Fox News Embarrassingly Uses Fake Story to Try to Attack President Obama

fox-friends-setThe disdain Fox News displays toward President Obama is something of which they’re very proud. They wear it on their sleeve almost like a badge of honor. I’ve never seen a news network show such disrespect and hatred toward a sitting U.S. president like Fox News has toward Obama. They would seemingly rather praise Russian President Vladimir Putin before daring to say anything positive about this president.

So it should come as no surprise that Fox News was quick to jump on a ridiculous – and clearly fake – story about King Abdullah of Jordan personally flying combat missions against ISIL following the terrorist group’s barbaric burning alive of one of their captured pilots.

It seems this whole “story” stemmed from a report from a Jordanian television station that claimed the king had participated in combat missions and a few pictures of the Jordanian king wearing what appeared to be a military flight suit. And Thursday on Fox & Friends, the Fox News hosts were quick to praise the “strong leadership” shown by King Abdullah compared to our own leader based off this fake story.

After gushing over King Abdullah, Steve Doocy spoke of the unconfirmed reports that the Jordanian king had personally participated in airstrikes, even showing a picture of the king sitting in a cockpit.

“What a statement that would make,” Doocy said.

“He is stepping up with strong leadership and clarity,” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck replied. “What is our president doing?”

Amazing isn’t it? These two practically fawned over King Abdullah while completely ignoring that, per President Obama’s orders, the U.S. has carried out over 2,000 airstrikes against ISIL, just so they could try to paint the president as “weak.”

First, let me point out that for a major cable news channel to push a story based on unconfirmed reports from a Jordanian television station and a bunch of file photos from the internet pretty much defines lazy journalism. To say nothing about how absurd this “story” this is to begin with. This is something I could see some hack right-wing blog running with for cheap hits, but a major national news network is supposed to care about verifying a story before even remotely trying to present it as something factual.

Then again, this is Fox News we’re talking about.

But as I said earlier, this story turned out to be completely false. Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense could have recognized this was the case. This was clearly sensationalized nationalism run amok in response to ISIL killing a Jordanian pilot. It’s asinine to honestly believe that someone in King Abdullah’s position would take that sort of risk. This isn’t the movie Independence Day we’re talking about here

But the way in which these Fox News hosts gushed over the “leadership” of Abdullah shows the child-like mentality these people have. It’s great that the king showed anger and emotion toward the brutal execution of one of his pilots, but there are many forms of leadership. Not only that, but being the king of a country like Jordan is slightly different than being President of the United States.

Though none of that really matters. Fox News pushed this story, not because they really cared whether or not it was true, but to use it as a way to try to make President Obama appear weak. It was essentially a segment devoted to trying to slander the president by boasting about how “strong” another leader appeared against ISIL.

Meanwhile you’ll never once hear these clowns mention that per President Obama’s orders our military has carried out over 2,000 airstrikes against the terrorist group. Because, you know, that wouldn’t fit the “Obama is weak” narrative that they’re trying to push.

Though at the end of the day all Fox News did was embarrass themselves by pushing a fake story in yet another pathetic attempt to attack the president.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Coco Tuggle Peisner

    The same could be said for all network and cable news. It’s not just Fox, you cannot trust any of them anymore and you certainly cannot trust social media. Every network whether it is Fox or CNN or MSNBC spin the news to fit their agenda.

    • Cutlass

      Coco, wait… That’s way too intelligent to post on here 😉

      • Coco Tuggle Peisner

        I’ll remember that and try to dumb it down in the future. 😉

  • Linda Allen

    Someday Faux will report a 100% correct story and no one will believe them

    • Russell Hanson

      That will never happen!

  • Macdoodle

    Why aren’t you people talking about NBC’s Brian Williams lying about being a war hero.Now that is embarrassing.

    • Tamara Yeldell

      Maybe nobody is talking abut NBC Brian Williams because the article is about Fox News.

      • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

        macdoodle will not reply ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he hates factual discussions

      • Cutlass

        Tamara, you can’t make accusations or bring charges like this without encompassing the whole. That’s what they signed up for. They’re all part of the conglomerate. They all go after each other to inflict career damage so that’s why Macddodles point is valid.

    • finding the truth

      he never said he was a war hero! you moron! Also the chopper that he was on did take small arms fire from the ground it just was not a rocket propelled.. and everyone on board was scared.. lie after lie comes out of the Conservative media and now you Conservative will be using this story over and over as a comparative..

    • regressive whitetrash GOP scum

      “war hero”
      ………………………sniper and his lies?

    • Russell Hanson

      He didn’t say he was a hero he said he was in a copter that was shot at. What’s sad is that he’s the first person to be held accountable for lying about the war in Iraq. Bush,Cheney Rice and everyone at Fox News should have been suspended.(from a rope)

      • Cutlass

        So you’re condoning vigilante murder? From a president to a news agency? You do know it’s a federal offense to make reference to killing a president, past or present, right? You’re validation has just been exterminated. I’m sure the FBI will inform you of that.

    • Raymond Clifford

      Waddayagonnado? Hang Him? Priority of your choice questionable.

  • Clark Morehouse

    Hmmmmmmmmmm,,can you say Brian Williams

    • larry parker

      Or Dan Rather.

