Fox News Editor Trashes Republicans for Pushing Absurd Conspiracies to Defend Trump (Video)

Once upon a time, Fox News was a network that mostly just pushed conservative-slanted news to a conservative audience. Now it’s morphed into Donald Trump’s own version of state-run media, where most of the people on the network spend the vast majority of their time pushing ridiculous conspiracies in a desperate attempt to defend this “president” against the ever-growing list of scandals and controversies surrounding him.

Lately, Fox News has spent a lot of time pushing the idea that there’s a “secret society” comprised of anti-Trump members of the U.S. intelligence community working to overthrow Trump based on a text exchange involving FBI agent Peter Strzok. We now know that text was nothing but a joke thanks to the full context of what was being discussed finally being released publicly.

As expected, many people have had a field day mocking various Republicans, and the conservative media, for jumping to such asinine conclusions over a text message before knowing the full context of what was actually being discussed.

One of the critics of the right-wing media’s response to all of this came from an unlikely source: Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt, who ripped into Republicans and the conservative media for pushing this nonsense to create smokescreens and distractions.

“Republicans in Congress, especially on the Intelligence Committee are throwing up chaff,” Stirewalt said. “They’re trying to throw up anything that they can right now to try to occlude the matter.”

He then mocked the over-the-top rhetoric many conservatives have been using by referencing the nefarious “cigarette smoking man” from the show The X-Files.

“They turned Peter Strzok from an FBI agent to the Smoking Man who has been part of everything in human history, and it’s his fault and he did it,” Stirewalt said sarcastically. “They’re looking for ways to create cover and create distraction, and I understand why.”

As do most of us. Since most of Trump’s behavior is indefensible, the GOP and the conservative media’s tactic has essentially been to undermine the credibility of those exposing the truth about him. Whether it’s the media, international spies, the FBI, our allies, or even Trump’s own Department of Justice, the conservative media hasn’t hesitated to frequently claim that there’s some “vast conspiracy to bring down Trump” simply because the truth about him is so incredibly awful.

There’s yet to be a conspiracy theory too crazy for Trump supporters to believe just as long as it helps them avoid the truth about how corrupt, dishonest, and terrible he is.

At the end of the day, as I’ve said many times, reality is going to be reality whether or not Fox News, the GOP, or their supporters want to believe in it.

Watch Stirewalt’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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