Fox News’ Eric Bolling Calls Jon Stewart “Dummy” For Mocking Fox’s Coverage of Food Stamps

eric-bollingA while back me and a buddy of mine went back and forth about which “left” and “right” media figures we would love to see go head to head in a public debate.  I said I would love to see Stephen Colbert square off against Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter go head to head with Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart take on Sean Hannity and Bill Maher face off against Rush Limbaugh.

Though I’m sure a one hour, commercial free debate between these individuals would never happen – it’s still fun to think about the possibilities.

Well, following his recent comments, it seems Fox News’ Eric Bolling would like to have a face to face debate with “dummy” Jon Stewart.

And I would absolutely love to see that happen.

It’s no secret that Jon Stewart thinks Fox News’ coverage of just about damn near everything is horrible (because it usually is horrible).  But recently he focused his attention on the vile nature at which Fox News seems to attack those on welfare.  I’m sure many of you have heard the stories Fox News like to perpetuate of people abusing the welfare system, pulling out cash to purchase items that they probably shouldn’t be buying.

And I don’t think many liberals will dispute the fact that abuse does happen.  But the way Fox News acts as if the vast majority of those on these programs are out getting “lap dances and booze” with SNAP benefits is absurd.

Well, following Stewart’s mocking of Fox New’s coverage Bolling had a few choice words for Stewart, saying, “Well, let me school you, Mr. Stewart.”  He then went on to continue the insinuation that tens of millions of people on welfare are out buying “booze, weed, and lap dances.”

Then he invited Stewart to debate him:

“By the way, Jon, you’re welcome to come on the show any time to debate it. Dummy.”

Can we please make this happen?  I would absolutely love to see these two square off against one another.  Bolling is an arrogant, pompous ass and I really hope that in some way Stewart gives his comments a proper response.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Phil the observer

    Jon would get accused of child abuse when it was over. Or shooting an unarmed opponent. (If he could get a word in)

    • richard

      To make it seem fair Stewart should invite both Bolling and that sneering little jerk Gutfeld to debate him ……. Put it on Fox primetime LIVE and then witness the rightwing hysteria

    • gmartini

      Problem solved: Hold the debate in Floriduh and John could claim Stand Your Ground.

      Regardless, Stewart would shred this douchebag and it would be quite entertaining to watch.

      • Nessa

        That only works when white people want to shoot black kids.

  • Bob

    John would make him look like a fool. He would never have the balls to debate him seriously.

    Ann Coulter go head to head with Rachel Maddow—-now thats pay per view for me —Rachel would have her curled in the fetal position sucking her thumb in the corner

    • shane98

      No disrespect intended, Bob, but I believe Rachael Maddow would be at a distinct disadvantage. Maddow does legitimate research, uses true facts and is always cordial to her guest, no matter how much she disagrees with them. Whereas Ann Coulter lies unabashedly and has a characteristically rude demeanor. Dr. Maddow focuses her appeal on people with high intellects. Coulter’s appeal is to those with a very low intellect. It’s sort of an apples and oranges argument.

      • Bob

        all great points 🙂

      • jamesmica493

        I’d gladly rip your stomach wide open with a chainsaw, and let your guts spill out. Or I’d rip your jugular vein out, and let you spurt blood like a geyser and watch you die screaming in agony. waste of space.

  • Pipercat

    5 to 1 Bolling pulls a Nuge, dons a straw hat, grabs a cane then performs the soft shoe side-step number!

  • Adam Smith

    It’s not going to happen. The Right can’t survive outside their fact free bubble.

    • Pipercat

      Then, add a few formal debating rules and they’re really doomed.

      • HardThought

        No snarky, unverifiable comments? Great!!! Bring it on!

      • Pipercat

        Bolling would pull a “Nuge” maneuver and wimp out.

    • HardThought

      Change right to left and you would be correct. Tell me again how a higher minimum wage and amnesty helps young minorities looking for work.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        No, Adam is correct already. How about creating some jobs for minorities instead of whining about the minimum wage (which, if it kept pace with inflation, would be about $20/hr anyway)? Oh, that’s right, they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Pray tell, when did we ever have a zero percent unemployment rate?

      • HardThought

        I will explain once.

        I have a business model that allows for $25 an hour for labor, so I hire five part timers (there may be different scenarios). I have five employees. I am told to pay $8.00 an hour as minimum wage. I can now afford three workers yet I expect the same productivity.