  • ron

    I just think it’s hilarious how the writer of this story is mortified by and stunned by the lack of respect shown for this president on fox news. I guess she didn’t watch any news channels during the previous administration’s time in office. If you want to talk about bashing slandering and outright hatred of a president. Just pull up the hate fest that was brought to you every day buy all the libtards bought and payed for news channels 8-9 years ago. Has anyone said anything about this president even close to the crap that was spewed about bush. Not even close, and its to bad that everyone is to afraid to speak the truth about him. I had such high hopes for him and our country and to be honest he has been the biggest dissapointment of a leader I can remember in my lifetime. This man had the whole country after his first election. People in both parties were excited and ready for a change. And he wasted it, instead of being a leader he bullied and bashed his way through issues, just because you won buy a pretty good percent dosent meen you get to ram rod your own agenda through that’s not how we do things in this country. For me I travel all over the world if
    you want to watch real news non biased and impartial you need to go to bbc or al jesera. The rest of them are just whores for their own douche bag pparty’s.

    • ElsiMan

      Ron, Really? “People in both parties were excited and ready for a change.”
      You actually believe the words you wrote?

      What about Mitch and Boner…… and in their meeting on day one of President Obamas inaugural stating they would do anything to make him fail.

      As far as Bush, well no other president killed an economy, sent us to multiple wars on a credit card and on and on…. Bush bashed…or critically watched.

    • Maurice Lewis

      Bullied and battered? Did you even pay attention to what the president tried to do but your favorite republican party said no to any and everything the president tried to have done. Why? Let’s not forget how they bashed and bashed him by trying to say he wasn’t even a real american born in the states. Really? You can’t remember that? And what bashing was done against bush? Because there should have been. This man lied to take us to war with wrong country there by actually not getting support from any of our allies because it was trumped up and false. He should have been impeached but you compare him to Obama as if Bush is better? Are you freaking kidding me? So if he lied on you to get you kicked out of your home, you’d still think highly him (Bush)? Because that’s what he did yet you see no wrong in sending thousands of our troops who died in this war that should not have been? Tell that to the families who lost so much. And stop making excuses by saying it’s all news networks because that’s a lie you got from fox. No other news station outright lies like fox

      • Cutlass

        You are obviously aligned with the Democratic Party. Which usually wasn’t a problem in the past, but now it’s become a blind faith team mentality and you’ll go to all lengths, right or wrong to defend your players. If you think Fox is any less truthful than other networks and their affiliates, you’re wrong. Bringing up minimalist views on the presidents citizenship is tiresome and is not the view of everyone, but your gleeful attack on Ron takes a wide swipe at not only him, but everyone (who isn’t on your team) and seems to skip right to tried and true war mongering accusations while leaving out the reasons we went to war in the first place. Oh! And of course there is no mention of the eventual finding of WMD’s. How many soldiers have died under the current administrations watch? Why would you start a response with ” your favorite a Republican Party” unless your assumptions were the usual self-ordained power of a particular party disciple who feels that god almighty has anointed them with the very same
        tactics that you blow a fuse over when it’s someone that doesn’t agree with you? Until you see that other viewpoints matter, and that there are two sides to the story, this will continue to be no different than a dog chasing it’s tail.

    • Cemetery Girl

      Fan fiction can be fun.

    • Matthew Caldwell

      Ron your simply amazing! Saying that, “just because you won by a pretty good percent doesn’t mean you get to ram rod your own agenda through,” considering George W. Buch had 291 Executive Orders compaired to President Obama’s 182. How can you with a straight face defend a man who sent us to war on lies, destablized the entire Middle East, and has been convicted of war crimes in another country.

    • Russell Hanson

      Fox is the propaganda arm of the neo-nazi party in America.

      • Cutlass

        That’s the most uninformed, typical ignorance that I’ve read all week

      • Raymond Clifford

        Pretty funny though?

    • Cutlass

      Ron, right on. Also, and I have posted this, Also, Chilton demonstrated his lack of outline and accuracy attentiveness by using partisan hate language throughout his piece from the very start. And while I’m a music journalist, even I know that to be fair, accurate and unattached means monitoring emotional response and keeping your political and personal bend out of the way. That is if you’re really doing this to be informative, which he is not. How can a “journalist” who bring charges of “child-like” behavior against another company sit there and himself use that very same “child-like” means of response when reporting on a story? You’re kidding right? You don’t KNOW that you’re calling these people names and using terminology that at the very least makes you sound like a huffy, little lord Fauntleroy? Read the article and tell me the justification. There is none.

    • Daniel Maxwell Andrews

      Yes, using “libtards” mean you are a serious person trying to make a serious point.

  • Cemetery Girl

    By what reasoning should the leader of a country be leading something like the bombing of terrorists? I think it is good for leaders to have experience, and certainly if sending people off to fight I would prefer the person have the experience (so they understand the cost), but that does not mean the leader should be on the battlefield. A national leader has the responsibility of overseeing more elements than just a battle.

    • Raymond Clifford

      The sheer INSANITY is Romper Room Rip Roaring Crazy!

  • Isabel Correa Meli

    Miniscule brains making an extreme effort to stretch invented stories and searching for ways to disrespect and inject hatred. What an insult! Such a reduced IQ demonstration!! Not even the less educated can swallow that one.

  • J.t. Coleman

    Liberals.. choke on a FOX News gnat and swallow a Liberal News source camel… The liberal double standard. They don’t even expect honesty from the Liberals they support, but demand it from Conservatives..

  • tmerring

    I guess the disdain for President Bush by the main stream media doesn’t count.