Former RNC Treasurer: ‘Take Guns Away From Blacks As They Are The Main Killers’

Former RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen poses with Sheriff Joe Arapaio. (Image via Twitter)

Former RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen poses with Sheriff Joe Arapaio.
(Image via Twitter)

Randy Pullen was the Republican National Committee Treasurer from 2009 until 2011, as well as Arizona Republican State Chairman from 2007 to 2011. During his tenure for the Arizona GOP, he was investigated during a campaign-finance scandal that he may or may not have overlooked, but three of Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s top allies had their careers ended for their involvement.

While Randy Pullen has since returned to his role in the private sector as the Chairman and CEO of after losing the primary race for State Treasurer in 2014, he still lists himself as the Arizona Republican Party State Chairman in his Linkedin profile. Someone should let him know about keeping his resume up to date, just in case.

It seems that even though Randy Pullen is no longer the State Chairman for Arizona Republicans, he must still think he is some sort of spokesman for the party. Last night during the Democratic Debate, Mr. Pullen took to Twitter to let everyone know how he felt about the debate, and it was pretty ugly.

In between retweeting status updates from Sean Hannity and Donald Trump, Randy Pullen had this to say when the candidates were asked about their position on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gee, what a concept. It’s as if Randy Pullen has forgotten that nearly every mass shooting in recent history was committed by white males. Ninety percent of black homicide victims were killed by black suspects, but that’s only seven percent more than whites. That begs the question, why would he say something so incredibly asinine and then leave it up on Twitter, despite the incredible amount of backlash he’s received? It’s pretty simple: conservative gun fanatics will blame anything and everything for gun violence, except for the fact that it’s far too easy for people to get their hands on a gun when they have no business owning one.

People like Randy Pullen often also dismiss movements like Black Lives Matter by blaming blacks for their own problems, which allows conservatives to then shrug off any responsibility they might have as citizens or lawmakers to the black community. This is why they point to Chicago or other cities with gun violence problems and say that it’s obvious that gun laws don’t work, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the violence is due to poverty and the availability of guns which pour in from other places (some only an hour drive away) with loose gun laws. This isn’t the random, racist slip of that one weird family member we all have. This is the former leader of the Arizona Republican Party, and the former Republican National Committee Treasurer who oversaw all the finances of the GOP. To Randy Pullen and many other conservatives, it’s OK to take away constitutional rights of minorities, but asking white conservatives to simply undergo a background check before purchasing a firearm is an undue and unconstitutional burden. Now if that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is. By the way, this was the best response to Randy Pullen on Twitter I’ve seen so far.


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