Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck Looks Like A Fool Discussing ‘In God We Trust’ (Video)

hasselbeck-god-we-trustI always love the old “In God We Trust” debate, as it’s a surefire way to expose just how little someone knows about our nation’s history. I can’t count how many times I’ve come across a conservative who thinks this motto is somehow tied to our Constitution and our Founding Fathers. The truth is, “In God We Trust” has absolutely nothing to do with the founding of this nation, those who founded it or, really, much to do with our nation’s history at all.

“In God We Trust” wasn’t put on any form of currency until 1864, and it wasn’t adopted as our national motto until 1956 in a strange sort of response to the threat of communism. Because nothing says “we can defeat the nuclear armed Soviets” quite like declaring a national motto.

Well, recently some slight controversy arose when the ACLU pressured Ridgewood Middle School in Louisiana to remove the motto from campus claiming it was a violation of the First Amendment. The principle of the school temporarily removed it, but after a fairly large outcry by some students the motto was placed back on campus.

At the time local pastor Joey Ketchum said, “It’s printed on our money. And when our forefathers started this country, ‘In God We Trust,’ they were talking about Jehovah God.”

Again, our Founding Fathers had nothing to do with the motto. That’s really one of the biggest problems many conservative Christians have when it comes to religion and this country – most seem completely unaware that there’s not a single mention of Christianity anywhere in the Constitution. Pastor Ketchum clearly believes “In God We Trust” harkens back to the days of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin – even though it doesn’t.

Naturally, Fox News decided to bring Ketchum on to discuss the situation, with Fox News’ Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreeing with the pastor that the phrase should remain displayed on school campus.

“If it is good for the money it should be good enough for the sign. A lot of people feel that way,” Hasselbeck said.

“It’s a job well done by the students there,” she continued. “If it’s good enough for our money, it’s good enough for our school sign.”

What the heck does any of that gibberish even mean? What does something being printed on our money have to do with whether or not religious text being displayed on a public school campus is Constitutional? The two literally have nothing to do with one another.

But it sounds great, doesn’t it? And that’s all conservatives really care about – what sounds good to them.

See, a real news network might have mentioned to the good pastor that “In God We Trust” has nothing to do with our Founding Fathers or our Constitution, and it wasn’t adopted as our national motto until 1956. You know, pointing out those things called “facts.” But as we all know, Fox isn’t really a news network, it’s just conservative entertainment. That’s all this segment was – nothing but right-wing entertainment to feed the masses who watch the network, blindly believing anything that they’re told.

Watch the segment below via Fox News by way of Raw Story:

Allen Clifton

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