Fox News’ Eric Bolling Outrageously Challenges Muslims To ‘Holy War’ (Video)

bolling-holy-warIt’s honestly a bit surprising that Fox News’ Eric Bolling doesn’t have his own featured primetime show on the network.  He seems to be exactly the type of loudmouthed blowhard Fox News covets to feature on their network.  He’s so vile and ignorant that I can usually stomach watching Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly far more than I can Mr. Bolling.

Take for instance his recent comments where he challenged radical Muslims to a “holy war.”

On Callin’ In, Bolling suggested it’s time to “unleash hell” on Islamic radicals and said, “There’s a common denominator with these murderous thugs: they’re Islamic, they’re radical, they’re extremist, and they’re purely intolerant. It’s time to wake up.”

Okay, nothing too ridiculous about that comment, right?  A bit inflammatory, a tinge of racism present in the underlying tone, but more or less accurate.

But then his real colors shined through, saying, “You want a holy war?  We’ll give you one.”

You see, we’re not a theocracy and our military isn’t some sort of Holy Christian assault force.  We don’t wage “holy wars.”

Oil wars?  Sure, you could make a claim that we’ve done that.  But we don’t go to war based on religion – because our government isn’t based on Christianity.  

We’re not carrying out airstrikes in Iraq against radical ISIS militants because we’re fighting some kind of holy war against Islam.  We’re launching military strikes on terrorists… who happen to be Islamic.

There’s a huge difference.

But Bolling’s comments do shed light on what I believe many of these conservatives actually believe that we’re doing in the Middle East, waging some kind of “holy war” against Muslims.

Judging all Muslims based on the reprehensible actions of ISIS (or other Islamic terrorists) would be like judging Christians based on the Westboro Baptist Church and the Ku Klux Klan.

Though it’s like I’ve said before, when you get right down to it, right-wing fanatical Christians and Islamic radicals really aren’t all that different.

But his comments also showcase the flippant and callous nature conservatives often seem to have toward war.  They act like it’s some damn video game where lives mean nothing.

Because while I agree with Obama’s decision to order airstrikes, and the need to address ISIS in general, there’s one undeniable fact that’s going to result from our actions – innocent people will die.  For Bolling to talk about war like he’s trash talking a rival sports team is juvenile and pathetic.

And that’s exactly the kind of person Bolling is – juvenile and pathetic.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nemisis

    This is exactly the kind of thing that gets you your own show.
    Exactly the kind of crap that pisses the globe off.

    • JP

      Really? Threatening these brain addled thugs with destruction is what pisses off the globe? How about genocide, raping and beheading of women and children, total intolerance for anything different? Where is the outrage here? What an unbelievably dumb statement.

      • Nemisis

        No, being an arrogant ass pisses off the globe.
        Who does he think he is. Does he think that he has the power to call for a holy war? Who is going to back him? Will his ass be out in front chasing down ISIS? I don’t think so. His candy ass will be right there in the studio blow harding while some unfortunate son of liberty has to. Is that pos calling attention to the hoards of Christians running amok in central Africa killing, raping, beheading anything that is not Christian? NO. Is he giving alarm to the 40,000 Zoroastrianists that are surrounded by ISIS and being raped and killed and etc. BTW that religion predates Christians and Muslims. The answer is no, again. His only concern in this is to get ratings. His exploitation of this real and terrible crisis is disgusting. His presumption that he could call a holy war is just as dangerous and offensive as what ISIS is actually doing. So JP, my statement is not dumb. Your statement of outrage for what is happening is on spot. But please don’t back, that asinine garbage coming out of his mouth, up.

      • Average Joe

        Like it or not, a holy war has already been called. Not by some talking head but by the ones doing the killing. Unless all the faiths can get together and control their own this could go global in a heartbeat.

      • Joseph Kerns

        Take a good look at Euorpe. World War 3 has begun. History repeats itself.

