Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros: Healthy Food at School is ‘Causing Mental Problems’ (Video)

tantaros-school-1We’ve really reached a point nowadays where it seems like practically everything somehow becomes politicized. Things that just a few years ago I don’t think most people would have thought twice about have suddenly become “controversial topics.”

Take for instance the obsession many have on the right concerning the ongoing push to make school lunches healthier. One would think that with childhood obesity being an issue in this country, trying to get our nation’s children to eat healthier would be something that most Americans could get behind.

Well, not if you’re Andrea Tantaros. According to the Fox News Outnumbered co-host, forcing children to eat healthier is causing “mental problems.”

After Outnumbered guest and fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly stated that some sort of structure is needed because there are too many bad parents who don’t care what their children do, Tantaros insisted that these programs are a pathway to hell.

“But the road to hell is often paved with good intentions, Bill,” Tantaros said. “I think they are well intentioned. They want to get kids healthy, but we’re hearing reports of kids being hungry at the school, that this is causing mental problems.”

“I mean, I’m flashing back to the days when we had the presidential fitness award and they would weigh us all in school,” she continued. “It’s pretty traumatizing, especially if you’re the fat kid.”

I’ll agree that judging children by weight like some sort of contest isn’t the best of ideas, especially in a society such as ours that often judges people based on their outward appearance. But to suggest that trying to encourage children to eat healthier is some sort of “road to hell” or that it’s causing “mental problems” is completely ridiculous.

But we all know why many on the right are so opposed to these lunch programs trying to get children to eat healthier – because Michelle Obama supports them. That’s really where this irrational fear-mongering and propaganda against these initiatives is derived. As we all know, if an Obama is for it, millions of conservatives are going to be against it – no matter what it is.

I think a fairly solid rule to live by is if even Bill O’Reilly is suggesting that you’re being a little too extreme with your “right-wing” position on an issue, you’re probably pretty out there.

It seems clear to me that Andrea Tantaros is being groomed by Fox News as a future superstar for the radically right agenda. In fact, I’ve often said she reminds me of a female Sean Hannity, as someone who just spouts off ridiculous right-wing nonsense to feed the ultra-conservative audience they’re pandering to.

Whether it’s suggesting that public schools are essentially just liberal indoctrination, or that snow days at public schools are somehow an attack on religion, Tantaros has proven repeatedly that she’s easily one of the most absurd members of the Fox News team – and considering the company she shares, that’s saying something.

Watch her comments below via Fox News by way of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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