Fox News Finally Loses It: Uses ‘Success’ of Japanese Internment Camps to Advocate Profiling Muslims (Video)

While it doesn’t exactly shock me, I’m appalled at what I just watched. On Fox News’ Cashin’ In, Eric Bolling and his four person panel decided to tackle the “most controversial” topic ever discussed on the show.

The topic: Should we profile Muslims?

Their answer? Yes, we should. Not only that, but one panelist used our use of Japanese internment camps during World War II as an example where profiling turned out to be successful.

Co-panelist Jonathan Hoenig agreed that we should profile Muslims in America, elaborating even further by saying:

We should have been profiling on September 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good start. It’s not on skin color, however, it’s on ideology: Muslim, Islamists, jihadist. That’s a good start but it’s only a start. We need to stop giving Korans to Gitmo prisoners, we need to stop having Ramadan and Iftar celebrations in the White House. We need to stop saying the enemy is not Islamic. They are.

Bolling then listed a few attacks in our recent past, linking those he listed to Muslim males and asking, “Is it okay to say it’s time to start profiling Muslim males? I say, yes, it is.”

Don’t you just love it? A major news network, with one of their more well-known media personalities, publicly advocating for our government to start racially profiling Americans. Because that’s essentially what this segment is. These people advocating that it’s time the United States, and Americans in general, profile people who look Muslim.

I emphasized the word “look” because the only way you could do this would be to see someone who looks Muslim, then profile them. Of course, completely ignoring the fact that there are millions of Muslims all over the world who don’t fit the “Middle Eastern Muslim” stereotype to which these idiots were referring.

This was easily one of the most absurd segments I’ve ever watched. While Fox News has always clearly been driven by a lot of prejudice, especially towards non-whites, it’s rarely been so blatantly displayed. Especially with such arrogance and pride like I saw here.

While I’m often ashamed after watching something from Fox News, I walk away from this particular segment both ashamed and embarrassed that so many people actually take this network seriously.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • sherry06053

    Isn’t that what Hitler did with Jews? And they compare Obama to Hitler?

    • Asher Frost

      As a matter of fact, this may be the first time where the Nazi comparison is actually valid. Here is a group of people advocating for locking others up based on their faith because otherwise they will “Destroy us all”
      That’s EXACTLY what the Nazi’s started with

      • Ivan Renko

        No one on that panel advocated locking others up based on their faith.

      • Asher Frost

        right, they’ll profile them to give cookies to, obviously.
        Pull the other one, it’s got candy

      • Ivan Renko

        You made a direct accusation that just isn’t true, Asher, because no one advocated it. I doubt you watched the video and are only gleaning that from the headline that leads you to believe that the panel was advocating putting all Muslims in internment camps, but that wasn’t the case.

        That’s always how Nazi comparisons are arrived at, step by step of these weasel comparisons that ends up with one side saying the other is just like Hitler, but you guys managed to do it on the very first posts. Well done.

      • Asher Frost

        I watched the video. Twice, because I couldn’t believe what I saw the first time.
        they are advocating profiling based on religion. Profiling is the actual word they used.
        Profiling starts with treating people with more scrutiny, then goes on to locking those people up. We have to only look around to see it. The mention of the Japanese interment camps was no accident, as they are attempting to follow the same path (Where the news companies at the time made people fear Japanese Americans so much that they demanded the Government lock them away)

        And going back to the Nazi analogy, the Concentration Camps didn’t come first, first came the Nazi-controlled media scaring people about “Jews” then came profiling, then came camps.
        It’s a pattern that has been shown many times throughout history, in many different Societies. This isn’t an abstract “Slippery Slope” argument, we are talking repeated observable cause and effect.

      • Ivan Renko

        they are advocating profiling based on religion. Profiling is the actual word they used.

        No argument with that descriptive. But sorry, you can’t project the Slippery Slope and then claim they advocated for that

        Not without being intellectually dishonest, that is.

      • Asher Frost

        should have been profiling on September 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip
        down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put
        Japanese-Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on
        residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good
        start. It’s not on skin color, however, it’s on ideology: Muslim,
        Islamists, jihadist. That’s a good start but it’s only a start.

        Notice he keeps saying “It’s only a start” Profiling people based on religion to him is a good start, but only a start.

