Fox News Embarrasses Itself After Latest Attempt to Link Obama to Terrorism Fails Miserably (Video)

megyn-kelly-bill-ayersAfter watching the first part of Megyn Kelly’s interview with Bill Ayers, I still couldn’t figure out exactly what the point of the interview was.  While Ayers is a name many might know, he’s not someone most liberals associate with or someone who many people would look up to.

He’s clearly an extremely far-left activist on par with many of the far-right radicals we see support conservative ideology and the Republican party.

The reality is both sides have their radicals.  Bill Ayers isn’t someone most liberals idolize, whereas an individual like Cliven Bundy was someone Fox News’ own Sean Hannity built up as a “conservative hero” just a couple of months ago.

Someone whose supporters were threatening the lives of federal agents.

But after watching the second half of Megyn Kelly’s interview, it finally hit me what this was all about.

Trying desperately to link President Obama to Bill Ayers once again.

I thought that’s what they might do, but the second half of the interview was so blatant I actually laughed at it when it was all over.

What they did was spend the first half of the Ayers interview covering all of the radical beliefs he has, the extreme ideologies he’s had (or has) and they generally did a great job at allowing him to paint himself as a far-left radical activist.

Then in the second half of the interview they covered the death of two cops and a security officer linked to members of his group the Weather Underground, a quote he denies his wife made where she allegedly praised Charles Manson and generally how he urged radical behavior in the 1970’s during the Vietnam War.

And then, out of nowhere, Kelly brought up his move to Chicago.  That’s when I saw where this was going. After a few back and forth questions and answers about his transition to education, that’s when they exposed what they were trying to do with the interview:

Kelly: Well, many members of the Weather Underground are now in academia. President Obama, let me ask you this, how much ideology did the two of you share?

Ayers: Zero.

Kelly: Good friends, not good friends?

Ayers: I knew him as well as he knew 10,000 other people, and today I wish I knew him much better, and I wish he had listened to me.

Kelly: Did he ever contact you once you became the story in his presidential race?

Ayers: Absolutely not. And I didn’t contact him.

Kelly: The entire time he’s been president, you haven’t been in contact?

Ayers: Never. No. Although I wish I were, because I have a lot of advice for him.

Kelly: You want him to go further to the left?

Ayers: Oh, I want him to stop droning people. I want him to close Guantanamo, I want him to, you know, universal health care. Don’t you think we deserve universal health care? Seriously – Medicare for all.

What they did with this interview was absolutely pathetic.

They spent the majority of both parts of this interview allowing Ayers to present himself as a far-left extremist with radical views.  Then after he had successfully done just that on many levels, that’s when Kelly started in on the line of questions trying to get Ayers to link himself to President Obama.

What they were hoping to do was make Ayers look as radical as possible, then get him to somehow link himself with the president so they could follow it up with, “See, this far-left radical admits that he has ties with President Obama!  The president has been lying for years!”

Except, they failed miserably.  

Not only did he not personally link himself with President Obama in any way, he actually criticized the president for not being the “far-left radical socialist” that Fox News has spent the last 5+ years trying to claim that he is.

It was so blatant what they tried to do that all I could do was laugh once the interview was over.

For Fox News to go to these lengths, and spend that much time interviewing Ayers, just so that at the end of the interview they could try to get Ayers to link himself to President Obama is absolutely embarrassing.

The small amount of respect I had for Megyn Kelly vanished with this interview.  No real journalist would have ever agreed to participate in one of the most pathetic partisan stunts I’ve seen in quite some time.

With this interview, Fox News has proven once again what a pathetic excuse for a “news organization” it really is.

Watch the second half of the interview below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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