Fox News Contributor Claims It’s a Good Thing Trump’s Incompetent & Mentally Unstable (Video)

As I’ve said numerous times since Donald Trump rose to the top of the GOP ladder, the more inexcusable his behavior, the more preposterous the excuses used by those who continue to try to defend him will become.

For instance, Trump’s lawyer blaming the Secret Service for Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian officials who had promised him dirt on Hillary Clinton. Then there was that time Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) argued that Trump shouldn’t be held accountable for his campaign promises.

Now a contributor on Fox News is arguing that it’s a good thing that Trump appears to be mentally unstable.

Appearing on Outnumbered, as the co-hosts were discussing Trump’s cryptic remarks regarding the possible use of our military, telling reporters “maybe it’s the calm before the storm” at a dinner with top military officers, Charles Hurt said it’s a good thing this “president” is a “bit of a madman.”

“Going back to the comment that Mr. Trump made, the guy is a master of theatrics, creating anticipation,” Hurt said. “But I think it’s genius the way he comes off as a little bit of the madman. If you’re negotiating with someone like Kim Jong Un or a Iran, having them really think this guy might be nuts is a good thing.”

The co-hosts then seemed to agree with Hurt’s ridiculous assessment, pointing out that many people have tried to “figure out Trump.”

Let’s just take a moment to truly appreciate the absurdity of this garbage.

This is a fairly high-profile show on a major cable news network where the co-hosts and their guest were literally arguing that it’s a good thing Trump’s mentally unstable and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

For the record, no, it’s not a good thing for North Korea or Iran to think the “President” of the United States is a “madman” who’s unpredictable.

If North Korea or Iran think Trump’s incompetent and mentally unstable, which they probably do, then that’s only going to push them closer toward preparing for war. Not only that, but if most of the rest of the world views Trump as the unhinged aggressor looking for a conflict, that’s actually going to create sympathy for any nation he may attack. It’s going to make the United States appear to be led by some out-of-control lunatic hellbent on war, while countries like North Korea and Iran could come off as the morally superior, diplomacy-first nations with more competent leadership.

The bottom line is this, it’s never — under any circumstances — a good thing for other world leaders to think that the “President” of the United States is an “unpredictable madman.”

It’s sad that this is what it’s come down to for defenders of Donald Trump. Unable to keep denying the fact that he’s an unhinged moron who has no idea what he’s doing, they’re now trying to sell his mental instability as a good thing.

Just — wow.

Watch the exchange below via Fox News (these particular comments start at 35:20):

Allen Clifton

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