Fox News’ Eric Bolling Goes On Childish Tirade Against Jon Stewart for Exposing Network (Video)

eric-bolling-fox-news-idiotFox News reminds me of that bully who loves picking on anyone and everyone, but then throws a giant hissy fit whenever someone dares to take a swing back at them.

As most people reading this are already well aware, Fox News bases most of its content on fear-mongering and slandering President Obama, Hillary Clinton, liberals, Democrats and pretty much anything that doesn’t coincide with Republican party ideological beliefs. After all, it’s not really a “news” channel, it’s just conservative entertainment.

But it’s always funny to me how defensive the network gets whenever the president takes a direct shot at them or something Jon Stewart said on The Daily Show happens to make waves nationally. And as it just so happens, both happened this past week.

First, while speaking at a conference about poverty at Georgetown University, President Obama mentioned how Fox News often portrays poor people as lazy sponges just leeching off the system. Naturally, that triggered Fox News to completely ignore everything the president said in the well over an hour-long event to solely focus on the fact that he mentioned the absurdity of their network directly. Well, their reaction to President Obama’s comments then prompted Stewart to absolutely tear apart the conservative entertainment network and how they often fear-monger and vilify the poor.

Though the truth is, all he really did was play clips taken directly from their own broadcasts. 

Well, it seems Fox News’ Eric Bolling, a common adversary of Stewart’s, didn’t take too kindly to The Daily Show host quoting the network verbatim.

First, Bolling went on to call poor people “parasites,” comically following that up by saying Fox News doesn’t “begrudge poor people who are struggling.”

Yes, because nothing says “we don’t begrudge poor people” quite like generalizing everyone who’s poor and relying on government programs to get by as “parasites” because a small percentage of people who get these benefits are abusing them.

But then he went on to call Stewart a “school yard bully.”

So, let me see if I understand Bolling correctly. Stewart literally played clips taken directly from Fox News broadcasts showing numerous segments over the last several years where they attacked and vilified poor people, and somehow that makes him a “bully”? This coming from a guy (Bolling) who only a few months ago mocked a female fighter pilot with one of the most disgustingly sexist remarks I’ve ever heard – while literally suffering no form of disciplinary action for his deplorable comments.

But this is what Fox News does. They want to be able to bash, attack, slander and push whatever sort of fear-mongering propaganda they think conservatives will believe, then whenever someone dares call them out on their ridiculousness, they try to act as if they’re somehow the victim.

It’s both comical and absolutely pathetic. Then again, it’s Fox News – being comically pathetic is what they do best.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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