Fox News Editor Declares War on Pope Francis, Calls Him the Catholic Church’s Obama

pope-francisI don’t often like saying I told you so, but I told you so.  The worst thing possible happened for the Republican party — Pope Francis decided to actually act like a Christian.

Well, following Rush Limbaugh calling the Pope a Marxist and Sarah Palin whining about how he sounded too liberal, editor and columnist Adam Shaw officially declared Pope Francis the enemy by doing the one thing that solidifies him as someone conservatives will oppose — he called him the Catholic Church’s Obama.

Here are a few of the bullet points from his article:

  • “Just like President Obama loved apologizing for America, Pope Francis likes to apologize for the Catholic Church.”
  • “Just like Obama thought he’d won over Putin by promising a reset, Francis thinks by talking vacuously about the poor, he will be respected.”
  • “Like Obama, Francis is unable to see the problems that are really endangering his people.”
  • “Like Obama he mistakes the faithful for the enemy, the enemy for his friend, condescension for respect, socialism for justice and capitalism for tyranny.”
  • “In trying to please the media and the modern world, Francis mistakes their glee for respect.”

In every one of these asinine statements, Mr. Shaw clearly seems to believe Pope Francis has the mentality of a Republican.  Not that he’s a conservative, but he obviously feels as if Pope Francis is calculated by what he says and how he says it.  He feels as if he has some ulterior motive behind he words much like Republicans do behind all their right-wing propaganda.

But hey, here’s a novel idea: Maybe what Pope Francis says is simply — what he actually believes as a Christian.  

It’s amazing how a Pope daring to actually act like he follows the Christianity spoke about by Jesus Christ somehow makes him some lost soul who just doesn’t “get it,” as these right-wingers seem to believe.

Personally I’m absolutely loving this, because I know it’s only going to get worse for them.  This is just the beginning of the conservative attack on Pope Francis for daring to call out the greed that unregulated capitalism allows.  See, in their minds capitalism is flawless.  But the truth is, while capitalism is a great economic platform to build a nation around, it’s still flawed.  It requires regulations in order to keep greed and corruption from getting out of control.  Which is exactly what we’ve seen since the dawn of trickle-down economics.

But the real problem these conservatives have with Pope Francis is the fact that he simply dared to act like a real Christian.  I know, terrible isn’t it?!

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • MARTinNJ

    What Francis needs to do is replace the reactionary conservative American bishops who control the Church here. He can start with Timothy Dolan of New York. The bishops have shown their contempt for the pope by sabotaging his request that they poll the laity in advance of an important meeting in Rome early next year. The bishops are limiting their ‘polling’ to conservative, bishop friendly groups. The pope should ‘promote’ Dolan to a dead-end job in Rome and bury him there. It is time to clean the pedophile protectors out of the church. Start with Dolan.

    • Jim Duley

      Amen to that, sir!

    • Michael Etten

      Our bishop in Spokane, WA diocese is not doing that. Every parish is included and responding. My parish is not conservative at all, believes as Francis does. We are responding to his poll whole heartedley. We have a Mexican priest, an Hispanic and Anglo parish. I love our Pope!

    • janet

      Cardinal Dolan is my hero. He’s been very vocal in supporting Pope Francis and the Church in the US. Whatever you have against him, keep it to yourself.

      • Mom226

        Janet…your “hero” hid millions of $$ in Milwaukee, so that it couldn’t be used to pay victims of SEXUAL ABUSE by PRIESTS! He is complicit with all of the Bishops who made this scandal possible. Don’t be fooled by his cheery greetings on the TODAY SHOW. He has lots of people fooled.

      • janet

        Ever stepped into a public school lately, Mom226? Or let your kids do travel sports and let them sleep out of town during tournaments? Do you ever let your kids hang out with a peculiar relative? The Catholic Church didn’t corner the market on predators. Monsters come in all forms: teachers, coaches, child care workers, your spouse. Michael Jackson molested and paid off his victims and people still think that freak is a musical genius.

      • Gregory Charles Litzenberg

        Sounds like a cop out to me. In no way did you deny her accusations, you simply tried to change the subject.

      • Louise Kalouria

        Wow what a weak, pointless reply Janet, and from a supposed Christian. Open your eyes; by defending you are in fact supporting an organization and structure which has knowingly and admittedly defended and supported known, admitted pedophiles.

      • janet

        How is that weak and pointless? Louise, you are acting like it’s only the Church’s fault that there are pedophiles. Teachers, coaches, police officers, grocery clerks, YOU. There’s pedolphiles everywhere. Roman Polanski is one. Michael Jackson is one. R. Kelly is one.

        I bet you’re a one semester college student who knows it all. You don’t, but nice try, tough girl.

      • Lou Procter

        That is not what they were saying at all. What they said is that he actively tried to prevent victims from recieving their compensation. Your pointless reply was the first mention of whether or not other people are predators. There are even worse things going on in the world than sexual abuse but that doesn’t mean it is even close to excusable to hide money to prevent victims recieving their compensation.

      • Nanowired

        It is true that monsters exist everywhere, Janet. What you are failing to understand though is the Catholic Church can become home to a very specific brand of Monster, which can take advantage of people like you because you are so willing to dismiss it as a problem since it IS the church after all…

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Janet thinks that just because they wear the Roman Collar, they are exempt from punishment. As a Catholic I am as ashamed of the coverup as the abuse. Cardinal Dolan along with Cardinal Law should be in jail

      • Alierias

        Nice ad-hominim attack, really helps to bolster your arguement

      • gamera

        The difference is that when pedophiles molest children in public schools, during sports tournaments, or at family gatherings; they are reported to the police and are prosecuted as criminals. The Catholic church hides the reports, moves the priests to different parishes, or promotes them to administrative positions. This is why people have a big problem with pedophilia in the Catholic Church.

      • ShinjisSecret

        So because other people do it, that makes it okay? You are truly a brainwashed moron.

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Yes Janet monsters do come in all shapes and sizes but when they are wearing a cassock we expect them to face the same justice as coaches, teachers or funny uncles. We also expect those who protect them to be punished not shipped off to Rome as Cardinal Law was.

      • Chuck Lavazzi

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but “Catholic priests aren’t any worse than anyone else” would, even if true, by a pretty sad indictment of a group of people who are supposed to be moral leaders.

      • Dana

        That’s great, but if Dolan’s protecting pedophiles from justice, his support of Francis is nothing more than butt-kissing to protect his job.

        And if Francis is half as smart as I think he is, he’ll pick up on that, too.

      • Francis Lippy

        If Dolan IS protecting pedophiles from justice, then he is an accessory after the fact……………..

      • Louise Kalouria

        Janet…who do you think you are? You posted your opinion; somebody disagrees; they too are free to post their opinion. GET OVER YOURSELF. Good luck with that hero of yours. Agreeing with Mom226 and happy I have the right to do so.

      • janet

        Hey, Louise, get the fuck over yourself. Warren Jeffs and the FLDS had/have/still currently practice polygamy and marry off young girls. Ever think about them?

      • Alan Batterman

        What you are saying is equivalent to saying that since Stalin and Pol Pot committed genocide, that excuses Hitler.

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        Your thought process is rather screwy. I take offense at comparing my church with Jeffs and the FLDS

    • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

      I agree. Can’t tolerate Dolan. We are so lucky here in Boston to have Cardinal O’Malley another Jesuit

  • Dave Allen

    Obama should be proud of the comparison. I’m loving a Pope that follows the gospel not the gold. My hope is that this will be a watershed moment and the greedy conservatives will fall away.

    • David Schlosser

      What’s particularly funny is that this Pope bashing comes hard on the heels of the “Closing the embassy is a slap in the fact to Catholics” BS. So just what is this considered to be?

      • Rosemarie Turner-Constantin

        The embassy wasn’t closed it was moved with little or no complaints

      • jdunaway65

        Not to “nit pick,” but David DID say that the closing thing was BS… I think his point was, the SUPPOSED closing was considered an affront to Christianity, but the things that the POPE (whose embassy was supposedly closed) is considered (by the same people who are complaining about the “closing”) to espouse ideology that is antithetical to the GOP doctrine.

        Pretty funny, considering they call themselves “Conservative Christians,” but when the Pope makes statements about how we need to be more “Christ-like,” they bash him…

  • Valerie

    Wow! Not only has the GOPT succeeded in alienating women, gays, blacks, Hispanics, minorities in general, young people, the poor, the middle class and the elderly they’ve now begun attacking the Catholics. Who in the hell is going to be left to vote for these fools?

    • Moreyn Kamenir

      I love it you just said what that FOX dude said but your statement was actually TRUE.

    • Pug

      Valerie, you hit the nail right on the head. I don’t know you, but, I sure like you. Have a great day and a great Christmas.

      • Your1Friend

        You said it, Pug.

      • MCG55SS

        Yep Enjoy Christmas, a day where you give gifts around a Pagan tree, burn a Pagan Log and have many other things displaying Paganism, Why not call the day what it actually have a merry Yule.

      • Debra A. Kemp

        I do, we celebrate the Solstice at our house. The turning of the earth to welcome the SUN is the reason for the season. Where in the bible does it say what day Jesus was born?

      • Lee Regnier

        It doesn’t. Many Christians already know that we just moved around the date for an easy conversion. I have a friend who was raised Eastern Orthodox who grew up celebrating Christmas in April when she says Jesus was really born

      • Rusty’s Human

        I celebrate the birth of Christ on my daughters birthday, April 17th. She was stillborn but I celebrate on that day. I enjoy Christmas because we also enjoy the fact that the days start getting longer again. The Winter Solstice. We have been able to separate the fact and fiction of the holiday and enjoy the spirit of giving, family, sharing, a year long attitude but a bit easier to get along go along.

