Fox News Caught Blatantly Editing 60 Minutes Interview to Slander Obama Administration (Video)

fox-news-propagandaThe right-wing propaganda machine strikes again. This time, Fox News was caught by Media Matters clearly editing a 60 Minutes interview with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. During a part of the interview, Panetta discussed his opposition to the 2011 removal of all U.S. military forces from Iraq.

If you watch the Fox News clip, they only show him mention his opposition to pulling all U.S. troops out of Iraq in 2011. Then they spent the rest of the segment trying to make the Obama administration look inept for pulling our troops out of Iraq.

And no matter how many Fox News segments I watch where they discuss the removal of U.S. forces from Iraq, I’ve never seen anyone mention the fact that the SOFA agreement that required our troops to be out of the country by the end of 2011 was signed by George W. Bush

Well, apparently deciding to take their frequent distortion of history a step further, Fox News decided to edit out a key part of Panetta’s 60 Minutes interview where he discusses the fact that in 2011 the Iraqi government no longer wanted the U.S. military in Iraq.

Meaning that the final decision on whether or not any American troops would remain in Iraq had nothing to do with our government or the Obama administration. Bush signed the SOFA agreement with the Iraqi government determining when our troops were to be out of the country. And when that deadline came, they wanted us gone.

End of story.

So, if there’s any “blame” to go around, it falls entirely on the Bush administration. 

But if all you watched was Fox News’ coverage of this 60 Minutes interview, you’d never know this key fact as to why our troops left in 2011. Not only that, but the panelists on Fox News went out of their way to create a completely fake narrative directed toward the Obama administration, portraying them as the reason why our troops left. Again, completely omitting not only key points within this interview, but pivotal facts as well.

Though this is nothing new from Fox News. They’re constantly creating their own “news.” Hell, it’s what they do. That’s why I call them nothing more than a propaganda machine, because segments like this are nothing more than propaganda. They’re not only being contextually dishonest, but these kinds of segments are flat-out campaigns to perpetuate misinformation.

The panelists on this segment discussed “facts” based on the edit of this interview. You don’t get more dishonest than that. That’s not news reporting – that’s acting. Because you can’t sit there on national television, knowing that what you’re saying is a lie, and call that journalism.

But that’s exactly what media personalities on Fox News do. They go on national television and lie. So I say we stop calling these people “media personalities” or “journalists” and call them what they really are – news actors. Reporting whatever misinformation they feel will benefit the Republican party.

Watch the Fox News segment below:

Then watch the part they edited out via CBS News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sweetlucy47

    Actually, they are just repeating what McCain has been saying…lol He is one of the worst at pushing this narrative.

  • SLP

    GOP TV Exactly what Ailes and Murdoch set out to do. Convincing the fearful, low information watcher. Winning the narrative, one lie at a time.

    • vishar

      If you are happy with the direction our country is heading ….keep voting democratic…

      • FuzzyBunnyFeet

        I’m certainly happier with the direction our country is heading now than the direction it was heading under GWB.

      • SLP

        I’m happy with the way things are going, yes. But you wouldn’t know what good things are happening if you watch Fox news – fear mongers to the uninformed.
        It’s certainly not perfect but it’s far from the handwringing hysteria Fox promotes.

      • SLP

        I’m happy with the way things are going, yes. But you wouldn’t know what good things are happening if you watch Fox news – fear mongers to the uninformed.
        It’s certainly not perfect but it’s far from the handwringing hysteria Fox promotes.

      • Perhaps you could share in which direction you see the country going? Unemployment 6.1 (from 10.9), stock markets in record territory, record profits for companies, deficits cut in half, out of Iraq (for now) and getting out of Afghanistan, Syria has no WMDs left, health costs and insurance rates are down and insurance is available to everyone. You’d like to change all that into *what* may I ask?

  • ML

    I’ll take your word for it, couldn’t stand to watch a Fox segment, eeeuuuyuck!

