Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros Makes a Fool Out Of Herself Discussing Thwarted Terror Attack (Video)

tantaros-oreillyWhile she’s not nearly as well-known as other Fox News personalities such as Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, Andrea Tantaros is easily one of the most ridiculous hosts on the entire network. I think what bothers me most is that she doesn’t even spread her idiocy and hate-filled rhetoric in an intelligent manner. She tries really hard to be edgy and outspoken, but typically just comes off petty and small.

Take for instance comments she made on Fox News’ Outnumbered regarding the thwarted terror attack on a French train. She not only bizarrely brought up the nation’s strict gun laws, but she also pathetically suggested that the French people would be helpless without Americans to save them.

“The same problems that they have over there are major debates over here,” Tantaros said. “So, in France, gun control – very strict laws. Also, this is the result of lax immigration policy.”

“What’s the debate back here at home? Gun control, immigration policy – the same thing,” she continued. “My question is, what happens when there are not Americans there to take down these terrorists”?

Yes, that’s a Fox News host trying to spin what happened in France into, “See, this is why we need more guns and stricter immigration laws so that won’t happen here” right-wing propaganda. Though I can’t help but notice she didn’t mention that France’s gun-related homicide rate is 1.2 for every 100,000 citizens compared to the United States at 3.82 per 100,000. Then again, that would have forced her to explain why France has a fraction of our gun violence despite having strict gun control laws.

It’s absolutely ridiculous for some pro-gun fanatic in the United States to tell a nation that experiences low amounts of gun violence that they need to start allowing more citizens to own guns like we do here in the United States – the country that leads the modern world in gun violence. Not only that, but how have gun-friendly laws in the U.S. prevented the multitude of mass shootings we’ve experienced here in the United States? Our most recent mass shooting happened in Louisiana, an extremely pro-gun state.

But even beyond that whole debate lies the glaringly obvious fact about all of this: The terrorist was stopped without anyone using a gun. So, not only is it completely idiotic to even try to twist this whole ordeal into some sort of pro-gun debate, but the tragedy was averted (aka the bad guy with a gun was stopped) without guns.

Then, of course, she had to include a jab about immigration just to make sure anyone watching who was actually buying into this load of crap will equate immigration with terrorism. Because conservatives are literally that easy to manipulate.

All Tantaros ultimately did during this segment is prove once again that she’s not someone anyone should ever take seriously.

Watch the segment below via Fox News by way of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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