Fox News Analyst Gives Unbelievably Sad Excuse for Trump’s Russia Screw Up (Video)

One of the bigger stories on Monday centered around a report from the Washington Post alleging that Donald Trump revealed highly-classified information to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador during a controversial meeting just a few days ago. A meeting that had already come under fairly intense scrutiny as it occurred right after the unprecedented firing of James Comey as head of the FBI, Trump banned the American media from attending the meeting, and he allowed state-run Russian media to bring electronic equipment and take photographs during the meeting.

Let’s just be honest here, while Trump’s entire campaign, transition into the White House, and time in office have all been an epic disasters — the past seven or so days have probably been his worst. That’s saying something considering everything else we’ve seen from this unhinged, incompetent buffoon and his administration.

Needless to say, the lengths to which Republicans and members of the conservative media have had to go defend Trump have often led to some rather embarrassment comments.

Such as what Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer said Monday night on Special Report in a desperate attempt to defend Trump potentially giving Russian officials highly-classified information which national security agencies almost certainly didn’t want them to have.

“Of all the probabilities, the idea he was acting as a Manchurian candidate feeding information to his Russian operatives and controllers is ridiculous,” Krauthammer said. “The only implication here is that he’s unschooled. This is his first go around with sensitive information and he might’ve slipped up. If he did, it’s not good. On the other hand, if it’s not deliberate, it’s not exactly a high crime and misdemeanor.”

In case you didn’t pick up on it, that’s Krauthammer essentially saying if this actually occurred, it’s not because Trump willingly gave it to Russian officials as part of some nefarious plan to betray the country — he’s just incompetent and doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now apparently acceptable to defend Trump by saying he’s too incompetent to be “president” so we really shouldn’t make too big of a deal out of “little blunders” like, you know, the possibility that he gave highly-classified information to Russia.

Even if Krauthammer is right and Trump did this on accident, is that really much better?

Sure, it’s an entirely different situation if Trump is willingly feeding our enemies sensitive intelligence we don’t want them to have. However, Trump being so completely inept and unqualified to lead this nation that he could accidentally divulge highly-classified information — or worse — since he’s “unschooled” isn’t much better.

He’s either a traitor (which is still a very real possibility), or he’s so incredibly clueless about how to actually be “Commander-in-Chief” that every day he’s in office his incompetence is putting this nation at risk.

Either way, it’s a sad day in this country when conservatives are reaching to such desperate lengths to defend Donald Trump that they’re willing to publicly call him incompetent because that’s a better alternative than admitting the truth or that he might even be a traitor.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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