      • Nemisis

        AJ, The problem with that is religious wars have been going on since the creation of the second religion. Since one religion crossed paths with another.
        For a time there was a sort of balance when the multitudes of theists worshiped a multitude of deities and did so in relative peace. (For the times)

        Ever since the mono-theistic religions emerged each one has asserted it’s divinity above that of others.
        They each have a common theme and similar basic ideals and even a common ancestry. What they lack is actual tolerance of others.
        They preach tolerance, but not really because each insists the other convert or burn in hell. My favorite is the Mormon, who believe god gave up on the other denominations (ie: made a mistake) and theirs is the correct way. Basically “You were right up till now, but now we’re right.” (a personal lol moment…)

        Until all religions accept others as they are there will be no lasting peace. That makes me sad. I hope one day, it will be so. I don’t want my great great great grandchildren to have to take up arms against another human.

        Have a great week, then pass it on.

      • Joseph Kerns

        Which part of you would be facing the enemy. your face or your ass. Because believe me they would love to cut off your head and there will be no one of your ilk defending you. You will be just like the auther of this piece. You will be hoping they do not get you or will you pick up a gun. I bet the gun would scare you more then the enemy.

      • Nemisis

        You obviously mistook my being nice for a weakness.
        I would not need defending. I would not be defending.
        If they can take my head they earned it, I hope they break their necks falling over their dead brethren.

        I also hope your there, pissing yourself and crying to your pathetic god to save you, because mine sure as hell won’t.

      • Jaime Mendez

        Progressives wouldn’t pick up a gun because they are anti-second amendment.

  • Majorka

    I just love the bro fist at the end

  • Andy Kinnard

    For these clowns, sports are just a less deadly reflection of warfare which they see as analogous to their work life (a life and death struggle). I’m not kidding. So, aside from the religious wars/not a theocracy angle (nice catch, BTW), his argument is internally consistent when seen from their point of view. That is the mindset of our opposition.

    • Matthew Reece

      The real purpose of sports teams (and the reason they get so many government subsidies) is to indoctrinate the population with an “us versus them” mentality, which is useful when the ruling elite want to go to war.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Yes, tribalism.

      • JP

        Wow… did you come up with that all by yourself? I bet you were you the kid who couldn’t make it to the top of the rope in gym class. A smellier pile of bullshit I have never seen.

      • Matthew Reece

        Ad lapidem is an admission of defeat and ignorance. And FYI, I can climb ropes while wearing a 20 pound vest.

  • Mainah

    He just lumped in several different groups that are fighting for different reasons and he finds this one video of just some random “jihadist” (I’m assuming since there was no real verification on this clip on who this kid is) kid, which if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video of a Tea Party rally you could find an equivalent spouting some stupid thing which is seditious, equivocating machismo while being shot at. But you go Eric! Sitting behind your nice safe desk. That’s right! Some random kid whose world is nothing but death at any moments statement has unleashed the Dogs of War! Let’s add to the violence since we helped to destabilize stuff in the first place!
    You keep fist bumpin’ bro. He gets paid to agree with you. However, I do not … so just STFU already.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      correct-a-mundo: he gets paid big money 2 agree with the FOX “news’ studio format. end of discussion. I like how he fervently b*tched about ACA and Benghazi; now his fat opulent ass Is VERY quiet!

  • Todd C Brinkley

    first of all the show is called Cashin’ In, not Callin’ In… get your facts right first. secondly, what do you think a Islamic Caliphate is exactly but a Holy War? Genocide against Christians and fellow Muslims who are not deemed as ‘hard core’ as ISIS or Al Qaeda. rampant beheading of innocent children and non-conforming Muslims. Publishing a video and Twitter image of an ISIS flag being shown in front of the White House with the very real threat of flying it over the White House “soonly” and presenting a bomb to the President. maybe you should wake up to the very real threat that these groups pose to all humanity.

    • Jim

      Maybe you should read about the history of war propaganda in this country, starting immediately after Columbus landed. He reported that the natives were savages and cannibals and needed civilizing. Later on, not much later, the Christians were chopping off hands, raping the native girl slaves and feeding the Indians to their dogs. Christians accusing anybody else of brutality and uncivilized behavior is hilarious.Bayoneting babies ( Belgium WWI), raping Nanking (WW2), shooting at our destroyers in International waters ( Tonkin Gulf ), WMD anyone?, baby incubators (Kuwait). Come on, haven’t you been paying attention?

