Fox News Analyst Pathetically Attacks Obama for Being a Good Father

Lauren-AshburnWhen I first came across this story I almost didn’t write anything about it.  Then I read it again – and again.  Then it just kind of festered with me for a few minutes and I found myself getting irritated with it.

The story I’m referring to is about Fox News analyst Lauren Ashburn trying to make a point that President Obama being filmed buying pink sweaters was something the “PR department” should have known he was going to take “guff” over.  The two pink sweaters at the center of this “controversy” were apparently for his daughters.

And that’s what bothered me.

Why in the heck is anyone trying to make an issue, or attack the president, for buying sweaters for his daughters?  Because they’re pink?  Who gives a damn! 

Is this what “media analysts” have turned into?  Is this how far Fox News will go to try to make the president look “girly”?

Why the heck was this even discussed?  Because it was a picture posted in the New York Post?  

A father is out, buying something nice for his daughters (in a country where there are too many deadbeat fathers) and some media analyst on Fox News wants to try to perpetuate the entire situation as something the PR department should have known better about?  Maybe the PR department didn’t think twice about it because you have to be a true bottom-feeder to even think about bashing the president for being a good father and buying his daughters something nice.

The people on Fox News will really try to attack President Obama for anything.  Even if it’s something as stupid as being photographed holding up pink sweaters that he was contemplating buying for his daughters.

Then again, these are the people who seem to want to make a huge deal out of the fact that Obama wears jeans sometimes.

While this story is nothing as far as actual “important news,” it just bothered me that this analyst felt the need to try to make a story out of something so ridiculous.  There President Obama was, being a good father, and instead of talking about that – she would rather focus on the color of the sweaters he was photographed holding.

It’s like I often joke, “Even if President Obama cured cancer, conservatives would still find some reason to complain about it.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Fox News creates a lot of problems for our country by all the hate and bigotry they spew 24/7. Didn’t George Bush wear jeans? I’ve seen picture so Mittens in jeans… We have real problems in the world and they seem to always go to one place; making stuff up and how much hate can we promote? I think they are the Nazis.

    • Secular_Humanist

      My German grandmother often talked about the most zealous “Parteigaenger,” who hated along party lines, just as being told. One day, that hate will need to find an outlet, at which time the party will be unable to control what it preached (too many waepons in too many stupid hands…).

  • nikkid

    Not Nazis, people need to give that term a rest. They are ignorant. Fox news will always be that way, that’s why everyone and thing makes fun of them. They have nothing better to report when Obama is buying clothes, and there are 50 MILLION AND MORE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD STARVING TO DEATH. Not to mention children being raped molested and starved. But no. Fox needs to talk about the color of a stupid sweatshirt. Ignorance runs high among Fox. The weather isn’t even right. In my city at least.

    • Sam Rosenberg

      Well said. The Right wing in the United States is pretty wildly out of control, but until they start outright rounding people up for extermination we should cool it with the Hitler and Nazi references. They murdered over ten million innocent people (some estimates say closer to 25 million) just for being different. As vile as the people on FOX and their spokespeople in the GOP are, they’re not genocidal murderers.

      It’s an insult to Hitler’s victims when we say that our petty political rivals are just as bad as he was.

      • hermanprovi

        Sam, ‘WHEN’, they “start rounding up people for extermination”, IT WILL BE TOO LATE!

      • Franco Miccolupo

        Can you raccomend me of a good Science Fiction movie? I’m a fan of BS as well.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      Nikkid: They are NOT ignorant. This kind of thing is deliberate and intentional. FOX is the recognized mouthpiece for the 1%. And the 1% hates this president. Rupert Murdoch especially hates this president. They are deliberately searching out the tiniest little hook that they can hang a full load of slander on. Anything, any way, that they can slam this president, make people hate this president, make people distrust this president. Because he represents a threat to their overwhelmingly biggest characteristic….their greed. For power, for money, for control of this country and it’s people.

  • PRIME79

    Aren’t these the same people that constantly whine about black men not being good fathers? But here we have Obama shopping for his 2 daughters and they still want to bitch. Pathetic. Fox “news” is the biggest bunch of cry babies and cowards ever. And this woman making the claims should be a damned shamed of herself, going on a network where women aren’t allowed to pick what they want to wear on TV and then having the nerve to try and trash a man buying clothes for his girls. Silly bitch.

