she is a democrat.

        Also it was the city council that passed the ordinance, and if one spelling error is the best you can do you should quit now because I will make you look like a complete ass.

      • me

        always with the spelling corrections . that is how you tell ppl have no life .. they spend it correcting other ppls spelling because they are wannabe teachers .. if what is important in your life is how to spell correctly then you need to get yourself a life .. cause everyone is tired of the grammar police and there correction of a language which is not the original language of this country .. not even close to it ….

      • MidgardMortal

        Then those “Democrats” need to go and real ones need to take their places. Or are ALL politicians in Florida just monsters and Aholes???

      • Charles Vincent

        it Isn’t just Florida here is the list of towns/cities that have this sort of ordinance;
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

      • Paul Schneider

        You think this is unique to Florida? You think that there are politicians who AREN’T aholes? Wake up and smell the coffee, because it’s actually diarrhea, and you’ve been drinking it.

      • Mike Williams

        The City Council is non-partisan.
        That said I still hold that it is a very republican move.
        Given the recent events, I wonder how many are “camping” in public right now. I know when I lived there camping in public is what you did after your home was demolished by hurricanes and floods. regardless of the political affiliation, everyone of these council-members are supposedly christian. As such, how do they balance their piousness with their prickliness.

      • Charles Vincent

        “The City Council is non-partisan.”
        This is complete absurdity those people most definitely bring their political ideology to their job.

        Believe what you want they are registered as democrats and ten to one all the cities in California are run buy liberal democrats as well.

      • Charles Vincent

        Dear Mike they do not allow hyperlinks on this site your comment has been deleted.

        For reference;
        http://www DOT pnj DOT com/article/99999999/ELECTIONS/120723021/Pensacola-City-Council-District-7
        Cheers dumbass she is a democrat.


      • Mike Williams

        then I suggest we try this a different way.

        http colon slash slash dubbyuh dubbyuh dubbyuh dot cityofpensacola dot com slash charter

        Section 3.02


        “Section 3.02. Election and Terms.

        The nonpartisan primary and general election of the Council Members and the Mayor shall be held in the manner provided in Article VI of this Charter and the terms of office for Mayor and Council Members shall be four (4 ) years and will commence on the fourth Tuesday in November after his or her election at 12 o’clock noon.”

        There, bivotfloss, all yuh gotta do is yahoo that.
        Any others or just because ONE candidate is democrat in a predominately republican city you believe the entire council is democrat.

      • Johnst

        Shh, you’re ruining some good ole misguided liberal bashing..

      • Sideswiper

        It doesn’t take government to do this, only enough sick fucks like TeaBangers and others who delight in the suffering of the weak and vulnerable.

      • Charles Vincent

        News flash its not just groups on the right that do this but way to act like the left has clean hands and no skeletons in the closet. I am pretty sure the majority of the California towns/cities on the list in this link are run by liberal democrats;
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

      • Paul Schneider

        Just to be clear, here, Charles. No political party is “Conservative” anymore. Republicans want more government and Democrats want more government. You want less? You’re gonna have to cross your fingers for an independent.

      • Charles Vincent

        I would be inclined to agree about that. I would however hope that an independent could get in office, as apposed to the other alternative I see coming down the pike.

      • taymie

        as a Democrat I don’t want more government. i want more HELP from the government.

        I think it is a fallacy that republican politicians like to sell, and their voters are willing to buy, that Republicans are the party of “smaller government”

        they want FAR more government restrictions on personal issues like birth control, marriage, and recreational activities. They just want less done with an intent to be helpful. Both parties want big government, just one side wants a big government that is designed to help the most helpless in society survive (kids, poor people, disabled, women, and mentially ill) and the other wants big government that tells us what to do in our day to day lives.

      • Charles Vincent

        “as a Democrat I don’t want more government. i want more HELP from the government.”

        This statement of yours is what causes big government. It is surprising that you don’t see that you wanting the government to “HELP” you is what causes growth of government in the form of new government bureaucracies.

      • taymie

        Democrats want government that helps, Republicans want government that controls. Yet the control freaks are the ones screaming “smaller government”

        Yup, keep it small enough to fit in our bedrooms right?

      • Charles Vincent

        Well in case you didn’t notice the list of towns I posted that passed laws like this article are lamenting about are democrat/progressive controlled. further more government doesn’t belong in the personal affairs of the individual ever and should be as small as possible. The framers had that concept in mind.

        “Democrats want government that helps”
        Ironically when you advocate for a government that helps they end up being a controlling bureaucratic monstrosity like what we have now. Do yourself a favor and stop swilling the beverage that the democrat/progressives have been handing you.

        You have been brainwashed by a political ideology that is nothing more than a cancerous blight on individual liberty. And please help yourself and stop asking the nanny state to do something you can do for yourself.

      • iamwhoiam

        not all republicans think this way, the ones making these stupid idiotic laws are the ones living in a million dollar house making a 7 figure income

      • Get is strait

        I tried to find out the political affiliation of the city council that passed this but their elections are “non” partisan. Which to my experience is code for democrat. The “non” partisan hacks in my home town in IL are that way and don’t want the voters to know otherwise. That city was obama’s ground zero in FL for both 08 and 12 elections. So go ahead and blame republicans all you want but it is a lie and you know it.

      • JoeMama

        I’ve heard of “non” partisan teapublikkklans too. So take that garbage elswhere.

      • Kate

        So “Get is strait” has no right to their statement, only you do? That’s tolerance, for you!

      • Read More

        No Democrat would EVER support this law. Your “code” is messed up and you are deliberately trying to blame the wrong party.

