Fox News’ Chris Wallace Debunks Republican Fear-Mongering About Bathrooms (Video)

While there aren’t many people on Fox News I’ll praise, I will give credit to Chris Wallace for being one of the few people on America’s most watched entertainment network who actually stands up to Republican idiocy from time to time. Heck, he even calls out and fact-checks Republicans during his interviews, which is fairly rare on a cable “news” channel that’s basically nothing more than the media arm of the Republican party.

Well, on Sunday during a panel discussion over transgender Americans and the “bathroom debate,” Wallace took exception to the absurd notion pushed by many people on the right that these anti-LGBT laws were needed to keep sexual deviants from using public bathrooms to target their victims.

After a columnist for The Federalist tried insisting that these laws weren’t aimed at transgender people, but at protecting children from possible sexual predators, Wallace responded with actual facts to debunk this myth that’s often used by bigots.

“We actually tried to find out whether it is a public safety issue,” Wallace stated. “Whether it is a problem with transgender people misusing bathrooms to prey on others.”

He then cited a Politifact investigation that failed to find a single instance where someone had posed as transgender to commit any sort of criminal sexual act in a public bathroom, calling all this nonsense a “solution looking for a problem.”

And he’s absolutely right.

The Republican fear-mongering about transgender people is one of those things where they don’t really have any actual proof that anything they’re saying is true – they just repeat it over and over to where people convince themselves that it’s true.

It’s Propaganda 101.

Not only that, but this argument that transgender people put children at risk doesn’t even make sense. There are plenty of non-transgender sexual predators who can still gain access to children in public restrooms. So if this were really about keeping children protected in public restrooms, then we would be talking about making “children-only” bathrooms where only a parent or guardian would be allowed with the child.

But you don’t even really need to go that far with it because, as Wallace pointed out, there’s absolutely no evidence where transgender people in public restrooms have led to any sort of deviant sexual activity involving children. Even right-wing groups have failed to find any actual evidence to support the anti-LGBT propaganda they’re pushing.

Like the Fox News host said, it’s a solution looking for a problem. Republicans have concocted this “issue” that isn’t actually real to justify these laws in an attempt to prevent a problem that doesn’t exist.

This has nothing to do with “protecting children.” This is just another attempt by Republicans to push hate, ignorance and bigotry against members of the LGBT community.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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