  • Nemisis

    Not surprised. Well, I was sort of. A friend of mine is a GOP echo piece.
    He calls me worse things because he knows I’m not a dem.

    Not being GOP and not being Dem I get to enjoy a few luxuries of where I place my vote. Which means I seek out the truth and place my vote with the candidates that can do the most good or in some cases the least harm.
    Lately in my state it has been the latter.

    So when my friend sent me an email which I later learned was a result of that veiwscast. It took me a minute to figure out he had been watching fauxviews again. I felt betrayed as he had lost yet another bet. The result of the bet was he was not allowed to watch Fauxviews, more specifically anything related to news for 30 days. Well, we now know he welched on the bet.
    The result is he pays up double. I have enlisted his wife in the verification.
    She is a dem and is all too ready to make sure he does not welch again.
    I’m told “Whatever it takes.”…Brave lady, she is.

    Why am I telling you all this? I mention this because I am running an experiment to see if a GOP hardliner can be re-educated through lack of input alone. His welching means he now gets a longer exposure to reality without “news” input to feed his views.

    This should make for some real interesting next couple of months.
    Welch again buddy, so I get to tell you what news I feel you should hear, and the truth may not be applicable.

    • DDB

      Every time I heard someone say, ” I’m an Independent” it tells me they’re not paying attention. No, Dems are not perfect, but the R’s are bat shit crazy. I never considered myself a Dem until GW and the Supremes stole the election. Since then, I’ve become somewhat of a political junky and can NOT believe what the GOP has become. Whipped into a tea bagger frenzy by the right wing media, they’re reaping exactly what they’ve sown.. And they’re not finished yet..

      • Nemisis

        I am far from “not paying attention”. I am often accused of being a dem. As I simply pointed out that I do not vote along party lines.

      • DDB

        Prior to my realization posted previously, I couldn’t ever remember voting for a repub. Not that I intentionally voted against them.. I might have been a Teddy Roughrider, or Liked Ike, but for the past 25 years, at least, I haven’t seen any offering from them that’s appealed to me, and its only getting worse..

        I have conservative principles, personal responsibility ( yes, even when you get caught), capital punishment when there is NO doubt of guilt, fiscal conservatism, (when BOTH parties are in office)

        Remember the trillions in war cost kept off the books, prescription drug benefit with no cost savings measures against the drug companies? Con’s are only fiscally conservative when Dems are in office.. Pay attention..

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        totally correct; please add that the new model of regressive “republican” is the 21st century schizoid pseudo-christian

      • Nemisis

        My med D plan went private in 2006.

        I’m still waiting for the report on how much that privatization saved versus the cost of operation.
        Seems there was a computer glitch then too.
        Same company.

        I believe as you. I worked hard, paid my share.
        Think capitol punishment is too lenient for some.

        Saddly, I’m told we just can’t catapult child molesters for hours and self amusement.

        I remember how our debt is stacked and who put it there. The problem is with the public memory.
        Very short indeed. I’m still waiting, for the trickle on economics to stop, and the Contract the GOP made with us to be fulfilled.

        Seems whenever a Con makes the rules they relax the ones that apply to the banks…The ones the Dems put in place after each economic bloodfart.

      • DavidD

        Are you ever accused of being a paid false flagger spreading known American’s for Prosperity talking points?.

      • Nemisis

        Nope. Never. Care to elaborate on your accusation?

      • buricco

        I’m an indy…who usually votes D. =p

      • Joanne3905

        No DDB…I call myself a left leaning Independent. I can’t be a Dem because that would make me okay with illegal immigration and open borders. That’s the difference between me and most dems.

      • DDB

        So, deport 11+ million immigrants and ‘papers please’?

        There isn’t one Dem that’s called for open boarders or agrees with illegal immigration. The ‘question’ is dealing with the undocumented’s already here, and tightening up the borders.. That what paying attention means..