      • Doc

        Eastern Orthodox celebrates Christmas on January 7th, not April. January 7th on the Gregorian calendar that we use is December 25th on the Julian calendar that they use for their religious observations. They just didn’t switch over.

      • Fictional characters are NOT “really born.” lol

      • MarqGeorge

        Y’shua (Jesus) was actually born during Sukkot.

        If you want to understand the Bible you must understand Judaism. Y’shua was a Jew who practiced Judaism.

        John 4:22 Y’shua said, “Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews.” (KJV)

      • Anthony

        Read Reza Aslan’s Zealot. I think you will enjoy it.

      • dragontech64

        And a Merry Yule back to you, MCG55SS – from a VERY happy pagan, who is LOVING what Pope Francis is saying. It’s WAY past due.

    • Tyler

      There are still the varying Protestant groups. That’s like half of the Christian religion. But yes there aliening a hug part of there Conservative voters.

      • Kerry Fleenor

        Learn to spell moron. I’m a Catholic and they didn’t alienate me with any statement they may have expressed about the Pope or the Catholic religeon. If you are Catholic feel free to speak about the damage done to our church by any comments otherwise feel free to keep your opinions to yourself.

      • Monique

        I’m sure he knows how to spell moron. I’d also like to applaud the creative way you spelled religion.

      • Tyler

        Thank you :).

      • Angela


      • CherMoe

        KUDOS, Monique, for pointing out Kerry’s error in that childish rant. You should have also pointed out that real Catholics (Christians) don’t speak down to people in that manner and that we should be more “charitable” and compassionate in our thoughts and actions. We shouldn’t have needed the Pope to call people out on it.

      • Tyler

        I had some stuff I was going to say too you, but Monique did that all ready.

        Btw, alienating is really the only word that I fleet would fit in that sentence. Sorry that it came off threatening and/or hurtful too you. 🙁

        Also to add my opinion is not negative towards the Catholic Church so not sure why you are getting mad.

        Oh and to show that anger you should add two “!”, one after moron and the second after yourself. Now you do not have to do this, it just adds emotion.

        And to finish this post off. No I will not keep my opinions to my self. I have info/ideas to share, and it would be a great waste for me not to share them.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        And there is a wrongtard

      • migc1952

        The only ones damaging the Catholic religion are Catholics and their Priests. The child abuse by the Priests, along with their greed, and the hypocrisy of the richer or holier than thou members, have caused many Catholics to leave.

        And before you start calling ME names, I was baptized and raised Catholic. I grew up seeing what you apparently have turned a blind eye to.

        BTW, this is a comment section for everyone, not just the morons who only see things your way.

      • CherMoe

        It needs to be pointed out that “pedophilia” is not exclusive to the Catholic Church or priests. There are MANY men from other churches or faiths who have committed sex abuse. Because the Catholic Church is so big and because Priests cannot marry, it is the most publicized. It doesn’t help that it’s been covered up for years. You’d be surprised at how PREVALENT pedophelia is in our own government, and that there really is a long list of Republicans who have gone after children. And actually, as a Catholic, I can say that this is actually NOT one of the primary reasons people leave the Catholic Church. And roughly 98% of Catholic women use birth control, despite the guilt teachings.

      • migc1952

        I always used birth control, and didn’t let them guilt me out of that.

        I did also mention the hypocrisy of the richer and holier than thou members. I should have added the hypocrisy by the priests. That caused me to leave.

        I hated the message of Love thy neighbor (as long as they weren’t black, Jewish, Hindu, poor…) that we saw every day in the behaviors of the priests. And they could tell you the names of all the effluent families, but didn’t know jack shit about the rest of us. We didn’t deserve their respect or blessings.

        The Catholic Church is probably one of the biggest untaxed businesses in the USA. I would really like to see that changed.

      • jdunaway65

        I’m pretty sure that is what is known as a “typo,” not a misspelling. Matter of fact, I tend to be a “Grammar Nazi,” and I recently posted on facebook that I was a “hug fan” of a particular band… then realized my mistake after posting (which was not editable), and corrected it in a comment…

        Now, “religeon,” that cannot be blamed on a being a typo, as the “e” key is not close enough to the “i” key to be a simple mistake. Also, commas are your friend… your post, if TRULY grammatically correct, would have read (correct punctuation in parentheses):

        “Learn to spell(,) moron. I’m a Catholic(,) and they didn’t alienate me with any statement they may have expressed about the Pope or the Catholic religeon (RELIGION). If you are Catholic(,) feel free to speak about the damage done to our church by any comments(.) (O)therwise(,) feel free to keep your opinions to yourself.”

        And finally, the whole point of this conversation has nothing to do with Protestant vs. Catholic — since the Conservatives expound so much on their Christianity (whether Protestant or Catholic), they should embrace the BIBLICAL teachings that Pope Francis has espoused, rather than railing against them!

      • Derek Pryor

        Feel free to do the same, Kerry. Idiot.

      • Scaramongus

        Why do people feel that their religion is above reproach?

      • Kathy

        Why do people feel that their religion is above reproach? Because religion is totally based on FAITH not facts.

    • James Degenhardt

      Southern “God, Guns, and Guts” Baptists.

      • Tyler

        Conservatives that hated the Pope before it was cool. Hipster Baptist.

    • Rick

      Hopefully, NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Richard La France

        Rick, you’re a prophet. With things going the way they are, there won’t be a need to vote. By those few of us who discuss these matters on blogs not making enough of an impression on the masses while Fox and Company and almost all other news media sources make a huge impression, those outside this small group aren’t there to help us overturn the corruption.

        We all know the government is turning the operation of the country over to the corporations and that the majority of politicians are taking bribes to make it happen. Meanwhile the sickos at Westside Baptist Church (or whatever their name is) get far more attention than we do. In essence, the politicians are giving our country away and our very lives to the corporations (read about the TPP in Wiki), which are reaching out to the rest of the world where other nations’ governments are doing the same. And we have the 1% to thank for that. The major news broadcasts avoid the truth like the plague both because they’re mostly owned by the 1% and they would create a panic and riots if they told the truth. The rest of the world will find out after the fact what we’ve been bitching about for quite some time now.

    • Deardra

      They have been calling Obama the Anti Christ,,Guess now they will put that label on the Pope. How much more deranged can they get? Attacking the Catholics was not a wise move. Then of course who believes that these AH’s are wise?

      • Stephen Barlow

        The Seven hills of rome and the Seven Heads of the monster from Revelations are synonymous in many ‘End Times’ Theologies. Which DOES consider the Catholic Church to be ‘nonchristian’

      • flakingnapstich

        The “Jack Chick” style Conservatives have been calling the Pope an Anti-Christ for generations. Given the specific strain of Protestants leading the Teabaggers, the only surprise is that they didn’t go after the Pope sooner. Funny how it took comments about charitable giving during the Christmas season to spark the inevitable attack.

      • CherMoe

        Unfortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Catholic parishes who will isolate themselves from this Pope, because they have already aligned themselves so closely with the Republicans SOLELY BASED ON THE ABORTION/CONTRACEPTION ISSUE. I saw it firsthand during the 2012 election at my own church. It will be interesting to see what direction the churches will take.

      • Erich Walther

        As a conscientious member of your community, It is your Catholic Duty to report such churches which follow Roman Catholicism and do not support the Pope to The Vatican. Their funding can be cut off and their priests Ex-communicated from the church for any actions or statements which do not support the position of the Pope. The Church is an organization, and the Pope is their “boss”.

      • Ray

        The pope has to confess his sins to the Jesuits, makes me wonder who really is in charge. Protestantism all the way for me ! To much catholic doctrine is not bible based, Jesus knew this would happen as he revealed to John.

      • Tony Parker

        Do some research before you generalize like this. Almost all Doctrine has a basis or example in scripture. The only Catholic Doctrine called into question was the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the infallibility of the Pope. Since it was the original Catholic Church, both east and west before the split, that told you what new testament scripture would be in your Bible, I find it interesting when Protestants claim a moral superiority. When you actually study history, you will find your self less and less Protestant. Regarding Christianity, I will take 2000 years of proof/evidence/witness over 500 any day.

      • Oldfart

        Whether it be 2000 years or 500 years, there will never be any proof/evidence supporting god, christ, allah, zeus etc. You are both arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

      • Mary O’Grady

        Sorry, it does not work quite like that. Local churches and dioceses support themselves and send money to the Vatican by shaking down parishioners. The Vatican does not support local churches. Excommunication is rarely used, especially against priests, even priests who molest children. The two previous popes packed the hierarchy with conservative, hide-bound clerics just like themselves, so if Bergoglio were to institute a purge against clergy who disagree with him, he would lose a huge proportion of bishops and cardinals for a start.

      • Uuena Van Light

        All Christian groups shakedown their parishioners. Not only Catholics. Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Tammy and Jim Baker, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and so many others. Many of these so called holy men are financially and economically well off than their parishioners.

      • To them I say Good Riddance….

      • Ray

        The first person to call a pope antichrist was actually a pope! It does not matter one bit who the pope is, the position of pope has always been understood to be antichrist. Track down a movie called the devils and you will see how the church have changed scripture. The position of pope is blasphemous.