    • Judith_Priest

      Crybabies, cowards, deliberate liars, and traitors, DEDICATED to destabilizing the US Government and the US Economy.

      It’s a shame that the dumbest half of this country believes every word their blonde bimbos squawk out, isn’t it?

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Obviously the house that fell on top of her didn’t do the job!

    • Archibald Stankfanger

      Good one, I’ll use that

    • Bookwench


  • Secular_Humanist

    The real problem is not what FOX makes of photo-ops like this, it is people watching and believing what is being portrait about the president.
    As long as FOX viewers can be told to hate Obama and blame him for everything what is actually wrong with the republican party, conservatives will not question what is wrong with the GOP and how their members/voters are mislead/lied to…

  • thomasbone63

    What a dumb ass bitch

    • Archibald Stankfanger

      Short, to the point and true

  • FMJ

    This is what Fox is down to. They refuse to broadcast the truth about anything, so they come up with crap like this. They don’t even have their facts straight about this, the President bought Sasha a CORAL sweater and Melia a RED sweater. So if she couldn’t even get the facts straight about something so minute, why do people think they get them right with major issues???

  • Ken Blan

    If President Obama did come up with a cure for cancer, not only would the fools at Faux News find fault with it, they would be touting all the benefits of cancer!

    • Brad Fulton

      AND bitching about Doctors and Medical Techs being put out of work….

      • Judith_Priest

        Those are the ONLY kinds of times that the GOP cares about jobs.

  • thesquire1

    Remember all those attacks on Obama about the comedy sketch and how it was supposed to show a lack of ‘Majesty’ to te Office of President – so how about these ‘non-stories’ doing far more to damage to the ‘Majesty’ of the office ?

    FOX News has been doing a lot more damage to the respect of the US president for the last 5 YEARS !

  • hermanprovi

    More proof, that those powers that be, at foul news, will only hire “air heads”. When, will they appraise us of how much toilet paper the President uses? This so called news agency, like D. Issa, of California, tries desperately to pin something [anything] on our twice elected President, and like Issa, have come up with NOTHING!

    • JellicleCat60

      FOUL NEWS!! LMAO!! LOVE IT!! you hit the nail on the head!

  • rossbro

    They hate the Black Man for beating a White Man. They’re still fighting the Civil War. Ignorant jackasses.

    • joe

      Hey Rossbro. It was the republicans whi were fighting to end slavery. What fucking school did you go to? The dems did not want to end slavery. Jesus man read a history book for christ sake.

      • Sherri G

        you do know they switch sides? why is it that everytime fax it presented the Republicans are conservative just have to bring up the fact that the Dixiecrats were the ones who promoted slavery that was a 50 years ago they change sides when the Civil Rights Act was signed so get over it

      • janegray

        No you, seriously. I’m tired of this half true version of history, no one is stupid enough to believe it except Republicans.

      • Rebecca Smith

        Why, hello, sock puppet.

  • disqus_ezjvV3rz94

    I feel so sorry for mental disturbed individuals…It could have been for Bo’s new sweetheart..These dippity do women….wanted to wear a sweater that was like the President bought for his daughters…Did you get a orgasm after reporting this bulllshyt…and they are paying you to be a dumb ass blond..

  • Steve Mangano

    Yes FOX NEWS is ignorant. This type of reporting is uncalled for. Leave family out of politics. All FOX does is cause more problems in this country. They should be shut down. I got news for you if this was a Republican thing, nothing would be said. This is how sick this station is. Theres one way to stop this. That is not watch that channel and do not support there sponsors.

  • katherine norton malek

    The very fact that they call that talk show “Fox News” is the root of the problem. There is now news on Fox News. It’s nothing more than a group of uber coiffed under qualified right wing religiosos as shallow as a stream in a drought. Uninformed ppl are lured into getting what they think is actual ‘news’. All they really get are biased opinions & mindless drivel filtered through Bible-thumpin’ bigots, racists, homophobic, mysogenists & panderers to the right wing narrative. A well dressed cult. How many of their talk show hosts actually hold degrees in Journalism? Wild guess, not one! They contradict themselves ALL the time. They are poisonous toxic dunderheads. Should be called “Fox Views”. Definately NOT NEWS.

