Fox News Contributor Laura Ingraham Blames Secret Service Breach on Gender Equality (Video)

ingraham-fox-newsLeave it to somebody on Fox News to turn the recent issues with the Secret Service into some asinine attack on gender equality and women’s rights.

Frequent Fox News contributor and conservative radio host Laura Ingraham appeared on Fox & Friends yesterday morning to discuss the recent breach of White House security. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, she decided to blame the mistakes on the fact that a woman is now in charge of the Secret Service.

“The idea that this guy could get in, and then overpower an agent, who I guess was female, and there are a lot of female agents that are really strong and large,” she said.  “I mean, you do get the sense at some point that political correctness could have been a factor here, right? Because the new female director, who’s going to be questioned today, Julia Pierson, came in after that Colombia prostitute scandal with the Secret Service. She was a proud career civil servant, 30 years with the Secret Service. But you do get the sense that with this administration that all these decisions about who gets what position and where they’re stationed, political correctness comes into the decision making, and this is no place for political correctness.”

What the hell does Julia Pierson’s gender have to do with this?

Ingraham herself pointed out that Pierson spent 30 years with the Secret Service, which makes her more than qualified when it comes to experience. Her comments are so idiotic I’m not even sure if I can break them down. There’s absolutely zero logic behind them. Because Pierson’s gender has absolutely nothing to do with any of this – period.

But Ingraham was echoing the ignorance she spewed earlier on Fox News during her own radio show when she said, “They brought in a woman, first female director — remember the Obama administration loves firsts. You get the sense at some point that it’s the first that’s more important than the common sense.”

“What works, let’s do what works best, ok?” she continued. “Is it to have a woman there or is it just to have a really strong person there? A big, hulking person. Female, male, I don’t care.”

What the hell is she even blabbering about?

First, she’s trying to blame this on “political correctness” run amok. Then she says she doesn’t care about gender – as long as they’re “a big, hulking person.”

So is she trying to say that the size of a human being would make someone a more effective leader of the Secret Service? What next, is she going to judge the quality of their leadership based on how much they can bench press?

There’s typical right-wing ignorance, then there’s just flat-out stupidity. And Ingraham’s comments were completely idiotic. Though, sadly, coming from a conservative on Fox News – not at all surprising.

Watch the segment below via Media Matters and Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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