      • Robert Nordgren

        Thats what they always do, usually thru talks like both parties are the same. Thats how they try to make sure you do NOT vote against republicans when election day comes

      • raisedrightwing

        Yeah, cause you liberal-minded blind idiots are all so perfect? Independents and non-partisan are almost stand by the democratic platform, but they’re even bigger morons, cause all they’re doing is taking votes from their own party. Why don’t you fact check before you make fool of yourself?

      • Voxx

        And you should grammar check, Sherlock.

      • loranna238

        Voting your conscience and for the person you think is best is *not* stupid. It means you’ll vote for the best candidate you think supports what you believe in, and not because someone stuck a label on them. Sorry, but we’re not idiots. Those who vote for someone because they are in their own party because they will win are just as STUPID as (for an analogy) those who will say hey this guy helps us win and let’s keep him to a double murderer because he’s a good football player.

      • Lee Johnson

        Go ahead and look it up. You have got to break out of the mindset that “Democrat=Good” and “Republican=evil” are you’re going to be a tool your whole life, in more ways than one.

      • Charles Vincent

        It’s also democrats that do this just saying…
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

        I would bet that most of the California towns listed on that quite extensive list are democrat/liberal controlled. just because you’re not looking doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

      • Robert Nordgren

        So kick the bluedog out and get a real progressive in if you want a real democrat in office. if you think hurling insults that it must be a democrat blah blah blah than i am saying you can have this shit democrat that votes and acts like a republican. You can have it just as you can have that idiot senator candidate from Arkansas that think being against min wage increase is good democratic idea. You can have him on the GOP ticket for all i am concerned.

      • Lorelei Lee87

        Honestly I don’t “know” any such thing, and I don’t care what party you are if you support positions like this. I’m not the most emotional person on the planet, but for some reason I still have some semblance of compassion.

      • CloudySkies

        I live in Pensacola. It is unfortunately overwhelmingly republican. So, you need to adjust your code. If you think that Pensacola was ground zero for Obama in both elections, you’re insane. This place is known as the other LA-Lower Alabama, and the Redneck Riviera, for a reason.

      • Charles Vincent

        the mayor of Miami is a republican not sure about Pensacola and not sure of the councilmembers party affiliation in either case.

      • Erik Christensen

        they’re mostly democrats

        simple google searches on their names would tell you that

      • Charles Vincent

        Well I looked last night at 3am after I got home from work so my brain was really fuzzy. I did find out the mayor of Miami is a republican.

      • Erik Christensen

        I lived in pensecola… they are mostly liberals

      • guess

        its not lie and no we dont know it. you just said it was non partisan and you dont know their political affiliation then made an assumption yourself. wtf is wrong with you lol

      • republican

        Actually “get is strait” Hayward the mayor is a republican. Though a non partisan role, the strong mayor is a republican, attends florida republican parties, endorsed mitt romney and endorses governor rick scott. Try doing some research.

      • KuroiAmaterasu

        And the ones that “don’ think this way” are just the ones voting them in. Nice.

      • Robert Nordgren

        If not all think like that why come they vote for that? really we gotta assume if you vote for it you support it.

      • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

        Apparently most republicans will vote for ANY republican running for office no matter what kind of reputation they have. I hate to admit that I have friends who do that. If an onion was running as a republican they would vote for it just because it was a republican! Sick and non-thinking people!!

      • Erik Christensen

        What about the non thinking people who are assuming a republican passed this law when the city council in Pensecola is mostly democrats.

        The mayor didn’t write or pass this law, democrats in the city council did

      • Christine Mott

        Then iamwhoiam, why don’t the rest of you republicans stand up to your party and stop this insanity???? You republicans that sit back and watch it happen are worse than the ones that are passing these laws!!!!!

      • Charles Vincent

        It’s also democrats that do this just saying…
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

        I would bet that most of the California towns listed on that quite extensive list are democrat/liberal controlled.

        I believe this applies in this situation;
        http://legal-dictionary DOT thefreedictionary DOT com/Unclean+hands

      • Erik Christensen

        Democrats have a majority in Pensecola’s city council.

        Democrats wrote and passed this law. Not republicans.

        Sorry to burst your bubble

        Ignorant people like you are the worst forms of human life.

      • Asher B. Garber

        I love how your victimhood causes you to consider other folks as the worst forms of human life. Oh, you poor creature! Bless your heart….

      • Sideswiper

        Erik, Dude – You sound like a pathological mutant.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        I never see any democrats/progressives making these laws/voting these laws
        PRAISE JEEEEESUS— and pass the tithing basket

      • Charles Vincent

        It’s also democrats that do this just saying…
        http://www DOT nationalhomeless DOT org/publications/crimreport/allcities DOT html

        I would bet that most of the California towns listed on that quite extensive list are democrat/liberal controlled. Just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean it never happens.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        cannot argue with that,,, just seems the regressive rightwingers ( see: Christians) get the ink

      • Charles Vincent

        I just think we need to bring the heat to tards like this regardless of party affiliation.

      • Erik Christensen

        Then explain why a democrat majority in Pensecola’s city council passed this law

      • Charles Vincent

        Where did you find that Info I couldn’t find it for either Pensacola or Miami.

      • Sideswiper

        It doesn’t matter what political group did this. It’s morally corrupt… Dude, you sound like you want homeless folks to just freeze unless you say otherwise. Step up and say something humane if you still have it in you.

      • Merlin

        Did anyone think to look at the date the law was signed into effect? It’s possible it has been on the books for years.

      • Guest

        This law was passed last year. It’s not old.

      • daba

        It was last year. I lived there when it was passed.

      • Erik Christensen

        Democrats made this law, not republicans

      • taymie

        If you don’t start voting against the ones that DO think this way, you are as responsible for their behavior as they are.