        Again, history quite clearly has shown us what happens literally EVERY TIME people start profiling each other based on race or belief. The end to Fox News’ “Good Start” is the same every single time. It was the same in the US, it was the same in Germany, it was the same in South Africa. Over and over again. This isn’t some mythical slippery slope. This is easily observable history.

      • Ivan Renko

        You have a vivid imagination and you’re fear-mongering.

        Does it start with an off-hand remark by a relatively-unknown investment/libertarian panelist on a Saturday morning business analysis show called ‘Cashin In’ by a moderator asking if we should start profiling more?

        Seriously, Asher, go get some smelling salts and take a seat on the fainting couch, I think you may have the vapors.

      • Asher Frost

        Right, because the 24 hour news station known to be the absolutely most controlling when it comes to content totally didn’t clear this guy at all and have nothing to do with his point of view being out there?

        I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

      • Ivan Renko

        You’re profiling, Asher.

      • Asher Frost

        You appear to not understand the term Profiling.

        Profiling is when you disparage an entire group on the acts of one member, or even false assumptions about that group.

        What I am doing is judging an organization by their own actions. It’s no more profiling than it would be to suggest that someone who is observed to eat bacon every day may be a meat eater.

      • Ivan Renko

        Let’s agree to disagree, ok, Asher?

        Anyone can justify their actions as they see fit, and differentiate them with another action as that person’s actions being bad, and wrong, and theirs being good, and justified. You did disparage that entire panel, and Fox News, as having been complicit in advocating locking people up based on their religious beliefs. And you based that disparaging accusation on that panel on one offhand remark made by one of the panelists.

        Your analogy doesn’t work here because you admitted to using the Slippery Slope argument to draw your conclusion, which is most definitely profiling. That group didn’t advocate locking Muslims up. You didn’t observe that. You observed one guy making a reference to an action done 70+ years ago, and no one on that panel referred to that particular event again, even once.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        that entire panel is –as usual– a panel of rightwing FOX “news” creeps
        didja ever notice how FOX always has same old boors? Y do U never see Robert reich on? 90% of long time economists are liberal leaning based upon what they investigate; yet we have Krauthammer on all the time.,,,,and then U re -appear and cannot even get this shows statements accurately!
        was it said?? or was it NOT said???

      • Ivan Renko

        Shemale, you guys are crying about a Saturday morning business analysis show. You don’t have to watch it. I wonder why you even do, or why anyone who hates Fox would. I understand bloggers need material, and I understand how anything Fox-related is red meat for liberal commenters on liberal blogs, but ‘Cashin’ In’? C’mon.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        (a) I was wrong in including the dem, (b) u are wrong about letrash and what he FIRST said. (c) he sent the aspersion FIRST and u ignored that ; thus your second error (d) sure seems like U are doing a TON of ( selective) homework upon meeeeeeeeee,,,,,,,,,thus ” stalking” which I have no fear of (e) U spun away ( again) from answering my easy2answer question — “was it said or NOT said” which shows U (also) to be even MORE unable/unwilling to show that U erred; thus magnifying your crybaby rant about someone elses ( mine) purported not mentioning being wrong.(SEE: do as I say,,,not as I do) I did immediately ( now) upon reading your ^^^ above message; you didn’t and heaped more “ca ca” upon the blog with your one dimensional post—
        you win one,,,,,loser four
        helluva PCT there; OY-VAN ( 20%)

      • Ivan Renko

        You write much and say little.

        What Hoenig said is in text in the body if the blog article. It’s also on video. I don’t know how to make it any more clear to you as to what he said and that I disagree with Asher and Nemisis’ interpretation of what he said. You seem to have a mental block about it. From what he did say, that we should profile, two panelists agreed, and two didn’t. None of the other four took him as saying what Asher accused him of saying, that Hoenig wanted to put Muslims in internment camps. Hoenig did not say or imply that.

        Is that clear to you now, bonehead? Or are you just being obtuse on purpose?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        U said he didn’t say it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        ,,,,,,, then u said ( in effect) what he said came from someone who shouldn’t matter
        —-that makes U a liar—-
        obtuse? perhaps you should eschew obfuscation

      • Ivan Renko

        OMG, is that what you’ve been yapping about for the past two days like a little terrier puppy?

        And there’s your ubiquitous weasel clause “saying (in effect)”. One that many here use to project anything you want to project that someone else said. “Well that’s what he said (in effect)!!!” Good Lorde.