        I do NOT have extra to spend on labor. I do NOT have more money to spend while trying to stay in business. I expect the same output from the labor force.

        Tell me, again, why I should raise wages.

      • Pipercat

        Change your business model…

      • HardThought

        Idiot. Prices people are willing to pay don’t change.

        Are you willing to change paying a dollar for a burger to paying four dollars for the same bueger?

        Didn’t think so, but your increasing the minimum wage would Si just that.

      • If I was making $15 an hour as opposed to $7, then hell yeah I could pay $4 for a burger. (Actually, Carl’s Jr. already charges that much and more for their turkey burgers and Angus Steak burgers. I know because I buy the turkey burger all the time. Not every fast-food burger is on the dollar menu.) Especially if I knew the person behind the counter was also getting a living wage.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        And the fast food industry HATES the dollar burger because they are losing money.

      • Pipercat

        Click your handle, see the f on the right? Click the f and you’re calling me an idiot? Love the chops fat boy. Speaking of burgers, looks like you’ve been scarfing a few too many of them thar burgers. Fucking ad hominem; the words of a pansy. A fat disgusting pansy at that…

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Yep, I would pay more for the burger, if it was a good burger. Starbucks has hiked the price of their terrible coffee and people are still buying.

        Mickey D’s can absorb the increase in wages easily.

      • Zippy

        Speaking of idiots- “Prices people are willing to pay don’t change” that is completely untrue and shows you don’t know jack about business.

        “Are you willing to change paying a dollar for a burger to paying four dollars for the same bueger (sic)?”

        if there was any doubt that you are a complete moron, the fact that you believe a 20% increase in the labor component of a hamburger would result in a 400% increase in the product proves that you’ve probably never run anything beyond a kool aid stand and you probably screwed that up.

      • You know, if you’re only paying your five part-timers $5.00 an hour, you’re breaking the law to begin with…so why is your stated business model in any way realistic?

        Tell me, again, why I should raise wages.

        Because the frakking law would require it? If there is any pain (which is doubtful) it would be spread among every business in America. You wouldn’t be singled out. Therefore you’d just adjust and go on.

      • HardThought

        Every business in America is going to get together and subsidize my labor costs. My word! Why don’t they do that now? I’ll pay $18 an hour if they will!

        Thought so.

      • If $18 an hour suddenly became the minimum wage, there would be no “subsidizing of your labor costs,” because everybody would be paying the same. Stop tossing out idiotic hypotheticals and strawpersons. That’s not what I meant, and you know it.

        But since your hypothetical labor costs as mentioned above ($25 per hour as divided among five part-time workers) are illegal to begin with, you’re basically pulling all this stuff out of your ass.

      • HardThought

        Then there would be a lot less businesses and you couldn’t get your take out tacos on your salary.

      • I wouldn’t even be buying take-out tacos, like the peons at Taco Bell do. I’d be spending my higher wages at expensive restaurants,and maybe buy a new (or newer) car.

        More pay=more money in people’s pockets=more money spent. Maybe even spent at YOUR business. This is truly the “rising tide,” not the piddly Wal-Mart wages that make those people have to be subsidized by the gov’t.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Well, that is better than subsidizing them with tax dollars because they need food stamps and Medicare.

      • Joe

        This hypothetical business sounds as if it is struggling a bit before an increase in wages and would question its business model as viable to begin with, but it is also ignoring the increase in demand that comes as a result of people having more money to spend. If there is more demand for your products and service that means you either have to turn away business and profits to avoid increasing labor costs (3 workers can only produce so much) or your business model will have to change to allow for more employees and increase your production capacity to meet the demand which provides the means to do so.

      • Pipercat

        It’s not a business model, it’s a false dilemma…

      • Those numbers are pulled out of his ass. They don’t add up at all.

      • Pipercat

        Guess he never made a payroll in his cholesterol poisoned life. Funny, pulling anything out his ass would be physically impossible.

      • Michelle Grasz

        then do the work yourself and quit your complaining. you can’t expect a person to slave for you 8 or 9 hours a day and still not be able to feed their family and pay rent…they aren’t in it for charity either

      • Monica

        i have a brilliant idea why dont you pay your employee’s 3 dollars an hour that way you can afford to give more people jobs and have awesome productivity.

      • HardThought

        I would make fun if you for not understanding economics, but that is evident from your post.

        I don’t make fun of Jerry’s Kids.

      • So your sarcasm detector is broken too, along with your humanity and sense of compassion?

