Fox News Blatantly Lies To Viewers About “Censorship” By DISH Network (VIDEO)

Ever since DISH Network stopped carrying Fox News and Fox Business recently, the viewers of the channel that brings all the slanted knowledge they crave have been in an uproar. Spurred on by Fox News and other conservative media sources, they’ve been angrily posting on DISH Network’s Facebook page, demanding (sometimes in ALL CAPS) that DISH Network stop “censoring” Fox News. You can almost imagine the furious slamming of fingers against smartphone screens or computer keyboards where the caps lock key got stuck in the on position years ago.

Here are just a few of the angry posts to their Facebook page and in the comments section over at DISH Network:

LOL Charlie Ergen is a Democrat Supporter so this is why the Cancelled Fox the Ratings got to High….. More and More People were tuning into Fox so they had to cut them off.. as for putting them back on don’t bet on it…… now the Funny part just got a Letter from Dish stating my Bill will go up $5.00…….

I am getting a little tired of this crap. WHY are you censoring what I watch?

Dish is trying to sensor the news, I believe the people who run dish don’t want Fox News on the air.

So Charlie I hear you are a big donor to the democratic party. So how much is nobama paying you to censor Fox news.

Dish lies to you people, the CEO is a big fan of CNN and CSNBC and a Dem…. Dish has always hated Fox News and asked for more money to air Fox. dont be conned into Dish lies

Why don’t you get rid of programming that people don’t watch or give me the option to not pay for it? I want Fox, I don’t want MSNBC or CNBC. I don’t want BET or any of the Latino channels, yet I am paying for them. Then you put on Al JaTerrorist TV. I seriously don’t want to pay for that.

Spelling and grammatical errors, along with possible racism aside, it’s clear that these people don’t understand how TV channel contract negotiations work. Fox even launched a website called which implores followers to bug the hell out of DISH Network to give in to the demand

DISH pulled the plug on FOX News Channel three weeks ago, before the expiration of our contract.  Since then we’ve been working hard to get your FOX News back on the air.

But unfortunately, blackouts are part of DISH’s business model – a regular tactic that they use, without regard to the hardship it places on their customers.

The facts speak for themselves.

  • FOX News – 0 blackouts in 18 years
  • DISH Network – 156 blackouts in the last 2 years

Dish claims to have your best interest at heart yet they drop FOX News and raise your rates.

Demand Dish puts FOX News back on your channel lineup!

You can help spread the word about DISH’s action.  Leave a message on DISH’s Facebook page or Tweet @DISH using #DontBlockFOXNews. (Source)

In the event you haven’t followed the story, here’s the background:

Fox News and Fox Business have been blocked from Dish Network since Dec. 20, with Dish Network claiming that the channels’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, is trying to leverage Fox News’ popularity to secure higher programming fees for the less popular channel. Dish has been telling consumers that switching providers is not the answer, insisting it will encourage content owners to raise rates and drive up bills. (Source)

However, Fox has been telling their viewers who are used to being lied to and given half-truths that DISH Network is “censoring” their daily flow of “news” that’s often little more than blaming President Obama for everything from low gas prices to the fact their grandkids failed to visit them again last weekend. Here’s the video they’ve been running on Fox News and other channels to get their viewers all riled up:

Despite the claims of “Keep Fox News” along with Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly, what DISH Network is doing is anything but censorship. As stated before, their parent company wants to use the popularity of Fox News in order to get DISH to pay more in subscription fees for Fox Business which is a lot less popular. In return, DISH Network decided not to give in to this negotiation tactic and discontinued carrying both channels not out of some nefarious political motives, but simply because they weren’t willing to pay more for a niche channel that has limited appeal outside of the audience that’s interested in finance and Wall Street news.

What Fox News is pushing is a blatant lie and a cutthroat business tactic in order to bully DISH Network, which has decided to call their bluff on pricing negotiations. They’re counting on their millions of viewers, many of whom don’t even subscribe to DISH Network, to accept another false story from them and harass the satellite provider into paying more for an unpopular channel. Fox is hoping that millions of people are too stupid to understand how business works, which is hilarious because the Fox Business channel is what started this whole flap to begin with.


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  • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

    I LOVE FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,they always remind me how correct the progressive movement is by the LYING and easy2refute BS that FOX “news” spews. ” Kenya”…..”Benghazi”…..”spending”……”war on Christmas”…..”cliven bundy patriot”……”Obama is coming for (y)our guns”…..”America is a Christian nation”…………….

  • LeRoy Garcia

    People who slurp up liberal BS. are like the frog in boiling water.
    They won’t notice they are the one cooking till it’s too late. Idiotic
    narrow minded racist scum. Most Liberals have the White person Guilt.
    Will do anything to appease the progressives. Including slamming their
    own race to try to show they are not racist. To me .. that means they
    are racist. But that is ok… They live all their lives in some kind
    of Guilt.. I think they all have brain damage..

    • DrVonEvilPants

      Thanks for the laugh, too bad I’m not laughing with you.

      • Alison Scott

        Is LeRoy his porn name?

    • David Arnold

      Typical conservative response. No factual content, just spewing bile. Ignore the fact that Fox wants to charge higher prices and Dish doesn’t want to pay it; it’s simple negotiation tactics. If you want your Faux News, tell Fox to not charge higher rates for a limited viewership channel (Fox Business). Oh, but wait, can’t do that, gotta slag on liberals.

    • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

      😉 guess he liked my name

  • Christian Vargas

    Fox News is off the Air tomorrow World Peace.

  • Gary Gayisok Whiteman

    Fox News Lies? This is NEWS? It would be news if Fox told the truth.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Is the concept of contract renegotiation that difficult? This happens a lot. Dish, Direct TV, Time Warner, all the big name providers have this happen with channels. You can pretty much tell when negotiations are going on and the old contract is about to expire because the channels start airing their “contact X provider and inform them you want to continue having our channel”. The owner of the channel wants more money, the provider doesn’t want to pay more money. That’s not censorship. Providers are not going to just accept that extra expense either. They’ll just raise their rate.