Former Bush Ethics Czar Slams ‘Scumbag’ Trump Defenders Trying to Slander Mueller (Video)

While Donald Trump and the rest of his defenders will have you believe that everyone who opposes him is just a Hillary Clinton supporter who’s upset that she lost, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

All over the country there are Republicans who’ve refused to sell their souls to support Trump simply because there’s an “R” next to his name. One of those Republicans is former ethics czar for the George W. Bush administration Richard Painter who, after a rather contentious back and forth with Trump-loving buffoon Jack Kingston on CNN, finally had enough of the absurdity the former Georgia representative was spewing about the FBI and Robert Mueller. Here’s some of what Painter had to say:

“Rod Rosenstein [deputy attorney general] is his [Trump’s] own appointee to that position, a Republican. These attacks on Robert Mueller are disgusting. Robert Mueller was at the FBI picking up the pieces after 9/11. He’s a loyal Republican appointed by President Bush, he’s a good man.

“People accusing him of bias are liars, flat out liars. I’ve been a Republican for 30 years, but I’m not going to put up with scumbags in my party attacking a good man like Robert Mueller who is a loyal American, a patriot. He was a Marine. He is the straight arrow that we need in charge of this investigation.

“The FBI should also not be attacked. If anything, it was FBI director James Comey who threw the election to Donald Trump with that letter right before the election.”

If you get a few minutes, I would definitely encourage everyone to check out their exchange below. The emotion you can hear in Painter’s voice makes what he said all that much more impactful.

It points to the absurdity behind all of this anti-FBI/anti-Mueller rhetoric we’re seeing from Trump, the conservative media, the GOP, and their supporters.

There’s nothing “liberal” about any of this!

Here’s the roster:

  • James Comey, FBI director fired by Trump. (Republican)
  • Robert Mueller, special counselor appointed by Rod Rosenstein. (Republican)
  • Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general appointed by Trump. (Republican)
  • Christopher Wray, current head of the FBI appointed by Trump. (Republican)
  • Jeff Sessions, attorney general appointed by Trump. (Republican)
  • The Department of Justice, staffed with people chosen by Trump. (Republicans)
  • The House and Senate, majority controlled by Republicans.

How, in any rational, or even sane way, could someone view these investigations into Trump as some sort of “deep-state conspiracy against him”? Because there was one agent working on the case who — before last year’s election — sent personal text messages to someone he knew where he said negative things about Trump? An agent who was removed from the investigation after Mueller discovered the texts?

It’s amazing that Trump and his supporters are so incredibly stupid that they don’t realize Mueller removing that agent actually proves how ethical he is. Otherwise, why would he have done that? When Mueller removed him the public didn’t know about these texts. So it’s not as if he only did so after caving into pressure. He did this months before anyone knew about them, not because he was being pressured into doing so, but because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Which is how this is supposed to work.

The bottom line is, when all is said and done, history’s going to look back on this time with shame and disgust at those who pushed conspiracies, propaganda, and slanderous lies against the FBI all in the name of protecting the most unfit, incompetent, and corrupt person ever elected “president” of this country.

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Watch the exchange below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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