  • wolfy

    Fox news is a terrorist organization

    • Stephen Barlow

      Al Foxerra. I think you missed the most important truth. SOFA wasn’t just SIGNED BY BUSH, it was NEGOTIATED for Bush. Bush hand picked Maliki to push the Bush agenda. THAT is what Fox FARCE edited out.

  • Gwynne

    According to the law suit which they won, they are an entertainment channel, NOT a news channel. That’s why I am now referring to them as “fox “news”, the entertainment channel”. It takes a little longer to type, but it’s worth the effort if I can get even one person to realize this!

  • Sonny Edmund

    Why do we keep expecting that Fox will tell the story truthfully. We are like the battered wife who keeps thinking things will change. Fox will never change, lies are what it’s all about.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Why does the FCC accept garbage broadcasting?
      Where are prosector’s when fraud affects elections?
      Let the REDS SCREAM witch hunt!

  • Joanne3905

    I bet this won’t change anyone who watches FOX….they will change the subject, or walk away, or say it’s a lie…

  • Quick Brown Fox

    This should come as no suprise

  • Bonta-kun

    But of course they’re acting, Allen. It’s an ENTERTAINMENT channel, not an ACTUAL NEWS one!

  • Quick Brown Fox

    This should come as no surprise as they are qualified AD practitioners- Artificial Dissemination!

  • Ivan Renko

    Obama boasted repeatedly in his campaign speeches that he removed forces from Iraq. Now he acts as if he had no other choice, that his hands were completely tied per the SOFA in place from the Bush years. As does Media Matters.

    This was no ‘blatant omission’ on the part of Bret Baier, or Fox News. It wasn’t even an omission. It wasn’t needed to report on what Panetta said was his disagreement with Obama.

    But hey, congratulations are in order to Ms. Sophia Tesfaye at Media Matters on her one year anniversary with the think tank, and her first year out of college, though. That’s quite a milestone and she’s to be commended for this in-depth reporting, the result of long hard hours in front of a television monitor watching Fox News day in and day out. Onward and upward.

    • The Reader

      Let me get this straight, Ivan. You say it wasn’t true that Obama had no choice but to withdraw troops as agreed upon by Bush and SOFA? You also are saying that Panetta’s words were not taken out of context by leaving out the last sentence of his response to Schieffer about Iraq wanting us gone by 2011? If I this is what you are saying, you need to spend less time in front of ShiftyFox and more time getting the news from reputable stations. Reputable Stations are any station that does not cherry-pick bits of what they want to talk about. It’s called reporting or journalism if you will, and everyone needs to give it more credence.

      • Ivan Renko

        Let me get this straight, Ivan. You say it wasn’t true that Obama had no choice but to withdraw troops as agreed upon by Bush and SOFA?

        He did have choices, yes. That’s why he boasted in his campaign speeches taking credit for full Iraq withdrawal in 2011. Otherwise, he was full of shit taking that credit. You pick which one, Reader, was he full of shit then, or is Fox remiss in not including the SOFA in their blurb about the 60 Minutes interview with Panetta regarding his not agreeing with Obama’s decision?

        That’s Scott Pelley, not Bob Schieffer.

        No context was lost, no. It’s an inconsequential detail. It’s another discussion but not in any way a blatant omission. The SOFA in place wasn’t set in stone, and Obama could’ve put pressure on Maliki to keep more troops in Iraq. This non-story is nothing more than one of David Brock’s college nerd hires sitting in a dark room trying to think of something about Fox News to rout out to all the liberal bloggers who rely on them for daily material.

      • The Reader

        True statement there, Ivan. This is a non-story as are most, if not all, of ShiftyFox’s. You go right ahead and love your Shows of Political Deceit, but accept them for what they are. Obama could claim credit because he kept the word of a U.S. president when he withdrew the troops. Now, that Obama, as leader of the country, has learned he can’t rely on past decisions of former presidents with today’s fast-changing events, he has followed his own path. For war mongers, it’s far too peaceful to suit them, but killing is messy on all sides so why not look for a peaceful solution if there is the slightest possibility one can be found?
        I know you don’t agree, but I prefer a peaceful existence if possible. And I’m not foolish enough to believe peace will happen. Men love war. Go ahead, and get in an uproar over that comment..