      • dragontech64

        Except that the position of Pope is supposedly a continuation of Christ calling Peter the rock upon whom he’d build his church. Therefore, calling it blasphemous, (the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God) is rather ridiculous. He is merely the Earthly leader of a human organization, the Church. ALL churches are a man-made, man-benefiting organization that have little actual godliness to them.

      • Cat Marcuri

        Sadly, they’ve forgotten who the AntiChrist really is. According to their own book, the AntiChrist will be adored by EVERYONE. The fact that a sizeable portion of the country does NOT adore him, disqualifies him from that role. Honestly, Pope Francis comes closer to meeting that requirement, considering that he’s got people from all walks of life praising him. But even there, a lot of people don’t like the Pope, so he’s not meeting that requirement either.

    • Varuka Salt

      Bigots, racists, the ignorant and uneducated. You know, their core.

      • KC614


    • Geoffrey Harris

      Note the Republicans will still appeal to mean stupid bigots and their corporate exploiters and deluded Protestant Fundamentalist loons.

    • Dolores Cruz

      lol Valerie, same fools that voted for these fools!!!!!

    • Jamie Howard

      Nailed it girl!

    • Lowell

      your right on valerie. One has to wonder the thought processes going through the GOP talking heads.

      • Friend

        They have heads…but brains?

    • MOM

      The Baptist?

    • Debbie Lee Brown

      All of the above Valarie, because sadly, many of them don’t follow politics and then they only believe what Fox news tells them to believe. All of what is going on right now is not even being noticed by so many of the regular voters, who will tune in about 6 months before the next presidential election and then believe everything that is said by these guys. Never bothering to fact check anything. And many will vote down the same old party line that their daddy did and his daddy before him, etc. etc…….

    • Phil Ryan

      sadly quite a few… and they’re low information voters… the kind who would vote for a potted plant as long as it had an R by its name.

      • Uuena Van Light

        They did vote for some of the stupidest people running for Pres and VP.

        Palin, Quayle

      • Keith

        Well, at least Bernie Sanders, I-VT figured it out. It finally dawned on this avowed socialist that the federal government is actually doing nothing to fix anything and is actually only making those things it is pretending to fix a whole lot worse.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      The wrongtards will

    • Lowell

      I’m with “Pug.” I don’t know Valerie, but she’s a great gal. What is so sad to me in this whole discussion is that we have a party in America that actually believes a compassionate regard for the poor is somehow both non-Christian and Socialist. How did THAT happen??

      • CherMoe

        It happened because of the Reaganomics weakening the economy and destroying the Middle Class. I’ve seen reasonable people in my own family turn against Democrats because they have been brainwashed into this attitude of “I’ve got mine, so you can go jump off a bridge.” It’s caused by FEAR of losing what they’ve worked so hard for, being taken from them and given to those they’ve been “taught” by Fox “news” are MOOCHERS and TAKERS. It doesn’t sink in that there are now so many victims of Republican policies and so little money out there in the hands of the poor and middle classes, that this has all been caused by the shift of money to the top 1-2%. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking we’re going broke because we pay $36 PER YEAR to help support the Food Stamp program. All the ills of the country have been blamed (via CORPORATE-OWNED MEDIA) on the poor and on women and minorities). Republicans have learned to use FEAR to control the masses.

      • As as a Majority Nation, we actually have a very Narrowed Artery of REAL Communication! Everything is OWNED By the 1%’rs, we are ONLY Going to get Shovels and Shovels of whatever “Dose” of BS THEY can heap on us! Meanwhile, not only are the Venues choked and strangled for the little truth we manage to get out (Like Monsanto OWNING Lock & Stock in the Gov) but “They” are also reliant on people that are Willingly Oblivious as well! NIMBYism Lives!

      • Uuena Van Light

        Joseph Goebbals Quote

        If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.
        If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State(Republicans, Right Wing Conservatives, Faux News, Conservatives and Hard Core Christians).

        Even wonder why Faux news often repeat throughout the day a certain RANT over and over?

      • Keith

        Hhhhhmmm, you mean like that (cough, cough) 6.7% unemployment rate that, if you actually tally the total number of unemployed would be over 30%?

      • dragontech64

        It happened because the conservative hierarchy is more in live with Ayn Rand and her “greed is virtue” mantra. To them, compassion, sharing, and community unity are acts of weakness to be eschewed at all cost in favor of the few rich who have shown their “superiority” by being so rich. (A mindset that benefits only the rich, being put forward by the rich, gee, no wonder the Repukes like it so much)

      • Keith

        No, it is actually more in line with that Winston Churchill quote, “Socialism is the equal sharing of misery”. You could, in these days and times, replace socialism with liberalism.

    • Charles

      Old, white, rich, radical-christian men. – Answer to your question.

    • gailillly

      I agree with everything you said. They are going to keep going until they wipe out their own party and it will serve them right. It would be a win for the country do do away with the pukes as they are no dam good anyway. The only people they care about is the top 1% and themselves. And for once I am not a Catholic but I definitely agree with the Pope. He Is a kind, caring understanding giving human being a lot like the Dems. and the pukes can’t stand it cause he in a nice way knock the pukes. But he was right in what he said and they can’t handle it. They have done nothing but make a mess out of this country and something has to be done and to VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE IS THE ANSWER.

      • Serenity

        Gaililly, Don’t just vote them out, vote for those who do want charity, forgiveness, fair wages, no corporate greed, no corporations being counted as “people”, and are thinking of more than their own pockets. Check your facts, vote for the best, whichever Party is his. You might want to look into the Green Party, as well.

    • Haydn Michael Primrose

      Well considering Mitt Romney did just the exact same thing and yet almost 50% of the nation voted for him, I do not really think that this is going to hurt the Republican party. They can do and say whatever they want and about 50% of the country will still vote for them, the EXACT SAME can be said about Democrats, about 50% will vote democrat regardless of what they do or say, we see it EVERY SINGLE ELECTION, so we can piss and moan about it and hope that Republicans get smashed, but I still see it being a 50-50 toss up with a plus or minus 4% overall.

    • Friend


    • mrbinky3000

      Don’t forget that they already alienated Mormons too, calling them a cult. If you’re not part of a stadium-sized mega-church full of white people in the South, then, according to FOX and the GOP, your Jesus isn’t the real Jesus.

    • Alan Thornsberry

      Not to worry. They will buy votes as needed, gerrymander as necessary, and force judges to declare them victorious.

    • Derek Pryor

      Hopefully, none. What a pack of rabid lunatics…

    • bill

      I’d say “I love you” but then I’d sound all creepy and stuff.

      But you’re awesome and you clearly hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t love you more for that.

    • Scaramongus

      It will not matter who’s left to vote for them, they are working relentlessly through voter suppression efforts, gerrymandering, and corporate personhood, to rig the system so the vote doesn’t matter.

    • CherMoe

      Unfortunately, it will be the Southerners and the Evangelicals. And any others who can actually be FORCED into voting for them, such as employees of certain companies. And the problems caused by their redistricting to favor their party. They’ve also got their rigged voting machines and their UNBELIEVABLE laws to restrict voting, including the EXACT name on the voting records matching your photo ID, etc. They are so cocky, they believe they’ve got enough “fixes” in place, that they can go ahead and anger and alienate all the voters they want. It is POWER & MONEY they want, and that is what they intend to get, by hook or by crook.

      • Mary Dawson

        This one I don’t understand. How would a COMPANY know who an employee voted for?

    • MEquals88

      all they are is Desperate Losers!

    • Judy….

      About 60% of Texas…..LOL…the lower half is 33% of the wealth in the nation….tell you anything? OIL, the old conaservative, and the mindless right.

    • Steven Arnold

      White racists will vote for them, because that is what they’ve always been.

    • Cathi White

      Oh, I think a whole lot of Catholics are going to dislike Pope Francis too. I know two who are Tea Partiers.

      • SeeCamp


    • They only thought the Popes were infallible when their views coincided with those of Roger Ailes. The Bible tells us to beware of the little foxes but who would have thought that the line should have been taken so literally.

    • Michael Holmstrom

      Megyn Kelly of Fox News recently said that every significant person in history has been white. Now, Adam Shaw attacks the Pope. Wow, Fox sure seems to be one Teflon network, no blunders stick to them.

    • Yup, every day, someone on the right brings them more and more discredit. Before it’s over, there wont’ be anyone left to vote Republican besides the Grand Dragon himself.

    • Uuena Van Light

      Do not forget entire Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Most of Hollywood, Hippies, Liberal, Progressives.

      Who Next?
      Jews! There about 13 Million Jews worldwide. According to the End of the World Believers, about 13 Millions – 144, 400 will be on the GOPT radar.

    • Marty Cox

      ahhahahhahahahhahahahahha….very true!

    • CherMoe

      Republicans don’t care, because they’ve been perfecting their voting FIX for years now. They’ve got it just about locked up.

    • Randy Bair

      Hopefully no one…

    • John Lysfjord

      The rich. I.e. the people that actually bothers to vote in the US. The voter apathy is what is killing your country, and dragging the rest of the world with it.

  • itsamini1

    Conservatives seem to confuse capitalism with trickle down economics. We were a capitalistic country long before Reagan instituted trickle down economics.

    • migc1952

      There is no such thing as trickle down economics. It only trickles up.

    • jdh

      Economics is a soft science mostly based on theory and little based on empirical evidence. An exception is the 3+ decades that have indisputably proven supply-side [economics] does not work.
      However, the Republican party who seems to be perpetually stuck in a time-warp insists it’s the only model that will work. The stupidity is scary…

  • So … looking to add Catholics to the growing list of constituencies who will never vote GOP again, are you?

  • SluttyMary

    The pope is a hottie!

