Fox News, Conservative Media Goes to Comical Lengths to Defend Trump From Latest Hypocrisy (Video)

I really hadn’t planned on writing anything about this so-called “controversy.” However, after seeing the lengths to which Fox News and some within the conservative media have gone to defend Donald Trump from it, I felt compelled to offer my two-cents.

Of course, I’m talking about Trump bowing for the Saudi Arabian king.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about any of this. The only reason this is a “story” in the first place is because when Barack Obama did a bowing gesture to the Saudi king a few months after taking office, Trump, and many within the conservative media, went in full-on attack mode claiming it was a sign of weakness for a president to make such a gesture. So when Trump did a bowing gesture, many on the left pointed out yet another hypocritical moment (in a growing list of them) where Trump did something he, himself, as well as many of his supporters, criticized his predecessor for doing.

Naturally, like the propaganda-pushing hypocrites they are, conservative news outlets began to defend Trump, many claiming he didn’t bow — despite the indisputable evidence that he did.

Here was the headline from Fox News:

Trump shakes hand with Saudi leader, doesn’t bow as Obama appeared to

Except, he did bow.

This is an article conservative outlet The Blaze published:

Did Trump bow to Saudi King? Liberals say this video proves it

That one actually made me laugh. Now, apparently, in the world of “alternative facts,” a video showing someone clearly making a bowing gesture is subjective.

The Drudge Report put out a tweet to an article headlined:

GREAT AGAIN: Unlike Obama, Trump doesn’t bow to Saudi king

Again, yeah, he did.

You don’t have to believe me; longtime Trump ally, and unhinged conspiracy theorist, Roger Stone wasn’t a big fan of his bowing gesture in front of Saudi royalty:

Let me repeat what I said earlier: I couldn’t care less if he made a bowing gesture. The issue here is the outrageous hypocrisy constantly displayed by Trump and the conservative media to defend him for doing so many of the same things they all tried to spin into huge controversies to attack President Obama.

Another example from this trip was the lack of a headscarf on Melania Trump — something the current “Commander-in-Chief” attacked Michelle Obama for not wearing when she visited Saudi Arabia. Do I care that Melania didn’t wear one? No, not at all. My issue is the double-standard being shown here by Trump and his cheerleading squad.

What’s even more preposterous is how Trump and the conservative media play the victim in all of this. After spending years attacking Obama for damn near everything they felt they could spin into some sort of fake scandal, when the liberal media calls them out on their hypocritical coverage of the Trump administration, they spin it as the left being petty and attacking Trump for everything that he does.

Which isn’t true.

Donald Trump bowing in front of the Saudi king only became a “story” to most, not because of the gesture, itself, but because of the hypocrisy of Trump doing something (again) which he and the conservative media attacked Barack Obama for doing.

Watch the videos below:

Allen Clifton

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