    • glorrierose

      I call it, alternately, “Fox Snooze” and “Fox Lies.”

      • JellicleCat60

        Foul News, Faux Noise 🙂

    • melloe

      I call it what it is, “Fox propaganda machine”.

    • Franco Miccolupo

      Facts On Xstacy

  • tra4369

    Stupid people watch Fox

    • Judith_Priest

      Stupid people believe Fox.

      • Mister_G

        Really stupid people repeat what Fox says.

      • BilbySA

        And the stupidest people of all work for Fox.

      • Franco Miccolupo

        But the stupidest of the stupidest are on their morning show…

  • gmartini

    Wow! With so much stuff going on in the world, this ding dong focuses on a freaking, pink sweater for the President’s daughter?! Really? She also complained that President Obama bought Mrs. Obama some socks. What the hell is wrong with buying someone a pair of socks?! If he bought her a new rock, they would complain about that and infer that “some people, (definitely NOT the “dreaded,” 47%) paid for it.

  • Danny Mathey

    I try to be fair and watch Fox news with a open mind. But i’m starting to think they may be just a little Bias .And lean to the Republican side.

    • Archibald Stankfanger

      You just might have a point there, just a little.

    • karlleuba

      Danny, they brag about being biased. The cry from rooftops that they are conservatives. They accuse the honest of being biased against Conservatives. Does the New York Times claim to have a liberal bias? Has CBS gone to court to demand the right to lie?

    • BilbySA

      I tried to watch Fox with an open mind, too. It took about five minutes to notice the ridiculous bias.

  • ronn214

    If there is one thing that really, REALLY bugs me is politicians trying to convince me they’re just like me when all the world knows they aren’t, especially the President. You want to impress me? Then don’t be all Fatherly with the CAMERA’S ROLLING! That is insulting to me. It WAS a PR stunt and I don’t like it. You’ll impress me more Mr. President if your daughters are turn out like Chelsea Clinton or Caroline Kennedy and not partying drunks like the Bush twins.Or that Cheney shrew.

    • Mickey

      You sound as dumb as blondie. So he should never buy anything since the cameras always rolling.

    • karlleuba

      ronn, you should be thanking the Lord of Lords that the President is NOT like you. I know that I am, and praying that you never try to win election to any office.

    • glorrierose

      Oh good grief. Everywhere the President goes, cameras follow. He cannot go outside the White House without cameras following him. He is not doing this as a “PR stunt.” The press turn EVERYTHING he does into a photo op…they follow him around like puppies.

      YOU try to be President and get privacy when you are out in public.

      BTW the Obama girls are doing just fine, thank you very much. They are very well adjusted.

      Next time, before you comment, THINK.

      • MLR

        And I bet if the cameras weren’t rolling when he bought the sweaters “Foul News” would bitch about that too and wonder what the “president is hiding”. You can’t win with these crybabies.

    • JellicleCat60

      Ronn, STFU…bitch

  • Archibald Stankfanger

    There is nothing to low for these jerks but I am seriously concerned that so many in this country are bamboozled so easily.

  • William Valenti

    From the inanity of Hannity
    To the dreck that spewed from Beck
    From doofus Doocy’s brainless quips
    To O’Reilly’s artless blech
    No truth in sight, all fact-free spin
    A carnival of shocks
    Murdoch’s gift to feeble minds
    Nobody. Does stupid. Like Fox.

    • JellicleCat60

      BRAVO!!! LOVE IT!! LOL!

    • BilbySA

      Oh, I love this! I hope you don’t mind if I use it… I will quote you, of course!

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      duuude,,,,ur a my hero today!!

    • Franco Miccolupo

      ok I wrote it down. this poem you gonna have to share.

      • Franco Miccolupo

        I’ll use your name for credits…no worry Paesan…

  • Eldergothfather

    Faux contiues to show us just exactly how to combine ignorance and bigotry into a vapid blonde…

  • Dave Brown

    Just consider the source and there is no mystery, haters hate!

  • Expatmom

    Keep talking, twinky! A lot of men know the joy of buying something pink for their little girls. I bet a bunch of dads & grand-dads who heard this report, felt something & it made them stop and think, ” Hmmmm.”

