Fox News Embarrassingly Uses Fake Story to Try to Attack President Obama

fox-friends-setThe disdain Fox News displays toward President Obama is something of which they’re very proud. They wear it on their sleeve almost like a badge of honor. I’ve never seen a news network show such disrespect and hatred toward a sitting U.S. president like Fox News has toward Obama. They would seemingly rather praise Russian President Vladimir Putin before daring to say anything positive about this president.

So it should come as no surprise that Fox News was quick to jump on a ridiculous – and clearly fake – story about King Abdullah of Jordan personally flying combat missions against ISIL following the terrorist group’s barbaric burning alive of one of their captured pilots.

It seems this whole “story” stemmed from a report from a Jordanian television station that claimed the king had participated in combat missions and a few pictures of the Jordanian king wearing what appeared to be a military flight suit. And Thursday on Fox & Friends, the Fox News hosts were quick to praise the “strong leadership” shown by King Abdullah compared to our own leader based off this fake story.

After gushing over King Abdullah, Steve Doocy spoke of the unconfirmed reports that the Jordanian king had personally participated in airstrikes, even showing a picture of the king sitting in a cockpit.

“What a statement that would make,” Doocy said.

“He is stepping up with strong leadership and clarity,” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck replied. “What is our president doing?”

Amazing isn’t it? These two practically fawned over King Abdullah while completely ignoring that, per President Obama’s orders, the U.S. has carried out over 2,000 airstrikes against ISIL, just so they could try to paint the president as “weak.”

First, let me point out that for a major cable news channel to push a story based on unconfirmed reports from a Jordanian television station and a bunch of file photos from the internet pretty much defines lazy journalism. To say nothing about how absurd this “story” this is to begin with. This is something I could see some hack right-wing blog running with for cheap hits, but a major national news network is supposed to care about verifying a story before even remotely trying to present it as something factual.

Then again, this is Fox News we’re talking about.

But as I said earlier, this story turned out to be completely false. Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense could have recognized this was the case. This was clearly sensationalized nationalism run amok in response to ISIL killing a Jordanian pilot. It’s asinine to honestly believe that someone in King Abdullah’s position would take that sort of risk. This isn’t the movie Independence Day we’re talking about here

But the way in which these Fox News hosts gushed over the “leadership” of Abdullah shows the child-like mentality these people have. It’s great that the king showed anger and emotion toward the brutal execution of one of his pilots, but there are many forms of leadership. Not only that, but being the king of a country like Jordan is slightly different than being President of the United States.

Though none of that really matters. Fox News pushed this story, not because they really cared whether or not it was true, but to use it as a way to try to make President Obama appear weak. It was essentially a segment devoted to trying to slander the president by boasting about how “strong” another leader appeared against ISIL.

Meanwhile you’ll never once hear these clowns mention that per President Obama’s orders our military has carried out over 2,000 airstrikes against the terrorist group. Because, you know, that wouldn’t fit the “Obama is weak” narrative that they’re trying to push.

Though at the end of the day all Fox News did was embarrass themselves by pushing a fake story in yet another pathetic attempt to attack the president.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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