      • DavidD

        The Rape of Nanking was a historical fact verified among others by the German Embassy and conducted by the Japanese Imperial Army.It was hell on earth.
        Religious impulses of all faiths can be twisted by opportunists.No one faith in the history of the planet has been immune from this.
        The one thing we need to stress is our government as Mr.Clifton clearly stated is not a theocracy but a secular republic under the rule of law .
        Any one who seeks to use this conflict to gin out hate to our Muslim citizens should be denounced as haremongers and if they violate our rule of law be held accountable under that law.
        Religious hatred is despicable behavior and is not what we should be about.

      • JP

        I suppose you think it was wrong to round up the Japanese Americans at the beginning of WWII. It was a time of war and we did not know who we could trust. It was unfortunate but necessary. It might be necessary again if these religious nuts keep pushing.

      • DavidD

        Yes it was unecessary and was brought about by hysterical racists who bulldozed Earl Warren to bring up the bogus issue of trust when there was no concrete reason to.
        Japanese American men earned more medals for valor than any other ethnic group while fightning for a nation who had turned against them .
        The fearmongers of that time were shown to be completely wrong and meanspirted and said the exact same garbage against the Japanese Americans as the anti -Muslims haters say today.
        Muslims are people just like us and most love this country.Their kids who were born here are as American as any other kids as this is their home.

      • Nemisis

        I agree with most of what you said there.
        I question the medal count though.

        Those same fear mongers later enabled McCarthyism to flourish. As a result communism became the new fear, and to push out the godless hordes we allowed some fairly small innocuous changes to our laws, traditions, and even our money. Sixty plus years later we are defending ourselves from religious hordes claiming America is a nation of Christ because it’s in our pledge, on our money, and if your not Christian your a commie, or a Muslim, or a fascist, or anti-christian, or anti-patriotic….

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      u seem to swallow the regressive extremist white trash fear stuff very easily– ISIS flag soon over white house??????
      don’t forget: Obama was born in Kenya,,,,, and the ACA is a failure; and Benghazi is a coverup

      • Mainah

        Wait. I thought Obama was the Lizard king.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        Obama and even jim “doors” Morrison are not/ cannot be LIZARD KING— that’s me!!! I own TEGUS and NO ONE can catch lizards as well as me– caught just TODAY 5 anoles (males of course) 3 curlytails and a knight anole– look them all up— my TEGU eats lizards and they are very nutritious for him, — here is a photo of a TEGU

  • Jim

    Dear Eric,
    I think I’ll sit this one out. Don’t forget to write.

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    another overpaid overweight regressive white guy on FOX “news”

  • Avatar

    Eric, they practically outnumbered us by 12-1. He really thought America can take on 3 billion of Muslims? Evidently he overestimated America’s military might.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      or the fact that congress and any president will not start this– we still are reeling from the PRIOR administrations WARS and costs and deaths

  • Lomus.

    “There’s a common denominator with Muslim extremists: they’re Islamic, they’re radical, they’re extremists, and they’re purely intolerant. Wake up”. Can we put this guy to sleep? Like, permanently?

  • BluesDude

    Progressives seem to forget that those who declared jihad on non-muslims hate all of us, progressive and conservative alike. However, their disgust and disdain is particularly strong against progressives, who they feel are weak and pathetic, who elect to sit on the sidelines, instead of rising to the defense of their country and especially, their families. Cowardice in a man is even beneath the status of a woman, in their view. Both still get beheaded, but the wimpy ones… well, they have a little “fun” with them first. They “turn them into the women they feel the pacifists are. Now go ahead… make your comments from the safety of your comfy bedrooms, safe in knowing that someone else, not you, will defend your right to be cowards.

    • DavidD

      You thump chesting conservatives assume that progresives won’t defend themselves and don’t know how.
      That is a dangerous assumption and believe me I won’t hesitate to defend my self,my family and the things i believe in by any means necessary if I have too.
      I’m a vet like many of us are and have been in situations out here in the civilian world were being second place was not an option and i’m still here.
      The difference is we don’t glory in it,wear camo to WalMart and try to avoid it if we can.
      Once you involve yourself in violence justified or not you will have regrets about it for the rest of your life.Your life will never be the same and you will take the consequences of your actions to your grave.
      It’s not a contest and don’t mistake wanting to avoid violence for inability to practice it if forced too.

      • Nemisis

        Well said.
        Only a true warrior knows the real value of peace.

