Fox News Contributor Ben Stein Goes Off on Bizarre Anti-Cuba Rant in Pathetic Attempt to Bash President Obama

ben-stein-cubaSince President Obama decided to end our decades-long (and outdated) policies pertaining to Cuba, Republicans have been beside themselves with anger because apparently they think it’s still 1962.

The reality is, the president’s decision to change many of our policies relating to Cuba was long overdue. These policies might have made sense in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – but not in 2015. And let’s not act as if improving relations with Cuba is beneath us. We have quite a few working relationships with countries that have less than stellar records when it comes to human rights (China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan), so let’s not pretend that Cuba’s system of government and how they treat their citizens is just too appalling for our “sensitive nature.”

If Cuba had the trade power of China, or the oil of Saudi Arabia, we would have cozied up to them long ago.

Well, be that as it may, reality hasn’t stopped many conservatives from trying to make Obama’s Cuba decision into yet another ridiculous attack on his administration. Just look at the bizarre attack levied by Fox News contributor Ben Stein, who accused the president of seeking to improve relations with Cuba as a payback for his “lefty” friends.

“This is a payoff to Obama’s old lefty buddies, who’ve always loved Castro,” Stein said. “The whole thing has no economic significance to us. It’s just a way of saying to his old lefty buddies, from long long ago community organizer days, ‘See I kept my promise to you, I’m going to be easy on Castro, make friends with Cuba, you can count on me.”

That’s honestly just pure gibberish. It’s one of those comments that if he had said it to me in person, I would have clapped my hands together like a Vegas blackjack dealer and just walked away. It’s absurd for Stein to push the idea that for six years the president has been plotting to “take it easy on Castro” and improving relations with the country is his way of doing it. It’s simply laughable how nefarious many conservatives believe this president is.

Fox Business Network correspondent Charlie Gasparino was also a part of this interview and went on to say, “There’s a whole contingent of lefties that think Cuba is good because they provide socialized medicine.”

First of all, I’ve never heard a single person say, “Yeah, I think Cuba’s system of government is great.” Are there some people out there who might think it is? Of course. But to say that a “whole contingent of lefties” admires Cuba is preposterous.

And might I point out that supporting socialized health care is not a “radical idea.” The vast majority of the industrialized world has socialized health care. You know, like Canada, Australia and Japan – all nations with much longer life expectancies than the United States.

This whole Cuba bashing thing is just another pathetic attempt by the right to try to paint President Obama as some radical anti-American socialist who sits in the Oval Office thinking of ways he can undermine this country. And the sad part is, most conservative voters are ignorant enough to fall for this nonsense.

Watch Stein’s comments below via Fox News by way of Crooks and Liars:

Allen Clifton

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