      • HardThought

        I am well aware of sarcasm. It has no place in a business decision. If I pay wages that preclude me from staying in business am I not doing a disservice to people that worked for me? Notice that they no longer work for me as the business is defunct.

      • Oh, so we’ve obviously decided to abandon the idiotic, unrealistic and illegal $25/hr for 5 employees scenario. Just as well.

        Honestly, the way you sound, you don’t deserve to be in business anyway. You certainly don’t have the mind for it. So just slide on out of the way and make room for people like Nick Hanauer, the venture capitalist who advocates raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

        http://politicsinminnesota DOT com/2013/06/nick-hanauer-the-capitalists-case-for-a-15-minimum-wage/

        We need a ton more people like him.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Maybe you should rethink your business model.

        If you raise your wages, you might get that same productivity from the three employees. Business in general has been squeezing more productivity out of fewer people for many years. Higher wages translate to lower turnover.

      • lbmouse

        Ask Costco where employee benefits are considered an investment not a cost. So change your business model and become a more profitable and socially responsible company at the same time.

      • HardThought

        Investments cost money. Costs cost money. Changing the name does not change the fact that money is going out for something.

        There is a finite amount of money available to be spent. If I, or any other business, allocate more dollars to one item, it has to come from somewhere.

        That is what you and every starry eyed, pie in the sky person on this site fails to realize.

        The money for increasing the minimum wage must come from somewhere.

      • Oh, for God’s sake.

        It comes from:

        1) Less money to the CEO (If Jamie Dimon got one-fourth of his multibillion dollar salary, would he even miss it?); and

        2) Less money to the shareholders.

        Costco does it. In n Out Burger does it. Mickey D’s, Walmart and other businesses can do it too.

        You’re just being obtuse.

      • BenefitsGuru

        Would you work for $5/hr? If so, would you be inclined to perform quality work for $5/hr? If you pay 3 people $8/hr, you’ll get better work performance than if you hire 5 people who will inevitably leave you high & dry when they find a better paying job. Wouldn’t you rather retain employees who perform well instead of spending your time looking for new employees to replace the ones who walked out on you? People want to be paid what they’re worth.

      • Zippy

        Your business model is as dopey as your post. BTW, productivity has been going up steadily for decades despite wages not keeping pace. Demand drives hiring, not some arbitrary cap- at least for successful business owners.

      • Anne

        Historically when minimum wage goes up so does productivity and more jobs. Look it up

      • Charles Goodwin

        HardThought, You should raise wages so the rest of us do not have to pick up the tab by our paying for gov’t assistance programs to make up for YOUR slack by
        not paying a fair wage. Surely you are smart enough to see that. Surely…..

      • Ric Babel

        If you don’t understand that giving more people more money to spend would help the economy, you are hopeless. BTW, the Left is the only side dealing in facts and Jon would bury Bolling, as he does O’Reilly any time they debate.

      • HardThought

        Set some parameters then follow it through. Numbers don’t lie.
        X = amount of money avail at a business for labor
        Y = current minimum wage
        Z = increased minimum wage

        At present
        4Y = X
        4Z > X

        Only way to cover 4Z is to increase X.

        Increasing X means raising prices and punishing poor.

        Increasing X means putting young and uneducated out of work.

        Is that your plan? Punish poor and put people out of work?

      • Like Ric Babel said, you are hopeless. I looked at your profile. There’s no use discussing this with you.

      • HardThought

        You still haven’t answered my question or shown any way around the math of what we are discussing.

      • I and everybody else talking to you has already done that. LIke I said, I’m done with you and your idiocies. I have better ways to waste my time. See you in Sea Tac, Washington (which just raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour).

      • HardThought

        Where did the money come from?

        Prices for everything gone up, yet?

        They will.

      • Even if prices go up a little bit, so what? If prices are raised by small amounts across the board, and people are making a living wage, it’d be worth it.

      • Monica

        i may not be an expert when it comes to economics, but hasn’t the minimum wage been raised like alot of times. if it didn’t everyone would be making like 2 dollars an hour which is unlivable and with inflation and prices do go up (history has shown that) people would have less money to spend to stimulate the economy while the money is kept at a disproportionally larger ratio within the hands of the wealthy which they put into some sort of savings. my point is that the minimum wage has been raised a lot and the apocalypse has yet to happen. what happened instead was businesses adjusted. they have to and if you are not smart enough to give your employees a livable wage then im sure the minimum wage is not going to be the reason for your downfall

      • HardThought

        Raising theinimum wage increases prices for everybody. I showed that earlier.