  • Elizabeth Canepa

    You just can’t make this stuff up…..!!!!

  • Moreyn Kamenir

    There was a day (being Jewish, I’m not totally sure about this).. but wasn’t it considered COMPULSORY to follow the Popes words in the past with no room to question him? Isn’t what they are doing in respect to the Pope against their religion? Oh wait…what am I babbling on about, everything they do is against their own religion. *sigh*

    • ReasonablyConfused

      I believe that’s just Catholics and that was a major concern when Kennedy took office. He was the first Catholic to take the office of the president and many people thought that he would just be a puppet for the Pope.

      Before then, as far as I remember, there had been very few Catholics to take office for that very reason.

      • migc1952

        Pope John XXIII was the Pope at that time. Sadly he died of natural causes in June of 1963. He was the last good Pope we had, and I don’t recall him meddling in Kennedy’s tenure at the White House. But that WAS a long time ago, and I was much younger.

      • Eric VanSickle

        Also, JFK had said that he believes in a government where the separation of church and state is absolute.

      • migc1952

        Which is the way it should be.

    • Anonymous

      The Pope is infallible when he speaks ex cathedra (from the Chair of Peter) and that happens very rarely. The concept was twisted but the Pope is essentially the bishop of all Catholics, We are supposed to listen carefully to him but if we respectfully disagree that is OK. Their problem is with “respectfully” disagreeing with him. They also have decided they are the only real Christians and everyone else is going to Hell.

  • Byproxy73

    Fox News … cutting off their noses to spite their faces once again. Soon they will have succeeded in alienating EVERY reasonably educated person on the face of the earth.

    I’m really enjoying just sitting back and watching them self-destruct. Pass the popcorn.

    • Eric VanSickle

      “Soon they will have succeeded in alienating EVERY reasonably educated person on the face of the earth.”

      Reasonably educated people do not watch Fox News. (Unless they’re doing it for professional reasons, like pointing out their lies.)

    • Jamie Howard

      pass the popcorn indeed:)

    • Guest

      Education has nothing at all to do with being a Republican. Zippo. There are LOTS and LOTS of people smart enough to know better. It’s their psyche that draws them to the preposterous “follow-me” beliefs of the GOP.

      • comfortablyhung

        I agree, if the republicans have shown us anything, it is that they have nothing to do with education

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    “Francis is unable to see the problems that are really endangering his people.”

    You mean like rampant uncontrolled capitalism that is determined to make us all serfs???

    • Kingminnie

      I had to re-read that myself, in total disbelief that anyone is that much of an arrogant ass.

  • Kingminnie

    This just makes me sad, sadder than I already was. What the hell happened to respect? How is it that these arrogant sycophants believe they can disrespect the office as well as the people who holds these positions? It’s absolutely appalling and at the very least a horrible example for our children.

    I just don’t know what to say. This guy thinks his own vacuous remarks are going to earn respect? Problem is, they most likely will.

    • Michael C. Thompson

      There is no problem with disrespecting someone who has a high position. Pope Benedict was literally a Nazi and he made every attempt to cover up the church’s pedophilia problem. They shouldn’t be attacking him though, not because is the Pope, but because he is the greatest known example of a Christian who actually acts like Christ.

      • Krapotkin

        @Thompson! Where did you get that story? Benedict was 18 at that the time, all High School Seniors in the last part of the war in Germany, were drafted to man the FLAK and other war activities, to replace adults sent to fight the Reds and Allies. Does that make him a Nazi. The Nazi party had about 6 million Voters in 1933, lets assume they were all Card Carrying members, out of 80 Million Germans, not even 10%!

      • Dana

        18 is old enough to run away from Germany rather than fight for them. Lots of other Germans did that. What was wrong with him?

    • Geoffrey Harris

      I agree that these Republicans respect neither the offices, nor the men. They do not respect the rule of law either.

  • Mary Rodgers

    I thought this would be the attitude of the Right, and they do not disappoint me. I am reminded of Chief Idiot O’Reilly repeating over and over Mendella was a Communist–good man, but a Communist. I am just gladI don’t live in their minds. I think I would be in a mental institute. Crazy! Gosh, maybe I could be a commentator on FOX–well, still a mental institute.

    • Ruth

      Well, he was a communist member in his younger years, Mary. They helped him in his battles with the cruel Apartheid government. He proved he wasn’t a Communist when he served only one term.

      • Dave Duffey

        Maybe we need more people thinking like communists?

      • Dana

        How many terms you serve has nothing to do with whether you’re Communist.

        And if Trotsky had won out over Stalin you’d be singing a very different tune about that.

      • concernedcitizen20099

        Mandela was not a Communist….

        Only small minded simpletons would make such an outrageous statement,

        Mandela was a freedom fighter,

        Hoover tried to set traps for Dr King and called him a Communist also…

        Anyone who challenges the status quo and oppressors
        is being conveniently called a Communist or Terrorist…

        George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin
        would all be called communists and terrorists
        by the simpletons who do not know what they are talking about and falsely labeling people and social movements that they do not understand….

  • $1213090

    I’m a Pagan and I even like this pope. I don’t really have any respect for most people of the christian faith, but this guy has my respect hands down. He is trying to get back to treating people as people and not behave like a holier than thou hypocrite. I mean, this guy even IS “holier than thou” and he doesn’t act like it. Many a christians could take a page from this man’s book. There will be no converting going on here, but I’d certainly like to be able to have a conversation with a christian that didn’t end in them making me want to remove my brain.

    • sherry06053

      I am not a Pagan, just an atheist, but I feel the exact same way. I have been so pleasantly surprised at his behavior (and not just his words) since he became Pope. I have never had respect for any Pope before, until now.

    • Geoffrey Harris

      I am a pagan, an atheist, a philosopher, and a witch/sorcerer and very much like this pope. 🙂

      • Tyler

        Pagan and Atheist?

      • Chimaera

        Not all Pagan systems regard their “deities” as omnipotent. Some don’t even see them as supernatural.

    • Jamie Howard

      Agnostic secular humanist here and you just mirrored my exact thoughts Jayme84. Most Christians are so opposite of what this man is they look like different religions all together.

      • jdh

        “Most Christians” are not the opposite of this man (at least what he appears to be). Just the most vocal and publicized groups. It is unfortunate such fanatics have succeeded in tainting the totality of Christianity.

      • $1213090

        I know right? Every member of my dad’s family calls themselves Christian yet they discriminate against every other religion, sexual orientation, and most other races. They call it in the name of god. Oh spare me lol.

      • jdunaway65

        The only thing I can call you out for on your post is using the term Christian without putting it within quotation marks (i.e. “Christians”).

        Most of the people I know who call themselves “Christians” do NOT actually practice what is proscribed in the Bible. I was brought up in the Church of Christ, and even though I am no longer a “practicing Christian,” I STILL remember what was taught to me in both Worship Services and Sunday School…

        The majority of what is espoused in the New Testament (which does NOT necessarily negate the Old Testament, which is predominantly Judaism) has to do with loving your fellow man (and woman), NOT judging each other, and taking care of those who cannot care for themselves.

        The majority of those who call themselves “Christians” tend to lean to the right, and do not espouse ANY (or at least much) of these tenets…

        And sorry for “babbling on,” but the conclusion is that the people to whom you are referring are not ACTUALLY Christians. I guess, as the GOP tends to use the term “RINO” (Republican in Name Only), maybe we could call these people CINOs (Christian in Name Only)?

      • jdunaway65

        Oh, and BTW… regarding my Church of Christ upbringing… my mother, and my late father actually espoused the biblical teachings, and whether they claimed a political side or not, they would be considered liberals (or at the least, center leaning left)… and in my opinion they were more “Christian” than most of those that call themselves “Conservative Christians…”

    • bloogirl

      Me,too, Jayme. Pagan who was raised Catholic and couldn’t take the hypocrisy. I’m so happy they finally picked a Franciscan, Jesuit. Exactly what the world’s Catholics have needed. The guy seems for real .

    • janet

      A pagan? That’s cute. When you grow up, do you think you’ll call yourself a fairy princess?

      • Red Keane

        Janet, being a pagan is no less respectable than being a catholic. I’m sure you get angry when atheists mock you for getting on your knees for your “imaginary friend in the sky” so you shouldn’t mock the belief of others. Of all here, you are the whose behaviour shows you haven’t grown up yet.

      • janet

        Where is the basis of paganism? I’m not going to ask any imaginary gnomes on the ground.

      • Alan Batterman

        Paganism is not a specific religion. It describes a number of religions which worship nature and/or multiple gods. Wiccan would be one example. So would be the Romans before they became Christian.

      • $1213090

        I think my brain just exploded at the pure ignorance of this statement. In this day and age of Google, where you can find any information you like, why don’t you go educate yourself?

      • migc1952

        No, you’re going to ask your imaginary friend in the sky.

        People like you are the reason Christians are falling into disfavor.

      • Topangapan

        A-yup Janet… You’ve just outed yourself as bigoted. Anything else you wish to share?

      • janet

        Ayup Topangan, you’re a bigot, too, if you truly feel that way.

      • $1213090

        Ok so I have you figured out lmao. You are a catholic troll. Way to make your religion look better, weirdo.

      • Helen D Staten

        Bigot : a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)
        By definition, Janet, I’d say you’re more bigoted than Topangapan. You came to their comment with hate. They simply pointed out that you were being hateful. Wanna try again?