        One last time. Hoenig said what you can read and hear above what he said. He did not imply he wanted us to inter Muslims. It’s a ridiculous assertion. It’s even more ridiculous to assert that he was advocating internment and that Fox News chose him to be the one to announce it on that show on a Saturday morning business show when 99.9% if Americans are out (or in) doing something other than watching ‘Cashin’ In’.

        Seriously, I refrain from name-calling just for the sake of it, but you are an imbecile, my tax-cheating friend.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        seems as if u again are stubbornly not admitting U did say what U said and then “fred astaired”(gene kelly?) away from it with your subsequent ramblings punctuated by the above ^^^ lucubration ( see: thesaurus) You may call me any name u wish– as Teflon rules me upon my life.
        “one last time” ,,,,,, hoeing said what he said- we both NOW!!) agree with that-
        my ‘palinoial’ reminder 2 U is that u initially denied ever saying what U said— when the FACT was –again– brought forth U again spun away instead of admitting your error and intensified it by continuing to stand by the initial fallacy.
        U really need to get laid or something

      • Ivan Renko

        Why don’t you show your work for once, shemale. I have no idea what you’re claiming I ‘first seemed to be saing’ and what I ‘later said (“in effect”).

        Post the sentences. Explain yourself for once and make your case intelligently….instead of all these vague references and weasel words you use that end up looking like nonsense coming from an insecure and immature individual.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        do I REALLY NEED 2 show U WHAT you WROTE ???
        really????? really????
        the last time I did this U evaded and spun and obscured–
        READ WHAT U SAID REGARDING WHAT THAT FOX ”news” CLOWN SAID……… 1st : u said he didn’t say anything. THEN when it was easy 2 see he DID say it; U said he doesn’t matter!
        ‘ read it O crybaby—‘
        get back to me with your ” secure” statement
        I like the “insecure” references U have attempted. care to see what I look like,,,, ???

      • Ivan Renko

        You’re most definitely insecure, shemale.

        And you’re babbling because you can’t present your argument.

        Dude, just copy and paste what you think I said that you’re freaking out about.

        Here, I’ll make this EZ 4 U.

        . 1st : u said he didn’t say anything.

        Show that quite of mine, please.

        THEN when it was easy 2 see he DID say it;

        Show that quote if mine.

        U said he doesn’t matter!

        Finally, show that quote.

        After you’ve done all three of those things, I’ll be better able to help you understand. Help me help you, shemale.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        naaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Id rather have u — and your incredible security– I do what u can do–
        cut and paste?? why? its written above— go check! U have already shown a propensity 4 climbing/digging the ladders of blogs to FIND stuff– so why stop now??
        I love the insecurity references- OY-VAN transposition par excellence!
        lemme know how that blog digging works 4ya,,,,
        “panties in a bunch”
        Cmon little fella– Ya’ GOTTTZ 2 B better metaphorically than THAT

      • Asher Frost

        “Your analogy doesn’t work here because you admitted to using the
        Slippery Slope argument to draw your conclusion, which is most
        definitely profiling.”

        No, I specifically stated, several times exactly how the argument I was making was not a slippery slope.

        “Anyone can justify their actions as they see fit, and differentiate them
        with another action as that person’s actions being bad, and wrong, and
        theirs being good, and justified. You did disparage that entire panel,
        and Fox News, as having been complicit in advocating locking people up
        based on their religious beliefs. And you based that disparaging
        accusation on that panel on one offhand remark made by one of the

        Yes I did, by his words, and their response to them. it’s quite obvious there was not a dissenting voice on that panel. That, combined with the actual history of the organization that promoted this segment, is quite clear to see, and what I commented on. Your absolute blindspot for how things actually work in the real world notwithstanding, we have evidence of precisely where Profiling leads every time. The things they are saying are hateful, Divisive, and can cause people to feel justified committing violent acts. (As we have already seen several times, I believe the most recent of which being in Las Vegas) You can try to claim that I am profiling Fox news, but all you do is show your lack of understanding the term.

      • Ivan Renko

        It’s hard to believe that you watched that segment more than once and still get it wrong. They were not all in agreement. Michelle Fields didn’t agree, and neither did Jessica Ehrlich, the Democratic strategist. And none of them ever broached the subject of internment camps, aside from Hoenig.