        The other point is that a minimum wage job is a gateway to other jobs and not a career, or shouldn’t be.

        Raising the minimum wage punishes the poor on fixed incomes and raises the youth and minority unemployment rates as proven in many studies.

        Union wages are normally tied to the minimum wage meaning increase the MW by $2 an hour and the union electrician making $35 an hour goes to $37 an hour.

      • Zippy

        you showed nothing, moron. You made an unsubstantiated claim based upon numbers you pulled out of your ass. Actual research has proven you’re full of shit

      • sonny

        prices has gone up long before minimum wages are increased… duhhhhhhhhh

      • Guest

        You forgot (A): Corporate profit (B) CEO bonus and (C) government subsidies to make up for your ridiculous business plan. Strange that increasing the profits and bonuses doesn’t increase costs or decrease productivity. Numbers don’t lie. Do the research on EVERY OTHER TIME that the minimum was increased. This isn’t new territory.

  • srsmith

    Dummy?….So mature..

  • worrierking

    Maybe if John took him up on his offer, Bolling’s show would get the “Crossfire” treatment. Derision from the viewers and a quick cancellation.

  • Ann Coulter against Rachel Maddow? That’d be bringing a popgun to an ICBM fight.

  • Bud

    The problem is, it won’t be a debate. Stewart would be talked over incessantly, and if he starts geeting the better of it, they will shut off his mic. Seen it too often to count on Faux News.

  • FortunateProfessor

    The problem is that these people don’t debate. They don’t even converse. They rudely interrupt and scream at the other person when the conversation takes a turn they can’t control. That’s how they can do what they do. Debate? That’s done with the brain, and these people don’t use it… at all.

  • Joe

    Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium, Part Deux?

  • tifosies

    Jon Stewart and Hannity? puh leez. Jon Stewart has done interviews with Krauthammer, O’Reilly, DeMint, McCrystal…
    Hannity is a freepin joke.
    Bolling called Stewart a ‘dummy’ in response to being called a dummy, with no new facts? good grief…

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. JON STEWART would have to use small words and talk slow just so the majority of republicans could watch. Not understand, but watch.

  • Michelle Grasz

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have never run from a fight..every time O’Reilly , Hannity or anyone I have seen make a statement such they have always accepted the challenge. I don’t doubt they would crush, what I do think will happen as with most of the “Fox” people is they will just shout over everything Stewart says as Yelling is the second best thing to being right

  • openlyblack

    OH PLEASE! OH PLEASE! OH PLEASE! But make sure someone neutral controls the microphone (so you don’t get the O’Reilly “cut-of-his-mike-!” crap) and allow enough time … Stewarts comments are likely to include facts …things take longer to present than Bolling’s bumper sticker/GOP talking point comments.

  • Gary Menten

    A word to the wise Eric; unless you enjoy being made to look a fool, never go head to head with a comedian. You will never win. Ridiculing people is what they do for a living.

    But you aren’t anything like wise.

  • HMS08757

    The US Neoconservative movement is big on challenges but spineless when it comes to showing up.

  • Charles Vincent

    Minimum wage is a fallacy it doesn’t require an employer to hire everyone it only requires them to hire people that generate value above the wage the government requires them to pay. Hence the minimum wage is only effective at discriminating against low skill, low productivity workers. The CBO confirmed this and the Austrian school of economics has been saying this for quite some time as well.

  • Vic

    Man, you all missed the point. Are there people abusing the system. YES! I’ve seen it. Are there people who do need the services. YES! I grew up in it. My mother didn’t buy expensive foods. She bought what was needed for her and her 7 children to survive, and not be hungry. All you people that try and make this a fight. Left against the right. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. The abuse is rampid, and needs to be stopped.

  • Rick

    Yes please, I would LOVE to see Jon Stewart verbally dominate Bolling. Stewart is a very intelligent and articulate man, Bolling has the cognitive abilities of a cheese sandwich. Only one rule need apply. All commentary MUST be entirely based in verifiable fact with citations. As a result, Bolling would be forced into silence for the entire debate.

  • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

    Bolling and everyone at Fox News can suck a bag of dicks for all I care. I wouldn’t waste one precious minute of my life watching those empty-headed shitbags spew their hate toward anyone – regardless of how epic their eventual smackdown would be.

  • HardThought

    I win!

    You people are too stupid to do math, failed Econ 101 and just want things.

    How infantile! How idiotic! How progressive! But I repeat myself.