      • $1213090

        Open a history book bitch lol. Are you kidding me? I’ve been Pagan for 17 years now, since I was 12. I’ve put up with way worse comments over the years lmao, but I still laugh when people say stupid shit. I seriously don’t even know what to say to this absolutely brain dead comment.

      • Drax21

        Is it okay for us to agree that you’re a troll? Oh no….I poked that janet guy! Now he’s gonna say mean things to me and make fun of some random personal attribute, because that’s how he makes people shut up.
        Hey janet…buddy…’s a school day. Aren’t you late for sixth grade? Catholic school…right? Did something happen to you there? Is that why you’re so sensitive about this topic?

      • Francis Lippy

        Nice Janet………. when you grow up Do you think you can call yourself an adult???

    • Nanowired

      True. Right now it is just words, but if he follows through with this than he might of covered most of the reasons I hate organized religion…

      • Karen Milton

        I grew up in the Church, although at this point I’d probably identify as a secular humanist and not much else. Polling the clergy is, to me, a definite sign of follow-through. I mean, he’s the Pope. Words are kind of his only thing. I do think it’s important that he use the right words – other popes didn’t seem to grasp that nobody listens to you if you sound like an asshole. He needs to inspire people, including members of the clergy, to remind people of why they’re Catholic in the first place. I’m interested to see what happens – whether people listens to him I think depends on whether he listens to them first.

  • Anne Wilson

    Capitalism is the love child of the protestant work ethic. It isn’t a co-incidence that the USA has only had one Catholic president.

  • Well the GOP has officially alienated every group out there that is not rich, white and conservative. I wonder, tho…just exactly who is going to vote to keep them in office? I believe they have shot themselves in both feet. I find it amusing that its no longer necessary for the democrats to try to rid us of the evil republicans, they are doing a fine job all by themselves.

  • Ally


    • Jim Venturi

      A Ron White quote? Really?

    • Ally

      Gee looks like it doesn’t it… still can’t fix stupid… hmmm

  • Skip Patterson

    Well this is where we come to the point where it becomes blatant that the Christ of the Christian Right Wing Fundamentalist is not the Christ of the Bible.

    • jdh

      Well said!

  • Jeff Laz

    What many people don’t realize is that modern “religion” is actually politics. Most of the, so called, chrisians will never come anywhere near heaven or the Lord. They are politicians foremost. They have forgotten the gospel and that God is the only one who has a right to judge anyone.

  • BlueRabbit501

    ” Pope Francis likes to apologize for the Catholic Church.”

    So, he’s essentially saying that apologizing to the victims and families who were terrorized by sexual predators posing as priests is a bad thing? Yeah. You keep thinking that, Mr. Shaw. I’m sure those GOP votes will just come POURING in.

    • Rick

      The Catholic or, as it used to be called. the Roman Church, has a LOT to apologise for starting with the Crusades, the Inquisition.

  • Robert A. Hayes

    that silver spoon is not proving adequate in keeping this boat afloat guys.

  • Xavier Lopez

    Wow are the conservatives actually ready to lose all Catholics and Ex-Catholics, Hispanics, Italians, etc. This is awesome, because it is finally exposing Fox and the Conservative agenda for what it is Anti-Christ and Pro-Money for a select few!

    • Geoffrey Harris

      The will lose a lot of Irish, Polish, and French votes too. Alienating these various constituences will add up. For example this will cost them much of La. They lost NYC and Boston long ago.

      • Dana

        I’m from Louisiana. This will not lose enough Republican votes in Louisiana. Like as not you’ve got a hotbed of right-wing Catholics down there ready to accuse this Pope of apostasy or worse. I wish I were kidding. One of my aunts is about as Catholic as you could possibly want to be and you should hear her rant and rave about Obamacare. I didn’t dare ask her what she thought about SNAP.

        Let me put it this way. That’s a Deep South state, about as racist as you can get. They elected an Asian Indian as their governor. I never thought I’d see the day. Why do you suppose they voted for him? He’s conservative and Catholic. That’s right. His politics won out over his skin color. In Louisiana.

        These are people who still sling the N-bomb around like they’re talking about the weather, if only other whites are in the room.

  • Dave

    I wonder if the folkes at FOX have any degrees in theology?

    • Skip Patterson

      LOL!!!! That was a good one.

  • ArjayW

    Adam Shaw is a blithering idiot. Who listens to his vitriolic garbage anyway…

  • Adriana Pena

    Is Adam Shaw a Catholic? If he is, he knows the protocol
    Nail his article to a Cathedral door.
    Go on a diet of worms.
    Be thankful that the Inquisition no longer burns heretics.

  • Jim Bean

    When I read them, I found everyone of the ‘asinine statements’ to be unassailably accurate at least as they apply to Obama.

  • Sammy at Epricity

    I think you’re making a mistake if you believe that Frances is a Liberal. He’s not advocating anything inline with what any party would say or do. He’s not a progressive, just like he’s not a Republican. He’s simply a man who is performing what he believes Christianity to be. Nothing more, nothing left. While I think comparing him to Obama is unfair, I think embracing him as a liberal is also unfair.

    • migc1952

      I don’t think people are embracing him as a liberal. I don’t think politics has anything to do with how many of us feel about this Pope.

      He is being embraced for being what many of us feel a Christian should be, made in the image of God, and following the ways of Jesus.

  • Dave Davies

    Don’t you just love its when liberalism gets the conservative right shaking in their boots 😀

  • Enough already

    Oh, you are just so ridiculous.

  • Zak Zebra-Pants

    Since Palin had that one newscaster booted, let’s see if we can get this Shaw jerk booted for disrespecting such a holy figure.

  • Todd Beaucoudray

    How can anyone read the Gospels and think materialism is a virtue and money is a treasure to be sought? It’s so blatantly the opposite.

  • migc1952

    I left the Catholic Church years ago because I could not stand the hypocrisy and greed of it leaders and members. The last Pope I liked was Pope John the XXIII. I didn’t care for the holy rollers either, and steered away from them all.

    I was surprised when this Pope took the name Francis and his reasoning and feelings about the job he was taking on. I was impressed. So I started paying more attention and have grown to feel this man is what our Pope really should be. Caring, compassionate, aware of what is going on in the world out side of Vatican City, and wanting to do the right things.

    I think we need this man. He truly is a true Christian in every sense of the word. It’s really a shame that the vocal minority of Christians, those crazy, intolerant, vicious folk who think they are the only ones who will ever get to heaven so we all better do as they demand now, because they are sooooo much better than the rest of us, are going to fight him every step of the way.

    There will be a lot of us that will stand with him. People from all over the world have been waiting for this for a long time. Maybe I’ll even look into going back to church, now that it’s finally headed by a true Christian who, I suspect, will finally do something about that greed and hypocrisy.

    • Rusty’s Human

      As a lapsed Catholic I am seriously thinking of going back to church because of this Pope. The hypocrisy I witnessed as a child towards my dad and the lack of help when my mom was ill turned me off at a young age. I baptized my son as I believed in the teachings just not the people.

  • Don Gaffney

    Im not an Obama fan but I AM a fan of Pope Francis (and Im not even Catholic). Ive also become politically agnostic as I think both ‘parties’ are corrupt and vile. I wish DC would do what this Pope is striving to do which is represent the ideals they are supposed to and be servants of the people not the whores of the lobbyists.

  • DennisinOhio

    I don’t see anything Shaw says to be something I should jump on or not – he doesn’t speak for me or anyone else I know – I am an active Catholic and most of them I know well find Pope Francis a breath of fresh air – the comparison to Obama is that when he was new, he was also seen as a “breath of fresh air”. The difference between them is of course obvious, the Pope is honest and sincere in his beliefs while Obama is dishonest and insincere in everything he says, does and represents. No one person can possibly be taken to speak for a large news organization unless he owns it and calls the shots – Shaw does not.

  • janet

    Here’s the deal with Pres. Obama: he’s against Catholics. He doesn’t care to know what we’re all about. Oprah promoted him because she was the only person in the US who knew about him! Here’s the deal with Pope Francis: He is a Catholic priest from Argentina. He’s truly a nice guy. He knows more about the Bible, Catholicism, and charity more than any of us here. Plus, he’s doing a good job in a tough post. He loves us Catholics, too! Most of you are adults here, so please, do not listen to Fox News or their brownshirt news reporters. Back in September, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and two other Fox clowns were making tacos and shouting Happy Mexican Independence day!!! One guy was asking a guest “Were you born under a taco?” and she said,”No, I’m from Ecuador! We don’t have tacos there!”.

    Pope Francis is a good man. I don’t know how many of you guys can stand up and say that, let alone look in a mirror and say that.

    • migc1952

      Obama is against Catholics?? Where did that come from? Do you have a link to the source for that comment?

  • snakeguy

    The Republicans are DONE if they lose the catholic vote. DONE.

    • heenan73

      Maybe. But they won’t. Most Catholics in the US hate the poor, vote to cut benefits and ‘social justice’, and will ALWAYS vote GOP. Heck look at our Catholic troll, ‘Janet’ – if ‘she’ had to choose between Francis & Palin, she’d vote Palin. No doubt at all.

  • FrancistheRepublican

    The Pope could still not be a Democrat. He is pro life.

    • Beverly Bryant

      I really don’t think the Pope cares about being identified or affiliated with any American political party. He answers to a Higher Power.

  • TheKaisho42

    I cannot fathom why The Bullshit Mountain Network would want to mess around with Pope Francis and the Holy See. I do not watch Faux News anymore because, after awhile, their “newscasts” are like junk food for the intellectually diabetic: too much of it fries the system. Plus, they are, in my opinion, nothing better than the Reich Ministry Of Propaganda run by Herr Josef Goebbels for the Nazis in WWII and a mere mouthpiece for one specific political party, the GOP.