        The possibility of a internment camps for Muslims is so remote as to be laughable, even more so that you claim it starts with someone like Jonathan Hoenig. Even again, more laughable still, that you fear it would start on this kind of a show, with that kind of a remark, and no one remarking about it afterward. And then to compare it to Hitler and Nazis, seriously, un-f’ing-believable.

        Once again, folks here are being led what to believe, because very simply, they will believe anything said about Fox, no matter how ridiculous, and no matter how many degrees of separation it takes to get to that conclusion, and no matter how poorly that conclusion holds up to reason and logic.

      • Ren Chant

        tim mcveigh?

      • Ivan Renko

        What about him?

      • Ren Chant

        i’m pretty sure his name is statement enough. and if you don’t see it, there’s nothing i can do to make you understand-since clearly you are determined not to.

      • Ivan Renko

        I’m pretty sure you don’t know what your statement with just his name means, creepy lurker who hides behind the bushes and blurts out cryptic messages no one understands.

      • Sandy Greer

        >Profiling is when you disparage an entire group on the acts of one member, or even false assumptions about that group.

        No. Profiling is the recording and analysis of a person’s psychological and behavioral characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people.

        Profiling is ‘targeted’. Zeros in. Narrows the focus. The exact opposite of disparaging entire groups.

      • dissentist

        You got that backward, profiling in your example is like saying “this meat eater happens to eat bacon every day, therefore all meat eaters eat bacon every day.”

        Not surprising someone in favor of profiling would make such an ignorant misunderstanding of the basic premise.

      • Asher Frost

        “It’s no more profiling than it would be to suggest that someone who is observed to eat bacon every day may be a meat eater.”

        Your English teacher would most assuredly be disappointed by your lack of comprehension here. My specific point is that suggesting that my bacon lover up there is a meat eater is not profiling. Much as my statement that a news group known for having extreme views and being very controlling over content may be controlling what extreme views are being presented is also not profiling.

        If you are going to Dissent, first be sure you understand.

      • dissentist

        I understand completely what you’re trying to say, what I’m not understanding is how you apply it to this discussion on profiling muslims. Are you saying we should just say “well all muslims do this so it’s not profiling” ? And if so, what is it “all” muslims do and thus we’re not profiling for? Being a terrorist? Nope, not that one. Avoiding Pork? Nah I know some muslims that don’t 100% follow that one either.

        See, when you claim to just be “judging an organization by it’s members” you leave out the whole point, and that’s not all members have the same aims as some of the more radical members. It’s a bit like calling all christians bombers just because a few of them happened to bomb abortion clinics. Should we profile anyone wearing a cross because surely their organization does some terrible things, so it’s not profiling now?

        Guess I’m just not following your circular logic here.

      • Asher Frost

        Are you sure you didn’t mistake my comments and somebody else’s?

        Let me explain. The organization I am judging is FOX NEWS. I am Judging FOX NEWS based on the previous actions of FOX NEWS and the actions contained in the above video, in which they express a point of view that I wholeheartedly disagree with. At no point am I advocating for treating all Muslims ANY one way. I actually fully understand that Islam is a diverse religion with over a Billion followers of all different types, a few of which I count among my friends and coworkers.

        All good here?

      • Ivan Renko

        Asher, it’s been three days now since Jonathan Hoenig said what he said that freaked you out about in thinking this was a Fox News plot to create internment camps for all people of Muslim faith. Has there been any follow-up by anyone, at Fox News or otherwise? Surely there would be, right? What is step two of the first step and when does it happen, and by whom? Will you keep us posted?

      • Guest12345

        If i could add here that Fox News has a corporate image they carefully control. Just like every business there are protocols and approval processes for what gets aired and who gets on what show. Islam is a religion and each Muslim may practice in their own way, as with any religion. If an extremist decides to kill somebody in the name of Islam, a peaceful Muslim doesn’t agree by the mere fact they are Muslim. Somebody at Fox saw what this would be about and said “Yeah sure, this is good. Who are the guests? What are their perspectives? Yeah thats fine, go ahead and bring that guy on.” I’m assuming this is the process for every show that is aired on a major broadcasting network and I think its a fair assumption. There is not a Rupert Murdoch of Islam. And to the comment below, people see this and if they are afraid and worried about the “muslim invasion” that Fox talks about so often, it validates their fear. They are now sane for being afraid because hey, Fox News thinks we need to be suspicious of bearded dark skinned middle eastern looking males so it must be ok.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        u initially ( above) said to archer frost that ” no one on that panel advocated locking others based upon faith”
        now– above– U spin away from YOUR easy2read statement and U NOW agree that some ‘relatively unknown panelist on CASHIN IN,,,,,,,’
        which is it? no one said it? or someone said it?
        you really are a special type of crybaby stupid.
        u lose again and again

