Former GOP Senator Blasts Pathological Liar Ted Cruz for Constantly Misleading Americans

tom-coburn-1I’ve made no secret of my total disdain for Sen. Ted Cruz. He epitomizes everything that’s wrong with the Republican party. He is, without a doubt, one of the most dishonest people in Washington and, in my opinion, a complete sociopath.

It’s not just Democrats who dislike him; many members of the Republican party can’t stand him either. He’ll claim it’s because he’s an “outsider” pushing his party to “listen to the American people,” but the reality is he’s a jackass who blatantly lies to the most ignorant among us hoping it helps him politically.

Unfortunately, it has helped him. He’s extremely popular with tea party conservatives (some of the most ignorant voters among us) and he’s solidified himself as a top 5 Republican presidential candidate.

Well, former Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently blasted Cruz for hurting the Republican party by constantly lying to the American people about what can or cannot be done in Congress.

“When you tell people you can accomplish something that you can’t, for example, shutting down the government over the Affordable Care Act,” Coburn said, “you create greater disappointment in the hinterlands, because you gave them a false hope, knowing that you couldn’t accomplish it, but it was about yelling, and screaming, and waving the flag.”

“I came out of the Senate with one of the most conservative ratings ever in the history of the Senate. You know, it was like 98.8% in terms of conservative,” he continued. “And yet, I compromised all the time to accomplish things that were good for the country.”

Before going on, I feel it’s important to point out that Coburn is extremely conservative. He’s someone who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief; tried to force offsets in spending following the Oklahoma City bombing; and once said that there’s no such thing as the debt ceiling. So when he’s saying Cruz is ridiculous, that’s pretty bad. It’s not every day that someone who tried to use a domestic terrorist attack that killed 168 people to push for spending cuts calls someone else out for being too radically right-wing.

But the bottom line is, people like Cruz are a huge problem for the Republican party. They’re doing exactly what Coburn said; blatantly lying to their voters, claiming congressional Republicans can accomplish goals that aren’t possible.

The real issue is many of these tea party conservatives are in states and districts where they stand practically no chance of ever being defeated in a re-election campaign as long as they keep pandering to the fringe. So, when it comes to their political rhetoric, they can essentially say whatever they want without ever being held accountable for any of it.

That’s exactly the situation Ted Cruz finds himself in. If he runs for re-election in 2018 then he’s going to win in a landslide, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t lie through his teeth as long as it’s benefitting him politically. And there’s almost nothing the GOP can do about it because he’s vastly popular with a good chunk of those who support their party in a state where even the moderate Republicans here (yes, there are sane Republicans in Texas) would almost never vote for a Democrat.

But at the end of the day, this is all the GOP’s own fault. When they embraced the tea party, they sold their souls for the long-shot hope of defeating President Obama. Problem is, instead of taking down President Obama, it’s destroying the Republican party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Temke

    Ted Cruz truly is the most pathetic excuse for a human being. I can’t stand his smarmy, greasy, smirking face. The charge of certain political figures being a sociopath or a psychopath gets used fairly often, but in this case, I couldn’t agree more. I honestly believe this man is mentally unbalanced.

    • buricco

      That would imply his motives are somewhat less than utterly nefarious.

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    • ohpaleasegivemeabreak

      So is the psychopath who is whining about Cruz.

      • Deborah Dietz

        You poor thing.

      • Sammie Jo

        No, YOU poor thing.

    • OMGface

      He honestly does have a textbook personality disorder, actual pathology. I Still work every day to embrace we’ve gotten here…..have eroded into any of this.

    • Noyb Nal
    • billbranch

      In other words, I don’t like what I see in the mirror, therefore, I do not like Ted Cruz.

  • Abe Frohman

    Cruz doesn’t scare me, I mean he scares me but at least with him, you know what you’re dealing with. His voters scare the sh*t out of me.

  • strayaway

    I read the linked Dallas News article “recently blasted Cruz”. That article, in turn, cited another article from Buzz Feed News as its source. The Buzz Feed news article had more of Colburn’s quotes. ““Look, when you tell people you can accomplish something that you can’t, for example, shutting down the government over the Affordable Care Act. When, in fact, you promise people in your speeches and your talk that we can do this, and by dinghy, we’re gonna get rid of the Affordable Care Act, and all we have to do is shut down the government.” Buzz Feed goes on for a few paragraphs with Colburn’s comments but what I got out of reading the quote in context was that Colburn wasn’t calling Cruz a liar so much as he was criticizing Cruz’ tactics.

    Going back to the Dallas News article, it mentioned that “Cruz often says Republican leadership breaks campaign promises, refuses to fight without easy support, abandons voters and pushes forward a liberal agenda to appease lobbyists and corporate interests.” How can anyone disagree with that? Maybe if it would stop doing those things, there wouldn’t have been a tea party movement.

    • Philacook

      Sorry, the TeaBaggers were thought up, funded and set running by the Koch Brothers. The Republics thought that they could control that beast.