  • CitizenKochkane

    Reminds me of an old NY Post front page – “Headless Body in Topless Bar, Obama Suspected…”

  • brian199511

    There are a lot of “deadbeat mothers” too jerkwad. And calling this blonde idiot a journalist is revolting.

  • Walt Burnham

    Obama has his faults- fast tracking TPP, drones, suggesting cuts to Social Security, being too cosy with the nuke industry, bankers, etc. BUT- I would never begrudge him his pleasure & good father’s love in buying his daughters some pink stuff. And, despite his faults politically, he’s still light years ahead of any Republican or Tea Party politician.

    • janegray

      I think it’s weird they don’t talk about that stuff, honestly. But maybe it’s because their viewers would realize that Obama isn’t the insane Socialist they think he is.

  • Duvalier

    “Has President Obama defied the natural cycle of life and death thus flouting the authority of a loving God by personally curing cancer? Tonight we’ll bring you commentary from real cancer patients asking, ‘Does Obama have the authority to meddle in the affairs of the divine?'”

  • Brian Derrick

    I get it… Obama is a “girly man” and a “wuss.” We see what we’re dealing with here: men who are anything like a a female are inferior. Why? Because women are inferior. These people are hopeless.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      I dig ” inferiors” such as women!! soooooooooooo lovely!! ( look up : Marilyn lange photos)

  • Kerry Watkins

    How I wish the analyst would have beem wearing pink!

  • JellicleCat60

    Typical peroxide stupid bitch of the Reich and Faux Noise. Maybe someone should buy a muzzle for this pig to shut her and her fellow peroxide buffoons for good

  • MLR

    Allen get your facts straight. President Obama doesn’t just wear jeans, he wears mom jeans, LOL. All jokes aside, you’re absolutely right and that’s what most conservatives are—–> BOTTOM-FEEDERS. They find ANY stupid ass reason to attack the president. The problem with these dumb asses is they have no idea how petty and childish they sound. I think they’re miffed that there truly hasn’t been an actual scandal during this administration so they have to manufacture fake ones no matter how petty they are.

  • cnizzile

    This is what happens when all the GOP scandals are proven to be false lies! Since IRS & Benghazi were actually not Obama conspiracies they have to resort to name calling and creative journalism or what faux news calls fair and balanced! So they will attack Obama for anything and everything until the 50th or 51st failed attempt at repealing the ACA.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

  • Sane Spirit

    Really think the President needs to say O2 is a good thing then maybe the Reich will stop breathing 🙂

  • GOPhater

    All those blonde, empty-headed Faux Noise whores are just brain-washed sheep of the Reich Wing..they probably get paid a good salary for what they do!

  • Cathryn Sykes

    They are such bottom feeders. They never lift their heads from the slime…..

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      they do when they raise their myopic eyes on sunday to see the JESUS statues at the (tithing) tax free churches

  • Rebecca Smith

    Obama walks on water, Fox News leads with, “President can’t swim.”

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      or—————– “thinks he walks faster than jesus”


    who, besides the rabid dogs that tune in for
    their daily ration of ‘Red Meat, is even paying
    any attention to anything Fox ‘reports’????
    Well, nobody should.
    I am officially dropping the ‘News’ portion of
    what is now called Fox ‘News’.
    We ALL should.
    We shouldn’t call what they are doing,
    ‘NEWS’. They don’t deserve it.
    We SHOULD be ignoring them, instead of
    giving them any headlines at all. But if we
    choose to report on something they say,
    we shouldn’t reward them by calling it ‘NEWS’
    Just call them FOX.


  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    they got killed on the ACA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, they were made fools of with KENYA——–SPENDING has been disproven over and over again!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NOW the CONSPIRACY in Benghazi has shown ( again) to be a republican waste of money ( what else is new) which has FOX “news'” scurrying around for SOMETHING to promote as we swing into the final months of this election season. PINK: perhaps they want to infer a lack of “manliness” sloppily correlated to broken-wing HAWKS such as McCain and Cheney and Bolton ?? who knows!! its great to watch– almost as great as eviscerating the chump trolls who appear on this–and other- threads TRYINg to annoy us who do better to READ up and STUDY FACTS upon current events.
    ” maybe he is REALLY a muslim who hates whites an hates America!!!”
    good news for FOX: their yearly bavardage puking up old ” war on Christmas” rhetoric is less than 90 days from re-generating!!!