      • Joseph Kerns

        No you are wrong again… All warriors know the value of peace. There is no warrior who would not rather see peace. There will be no peace until we wipe them out. They will wipe you out if you do not. Read your history about religous conflicts.

      • Nemisis

        Are you saying there are other types of warriors?
        If there are different classes of warriors other than true and false it is news to me.

        False warriors are the first ones to fan the flames of hate and war. Like Commander Douche Weasel calling for a holy war.

        A true warrior knows the value of peace and urges peace. Failing to achieve peace then a true warrior will bring war to his enemies and beat on his enemy till the enemy has no will to fight.

        So again, I still stand correct.After some 6,000 years of conflict the middle east is still at it. With no end in sight.
        Read my history…read yours.

      • DebofAmber

        We have. we also see that it is only the extreme fringe of the religions who are a threat. Killing all of a religion for the actions of the fringe is not an action any rational human should be willing to do.

      • Jaime Mendez

        You’ve already surrendered due to your political correctness.

      • DavidD

        Nonsense and a cliche to boot.

      • BluesDude

        You sound like a cook, not a grunt.

      • DavidD

        I was niether track toad.Damage controlman R Division USNR 1972 to 1975 USNR.You light em we fight em.
        Worked Insane Assylum and Texas prisions and I’ve seen blood splatter from the floor to the ceiling and none of it was mine.
        Did you earn that patch or did you steal it from who you think is your Daddy?

    • maritzka

      As the daughter of a 20-year Vet, I was taught to handle weapons from the age of 8 years old. Try to hurt anyone I love, or break into my house in the middle of the night and I will pick you off like a ripe tomato. I sure don’t need you to do it for me. Now get back on that soapbox and tell us more about how brave Conservatives are. I appreciate you for telling the jokes today.

      • BluesDude

        And being a daughter of a vet doesn’t make you one, missy. Now be a good girl and make me and tour father dinner.

      • you’re just a prick behind a computer. All talk and no action really.

    • Joseph Kerns

      I agree with you. What these poor bastards do not understand is they will go to the cities first because of the weakness of the males in these areas. The progressive men will die on there knees. A great recruiting tool.

    • enich

      I just hope Bill Orally is carefull when adjusting his Bra Holster.

  • Eg Kbbs

    We’re really going to win the friendship of the other Muslim nations by threatening a Holy War (uh, Crusades ?) on the Muslims.

  • Mainah

    By the way, does Bolling realize how many Americans are Muslim? How’s that going to work exactly?

    • Nemisis

      No he doesn’t.
      Does he realize how many Muslims serve in the military? No again.

      He’s a commodities trader with a minor in baseball.

      He also thinks he is the Holy American Presidential Pope.

    • Joseph Kerns

      internment, we have space

  • Susan Grove

    If we’re lucky we’ll wake up tomorrow morning and the big headline will be “Eric Bolling Kidnapped by ISIS”

    • DavidD

      I’d settle for him being fired,placed in the public stocks with baskets of horse turds for ammunition being placed around.
      Then he should have to go out and get a real job and earn an honest living like the rest of us.

  • Jeff Schwager

    You guys are a bunch of morons. Appeasing Muslims is like feeding an alligator hoping it will eat you last. Unless you have been over there and seen how these people live, just do everyone else a favor and STFU.

    • DavidD

      ,I suggest that you are not the only one who has been over there and many of us were over somewhere else doing what we were told to do well before you were even a gleam in your Daddy’s eye.
      Demonizing whole groups of people for the actions of individuals or groups is the wrong way to go.It’s hateful opportunisim and urging up violence based on that will have severe consequences for all of us.
      Your suggestion that we shut the fuck up is unenforcable and betrays a lack of confidence in your position.
      If bad things happened to you over there and it’s messing with your life then check out the VA programs that are set up to help you.
      They are far from perfect,it won’t be easy and you will never be the same as you were before you went in but you are not alone and I urge you to get help if this is keeping you down.

      • JP

        What a condescending post. A guy disagrees with you and you tell him he need psychological help? You are a special kind of ignorant.

