Fox News Contributor Makes a Fool of Herself Defending Those Responsible for Starting Iraq War (Video)

A popular belief held by many conservatives is that liberals can no longer blame Bush for anything because President Obama has been in office long enough.  They seem to believe that the cause for a problem is no longer the reason for that problem simply because a certain amount of time has passed.

Now I’m not saying we can blame everything on Bush.  Obama has made his mistakes, but there’s still plenty we’re dealing with because of the ineptitude of the Bush administration.  The problems he created didn’t just vanish because Bush is no longer in the White House.

Iraq is a perfect example of this.  Some conservatives seem to believe that Iraq is now the fault of the Obama administration because it’s falling into the hands of radical Islamic insurgents.  But the reason it’s falling into the hands of these insurgents is because of just how badly the Bush administration botched just about every aspect of the war in Iraq.  In fact, the reason why we pulled our troops out of Iraq is because Bush signed a SOFA agreement with the Iraqi government requiring all U.S. troops to be out of the country by the end of 2011.

And since these insurgents have begun taking over parts of Iraq, some of the same individuals who were wrong on just about every aspect of the Iraq War have the gall to criticize the Obama administration, blame the president for the insurgent uprising and offer their “expert opinion” on what we should do.

Naturally this has caused quite a lot of people, myself included, to just shake their heads at the audacity of these people.

Well it seems Fox News contributor Judith Miller, someone who back in 2003 claimed without a doubt Iraq had WMD’s, seems a little annoyed with the fact that many Americans have continued to discuss exactly who caused this entire mess in the first place.

I guess she thinks it’s okay for those responsible for starting the war in Iraq to try to blame President Obama, but it’s wrong for us to remind them that the reason why we’re still having to deal with this mess is due to their incompetence?  

How convenient.

She also seems to believe that we shouldn’t dismiss people like Dick and Liz Cheney when they offer their advice about Iraq.  You know, because the first time we listened to them they were so knowledgable and accurate with their information.

Miller said:

“Because the media still loves to beat up on who was responsible for the Iraq War, and who is to blame for the current controversy, the current crisis, and that is not helpful, Jon. What we should be doing, what the media should be doing, is encouraging everyone who has a view of what to do now in Iraq to come forward and to discuss it rationally. But they’re doing the opposite. They’re trying to shut down people like Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, all of the, quote, “neo-conservatives,” who brought us this war. It’s not helpful.”

You know what’s not helpful?  Screwing up a war so badly that over a decade later we’re still dealing with the consequences of their incompetence.

It’s an absolute joke that this woman believes that the lies which brought us to war, and the ineptness shown by those involved, are now irrelevant topics.  Yet she believes that we should actually listen to the opinions of those very same people who governed over the initial stages of the war with complete incompetence.

That would almost be funny, if she weren’t actually serious.

But this kind of attitude is something I’ve seen in quite a lot of conservatives pertaining to the escalating violence in Iraq.  Sure, they love showing up on “news” programs and trying to blame it on President Obama, but they sure as hell don’t want you talking about how wrong they were on just about every aspect of the war in Iraq.

Watch her comments below courtesy of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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