Former Obama Spokesman Rips GOP Memo: ‘Government by Conspiracy Theory’ (Video)

Any moment now, a piece of anti-FBI propaganda written by Rep. Devin Nunes meant to stir up absurd conspiracy theories to protect Donald Trump is set to be made public. In all my years following politics I’ve never seen a farce such as this. Republican lawmakers are creating their own propaganda against the FBI, not because they actually believe Trump is innocent (I personally believe most of them know he’s guilty as hell), but to undermine the credibility of those investigating Trump.

This is as close to a dictatorship as we’ve ever seen in America and, sadly, it might only get worse.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, ex-Obama spokesman Josh Earnest blasted the Republican Party for governing “by conspiracy theory.”

“This is an outrage!” Earnest said. “This is government by conspiracy theory. You have the White House conspiring with a Republican stooge on Capitol Hill, Devin Nunes, to try to drum up some evidence of a conspiracy inside the Department of Justice against Donald Trump.”

“There’s no evidence for that,” he continued. “So, what they literally have to do is, they’re making it up. And that’s why you’re seeing the FBI indicate that there are egregious omissions of fact that actually give people a mistaken impression of the work the FBI has been doing.”


The FBI, led by Trump’s own handpicked director Christopher Wray, has put out a statement saying that this memo is highly misleading and omits key details, making it factually inaccurate.

Furthermore, Democrats wanted to release their own memo pointing to inaccuracies in the GOP’s version, only for Republican lawmakers to block them from doing so.

If Republicans aren’t afraid of being exposed as conspiracy-pushing frauds, then why would they block Democrats from being able to counter their memo? To make matters worse, because a lot of the information is classified, it’s going to be impossible for anyone to counter what Republicans release because they won’t be allowed to reveal key pieces of information that debunk (or put into context) the propaganda the GOP’s going to put out there.

Earnest also made sure to point out that this kind of behavior isn’t normal for any president prior to this corrupt administration.

“It is unthinkable that something like that would have happened in the Obama White House,” Earnest stated. “But also, let’s be clear about this, it’s also unthinkable that something like that would have happened in the Bush White House. This is not normal.”

To be honest, I’m at a loss for words with all of this. This behavior is so preposterous that there’s no point to try to “break it down rationally” because there’s nothing rational about it.

We’re currently living in a country where a major political party has decided that protecting a possible criminal and traitor for the sake of partisan politics is more important than upholding their sworn duty to our Constitution. They couldn’t care less that their leader is someone who might’ve colluded with an enemy and also refuses to protect us from future attacks by that same enemy.

If American voters don’t get out and vote these crooks out of office in 2018 — and in 2020 — then we can kiss our Constitutional Republic goodbye.

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Watch his comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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