      • DavidD

        I was worked with a private agency that was first in the mid seventies to work with veterans with PTSD.
        My role was marginal and I sat and listened as guys spilled their guts on bad stuff that happened to them and what was worse things they had to do to other people.
        I had just got out of the service and my role was the be the younger brother they could talk to.
        I was instructed by people who were smarter than me to say one thing in reply.You are a good person because if you were a bad person this would not be tearing you up inside.
        I couldn’t take much of it and wish i had stayed with it longer but I was weak and it got to me.
        The story hasn’t changed much for the guys in Iraq and Afganistan.
        This guy is pissed off.Why i don’t know but if he needs help then I’m not going to kiss his ass because that doesn’t work.I’m going to confront him and hope he gets help.
        You are very quick to jump to conclusions to back up your political agenda and play games.

      • Progressives love to pretend they have the intellectual high ground but they also have a bad habit of making a lot of incorrect assumptions… and you know what happens when you ASS-U-ME…

        David D posted similar remarks as he attempted to psychoanalyze Bluesdude. David D appears to be thumping his own chest and projecting his weakness at others.

        I joined the USMC in the late ’70’s. Retired 21.5 yrs later. Marines aren’t known for sugarcoating the truth. We cut to the chase and tend to tell it like it is. So if you don’t like it, that’s not my problem… It’s YOUR problem.

        Let’s get one thing straight: The one jumping to conclusions is YOU.

        I have no political agenda, and I’m not here to play games. AND, just for the record, I don’t have PTSD. Here’s another little FYI you might want to take to heart, “I never met a shrink that didn’t need one.”

        The story HAS changed much for the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Unlike our Vietnam Veterans, today’s veterans have the appreciation of a grateful nation that thanks them for their service.

        While I didn’t serve in Vietnam, I heard firsthand from the NCO’s who trained me, just how screwed up it was over there. Those coming back home from Vietnam were not well received by the American public, The Vietnam War could have been won militarily were it not for the stupid decisions made by our bureaucrat politicians, who were fighting the war from their armchairs in Washington. Thankfully, our elected leaders seemed to have learned from the mistakes made during Vietnam and didn’t repeat them during Desert Storm, The Gulf War, or The War On Terror, which is being fought in Afghanistan and other locations around the world.

        The best thing our politicians can do for our men and women in uniform is to leave the warfighting to the warfighters, and LISTEN to the generals when they say they need more troops!

        Those coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan come home to an American public that thanks them for their service. Much more is done to help them than was done for those who served in Vietnam, but the country has made efforts to make amends. Unfortunately, it was a long time coming. Better late than never, but many good veterans died before they ever heard a thank you come from a grateful nation proud of their service.

        I was told on (a military social networking site) that even moreso than saying, “Thank you for your service!”, the best thing you can tell a Vietnam Vet is “Welcome Home!”

        It doesn’t matter that they came home years ago… They STILL want to hear it and they still NEED to hear it.

  • Matthew Reece

    I don’t like that Bolling has called himself an anarcho-capitalist. He clearly doesn’t understand what that term means.

    • DavidD

      He can’t call himself a selfish childish blowhard that wants to cheat and lie himself to the top instead of making an honest living.
      He is a sociopath looking for a title to justify his sense of entilement.He is going to call himself whatever the other RWNJ are calling themselves these days to suit the needs of the moment for himself.
      Political philosophy as you pointed out has nothing to do with it.That would take an intellectual ability he does not possess is too lazy to pursue and scorns as a legitmate process to begin with.

  • DavidD

    What is this fellow Boling’s military background? This is not a time for talking trash but a time of deep regrets and mourning.We lost too many of our kids over there and here in Texas our small town cemeterys usally have someboy’s child buried in it.
    I hate that this has started all up again and I think the President does too.
    I’d rather have him in charge now,a thoughtful intelligent mature individual than a foolish immature loudmouth like Boling.

    • JP

      These people we are being forced to deal with… they do not understand your sentiment. They are ruthless killers. They kill and rape and maim without remorse. How do you propose that we deal with these people?

      • DavidD

        We are not being forced to deal with them .We could easily get all our 800 Special Forces out and diplomatic people and leave the Kurds to face this alone and allow the Yazdis to be wiped out in a genocidal frenzy.
        There are no good options and quite frankly I don’t know what the right thing to do is.
        If ISIL goes through the Kurds they will be hard up against Turkey who is our NATO ally and unless we want to see that alliance collapse we will by treaty have to act.
        In times like this you have to keep a clear head and not be stampeded by people who have their own agenda unrelated to the problem at hand.You seek truth from facts and then you act or don’t act.
        I do know this though.I trust President Obama more than any body else .He has a cool head ,a good mind and will carefully listen and honestly do what is best for our common country.
        I have a nephew over there that regularily flies fire missions in gunships.Sometimes all you can do is say a little prayer and hope for the best.