      • Ivan Renko

        I love peace, too. Pulling out of Iraq didn’t keep things peaceful for very long. That’s another discussion, though. On this one, Fox has discussed SOFA so many times with regard to Obama pulling out of Iraq that it’s baffling as to where this Media Matters intern is going with this. There’s no blatant omission. There’s just Sophia Tesfaye’s and Allen Clifton’s unwillingness to accept that Obama had other options other than to comply word for word with the 2011 SOFA already in place as to the number of troops to remain. If that was all there was to it, Panetta’s disagreement wouldn’t be news. Obama would’ve been laughed at for boasting about removing troops when all he did was, well, basically nothing.

  • The Reader

    Fox Lovers will find a way to excuse this total lack of ethics by ShiftyFox, but this latest activity goes right to the heart of why Fox is not a news network. It is a propaganda mill whose sole job is to take someone else’s reports and convert them into slanted broadcasting. They are very good at what they do as the number of viewers in their column show, but numbers do not take away from their desire to brainwash the good citizens of the U.S. into believing non-facts and items taken out of contest that reflect the Murdock/Ailes ideology.

  • Harry

    Really..come on now. The Fox News story was BEFORE the 60 minute interview was aired. Fox News (and all other news outlets) only had what CBS provided prior to the interview. If you have any bones to pick, it should be with CBS and not FOX News.

  • Michael Lee

    I love the hypocrisy of Republicans and Democrats. Yes, it is a fact that Bush signed the SOFA agreement that forced troops to pull out of Iraq by 2012, and yes it is true that the Iraqis would not cave to giving our forces immunity, so they refused to sign a new SOFA. My problem is that both sides deny these facts whenever it is convenient. Here how this has played out.

    1. George W. Bush signs the SOFA.

    2. Barack Obama promises to end the Iraq war because the Iraq war is bad.

    3. Barack Obama tries to get an extension to the SOFA to keep troops in Iraq well passed 2011, but fails to negotiate one with the Iraqi’s because they wouldn’t cave on troop immunity.

    4. Barack Obama claims to keep campaign promise to pull troops out of Iraq, even though he attempted (and failed) not to keep it. People accept this narrative and Obama spends the entire 2012 campaign bragging about keeping his promise.

    5. Some bad stuff happens in Iraq so now Republicans are making claims about how Obama pulled troops out of Iraq because that’s what he promised, even though he didn’t.

    6. Obama backtracks on his bragging about ending the war and now switches gears to the original truth and starts the narrative that he didn’t want the war to end (the truth this time).

    7. Democrats magically remember the SOFA they conveniently forgot while Obama was bragging about ending the war.

    Bunch of hypocrites, both sides. Pathetic revisionist history.

  • Jack YouDontKnowMe

    Wait.. didn’t Obama run his Entire 2012 campaign on ending the war and defeating all the terrorists? I thought that’s why he had to work so hard to convince everyone Bengazie wasn’t terrorists…

  • Tiffany Milner

    I have seen multiple people on Fox talk about the SOFA agreement..thats the only reason I knew about it…

  • Walter Summers

    In the Old Soviet Union the Propaganda Machines Where Pravda and Tass. Fox News Is Looking and sounding a lot like them and you see what happened to the Soviets

  • Jack Perry

    Ok, so what you are saying is that Obama’s campaign pledge to pull the troops out of Iraq by the date specified was all a just big lie because it was not his idea at all but that of Bush’s negotiation team? That sum up this pretend president’s position, right? And, further all the media hype that he accomplished this has ZERO to do with this loser because it does not even involve this inept pretend president, right? Thanks for the update on what Fox News reported.

    Next time try yourselves to be complete as that too is called journalism.