      • Mike Williams

        I know. I do not consider the republicans you mention as part of the problem.

      • Zeke

        San Francisco has similar “anti homelessness” laws. Those darn Republicans.

      • David Saint

        to a degree, but banning blankets?! arent these the same people that cried foul because NY was banning XL soft drinks?!

      • Sierra

        Instead of blaming the others shouldn’t you look into how to solve the problem??? Pointing fingers does nothing and makes you look like an idiot.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        when the pointed finger(s) always leads to regressive white trash Christian republicans,,,,,,,
        it does NOT make anyone showing this as a truth look idiotic

      • cattnipp

        NO human being is trash—- just what makes you able to say the GOP is trash for thinking the homeless are trash???

      • white trash religious teaparty

        no human being is trash????
        U are clinically insane. shall I start with josef stalin? wayne Williams? pol pot?? john wayne gacy? mao tse tung? how about people who (willfully) abuse animals and children????
        care to double down on that statement???

      • Erik Christensen

        Stalin, Wayne Williams, Pol Pot, John Wayne Gacy, Mao Tse Tung…

        What do all these people have in common?

        Could it be LEFTIST leanings?

      • Charles Vincent

        Don’t forget Jim Jones

        http://en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Jim_Jones

      • white trash religious teaparty

        hey scumbag,,,,,,,should I drag in the small dicked religious white trash who tortured and killed million s( of their OWN people) in the fun-and-yum “inquisition” in the dark ages>>>?:???
        and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do u ( no u do not) have evidence that gacy and wayne Williams etc were leftists? NO?? geeeeeeee———- seems U are another small dicked LOSER buried on the RIGHT: FOX “news” sucker! we are enjoying all of U crybabies crying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hillary 2016 and nothing U clowns can do!!! ( c’ept CRY)

      • Charles Vincent

        John Wayne Gacy’s political affiliations;
        http://mrssatan DOT blogspot DOT com/2007/10/john-wayne-gacy-was-democrat DOT html

      • white trash religious teaparty

        wow— one example!
        shall we eviscerate what your white trash crybaby politicians have said/done lately? especially to women ( rights)? NO? geee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, im surprised

      • Charles Vincent

        I didnt look for others I just took one that was offered as an example by the other guy. It was actually more than one. Jim Jones was a liberal as well, and if we include the mass shooters all but one were liberal the one being Adam Lanza, and we can include the recent high school shooter here in CO who was a marxist and rabidly anti gun thankfully a good guy with a gun confronted him and he killed himself before he could shoot anyone else. just sayin…

      • white trash religious teaparty

        well; cupcake,,,,,,,,,,,, the topic was my calling (some) humans trash—-he blithely replied that NO HUMAN IS TRASH,,,whereas I mentioned some of the well- cultivated scum of our century.

      • Charles Vincent

        I would disagree with the people being trash as you say.

        but your statement below is what I was referring to.

        “and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, do u ( no u do not) have evidence that gacy and wayne Williams etc were leftists?”

        Gacy was not only a democrat but he hosted parties and was a treasurer of a democratic precinct.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        wanna try to stay on topic? or: spinning away from topic ala FOX “news” and all (yes: all) the white trash regressive crybaby religious scum?

      • white trash religious teaparty

        yep……………………… that’s why we should always vote regressive scumbag tea party “CHRISTIAN” as they have JEEEESUS on their side ( 21 century jeeeesus of course)

      • David Farris

        Yea, I call bullshit since our dirtbag Mayor here in Tampa is a Democrat (Bob Buckhorn) and basically campaigned on screwing the homeless of Hillsborough County. Its not a Left/Right thing, its a goddamn Statist thing. It doesn’t matter if its a Left boot or a Right boot on your neck, its still a goddamn boot!

      • ebonydiva06

        LOL some kind of Christian you are. We are instructed to take care of the poor and the sick, the very people who republicans hate. God is not pleased with that behavior—A God fearing, Christian independent

      • Not all Republican’s are God Fearing or Christian.

      • Steve Ahle

        And how do Democrats treat the homeless in Philadelphia? Oh that’s right…Horribly. Low information voter alert.

    • Robert Nordgren

      The average useless republican is the answer. They think by making laws that forces the problems under the rug so to speak that they have fixed the problem.

      • Steve Ahle

        And Democrats aren’t guilty of the same exact thing? I guess you wouldn’t find that information from the incredibly biased sources you acquire your “news” from. Perspective is everything and yours is about as useless as it gets. If Republicans were nearly as bad as you like to think they are; you’re making them look incredibly good with your incredible stupidity.

    • klhayes

      Maybe they believe that denying people blankets to stay warm will motivate them to become the millionaire job creators we are all destined to become!

    • Charles Vincent

      That’s easy to find out look at who those councilmen/women are and their party affiliation and you’ll have the answer. Oh and don’t forget to look at the vote record for those laws.

    • Sharon

      FUCK no; ME NEITHER. =P Heh. =P

    • Jim Bean

      Pensacola is the city. Why are good people like you letting these people live in the streets? Form a group, hire a bus, go down there and collect them and give them a home with you.

      • Jerk

        I bet you have a spare room in your house and another person’s worth of grocery money in your paycheck, too.

      • Jim Bean

        Actually, I do. I’m not going to use the room and the money for that purpose, however. Instead, I’m going to accept that I’m in no position to be casting holier-than-thou judgments on how other people deal with the issue.

      • cattnipp

        I suppose you feel it is a reasonable way to treat people—- maybe you would think it better if they were to herd the homeless into a nice warm gas oven…. none of your business to say it would be wrong I am sure

      • Jim Bean

        You suppose incorrectly.

