Former Reagan, Bush Adviser: Fox News is ‘Brainwashing’ Conservatives (Video)

I’ve made my feelings clear on what I think about Fox News. It was actually just a few days ago that I was talking with a friend of mine about how much better off this nation would be right now if the network didn’t exist.

It’s not a coincidence that we’ve become more and more divided as the influence that America’s most watched conservative entertainment network has in this country grows.

It would be one thing if Fox News just delivered right-wing slanted news, but they don’t stop there. You see, a large part of everything they broadcast is based upon propaganda, sensationalized nonsense and fear which has nothing to do with real news.

They basically operate with a simple formula of telling people that they’re the only trustworthy “news” entity and anything and everyone that might contradict what they say is part of the “liberal conspiracy” against them. But the truth is, Fox News isn’t really news, it’s just conservative entertainment presented under the guise that they’re a legitimate news channel.

Well, former Reagan and Bush adviser Bruce Bartlett had some rather choice words for many conservatives and Fox News itself. During an interview on Sunday with CNN’s Brian Stelter, Bartlett accused conservatives of being “brainwashed” by media entities like Fox News and the rest of the conservative media.

“Many conservatives live in a bubble where they watch only Fox News on television, they listen only to conservative talk radio Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, many of the same people,” Bartlett said. “When they go onto the Internet, they look at conservative websites like National Review, Newsmax, World Net Daily.”

“And so, they are completely in a universe in which they are hearing the same exact ideas, the same arguments, the same limited amount of data repeated over and over and over again. And that’s brainwashing,” he continued.

Everything he said is spot-on, because that’s exactly what’s happening. Many Republican voters have been brainwashed by the conservative media into only trusting right-wing media sources, and they’re often told that any source that’s not specifically deemed “conservative” is all a part of a giant liberal conspiracy against the truth. This clearly creates a bubble where they’re being fed the same rhetoric and the same propaganda over and over again without any sort of diversity as to where they’re getting information.

It’s confirmation bias at its best.

To be fair, many liberals are guilty of the exact same thing. I spend a good portion of my time trying to correct the lies liberals are being told by the left’s versions of Fox News-style media tactics.

But it’s always nice to see someone linked to the Republican party call out “their side” like this. It probably won’t make a difference with many of the conservatives who come across his remarks, but at least they can’t accuse a former adviser to both Reagan and Bush of being “liberally biased.”

Watch his comments below via CNN:

Allen Clifton

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