    “Fair and balanced,” my ass.

    And now, they have the nerve to take on the Pope?

  • That fool has fallen for his own propaganda. A humble pope is the same as apologizing for the church, like Obama?

  • AlfredLehmberg

    “Double down” on a lie is not enough… now the REPUGS “triple down”! Extinct in 2014!

  • Daniel Schultz

    Funny how the pope sleeps on golden bedsheets, then decries capitalism. It is predictable though, he has never earned a cent in his life, he has only fleeced the flock just as government does to the serfs. You people that don’t understand the difference are pretty sad cases indeed.

    Revelation 18:4

    • Darth__Vader

      You might want to read about Pope Francis’ living arrangements. It’s been in a newspaper or two.

  • Vicki

    There is absolutely nothing sacred to these idiots! NONE of them any common sense! They never seem to understand there are just certain lines you never cross because there is no line they won’t cross no matter how crazy it makes them look or how many voters they might loose. You see their behavior is like this because Karl Rove and the Koch bros are working behind the scenes every day to secure all elections whether it be by voter suppression or ballot machine fraud. Between the 2 things I mentioned and gerrymandering they think they have the elections sewn up. So you see, they don’t think they have to mind what they say…..about anyone, any group or any gender.

  • Judy….

    Enjoy Hell Fox News….God knows you deserve it.

  • Former Survivor Fan

    Like Obama, the pope is a duly elected head of state that is being attacked by a fringe group of morons from America. So yes, the pope is the Catholic Obama. But that only makes Fox look worse than ever.

  • BJ

    Repeating the story I heard recently—– If Sarah Palin thinks the Pope is too liberal just wait till she meets Jesus.

  • Leo Esquillo

    Come on, Fox News and all defenders and apologists of the Empires of Greed.

    Let us have global debates on Capitalism, Imperialism and the New World Order you are establishing.

    Let the world be the judge. Let them know the truth and let that truth be the way to create and build a new and better world.

  • concernedcitizen20099

    All Catholics should be boycotting Fake News and
    Gas Bag Radio.

    Hit them in their ad revenues and pocketbooks.

    Neither of them respects you and/or your beliefs and leaders..

  • Pete

    Pope Francis is against abortion as is the traditional Catholic stance on the issue – so he is not exactly leftist or similar to Obama even though some idiot at Fox thinks so…

    Pope Francis is ultimately not going to be aligned with either Republican or Democrat perspectives because they aren’t Catholic perspectives… big surprise… In other news, water is wet, etc….

  • AngeTKenos

    I am NOT a Catholic. But with sincere respect, not since Pope John Paul 1 have we seen such a solid Christian in the chair

  • Angel Rivera

    The thing is that Pope Francis has more power than the republicans. He leads the Catholics as pope, but is his actions in trying to reform the catholic church that has earned him the admiration of the world including the left. how many people have come back to the church because of him. He is literally shaking the world. I think even Atheists like that he is at least trying to lead by example.

  • StarDagger

    “But the truth is, while capitalism is a great economic platform to build a nation around, it’s still flawed.”

    You still do not fundamentally get it. Capitalism is Imperialism, Capitalism is Racism, Capitalism is the 1%’s excuse to treat the 99% like feudal serfs.

    While pointing out the essential hypocrisy you step back 9000 steps and say “But hey guys don’t think I am not for capitalism!”

    Your article has no intellectual coherency, merely some observations strung lightly together. When you sit in front of your screen wondering if “this is real journalism or not” you have no need to worry now, this is not.
    You failed, do better.

    • Danny Mathey

      Really?….count the people that have read your spew.By the little red thumb down….

      • StarDagger

        Read it again until you understand it, you have plenty of time, the page will be here a while.

      • Danny Mathey

        What, read the lie enough times until it becomes true? Sorry guy,But Hilter tried that years ago!.

    • Darth__Vader

      If capitalism is so bad, perhaps you’d like to defect into North Korea (no capitalism there) or go to the other route and move to Somalia (not much of anything at all there). Get back to me on how that goes.

  • Taleisin

    Palin thinks the Pope sounds too liberal, because liberals now embody the teachings of Jesus better than republican Christians do.

  • janet

    The end result is this, everyone is getting worked up over what a nonsensical person on Fox News said. He was obviously missing the point of what Pope Francis and the Catholic Church is all about: Spiritual Works of Mercy and Divine Works of Mercy. What Adam Shaw is thinking is “all liberalism” and that is why he called Pope Francis the new Obama. Here’s where he is wrong in calling him that: Pope Francis didn’t declare hatred and a war on Catholics! Why is Obama making Catholic institutions in the USA provide insurance coverage for employees to get birth control and abortions? Pope Francis still states that these are wrong. I never voted for Obama. He’s the least qualified person to run this country! Pope Francis also reminds us that we have to remember the poor, the elderly, and the disenfranchised. Anyone here ever think about them?

    • heenan73

      But you only care about the poor, the elderly, and the disenfranchised if they agree with you – Obama recognises they they may have other beliefs – some of the poor may want birth control, rather than have kids they cannot afford to feed (because the guys YOU voted for cut aid). But you don’t care about them. A real Christian would.

      • Darth__Vader

        You can get birth control for $8/month at WalMart. To me, that’s not reason enough to force people to violate their religious beliefs.

  • FrostBurn

    Pope Francis is just a marketing strategy… he says things that will hopefully change what young people think of the Church and religion, while still avoiding to go too far so as to not lose the old and more conservative part of the flock.
    He is just a good PR.

  • Phil Ryan

    I have always found that in my experience that people who never think they have to apologize for anything are usually huge assholes. This kinda proves me right… and Fox News is playing a very dangerous game with its viewers, many of whom I am sure are Catholic. They kinda get ticked off when someone criticizes the leader of their church.

  • ‘Fugahlee Jenkins’

    Ok- since no one else has the guts- I’ll say it- “So….Pope Francis- how does it feel to be Black?” Isn’t that what the article is REALLY saying? Let’s be REAL for a moment shall we? Has ANY OTHER President including Lincoln and Kennedy EVER stirred this much animosity up? Has ANY other President EVER been blamed for things beyond the scope of his job or reach like this President. Just pointing out fact. Do what you will with them. Pope Francis is in the thick of it right now. Hopefully he is surrounded by great advisers and such and hopefully they have his back. Sad how a Pope that has outward compassion is hated so much by religious folks.

    • Darth__Vader

      Every President is blamed for things outside the scope of his job or reach. Look at Bush: he got blamed because the mayor of New Orleans told people not to evacuate and the governor of Louisiana had a nervous breakdown and was MIA. But somehow it’s Bush’s fault that the NOLA cops were shooting people and that a hurricane leveled a coastal city built below sea level.

      It’s just how it is.

  • Susan Fuchs

    Attacking Catholics is one thing. But the Pope, you are messing with the almighty. It is tough I am sure for those Catholics to see Jesus represents love, not hate. I hope this info. gets to papers read more often by the Catholics and Christians.

  • Taleisin

    How dare the Pope be humane and have empathy for the masses!!! 😉

  • Boberator

    So wonderful that we get a Pope that acts Christian instead of actinglike a Republican. They just can’t handle it and keep digging a deeper hole for themselves. Keep going Fox News, we love the world to see your true colors.

  • ray2hill

    FOX ranters are not attacking the Pope, they are attacking the very tenets of the faith. Their GOD is greed, selfishness at the expense of the vulnerable…

  • maclll

    I think an issue is being made out of nothing to bait a reaction. The Catholic Church has always been concerned with the poor. Pope Francis is doing nothing new. Jesus spoke of helping the poor and the church has continued that practice. And as far as other issues, like the gay issue, the media, especially Fox has really been trying to spin it to a nauseating level. The Pope hasn’t changed church doctrine or the Churches stance. The media is just trying to twist an image and words to their benefit for the ratings. Throwing little tantrums because they don’t or can’t create the sparks that they want. Hence, articles like this.
    Of course politics comes into play because politics has become the new religion of today. people worship political leaders more than putting their faith in God. The political leader can give now or when elected, not in the after life. So politics is what people, Left, Right, Liberalism, Conservatism. people may call themselves Catholics but they are letting their Political views direct their faith. Of course some Catholics, Conservative Catholics are going to be upset, Politics in play. Just like the Catholics leaning to the left have been fighting the Church over their views on abortion and birth control these past years.
    We have to step back and separate Politics from religion. One is completely controversial to the other. There is no word of God coming from a politician. Not unless that word is to buy a vote. The media is no different.

  • redhand32

    I’m actually glad that Fox Noise dissed the Pope. It is further confirmation that he’s doing the right thing [“right” as “right vs. “wrong” not “right” wing]. If Fox endorsed the Pope then I would be looking for something that’s wrong.

  • Binkey

    The good and bad news is that the Republican party is committing suicide. Let it be.

  • ShinjisSecret

    These tea baggers are shameless.

  • heenan73

    The sad thing is, many of America’s Catholics will side with Fox against their leader. Many US Catholics are about as right wing as you can get and still pretend to be Christian.

  • OC

    You’ve got to hand it to FOX News. When they’re being foolish, they go all out.

  • Tom

    I would comment, but I couldn’t stop laughing! Makes me even more grateful for Christians who take the teachings of Jesus seriously.

  • excelsior

    Something tells me this is not going to be good for the “retards..I mean “repubs”..