      • Ivan Renko

        Read it, shemale. I didn’t agree that Jonathan Hoenig advocated locking up Muslims based on faith. I didn’t spin away from that.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        hey creep– U said NO ONE said that,,,, then U agreed that someone did
        we didn’t ask if U agreed with him– U spun away yet again!
        ======================================= deny that U said what U said.
        u lewz

      • Ivan Renko

        I deny that I said what you said I said.

        I didn’t agree that Hoenig was advocating locking people up based on faith, the charge Archer assigned to the whole group and Fox News based on his offhand comment about internment camps from WWII.

      • robingee

        I remember the last fight I got into, I punched this guy Ivan in the face. Broke his nose. Just saying, I punched a guy named Ivan once. Won the fight. Now, should I punch everyone named Ivan? It’s a good start.

      • Ivan Renko

        If you’re asking me my opinion on that, then no, I wouldn’t advise it, robingee. It’s not profiling to warn you that such a practice may not always work to your favor, especially in stand your ground states. Not if you’re the one initiating the confrontation.

      • jo

        Maybe, maybe not…. but it did once start, by an Austrian guy who was sleeping on benches and in hostels in Vienne, selling post cards. Who when he ran into a Hasidic Jew, found his nemesis. Its about speaking out, something already hated…and feeding it. Sometimes, even if you are a low man on the spectrum… If you pick the right steps to climb on, you may become times, man of the year…and even perhaps… The worlds best know supervillain.

      • Ivan Renko

        That’s pretty much Godwinism in a nutshell. Practically anything said by anybody could in some fashion be related back to Hitler and the Nazis.

        Doesn’t mean it’s necessary to stomp on any speech or opinion you don’t like or agree with and make assumptions about the person saying it by citing what Hitler did and that it started with one malicious thought he had once upon a time.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        here is where U –IVAN– went in the opposite direction,,,,^^^^ up above^^^^
        You initially claimed that it was NOT said; now melting back with ” ….start with a remark by as……….”
        translation: U FIRST said it wasn’t said; then said the one saying it is ” relatively unknown”
        must I cut & paste it to you; or will U read it up above?
        answer: neither- U NEVER admit any errors ; thus U are a clown

      • Ivan Renko

        You misunderstand again. I asked Asher Frost a question when he said that Hoenig’s remark was where things like the Holocaust and Apartheid ‘start’.

        I think this is what you were referring to:

        You have a vivid imagination and you’re fear-mongering. Does itstart with an off-hand remark by a relatively-unknown investment/libertarian panelist on a Saturday morning business analysis show called ‘Cashin In’?

        Hoenig made the reference to internment camps and bombing residential cities in WWII, but in no way was he advocating for both of those now.

        Why is that so hard for you to understand? I didn’t say that Hoenig didn’t refer to internment camps and bombing residential cities, I said that he didn’t refer to them in order to advocate for the Obama Administration to start building internment camps for Muslims and start dropping nuclear bombs on foreign cities with large populations of Muslims.

      • Kathy Huff

        And then the other camps. The ones that were “re-education camp”. They were the camps for the non-Jewish people who in some way spoke against or helped Jewish people and were put in “camps” for re-education to the Nazi way. (Yes my father was in one along with his parents, brother, cousins) That would be next because we need to profile sympathizers also right??? (sarcasm just in case you missed it)

      • robingee

        Yeah, I mean he just MENTIONED internment camps and then MENTIONED profiling Muslims, he never directly SAID Muslims should be in camps! He’s “just sayin!” Other people are the ones making the assumptions!

        You say something terrible that you can later claim is innocuous, and when people call you out on it you say “What? I just said ABC… YOU’RE the one saying D!” It’s a tactic no one knows about! Shhhh!