      • strayaway

        “Tea baggers” is a pejorative term referring to a sexual term better understood among liberals and used sort of like the N-word is used by some conservatives. I assume you are somewhere in the liberal version of that headspace.

        Have you formulated any thoughts or opinions though about this article? What do you think? Was Colburn mostly criticizing Cruz’ tactics, accusing Cruz of shutting down the government, or something in between? What’s the basis of your opinion? I explained mine.

      • Philacook

        My thoughts on the article? It’s the Republics eating their own, scrambling to see who they can throw under the bus next – It resembles Stalin era Russia with a circular firing squad.
        And the Baggers came up with the term first, I merely continue the use that they started.

      • strayaway

        At least Sanders rolled over and piddled rather than offend Hillary. Maybe that’s better than Democrats eating their own. Whatever Hillary chose to do with government secrets is ok with Bernie. Better than making waves anyway. I just took the Colburn criticisms about Cruz as griping about bad strategy.

        The “baggers”, as you call them, had no idea of liberals sexual practices. Unlike Democrats, they were probably thinking about the Boston Tea Party. That’s when Democrats started using the term “tea baggers” with a knowing tee-hee type smugness referencing their own tea bagging parties.

      • Deborah Dietz

        I imagine “rolling over and piddling” sums up your bedtime antics well, but who asked?

      • strayaway

        Did you have anything to add to the conversation except your fixation?

      • Deborah Dietz

        Get help. IF that exists for your level of pathology and ignorance.

      • strayaway

        Debbie do you know any numbers or facts or do you just say lame things?

      • joe_heathen

        You’ve somehow overlooked the reality that when the tea baggers came to exist in a public way and needed a name, “tea baggers” was chosen by them. That was the first indicator of the level of stupidity they operated at.

      • strayaway

        Please follow along if able. Reread the last paragraph of my response to Philacook. I already covered that ground.

      • Glennfollower07

        And “Progressive ” is a term used to describe many cancers, which is a good description for the Democrats.

      • Glennfollower07

        KInd of like the Democrats are “eating their own” ? It’s dirty politics always has been and always will be.

      • Three Dollar Bill

        bagging was a practice of several members of “The Family’s ‘C’
        Street residence” the
        secretive religious enclave and all male dormitory on Capitol Hill.
        “new chosen” were; Coburn, Inhofe, Sanford,
        Ensign, Pickering,
        DeMint, Graham, Thune, Ashcroft, Meese, Domenici, Nickles.

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Cruz couldn’t care less about doing the right thing for the Country. He will not compromise with anyone, ever and doesn’t care if that leads to the country defaulting on its debt, paying its service members, government employees, etc. He does not care about this country or the people who live here. He worships at the altar of Ayn Rand, a Russian, atheist.

    There is no place for him in our government. If you can’t compromise, you cannot lead the United States of America, especially when the majority of Americans do not agree with his stance on anything. He is another clown who only wants to be President of ‘conservative’ America, and not the United States of America.

  • ZEPHANIAH54321

    Forward Progressives ,
    To the Pit

  • Patricia Morrison Cotten!

    I think nobody is telling the truth about anything! I think we should Throw all the current Congressmen and Senate and Of course Obama out !We should start over again with people who don’t Lie and Love this Country and the People who were responsible for its Greatness like the Veterans and the Children ! The Seniors paid the price to build this Nation! The Families and Children make this Country ! Not that bunch we have now! They are Destroying this Country in a horrible way and we are letting them get away with it! They don’t even go to work and collect tremendous Salaries and Pensions! Lets not forget the very best health care and lots of vacations with our money!

  • enword

    Cruz is the politics version of a televangelist.

  • IMG

    Wow, check out this article I found here. It explains the truth behind the lies:

    “Former Sen. Tom Coburn says a Trump-circulated quote of him attacking Cruz is an “absolute fabrication,” according to the Washington Examiner.

    Coburn criticized Trump for “loose play with the truth” not just “loose play with words.”

    The Washington Examiner report goes on:

    As part of his never-ending criticism of Cruz, Trump’s Twitter feed retweeted and pushed a quote ostensibly from Coburn criticizing Cruz as “one of the most dishonest people” in Washington. Coburn never said this.

    “It’s an absolute fabrication. I’ve never said that, period,” Coburn told the Examiner. “It’s unfortunate he would use my name to say something dishonest. It’s a total fabrication.”

    The tweet with the quote has since been deleted, and further examination found it was wrongfully ascribed to Coburn.

    Trump had retweeted his social media director who in turn quoted
    Coburn saying of Cruz: “He is, without a doubt, one of the most
    dishonest people in D.C.” But according to the Examiner the quote appears to come from liberal website and their writer, Allen Clifton, a staunch opponent of Cruz.

    Trump has repeatedly accused Cruz of lying over the past few weeks,
    leading up to Trump calling Cruz the most dishonest person in the race
    at Saturday’s GOP debate.

    This time his pointed finger has four pointed back.”

    So evidently Donald Trump still IS a liberal democrat. I knew it!
    It figures that he’d come here for his red meat, even though it’s fetid.