  • Jami Shofner

    Either the Republican Party and its belief system are infallible, or the Pope and his belief system are infallible. Which one will all of America’s Catholic Republicans believe to be true? Stay tuned.

  • bailey78

    well lets hope it works in our favor come 2016.

  • KC614

    Oh so NOW he’s okay…until he reminds that abortion is murder anyway

    • Danny Mathey

      Or he reminds us that cutting food stamps and un-employment is murder also….just a little slower.

      • KC614

        Perhaps he’d like to pay down our $17 Trillion national debt. Funny we survived a long time without socialism. The Pope really should stick to what he knows because he does not understand economics and Capitalism.

      • Danny Mathey

        OH ! and you do….Maybe thats why Iv’e heard of you! Haaaaa…The word of the Pope vs the word of KC614….I think I’ll go with the Pope….But hey good luck on having someone pay off Bush’s trillion dollor wars !

      • Darth__Vader

        The Holy Father, for all his many great attributes, probably couldn’t tell you what our unfunded liabilities are for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. He’s a man of God, not a budget analyst.

        The fact is that unless we get our long-term debts under control, we’re all going to be in the poor house, and nobody will have a social safety net.

      • KC614

        I didn’t make a statement he did. Yeah Bush’s trillion dollar wars were expensive but not nearly as expensive as Obama’s follies of $7 trillion in 5 years. There is so much abuse with the food stamp program we could easily cull the savings just by minimizing it but hey since you like Biblical quotes here’s one for ya. 2 Thessalonians 3:10-12 – For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

      • Green_Devil

        “Survived”? The US is ranking near the bottom of all First World countries in all measurably quality of life standards. We’re a nation of fat stupid gun fetishist bigoted xenophobic homophobic jerk-offs and the rest of the world laughs at us while we brawl in the aisles of Walmart on a holiday in which we’re supposed to give thanks and be grateful for what we have.

      • KC614

        Sorry you are so miserable. Perhaps you’d be more at home in Cuba or somewhere in Europe.

  • Your1Friend

    Condemnation by Fox News should be worn as a badge of honor.

  • IowaStubborn

    Question is, what do they care how the Pope thinks/acts/speaks? After all, the Religious Right isn’t really known for being terribly Catholic in its makeup or attitudes…..only 50 years ago, it was practically a scandal to imagine a Catholic president–which we’ve had precisely ONE of, BTW. It seems to me that they just don’t have anything new to say or do about anything, and therefore if they haven’t anything nice to say about someone/something, the only thing left is to compare them to their AntiChrist, Barack Obama. I really can’t understand how around half of this country’s population supports this type of stagnation and intentional ignorance, especially when it doesn’t even serve the interests of the majority of that section of Americans in the least. They drank deep of the Kool-Aid that tells them that, even though they’re poor, and Republican’ts don’t give a hoot about them *really*, they’re better off voting for this type of intellectual deficiency. I weep for the future of the country with that many poor, deluded people in it.

  • Even Ørjasæter

    I’m a liberal Protestant, but the more I’m reading about this pope, the more I love him!

  • Danny Mathey


  • Darth__Vader

    ” But the truth is, while capitalism is a great economic platform to build a nation around, it’s still flawed. It requires regulations in order to keep greed and corruption from getting out of control. ”

    OK, the dude from Fox is just a nutcase. On that we can all agree. But I just don’t understand this blind faith in government to weed out greed and corruption (or at least keep it from getting out of control).

    Government probably plays the largest roll in corrupting our political institutions, in that it dolls out spending and tax breaks to economic and political elites. You can’t doll out political and economic favors to your cronies unless you have political and economic power to begin with.

    One need not look any further than our nonsensical tax code to recognize that government is a ready and willing partner to corruption.

    • Zeb Minas

      Left to their own devices, businesses (read capitalism) are motivated by profit, therefore will do anything in their power to maximize that. Nothing wrong with that, but that is what capitalism is about. Businesses that are true to their mantra will therefore work to strip away any and all protections simply because regulations imply loss of profit. That’s why one needs government. I disagree that government by itself is corrupting – we’ve allowed that to happen by permitting business interests to bankroll and control government.

  • Orus Dias Delaney

    FNC & the GOP are just insulting the true faith & whatever intelligence is still left in their followers in those RedLand states. That is just Evil.

  • Chuck Lavazzi

    So I’m guessing the Fox News Bible is missing Matthew 25:31-46. Among other things.

  • Pat

    the only Pope I have ever respected

    • otto42

      Pope John XXIII would have been right up your alley. He was having the cardinals research whether birth control could be used in a healthy marriage to solidify the bond between the couple. Then he died. That was the end of that.

      • Aanna1123

        Back in the 50’s, the catholic church was the biggest investor of birth control pills

  • davidkearns

    Rupert Murdoch’s antichrist plot to dissolve America from within continues, on behalf of his Chinese masters.

  • Ella Silver

    The pope is not a politician. He’s a spiritual leader. Spiritualists are supposed to be gentle-hearted sages in search of great wisdom. Comparing him to Obama, or to any politician for that matter, is like comparing a ballet dancer to a civil engineer. Oh, they both like pizza you say? Hm. Must be a deep connection between the ABT and the CSCE. Probably conspiratorial in nature.

  • Walter

    LOLOLOL…these poor fools are about as far away from chris†ians as you can get.

  • Rasp

    Taking the word “christian” and applying it to someone like, say, Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz and then using the same word in connection with the present Pope is an absurdity. One of these definitions must be wrong. You cannot take two diametrically opposed world views (P. Ryan and Francis) and call them the same thing. So, one of them has to find another name. Since the Pope at least historically has a much better claim to being “christian” than his fanatic american adversaries, I would go for renaming the religious tenets of the “reich-wing” in the USA and other countries. Can anyone come up with a title that would adequately describe quasi-religious bigotry and thinly disguised hate and disdain? How about “Moron church of the latter day Hates”? Dunno, I find it catchy!

  • Don

    Jesus Christ himself could lay out his expectations of what’s good and bad, and the Republicans would find a way to argue about it…the first being Rush…

  • Nicholas A Kocal

    Republican may be religious but they are NOT CHRISTIAN,

  • Zeb Minas

    Huh… Now Fox News equates Pope Francis and Obama? Actually, isn’t that a good thing? I would love to be equated to the Pope!

  • U_Da_Man

    Go to work, you liberal leetches

  • disqus_1iBc

    “But the real problem these conservatives have with Pope Francis is the fact that he simply dared to act like a real Christian. I know, terrible isn’t it?!” Which would make them anti-Christian.

  • An Agnostic Alien

    I have detested the Roman Catholic Church since high school when I learned about the Crusades and Inquisition. That said, and aside from his still not dealing appropriately with child molester priests protected by the church, Pope Francis is unquestionably the best, brightest and by far the most enlightened Pope ever. Yeah, I guess that right there is enough reason for Republicans and Tea Baggers to hate him.

  • Judy….

    Enjoy hell….Adam Shaw

  • Jerry Allbright

    What could the pope possibly know about Christianity anyway?

  • Wiccanlove

    I’m wiccan and this pope is kickass

  • Nancy Demoss

    Wait till they die and are judged.

  • you don’t get it

    The greatest flaw in this article is the premise that you have any idea what a Christian is. It is clear you do not, since you revel in conflict within people. Get your own backyard clear of trash first before you assume the position to lecture to others about a faith that eludes your simple mind.

    • Aanna1123

      I believe that maybe you don’t have an idea what a true Christian is either. First of all you seem to be judging and secondly, you are criticizing others. Maybe another look at your man written fantasy book you call a bible might be in order. Merry Christmas

  • ChuckMz

    It’s a media ploy. Anything to keep their name in the news. F*** them, The best combat against FOX “News” Channel is … simply ignore everything they say and do from here on. IGNORE THEM.

  • Beth Tully

    Sorry, GOP, cute Catholica logic — the Pope is infallible. In freaking fallible He is not wrong, you are.

  • Jonny D. Rupe

    I don’t think I have ever seen so much hate from both side.

  • erik

    Man i cant stand democrats or socialism dumb ranting all the time elect a leader who will mandate you to pay for medical insurance or pay a fee and the insurance isnt cheap either talk about liberty as the socialist-communists keep reaching to take our free liberty of gun rights,nobody stopped gays from having sex nobody stopped illegals from hopping a fence nobody stopped the priests from having sex with kids and black people havent been in chains in my generation or my fathers. i cant stand democrats if someone works and makes more than you you want to take his money thats communism redistributed wealth.not freedom to choose

    • Aanna1123

      And, WHO has dumb rantings? You need to read what you wrote and you will find a picture of yourself in that paragraph!

  • Steven Arnold

    Oh my! Fox (Faux) News has finally done it. Their ego and their own self importance has finally gotten so big that they believe themselves to be a higher authority on Christianity and Christian behavior than the Pope. It is hilarious to see these people attempt to marginalize others while all they succeed in doing is marginalizing themselves soundly in the realm of stupity and ignorance. Shame on them for their narrow minded hatred of anything and anyone other than white elitism.

  • Jeremiah

    I spent the past 15 years as an atheist and only recently have changed that stance. I’m not a Christian, I used to be a Republican, now Libertarian. So I say this as neither a supporter nor opponent of the Pope…

    I think it’s refreshing to see a Christian leader be a living example of Christ’s teachings.

    I’d like to comment about “regulating capitalism”.