      • cattnipp

        my apology then, I just do not get this ….. if there is a blanket or shall used to keep a draft off a child, or an old man, any person, they must show their papers??? disgusting behavior for those with any power

      • white trash religious teaparty

        notice jim bean didn’t answer that???

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Isn’t it interesting that the motto of the City of Pensacola, Florida is: “Enhancing the Quality of Life for all Citizens”?

    • sparkkeh

      Didn’t you know that citizens have to be human and homeless people are subhuman filth? (duh, that’s sarcasm. this is inhumane and disgusting.)

      • Kevin Brintnall

        In Orlando, the “City Beautiful” they passed an ordinance making it illegal for a homeless person to sit under a tree and eat lunch. They also made it illegal for anyone to give food away to homeless people. The “leadership” (and I use the term loosely) don’t want the discomfort of seeing homeless people, so they make their appearance and presence in public places illegal. Pure evil.

      • Bob Pratt

        I’ll be in Orlando soon. Looks like I’ll be buying some lunches for my ‘friends’. Hope I find a cop willing to arrest me!

    • white trash religious teaparty

      give them time,,,,,,,,,,,,, they will alter the motto

    • Charles Vincent

      I would call that ironic not interesting.

  • intheknow

    There is an idiot in Hawaii that goes around smashing shopping carts, so the homeless won’t use them. I think he is a mayor or Governor.

    • MarkTemporis

      He’s like City Council or something and claims to have stopped doing it because it served its purpose. I think he stopped doing it when he found out how many combat vets are homeless and they stopped looking so helpless to him.n

      • nicole32123

        Tom Brower is a state legislator. And he stopped because once it hit the news people were so outraged he got threats, lots of them, mostly things like how would he like it if people went to his house and smashed it up. Public opinion was overwhelmingly against him and he seemed a little shocked about it. Also he was an embarrassment to the local party (HI is essentially a one party state-D) and he was widely denounced. I don’t think anyone came out in support of him. The attorney general announced that laws was broken and they were considering prosecution.

        There are more homeless per capita in HI than anyone else mostly because the cost of living is so high, so lots of homeless and yet lots of understanding that it doesn’t take much to become one.

      • MarkTemporis

        Shame on me! I live here and am rarely able to distinguish State Senators from City Councilmen. Although there isn’t a whole lot of difference unless you’re on a neighbor island.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      or glenn beck on vacation

  • intheknow

    If you go to the FB page you will see that they have had a “change of heart” and are bringing up an amendment to allow the use of blankets.

    • loranna238

      Wow, I wonder what brought about that change of heart.

  • Mal McLean

    Honestly, there are some places that give the homeless a place to live and a case worker to try and help them get a job or just basically function in society. Even if they can’t get them into the labor force for mental or other reasons, it’s still cheaper what it costs the taxpayer if they remain on the streets.

    • Peggy Richards

      some can’t or won’t deal with the rules or conditions of shelters for mental or other reasons

      • Lorelei Lee87

        Yes, but some can, and helping who you can is the right thing to do.

  • ChristianEconCom

    Anything but tax our hard-won money back from the ultra rich, right?

    Conservatism needs to die a quick and permanent death.

    • tnicols

      now you have the right idea; now somebody finally get’s it.

    • Carla

      oh? but what kind of death isn’t permanent?

      • Lemon

        Carla – Clinical death.

      • Lilly

        Ask that family in Texas who finally were able to remove the wife/mother/incubator off of life-support: only thanks
        to a court order.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        yep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, funny how FOX “news” wasn’t all over that REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN usage of (a) BIG GOVERNMENT control (b) forcing working class American(s) to go against THEIR OWN wish (c) mandating MORALS which contradict the moral(s) of others
        funny,,,,,,aint it????

      • white trash religious teaparty

        ask Christians,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they have a fella who rose from the dead after drying out on a cross

    • white trash religious teaparty

      no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it needs to die a LOUD and lachrymose SLOW death: so scum such as Limbaugh and beck and “no tits” malkin can make gobs of money capitalizing upon the sheer stupidity of regressive white trash religious tea party scum

      • Fruu Tee

        where did you get that boob picture?

      • white trash religious teaparty

        my 5’6 131 lb girlfriends chest,,,,, me happie!!

  • Elen Bukzin Castleberry

    I hate Florida…..

    • Tinkle Bell

      It’s Floriduh and some of us are trying to vote out the sorry ass, back woods, red necks that are in office. If enough northerners move down here, it can be done.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      I was born in SOUTH FLA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, totally ( kinda) different than the NORTHERN part which is populated with atavistic regressive white trash tea party pseudo christians

  • tammy

    so they are having a tourism issue when tourist see homeless people on the streets….. so let’s make homeless people some other town/city’s problem by passing a stupid law to chase them out of town. Brilliant! smh

  • Dubious Brother

    Where there are for-profit prisons, answering to shareholders, I suspect radically punitive ordinances like this are intended to eventually provide the necessary bodies to fuel the industry. I think this may be what is behind this (failed) attempt at a new status crime–regardless of the stated objective.

    This is the future, left unchecked.

    We all need to be on the lookout for nonsense like this in our localities, and to speak out against inhumane policies like this when we see them.

  • Tyler Westbrook

    Land of the Free?

  • Sean Boswell

    “…this isn’t about judging why someone is homeless. This is about common sense and basic human decency to treat some of those who are most vulnerable in our society with at least a shred of compassion.”

    The people of Pensacola should all start walking around town wearing nothing but Snuggies…
    This is sociopathic behavior…

    • loranna238

      Totally. What do they think, that the homeless will just go away and not dirty their city if they ban blankets? What do they want to do, freeze them to death? Seriously.

