Fox & Friends Look Like Absolute Fools Trying to Use One GOP Talking Point Against Another (Video)

fox-friends-obamaHow ridiculous are conservatives?  In short, pretty darn ridiculous.  So much so that they’re actually having to contradict some of their older talking points with their new ones.

A perfect, hilarious example of that came during Fox News’ Fox & Friends where the hosts literally tried to push two different right-wing talking points that are in complete contradiction with one another.

As many are well aware of, one of the newest pieces of propaganda being pushed by conservatives is the absurd notion that they’re not the ones behind all of this impeachment talk.  Oh, no.  It’s Democrats who keep bringing up impeachment to energize their base and raise money.

But as anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense knows, conservatives have been talking about a “need” to impeach the “lawless President Obama” basically since his first day in office, with the talk really ramping up this past year.

Fox & Friends decided to spend about half a segment listing a bunch of reasons why conservatives have said President Obama should be impeached.  Then they spent the other half of the segment trashing Democrats for fundraising off the “ridiculous” notion that Republicans want to impeach the president.

In other words, they ran a segment where they spouted off a bunch of right-wing talking points that are often used as to why they feel Republicans would be within their right to impeach the president – while simultaneously saying that it’s outrageous for liberals to claim that Republicans want to impeach the president.

It was honestly one of the most bizarre segments I’ve ever watched on Fox News, and that’s saying something.

But this is just more proof of how outrageous conservatives have become.  Their rhetoric has become so preposterous that they’re now having to contradict their old talking points with their new ones – on the same day, during the same program on Fox News.

Though this isn’t the first time this has happened.

While Republicans essentially doing the exact opposite of whatever President Obama says or does is nothing new, contradicting their own talking points with their new ones (while still trying to still push the old ones) is a relatively new and unique “strategy.”

I guess just being ordinary hypocrites wasn’t enough.  Now they seem to want to be hypocrites on steroids.

Watch the segment below via Media Matters

Allen Clifton

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