      • Ivan Renko

        With a vivid enough imagination, robingee, yes, I guess you could accuse anyone of saying just about anything you wanted to accuse them of having saying. You just have to call it a dog whistle, or slippery slope, or ‘I can only draw one conclusion for what he meant’, or any other one of about a hundred weasel clauses that allow you to make that claim, dishonestly no less.

        But make no mistake about it, you are becoming just like what you imagine your enemy to be in this case.

      • E.A. Blair

        Substitute “Catholic” or “Methodist” or “Baptist” or “jew” or “Hindu” for “Muslim” in what Bolling and Hoenig said, and your assertion falls apart. “Muslim” is a religious description, not an ethnic one.

      • Nemisis

        I assure you Obama…Has nothing to do with fox news wanting to intern Islamic males.

      • Asher Frost

        Did you mean to reply to someone else perhaps?

      • Nemisis

        Possibly…Seems out of sorts with this thread.
        Whoever I was commenting to is probably all broke up from being ignored.
        Stranger shit has happened today.


    • Sam Brosenberg

      Our internment camps didn’t have gas chambers, but that’s pretty much the only difference.

      • Nemisis

        Nah, we fed the interns.

      • Sherri G

        Destroyed their lives and treated them worse then the Native Americans on reservations…. And paid them the lowest compensation they could afterwards…

      • Nemisis

        The comparison to Nazi death camps is what I am commenting about. I think it was far below the behavior Americans should expect of one another.
        It was wrong then and wrong now.
        However, the camps were not designed with gas showers, or communal ovens. People did not sleep on shelves or in holes. There was not always enough food to not be hungry but they ate 3 times a day, instead of 3 times a month. They had hot and cold running water, and facilities for natural functions.
        The camps in Europe were not as luxurious by comparison. There 120K placed in the US camps.
        They received $20k in 1988 and another $20,000 in 1992. Just a note, the average annual salary in 1942 was $1,850. It comes to $10,000 for 4 years of internment. I am not saying they were justly compensated. How can any compensation make up for the treatment they received. There were many more camps than JA camps, there were camps in the East for German Americans, Jewish-German refugees, then there were camps in France and England. None of the these camps can be compared to the German, Japanese, and Russian camps. Those were death camps.

    • Emma Huckleberry

      They love what Hitler did to the Jews…

  • Asher Frost

    I usually abhor the comparison, but here it is just too apt.
    Fox News just went Full Nazi.

    • Trey Latrash

      I believe it was Harry Truman (Democrap) that set up the Japanese internment camps

      • Pitt90

        You’d be wrong, since he wasn’t even in the administration when they were created…but don’t let facts get in the way of a chance to use an pseudo-political word you invented on the playground while playing dodgeball…

      • Sam Brosenberg

        So, Trey, you’re recognizing that the internment was a bad thing, since you’re trying to associate it with a Democrat (President Truman was actually not in office in 1942, so clearly have a flawed understanding of this period of American History) and yet you have no negative comment for the FOX host who advocates that we do the exact same thing again today?

        President Roosevelt, arguably the greatest President this country has ever seen, gave the order to launch one of the most despicable and embarrassing programs that this country has ever undertaken. Nobody disputes this fact, except for idiots like you who never passed American History in high school.

        However the fact that you could agree with a man who advocates for doing the same thing again… You should be ashamed of yourself, as an American and as a human being.

      • robingee

        We are able to cite instances where we disagree with our own side, and say “yes we thought it was wrong” when a Democrat does something. Unlike Republicans who are NEVER WRONG.

      • Ivan Renko

        Only after it was pointed out to you, and even then, Trey was derided for having brought it up.

        You want it both ways.

      • Nemisis

        He wasn’t derided for bring up FDR and the camp, he was Derided for being wrong and being snarky while being wrong. In the world today I think that is what is known as epic fail.

        Yes, FDR signed the order. It was LA times and De Witt that bear the blame for fear mongering to the point that the act was signed. That was a few months after Pearl.

      • Ivan Renko

        And are you now suggesting that Fox News used Jonathan Hoenig on their Saturday morning business analysis show to plant the idea of bringing back internment camps for Muslims and that his fear mongerring is going to pressure Barack Obama into complying?

      • Nemisis

        I’m not suggesting it. I am clearly saying it.
        Not even 3 days later we have Pirro’s angry tirade.
        Act now, take it seriously, Worse since Ever.