  • Michael Case

    I am sure there is an exception for those camping out in front of the Best Buy waiting on the release of the newest IPhone..

  • phydeaux101

    this is the american constitution. everything else was placed in by amendment. what they are doing is unconstitutional. (insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare). We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      evidently U don’t know about CHERRY PICKING the constitution,,,,,, ala tea party scum

  • Aaron Whipple

    The article keeps bringing up how some may have made decisions that led to their homelessness but yet others could not control their circumstances.

    Can I be the first to say that I don’t freaking care if they made decisions that put them where they are? I don’t care if they quit their job and walked out on their family to sit under a bridge. A person has an inalienable right to protect their health regardless of their decisions in life.

  • Mark Strange

    If I was homeless I’d wear a blanket anyway and smile when they bring me to a nice warm place with a bunk that’s softer then ground and bring me three meals a day, and might even have a tv to watch. And even if there isn’t a bunk or a tv, at least I’m inside. I’m speeking of course of jail.

  • hah

    So instead of homeless on the streets, they’d rater have corpses on the streets.

  • Michael Mlmg


    • Vee Laabs

      Off topic, but why do you type like that? Just use your space bar. Don’t hyphenate every single word.

      • white trash religious teaparty

        he was dictating,,,,,,,,,,,, his
        over coffee’d parakeet was typing

  • Thomas Cross

    Then they should burn down abandoned Homes to keep warm by a fire.
    I would. Stupid phukin’ Republican Hurah for ME and Phuk everyone else laws Suck @$$ !

  • Moonshadow74

    Everybody needs to send all those that voted FOR this ordinance 8 x 10 vivid glossies of people that have froze to death. They need to see what that looks like.

  • Joe Vecchio

    Haven’t you heard? Compassion is for pussies now, Darwinism is denied in science and encouraged in society. Better the losers die and decrease the surplus population than be a burden. This is what we want, which is why we have the politicians we have.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      all the righties need is another NICE BIG ( overseas) war to cull the African and latinos from our population ( they are making the bulk of our service as they cannot feed themselves or their young families; ergo- turn to military for “sustenance”
      golly gee! aging white elitisim ruling class!

  • Jeff Kincaid

    Knowing some of the people that I know there, I can believe this.

  • getoverit

    I’m so glad there isn’t 3 feet of snow in Florida and sub zero temperatures as this photo indicates. My phone is telling me it’s 81 degree where I was born. (Boca Raton)

    • white trash religious teaparty

      me too- live on beach in pompano ( born coral gables)
      where are the goddamn waves in winter???

  • JR

    I say keep the law. Get the bums off the street. That will teach people to go out an get a job and stop being a drain on society. Pathetic that liberals want to save these low life’s.

    • Lorelei Lee87

      I’m sure you’ll feel the same way if you ever end up on the streets. We have a little saying, “But for the grace of God go I”.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      jr is “busy” preaching JEEEEEESUS love and then tithing at some regressive white trash tax free church. ( then he watches sports; drinks a lot and eats pizza)

    • loranna238

      It’s useless to argue with people like you. I hope you do not someday, as a hard working citizen, end up homeless because of decisions made by others. Only ignorant people make statements like these. And you are ignorant. I did say that.

      • Doro Reeves

        JR, I hope you wind up homeless one day, because you deserve it.

  • KC

    The people of Pensecola should vote these idiots out of work. Until then, I would wear a blanket outside and dare a cop to arrest me. Come on church groups. Wear blankets to church. They going to lock up whole congregations? Or does your church support this insane ordinance?

  • locust hill, va

    What else can you expect from FloriDUH? Wonder what kind of ordinances they’ll pass when the state starts floating out to sea.

    • Dave

      Bugs Bunny was right. “South America, take her away!”

  • The Jack of Spades

    How about we all shut the hell up about fucking politics, cause it’s a bunch of idiots who more idiots put in office. Y’all elect people and pay them waaaaayyyy more than you should to do nothing but take the money and gripe and complain about making decisions. America is a shithole thanks to democrats, republicans, tea party… all of this political bullshit. Capitalism, Socialism, and these other idiotic mindsets that America has developed has completely shit on the entire reasoning the Founding Fathers fled here and founded the United States. Bill of Rights? Amended God fucking knows how many times so “politicians” can shit on us. Constitution? Ideals? Same story./ For fucks sake, we need leaders, but not people from today’s society. America has shit on itself. We let people come here to be free of judgement, and what have we done? Turned society against itself. Good job America, you’ve been fucking yourself in the ass for the past 5 decades, at least.

    • The Jack of Spades

      And yes, I live in America. I am a citizen born in the States. And I honestly despise being called “American.” If I could, I’d find somewhere a lot better than here to live. But, alas, how many places is this planet actually are worth living in? Pretty much every major country on this planet has issues similar to America. So yeah, I’m just gonna say this:
      Good job, humanity, on screwing yourself. Not gonna doubt that someday within the next ten years, nuclear war or some sort of biochemical or “advanced weaponry” is gonna wipe out most of the population of the world. And why would it happen? Simple, because humanity threw away the common sense and brain we were gifted with, and decided, “well I don’t like you cause blah, so I’m gonna bomb you,” and all hell breaks loose. We’ve stopped caring that people are people and people are different, so we stopped accepting people and decided, “let’s kill ’em instead.” Thus, humanity started the ball on it’s own extinction. Don’t you love being part of such a wasteful species? A bunch of selfish idiots who threw away the things that made us top dog on the food chain because we could agree with one another? Yep, I love it alright. I love it so much, I wish I had a revolver with six bullets for Russian Roulette. But I’m not that stupid. Unlike most of humanity, I decided to keep my brain and common sense. Not saying I’m any better; I’m still imperfect, just like you. But I’m probably going to be one of the few people who after this world’s been blown to smithereens (should I survive), I stand up and help the remainder of humanity survive and rebuild, sheerly because we have the common sense to know how.