      • Nemisis

        JP, a rather large portion of people in America a blind to what is really happening because the only news they watch is that kind of trash.

        Another portion does not have the stomach for what a real was is. Another just wants the diplomats to seek peace, but if war is needed then leave it to those who know what war is.
        The worse Idea our nation ever had was trying to embed reporters with combat troops. It brought the war home and it was ugly. So they are now trying to make it pretty and war should never be pretty. That is how you lose one.

        Were it left to me, and it should never be left to me, Precision would be a suggestion.

  • OldCowboy

    Since Bolling wants war so much, he needs to be conscripted, put in uniform, and sent to Afghanistan.

    • Nemisis

      Not there, send him to Iraq, isn’t that where he wants his holy war to be?

      • OldCowboy

        Damn good point.

  • JustaSlob

    Tough to follow through sitting in a studio….Go on Asshole…enlist.

  • canucksam

    Innocent people die whenever there’s war. No one wants that to happen but it does. In the case of the Hamas and ISIS, they are causing the deaths of their own people. Their insane belief that all who are not of the Islamic faith must be killed is against all sane reasoning. They are the cause of the senseless deaths of innocent people. When a people are continuously attacked and the lives of their citizens are in jeopardy it is only to be expected that they will retaliate, whether they are Israelis, Iraqis or Christians they have the right to fight back. Why are so many backing Hamas and ISIS? These are insane, murderous outlaws who should be wiped from the face of the earth. Those who defend these monsters will sing another tune when, in the near future, they are face to face with them on their own soil.

  • This latest catastrophe brought to you by the Obama administration.
    Had he listened to his military advisers we wouldn’t be in this mess. And you apologists for the criminal in the White house…you are responsible for putting him there. This is just another example of how elections have consiquences….you got your hip, cool smooth talking President and he’s done nothing but destroy everything he touches. Yeah, I know you don’t want to admit that….which is why you will flame me while the Middle east goes up in flames. You guys did this. Next thing out of your mouths is “Bush did it” and “You’re a racist”. Bush has been gone for 6 years. What we have now is a direct result of the actions and inaction’s of the current campaigner and chief. Live with it. As far as the racist thing goes….give it a rest. Nobody buys that tired old excuse anymore. Flame away….the truth is not in your favor and you can’t change that.

  • Mark

    We need to kill as many of these people as we can. What are you going to do ? Talk to them ? You people are dangerous.

  • Joseph Kerns

    Mr Clifton will be one of the people who will decide to die on his knees rather then on his feet. Progressive my ass. He speaks same as the coward we have as a president. Sounds to me as an Arab man had him as a child as they do other boys in the family.

    • Nemisis

      Your are just about the right type of idiot to make that statement.
      You know a lot about being on knees, and hands and knees.
      Seem to know a lot about what men do to other men, when they are of a certain persuasion. Call up Commander Douche Weasel, tell him you got his back, and then the two of you go get some Jihadists.
      Go on, let’s hear it… So us your war face. Ain’t that cute…fuknob

  • JoeBideyourtime

    Don’t worry, Bolling will back up his words, He is not some progressive ass.

  • bvicente

    I love this! You have a global movement of people who hate the United States, murder women and children while masked, one “training” his young son by having the boy hold up the severed head of another human being …

    and you’re butthurt by what Bolling says?

    You guys are a work of art!

  • Wayne Moore

    What a wuss this author is. No way he would go to war if some innocent people would get killed. I guess he can let his family be the first to be killed by those terrorists if that is what he wants. How many times have you heard those leftist liberal socialist democrats say that. They are now pointing fingers at Israel for defending their selfs. Israel didnt kill those innocent people, Hamas did. Gaza can have peace if they want to. ISIS can have peace if they want to. Anyone in the world can have peace if they want to. Pretty simple. Stop making war against other cultures and other people and other country,s. That is how you have peace and no innocent people get killed.