Fox News’ Eric Bolling Takes Obama’s Comments Out Of Context To Go Off On Ridiculous Rant (Video)

eric-bolling-fox-news-idiotOnce again someone on Fox News has been caught blatantly taking comments made by President Obama completely out of context to fabricate some other “news story” that’s not at all based on reality because it was created from an outright lie.

This time it was Eric Bolling who decided to take comments the president has made about programs we have in this country that are “broken” (health care, immigration, gun laws) and twist them around to make it seem as if President Obama was bashing the United States. Because how dare a president be honest about certain areas of our country that need to be fixed. Apparently over 50 million people going without health insurance, 12 million illegal immigrants and thousands of gun-related homicides every year are just fine with Mr. Bolling.

And it seems that President Obama suggesting that our immigration system is broken (it most certainly is) finally set the Fox News host off.

On Cashin’ In, Bolling whined, “Back off. America is not broken. The country did just fine for 238 years without you. We are a dominant global superpower. America is not broken, we don’t need you fixing stuff.”

Doesn’t that statement just perfectly epitomize right-wing ignorance?

The reality is, our evolution as a nation is why we have reached the level of success that we have. We didn’t get to where we are now by “keeping to the status quo.” That’s what’s so incredibly ironic about conservative beliefs. Right-wing ideology is often predicated on the belief that “the way it’s been is the way it always should be,” which is absurd. The fact is that our success as a nation is a direct result of those who broke us away from “what we’ve always done” and ushered in a new chapter for this country.

Hell, this nation was founded by men who thumbed their nose at the “way it had always been” and carved out a new path, and by doing so created a new nation.

And at every major change this country has gone through (its founding, the Civil War, women’s suffrage, desegregation, civil rights) there has always been those people, like Bolling and his fellow conservatives, who didn’t believe anything needed to be changed. For them, “the way it’s been is the way it always should be.”

The United States wasn’t created by people who sat by and did nothing. This nation became  the power that it is today because of those we now look upon with admiration and reverence. Those individuals who embraced changed and bravely pushed this nation forward, not backward.

Because the truth is that the United States became the global superpower it is today not because of people like Eric Bolling – but in spite of people like him.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Jim Bean

    I’ve always wondered why people aren’t streaming out of this broken country rather than streaming in. I guess I wasn’t the only one.

    • Rob Bailey

      There is now more income mobility in many other countries than in the US. People follow the money, and right now in the US all the wealth transfer has been to the top. We educate some of the best and brightest, then they leave and compete against us.

      • Jim Bean

        Very true. And when unsophisticated strong arm tactics are employed in foolish attempts to disrupt the natural transfer of wealth, the wealth also leaves and competes against us.

      • Rob Bailey

        The natural transfer of wealth doesn’t exist on a macro scale. The system is rigged. There’s an overwhelming body of evidence proving that fact.

      • Jim Bean

        There is no way to prevent investment money from gravitating to the most lucrative investment. Dems want border security for money but not for illegal crossings by people. We, the people, will never see either.

      • surfjac

        What is that word salad supposed to convince me of? You’re projecting nonsense.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        jimbo is at “world salad” consistency— hes truly amazing sometimes: when u slap him with facts he disappears or spins to another topic

      • surfjac

        No it doesn’t. Look at California, they raised taxes and no one left. The wealthy businesses stayed and reaped the benefits of people working and spending money. Bill Clinton raised taxes and saw unprecedented job growth a mere two decades ago.
        When have tax cuts for the wealthy ever created jobs?
        What about those patriotic Americans who transfer their wealth offshore? What are they afraid of? Not putting a tax burden on the rest of us, yourself included?

      • Jim Bean

        “No one Left?” I do hope you are just being Gruberlike.

        Google ‘companies that left California.’

      • regressive teaparty trash

        google ” california turns repub deficit into democrat surplus”
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and exactly how they did it

      • Jim Bean

        Google “top ten fastest growing state economies” and tell me what color they are.

      • regressive teaparty trash

        nice try (again) jimbo– we all saw others trash that argument on here as we all know that when U are that far down there is no where to go but up. repub states slowest growth; worst financials/biggest poverty/ worst education.
        geeeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, im surprised !

      • regressive teaparty trash

        read jims reply 2 U… reply 2 him,,,,,,his reply 2 me and my subsequent reply–

  • Pipercat

    Nice to see Eric has moved on to hasty generalizations. False equivalencies are getting, oh so, passe…

    • Eg Kbbs

      I’d add that as Faux usually has absolutely no basis in fact, a story based on taking Obama’s words out of context is actually a step up the ladder.

  • GenerallyConfused

    Sooo.. there has been no change ever in this country, we are exactly the same as we were in 1776. Got it. Anyone know why my home has fire that turns on with a switch and my child is in a public school with black children? Oh, that’s right.. things did, in fact, change. Wow, sometimes I really do wonder if this is to keep the masses stupid and ignorant of their history.

  • Someone give this guy a buggy whip, a tri-corner hat and stick him out in the woods. If you feel any compassion, you might build him a fire because I don’t think he’d be able to build it himself.

  • Jordan Ward

    If nothing is broken and nothing needs fixing why are they always claiming that Obama isn’t doing enough to address the issues.

    • regressive teaparty trash

      its called the smoke and mirrors “doubletalk”

  • ejgreene

    Did no one at Fox pay attention during American History classes either in high school or college? What has education become? Perhaps it needs to be fixed first.