      • loranna238

        There are a few problems…and every society has them. Ignorance being the chief one. It’s not everyone’s fault that they are ignorant, well ok it’s this douchebag’s fault who doesn’t want anyone to talk about politics because well..we’re screwed or something like that, but that’s just limited. It’s not people’s fault in general I think because they’re either too busy or too under-educated to care. It takes some remembering for me to understand that people don’t have the same educational level I do and that for instance, the major media outlets write things as they would to a 12 year old. Because traditionally, I think people just don’t have time and once you have kids, you really don’t have time. That leaves the sharks out there to weave their way through society looking for the right prey. So, the next revolution will probably stem from whomever is educated enough stirring up those who are not and could care less, and probably on some hot button topic they don’t even stop to think about it because black is black and white is white and they don’t even see they’re being manipulated. Not to knock the founding fathers, but they were mostly rich people who had had enough of being taxed. So that’s the way it will work. And the only way to prevent ignorant rebellions is to encourage people to expand their minds, which leads them from being Republican in the get-go, to being liberal, to being somewhere in the middle.

    • Guest

      Ok, so we’ll just pretend that the others who are making decisions for us are doing it for our own benefit. Let’s just close our eyes, and pretend and not discuss and try to understand exactly what’s going on and try to change it by encouraging others to do the same. Let’s live in the land of complacency! That sounds like a wonderful place to live. In Soviet Russia…complacency…does nothing.

    • loranna238

      So not talking about it will do what exactly? Let’s just all live in the land of complacency, where no one does anything and they just continue to run things in the crooked way that they have.

  • Karen Novotny

    So, let me get this straight, if you cover yourself with a blanket or newspaper you are breaking the law so then you will arrested and lockup in a jail where they will feed you and give you a bed. So why don’t they just set up homeless shelter instead?

  • Thill

    Well maybe if they would quit leaving their trash laying around they wouldn’t have to make stupid laws to deal with them have you ever been to a homeless camp most of them look like landfills. Just because you are homeless doesn’t mean you have to leave your trash all over the place. Most of them go dumpster diving everyday there is plenty of places for them to dispose of unwanted items but then again some of them are in that situation because they’re lazy.

    • Doro Reeves

      Disgusting stereotyping; ignorant comment.

  • Sierra

    Instead of blaming eachother shouldn’t people be trying to CORRECT the problem????? Who cares who voted for what, pointing the finger doesn’t solve anything.

  • klhayes

    We are definitely not a Christian nation with laws like this on the books!

    • white trash religious teaparty

      king crimsons song ” 21 st century schizoid man”

  • Blade

    That lead photo is a bit excessive – there’s never been that much snow in all of Florida. Pick a less sensationalist photo next time, you’re undermining the cause.

  • Strong Bad

    Florida is run by Republicans. Keep that in mind.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      not for long

  • Cade DeBois

    You’re really waffling on whether homelessness and poverty is due to personal choices or circumstanes beyond the individual’s control.when you say things like ‘once you dig yourself into that kind of a “poverty hole”‘ you are definitely attributing poverty to the individual’s actions, which in my opinion, is not a progressive–or very enlightened–viewpoint.

    Either you get that poverty is about systemic unequality and unfairness that lets certain people (like disabled people) fall through the cracks and then keeps them there, or you don’t. You can’t say something is only systemic when it applies to those who don’t supposedly elect to be poor and homeless. If it’s systemic, then it is part of why every homeless person is homeless and of why every poor person is poor, regardless of any of their personal choices.

    And I have a big issue with this waffley, albeist stuff:

    “And let us not forget that many of these individuals are war veterans suffering from PTSD or people who were born with other mental illnesses that (since birth) have prevented them from ever standing a chance at assimilating into society.”

    Yes, a lot of homeless people have mental illness yet you offer only two narrow possibilities. I have PTSD, but I’m not a vet and I didn’t have it since birth (BTW, people can be born with a predisposition to a mental illness, which is not the same as being born mentally ill. Additionally, very few mental illness present before puberty). Yet I came very, very close to being homeless twice in my life and am currently living in constant anxiety that I could end up spending my last days as a homeless person as I get older and less “employable” in the eyes of this capitalist society. Mental illness is serious for everyone who has it. It can destroy lives very easily if that person has no nets, like family or a steady source of income, to keep them from falling through the cracks. It’s not just PTSD or schizophrenia, but any mental illness that disrupts one’s ability to lead a productive life of their own choosing. You don’t get to pick and choose which mental ill people are more worthy of sympathy.

    Lastly, we mental ill didn’t fail to “assimilate” into society. Mental illness and other disabilities are so common that they are very much apart of the human condition. But it’s a part of the human condition that society fears and so it punishes. So really, it’s society that failed to accept us and to understand our needs, not us failing to “get with the program”, so to speak. I know it’s so much easier and more comforting to non-disabled people to see the damage caused by mental illness as a personal failing–like not being able to “assimilate” into whatever others think is “normal” (note that many disabed people like to call themselves “differently abled” precisely because we get punished so regularly for simply not being samely abled as the rest of you)–but the worse damage to our lives is always done by the failure of society to treat us as equal in dignity and worth to non-disabled people. Trust me, if society did treat us as valuable members that society is obliged to care for just as much as its non-disabled members, we wouldn’t have cruel laws like this one, let alone as bad as a homeless problem as we have now. So if you’re going to object to these kinds of laws, please, I beg you, also object to and reject the albeist thinking within society that devalues disabled people for not meeting some abitrary status quo and thus lets these kinds of laws happen in the first place.

