Fox News is Apparently Very Annoyed that President Obama Keeps Taking Shots at the Network (Video)

neil-cavuto-foxAs most of us know, Fox News is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda network. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even call them a news channel. In my opinion, they’re nothing more than conservative entertainment. It still makes me laugh that I run across so many conservatives who honestly believe the network is unbiased and truly “fair and balanced.”

I guess it goes to show you how strong denial can truly be.

Well, since it was clear that Barack Obama was soon to become the president back in 2008, Fox News has dedicated most of its coverage to doing anything and everything they possibly can to slander him. And, sadly, it’s worked. Some of the absurd lies I’ve had conservatives tell me they believe about him have often left me speechless.

Throughout the years, President Obama has sometimes found an occasion to poke fun at or outright mock Fox News’ partisan bias they show toward the GOP. Personally, I’ve found most of these exchanges humorous, but it seems some on the conservative entertainment network are growing a little perturbed that he doesn’t take their partisan attacks against him lying down.

Case in point, Fox Business host Neil Cavuto’s odd “sarcastic” remarks concerning comments the president made where he said he hasn’t always gotten the most favorable coverage from the network. It was a true statement, but then again when does Fox News ever deal in “truth”?

“I am busted, so busted. Pick a crisis, any crisis: FOX created it,” Cavuto said.

“This tepid economic meltdown? Sorry: Fox News. The housing meltdown that preceded it? You guessed it – Fox News started it,” he continued.” The Internet bubble? Fox News created it and we burst it so we could keep milking it. The energy crisis back in the 1970′s? Fox News, which is amazing because we weren’t even around in the 70′s.”

First, let me point out, his attempt at humor is an insult to comedy in general. This wasn’t even funny in a quirky way. It was just sad, petty and basically childish.

The fact that Fox News seems “offended” because President Obama might dare to call out their b.s. is comical. It’s blatantly clear to anyone who isn’t a right-wing shill that the network shows unabashed favoritism to the Republican party. Heck, their entire lineup is geared toward conservatives. I’m not sure if I’ve ever watched Fox News for 15 consecutive minutes without seeing them say something negative about the president. And it’s very rare if anyone (outside of the handful of Democrats they do employ) says anything even remotely positive about him.

Look, if Fox News wants to be the “conservative entertainment channel” that’s fine – but at least own up to it. The fact that they still try to pretend to be a legitimate “fair and balanced” news network is an absolute joke. But, sadly, it’s a joke that millions of Americans continue to fall for.

Watch Cavuto’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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