    Government regulation of capitalism turns it into something other than capitalism. We like to set legal precedence and once a ruling is made, use that ruling as a black and white law when judging other scenarios like it. When we attempt to regulate commerce, those with money purchase legislation through lobbying. I prefer Enforcement over Regulation. Regulation creates an environment where people can do wrong to each other and say “I followed all the regulations!” Regulation, once bought by the wealthy, are written with bias to aid the lobbyist while hurting their opponents. Regulation creates “Crony Capitalism”.

    Enforcement, in my eyes, is better in many ways. Rather than create a regulation, complex and full of loopholes, simply allow courts to dish out punishment on a case by case basis. If a court says “This mortgage company did this, this, and this… which we find to be malicious and fraudulent… they are to be punished…” we shouldn’t need a law saying what they did exactly was illegal. Theft is theft. If a court finds a person or company guilty of theft based on the events that happened and the motives behind them; let’s enforce, as a society, that that is wrong, law or no law.

    As an example… we have regulations regarding dumping pollution into the waterways. There are companies dumping waste into our environment because it is easier and more cost effective to pay the fine than to properly dispose of waste. That’s regulation. Enforcement would be that dumping waste is “destruction of public property”. If I do it, I go to jail. Companies should face the same demise.

  • Peter Gatliff

    People seem to forget or are ignorant about right wing fascist ie: the KKK, history in this country. Jews, African Americans and Catholics were the enemy of the American people.

  • bitzi

    My grandson is almost 16. He will vote in the next presidential election. His opinions and, according to him, his classmates, are progressive. They do not watch and despise Faux News. They strongly dislike the teabaggers. They are very well informed on political issues. They understood the government shutdown fiasco. Most Faux news viewers/believers are over 50. Our next generation of new voters, thankfully, know what is going on. They will be in a fight for their future. Most of all, they are just “itching” to vote.

  • Christopher C

    The world according to Adam Shaw……………..whoever the hell he is.

  • theabby

    If Jesus was alive today, they’d hate him too. And yet, he’d still forgive them for their sins.

  • Ralph Locklin

    Now I’m even more convinced that I should never watch Fox News!!

  • wr

    Guess they will be trying to shut-down the Catholic Church for not doing what they want soon.

  • Green_Devil

    This is not surprising from the FoxTwats who parade as “Christians”. But the Pope will pray for their stupid diseased souls anyways.

  • Tom White

    US ‘Corp’ Gov’t doesn’t really have much time or money anymore for People and their Problems with a capital P. Yeah…so…
    Government’s main function now, is to guarantee that wealthy people are happy, secure and foremost, that they remain wealthy. It’s the best they could do, but really, only a small change, Perfectly legal and ethical, because it couldn’t be done without your compliance.
    You don’t mind do you? Doesn’t matter, they don’t care what you think. Have a great day!

  • Soothsayer123

    A new poll shows the new pope has an 88% approval rating. As usual, Fox News’ opinion mirrors that of a fringe minority.

  • MjrMissConduct

    This bugs me: “act like he follows the Christianity spoke about by Jesus Christ ” the sole reason it’s called ‘christianity’ is because that’s the label they gave followers of Jesus. He didn’t label it, he supposedly just preached about what he thought was the right way to act towards fellow man.

  • mydnytmover

    Dec . 25th was a holiday long before Jesus was born, he was born in the spring and he never said to celebrate his birthday, you all are giving glory to you pagan God nimrod, pagan sinners.

  • Grace

    So their agenda advances – Fox news has become the highest religious authority in the world now that they’ve been able to discredit the pope. Now on to further their agenda of recreating America as a “Christian” theocracy. They really have this figured out – just sow hatred everywhere and you get bigger and bigger. Creating a mentality of oppression and fear of the “other” really attracts the masses.

  • lebaby

    Screw FOX News, who cares what they think but a bunch of loony saggy old teabaggers.

  • Sabseg

    93% of the Republican Party is white. So much for openness, inclusiveness, diversity, and compassion. Their spokespersons are morons like Palin, Limbaugh, Shaw and Bozo the Clown.

  • Minyassa

    That’s nice for the GOP. Just another one of those divisive issues they can use to try to tear the country into chunks for their ease of labeling. I think they are actually doing the rest of us a favor; it’s starting to become very easy to identify things that are worth adulation if they insult them, and things that are worthy of condemnation if they defend them. They’re like the ultimate Opposite Day.

  • rocknrollfantasy

    Francis not only sounds like a Christian, he acts like a Christian. This is something the right wing conservative Xtians just don’t understand. They’re more like Pharisees than true Christians. And they’re ignorant as all get out on top of it all.

  • The ignorance of the Fox News editor about the Catholic Church is astounding. On May 15, 1891, Pope Leo XIII issued an open letter, passed to all his bishops, that addressed the conditions of the working classes and of the poor. It was called Rerum Novarum (Latin for Of New Things). In the declaration, poverty in itself, Pope Leo explained, is no disgrace. It was unavoidable and part of the human condition.

    However,Pope Leo also told the poor that they should receive what will enable them to be housed, clothed, secure, and to live without hardship. He made it clear that they were not to accept unjust treatment as though it were inevitable, and that they were to stand up for their rights at the same time that they helped to preserve good order in society.

    For Leo, employers have clear moral obligations: workers are not to be treated as slaves; the dignity of your workers’ human personality must be respected; do not use people as things for gain; do not oppress the needy and wretched for your own profit.

    According to the Pope, it was a government’s obligation to take a role in protecting workers’ rights and in keeping the peace. Fair wages are defined in Rerum Novarum as at least a living wage, but Leo recommended paying more than that: enough to support the worker, his wife and family, with a little savings left over so that the worker can improve his condition over time. .

    If anything Pope Francis is returning the Catholic Church to its roots.

  • Russell Kurson

    So lets see what we have now. The extreme Conservatives are going after the Pope. Not just anyone, but probably the most popular Pope in some time. The bottom line is this. The GOP has managed to alienate just about the entire voting block. Please keep up the good work, and, if there is anything I can do to speed up the downward spiral, please let me know. RD Kurson

  • susan slater

    Social engineering by a few rich fascist elitists, & their hired mouthpieces require mean,,critic’s abuse, overpopulation,war, discrimination, limiting all that is good & humane, Fox news entertainment style wont like a decent acting Pope that stands for humaneness, saneness. & better. No profit for Fascists in that!

  • Erin

    Isn’t the Pope infallible?

  • Uuena Van Light

    Don’t forget, there are Christians who believe Catholics are not really Christians.

    Has to do with Jesus’s Mother, Trinity, Holy Spirit, and other things.

    Irony, all of Christianity is derive from Catholic beginnings.

  • This Fox News editor is stupid. Since Obama is a Right-wing Neo-liberal and Pope Francis acts like a Socialist, Obama and Francis are nearly polar opposites.

  • Richard La France

    A man who speaks the truth would definitely have the sad, bewildered look on his face that Pope Francis is wearing in the photograph above. Compare with the faces of the liars on Fox that can’t hold back a smile of pride at passing off bullshit on people willing to believe them. They’re playing to a mindset and the Pope isn’t playing at all. People all over the world are in love with that man just because he’s saying what they’ve known all along. They appreciate his honesty and it has little or nothing to do with religion, but rather everything to do with humanity.

  • Mark MacKay

    Pope Francis is changing the tone of the conversation but he’s not changing the substance. Homosexuality is unequal to heterosexuality. Women are still treated as second class persons and not welcomed as full participants in the life of the church. The tone is softer but it’s still misogyny and homophobia. I’m waiting for the pope to invite Matthew Fox back to the church and to affirm the tenets of Creation Spirituality. That would be a powerful step forward for a fractured church.

  • Joseph

    Considering Mr. Shaw looks like he has yet to hit puberty who gives three shits what that moron working at Faux News thinks lol?

  • Had never thought I would like anything that the Catholic Church had to say, but this Pope is talking about things in our times that have needed to be addressed for decades or more.

  • Suek11

    Ultra right wing conservatives wouldn’t like Jesus either.

  • artisanr

    The corporatists are literally villifying kindness with this good man (now “ceo” of a not-so-good organization). Their reign of stupid and hatred can’t last for long…

  • shutdafrtdoor

    Fox News is the “ANTI-CHRIST”!!!

  • CherMoe

    The sorriest part of all is that a certain segment of Americans trust Fox, the enemy! And they vote according to the propaganda and hatred put out by their talking heads.

    • white trash religious teaparty

      I trust FOX “news”…………… they do great with weather and stuff such as that——- when it comes to POLITICS I also trust FOX “news”……. to be one sided– I just laugh at all the low IQ white trash who ONLY watch that network

  • hank

    LET THEM alienate everyone! IT will only serve to cement their status as irrelevant, and soon..extinct.

  • Here is the truth about this Evil JESUIT Pope!!!
    Time to wake up! Every word of the Bible is True!!!

    have nothing to do with True Christianity, the Teachings of Christ !!!

  • Jack Dixon

    I don’t put much stock in Religion or political parties. I believe in right action, everyday. We do not need to be told what that is. WE are running out of money in The United States and both sides are to blame. If we don’t utilize our natural resources which we have more of than all the middle east combined we soon will be at the point of no return. You won’t call it a yule log, you’ll call it heat. We have swallowed this BS that politicians feed us as they truly are told what to do by the people who pay for their campaigns. Insulated sensitive people who need to be coddled like you Valerie will kill this country. All of them are corrupt and you picking a party and not the individual is as perverted and stupid as your statements. Scanning down the last 20 comments I wouldn’t trust any of you to pick a tomato. Sit enjoy your daughter Valerie sulk and vote for Hillary………..I do pray and I hope to God that one of these “fools” can save us. Why don’t you run?