    • Aliceinwonderland

      You sound like one of the sanest, most articulate contributors to this discussion. Great post! Thank you!

  • Jeff K.

    “Granted some homeless are in their situation in life due to their own decisions, but many aren’t. And like most things in life, once you dig yourself into that kind of a “poverty hole,” it’s really hard to get yourself out of it.”

    Absolutely disgusting. No one decides to be homeless; it is a result of the capitalist system that makes basic human survival something that has to be ‘earned.’ Yet another example of the moral bankruptcy of liberalism and liberals.

  • Dave

    I would make sure I got a blanket and wrapped myself in it in front of the police station. That way I could get a bed and 3 hot meals in jail. At least it’s a roof.

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    What kind of “panel of idiots” took the time and energy to come up with THAT stupid idea? How in the world would the subject even come up for anyone to vote on? I do believe that these people are getting crazier and crazier and yet it still amazes me when I hear this stuff.

  • Angela Sivilli

    I think they’ll probably get rid of it when they realize how much it’s going to cost them to put the homeless in jail.

  • Steveograph

    Not to sound completely ignorant, but if I were homeless and it was really cold out, and the police had to throw me in jail because of my blankets, wouldn’t I then be some place warm? I’m not saying it’s a good law for dealing with homelessness. I’m just wondering if something good might come of it in the end.

  • Charlotte Knight

    Sent to Mayor Hayward:

    Camping Ordinance (?)
    Charlotte Knight [email protected] 1:03 AM (2 minutes ago)

    to mayorhayward

    Mayor Hayward,

    I literally gasped out loud when I read the headline, Florida Ordinance Makes it Illegal for Homeless to Use Blankets to Protect Themselves from Weather.

    According to the article, the city will be reviewing the
    ordinance next week, and possibly amending it. PLEASE DO! The ordinance
    is shameful, cruel and inhumane. To quote the author of the linked
    article, “[T]his isn’t about judging why someone is homeless. This is
    about common
    sense and basic human decency to treat […] those who are most
    vulnerable in our society with at least a shred of compassion.”

    The country is watching.


    Charlotte Knight

  • CloudySkies

    As a Pensacola resident, I can tell you that the majority of voters here are republicans. It’s also a very, very religious town. So that can settle that debate. I hate it here and am trying to get the hell out. This is just one of the many reasons why this place sucks. Please do flood the mayor’s office with calls about this reprehensible piece of shit legislation. I know I will be.

  • Stephen

    No, no, you are all seeing this the wrong way. The people in power have some very smart ideas. If this law will mostly effect the homeless, the lawmakers are hoping that they are smart enough to find a blanket and walk around until they find a police officer to arrest them! At least at this point they will be able to spend one night in the warmth of a police station. They’ll probably get fed and receive some social services as well!!!

  • Sarah

    I think this is terrible! On the other hand though if they break the law, they get arrested, they get put into a warm building with a semi-decent bed compared to the ground. Right?

  • Patrick Sweeney

    Hmmm. You can carry a gun, but not a blanket?

  • Jared Watson

    These homeless have some nerve retiring to Florida like regular rich folks. To bask on the sunny beaches covered in their newspapers and blankets…SMH

  • acmavm

    Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers…

    I would say that there are going to be a lot of unhappy people from Pensacola if there really is a Hell.

  • dagobarbz

    These unempathetic scumbag lawmakers should be stripped naked and thrown out in the snow for a couple of hours with a piece of cardboard to sit on. There will then be a quiz at the end of the experience.

  • cattnipp

    so if you have a blanket covering your infant in a buggy it is against the law and you can be fined????? disgusting

    • white trash religious teaparty

      if the infant looks like michelle malkin it is legal

  • ashley

    Wow!!!!!! Really let the asshole who made this legal be homeless for a week and see how it feels. I bet the law will change real quick

  • MasterMoose

    Maybe it’s so when the police find someone freezing to death with only a blanket to stay warm, they’ll be obligated by law to take that person somewhere warm and give them a meal.

  • Carol

    I don’t care whether they’re homeless “by their own volition” or not. Need is need.

  • Mike

    Is this a way to protect the homeless? Is this to force the police to arrest said homeless and put them in jail (thereby giving them somewhere warm)?

  • Erik Christensen

    This is an ordinance written and passed by a democrat majority in Pensecola’s city council.

    Hate to break it to you, but these were YOUR GUYS who passed this law.

  • adfgadfg erfa

    anyone notice that its a florida law and the guy in the picture is covered in snow? im sorry, but you dont really need a blanket if your going to be homeless in florida…

  • Michael B

    By that law, it’s illegal to wear clothing in Pensacola…

  • pennylaneisdead

    it doesn’t matter what idiot political party or religion or anything else people subscribe to– its just down right inhuman to pass laws of this nature. point blank. end of discussion.

  • David Manhart

    People are homeless because they want to be homeless. If they freeze to death, there will be less homeless people. Problem solved.. We need to hate the people who have nothing. At least that is the republican mindset. Disgusting.

  • ellie

    While I agree that this law is ridiculous, the journalism here really leaves something to be desired. The writer shouldn’t be sharing his views on the subject, instead letting us make our own decisions. I promise, most people will think this is awful, but inflammatory language like “Isn’t it hard enough just being homeless?” is just alienating readers.

    • Doro Reeves

      You call that inflammatory?! If all it takes is a statement like that to alienate readers, TOO BAD.

  • smileya97

    I really think that this is less about Democrats v. Republicans and more about the fact that there are people who could die because of one stupid law. Let’s focus on changing that instead of fighting over which party is worse.

  • Sideswiper

    Florida sounds like the moral toilet of America… The people that enacted this law are a bunch of pathologically sick fucks and so are the people who elected them.

  • kam0706

    How do they intend to enforce this? Fine them when they cannot pay? Imprison them (putting a roof over their heads)? I’m not sure what point the legislators are trying to make here.

  • skipjack

    Put a political message on the blanket, and then it’s free speech — “This blanket is a protest against the inhumanity of people who criminalize homelessness.”

  • Ashley Blackwood

    Florida ranks up their with Arizona and Texas (no offense Austin) as far as I am concerned. I wonder if one could measure the callous heartedness of voters who think this is in any way acceptable.

    • Alicia Nicole

      Actually, Dallas has numerous organizations throughout the city that are actively trying to end & prevent homelessness. Although our mayor is trying to crack down on homelessness there are still those of us that are fighting for our homeless community. This past winter the Omni hotel opened its doors to 500 homeless people for Christmas. Now there is always room for improvement, but don’t count all of Texas (or us Texans) out just yet!

  • Thomas Fisher

    Brought to you by the Southern Baptist voters of Pensacola, Florida.

  • Alex Freeman

    What the fuck kind of law is that? What is the reason for it? Holy cow. Americans are gonna be the next Nazis.

    • Doro Reeves

      This country has slid so far into fascism it isn’t funny.

  • TDHawkes

    This way of thinking makes no sense to me.

  • Joey Clark

    It’s against the law to feed them too! Know like 3 people who went to jail for breaking that law… now they’re using eminent domain to get rid of the churches downtown that shelter and feed them in Orlando…. the shelters are full and even though I am not religious, the only ones left to help are often churches. In fact those are the only shelters. The city can only point one for help to a private organization .

  • Tim

    My God. This is just reprehensible to begin with on a human level. Forget about all the judgment as to “who” enacted this idiotic legislation. All judgment does is giving your energy to something negative and keeping it active. Lose the judgment and be free and at peace. Regardless of the circumstance, all people deserve love, understanding and compassion. Moronic legislation like this accomplishes none of that. Write the mayor and tell him they need to repeal this crap legislation NOW.

  • Katrina

    I agree, it’s heartless and inhumane. However (and I do not defend this) it does say it’s illegal to cover up while sleeping, so if a person is just covering up from the rain with a news paper while waiting for a bus, that is not illegal. That being said, the law still goes against everything decent people would support. If they don’t want them sleeping outside, they should invite them into their homes!!!!

  • Bill M.

    I don’t agree with why they make those insensitive laws.
    I’ve heard, they make those laws to discourage beggars from bothering people.
    I sure would be glad to help them, rather than someone that felt they had to hold up a gas station for food to feed their families.

    Anyone can become homeless overnight. My question to them would be: What would each of us do if that were to happen to us? I would not be ashamed to ask for a peanut butter jelly sandwich; a blanket to keep me warm; or a few coins to help me hope and feel life is worth living. If they make more money than I do, then good for them. At least they are not committing any crime by asking for help.

    I don’t know of any law that say’s I can’t care or feel compassion for those in need. If there is such a law, then I’ll be the first to break it !

  • mindy1

    I give up on humanity sometimes…. 🙁

  • AlengGiam


  • sandlewould

    Hate to tell you, but the goal of the corrupt elites who increasingly control our government; local and federal, is population control…genocide…if your not rich, you don’t deserve to live…that’s their position.

  • Aliceinwonderland

    This is SICK, it is ABUSIVE and it NEEDS TO STOP!!! How bad does it have to get before we vote these ugly fascists out of office? What next; are they gonna make umbrellas illegal? Coats and jackets illegal to? Where does it end?

  • Paul Schneider

    For the love of mothers and children, people, are you KIDDING ME!? We have an article here describing the forced suffering of fellow human beings and all you can argue about is partisan politics? Y’all mothereffers need Jesus. An atheist just told you that. Find god, find Buddha, find something that’ll pull your heads out of your asses for long enough to be of use to the world. Shaking my daggom head.

  • Swannyww

    ok so the homeless will get sick and go to the ER and the taxpayers will foot the bill, rather than let them keep warm. Makes perfect sense to me?

  • wiseryet

    There is a fine line between city legislature and gangs

  • MissBliss

    Whoever wrote this is an idiot. Go on and on about how you become homeless, tell almost nothing about the law and absolutely nothing on why it was enstated. Poor journalism. Pissed me off.

  • Samir Eltahan

    America has caused suffering to millions around the world, don’t you believe in something called Karma, where the government starts the same thing on its people because now they know what is happening due to the internet…and it will become a bit like Syria until justice will prevail.

  • MrM3000

    It’s part of a larger plan. Make homelessness illegal by enacting all these absurd laws to keep the appearance of a prosperous society. Out of sight, out of mind. It’s the only way the elites can continue to live large without having to actually see the product of their greed.

  • Meinor

    How does that affect people at sports events using blankets made for that specific purpose? Lets not forget people using blankets at beaches, picnics, fireworks etc…where are you going to draw the line?

  • Billie Jean Washburn

    May God DAMN Florida then. Amen.

  • Bonny Tower

    certainly i would get the biggest newspaper i could find and park my ass underneath it, right where it would offend their eyes,
    trying to brush homelessness under the rug wont make it go away, out of sight out of mind? they cant face their own guilt so they make it illegal. everyone should protest by wearing newspaper hats they cant lock everyone up and if i was homeless and cold i would be glad if they arrest me a nice warm cell with food at their expense dont mind if i do…

  • edbotsko

    There has to be a special name for a “democrat” in Pensacola… This woman is a special kind of hater.

  • bighappysteve

    What pathetic comments!