      • Ivan Renko

        Breathe, Nemisis.


        And out.

      • Nemisis

        Sure, I’ll just inhale and exhale while you take your happy pills.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        gotta luv the Olympic spinning abilities or regressive rightwingers such as OY-VAN RENKO
        pirro? just another overpaid micromastial rightwing skank on FOX,,,,,,,-promulgating the “tried -and-true” strategy of scaring low IQ lemmings who don’t do DUE DILIGENCE upon current events.
        shall we discuss tax havens for churches?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        since we cannot know what is discussed behind closed doors at FOX “news” ( or msnbc/cnn/pbs ET AL) with ‘contributors’ beforehand,,,,,, your question 2 nemesis is not only non sequitur; but also irrelevant
        there is no doubt that he DID say it…even as U initially said he didn’t ( and then U attempted to save face by denigrating hoeing as “a relatively unknown investment/libertarian panelist”. ) ,,,,,,or are my reviewing your aporial post(s) still considered NON facts?
        ya lose again there OY -VAN

      • Ivan Renko

        You’re an admitted tax cheat, shemale. An admitted fraud.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        getting your ass kicked on here really makes U lachrymose; doesn’t it??
        spinning does keep U trim- I do hope

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, avoidance of topic!
        ahhhhh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the audience is applauding

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        hey OY-van,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I just pointed out ( above^^^) where U made glaring errors of omission and commission
        let us all witness your gratuitous response; shall we?
        ( or do I need to re-iterate FACTS?)

      • Nemisis

        Trey, your belief is misplaced. FDR was the president at the time. Here is an excerpt from a text on the history of the camps.

        “American public opinion initially stood by the large population of Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast, with the Los Angeles Times characterizing them as “good Americans, born and educated as such.”
        Many Americans believed that their loyalty to the United States was unquestionable. However, six weeks after the attack, public opinion turned against Japanese Americans living in on the West Coast, as the press and other
        Americans became nervous about the potential for fifth column activity. Though the administration (including the President Franklin D. Roosevelt and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover) dismissed all rumors of Japanese-American espionage on behalf of the Japanese War effort, pressure mounted upon the Administration as the tide of public opinion turned against Japanese-Americans. Civilian and
        military officials had serious concerns about the loyalty of the ethnic Japanese after the Niihau Incident which immediately followed the attack on Pearl Harbor, when a civilian
        Japanese national and two Hawaiian-born ethnic Japanese on the island of Ni’ihau violently freed a downed and captured Japanese naval airman, attacking their fellow Ni’ihau islanders in the process. ”

        Anyone see a correlation here? Any at all?
        Fauxnews once again. Not even an original douchebag move.

      • Ivan Renko

        It was Eric Hoenig. One panelist, there primarily for his investment background. In a statement that didn’t advocate placing Muslims in internment camps. On a Saturday morning show primarily about investments called ‘Cashin’ In’. It wasn’t “Fauxnews”. It wasn’t ‘Fox News’. It was an opinion panel on a segment asking if we should do more profiling, and one person said the last war we won we put Japanese in internment camps, that yes, we should do more profiling. He didn’t say ‘yes, we won WWII and in that war we put Japanese heritage Americans in internment camps, so we should put Muslims in internment camps today and I got a full round of approval for that idea from the board of directors of Fox News.

        Good Lord, Nemisis, please get a life.

      • Nemisis

        The reason I say Fox news, is because said mouth piece on said channel.
        As channel that calls itself a source for news, there is more opinion than fact.
        Okay, It maybe a commentary show, but it is still on Fox News, they don’t change the name to Fox Commentary Channel whenever they air Cash’n In.
        It should be called the Fox Circle Jerk Channel.

        Now lets examine the commentary. So far, since the show began airing I can find little evidence that said commenter has ever given an opinion on any investments. Investment of what money?
        An assumption drawn from the title, yet here he is stinking up the place with comments on ISIL and the pleasure palaces of Japanese Americans in WW2 noting how good it would be if we just stuck all the brown people with funny accents and a beard in them camps. It’s the same shit each week. Obama this, ISIL is going to cook your babies that, use a nice leather belt to beat your kids. It’s grade A bullshit spooned fresh out of the bull’s ass each week. Do We really need to give a list of all the panelists each week? Pick one, I’m sure I could find a nice video of them saying some unbelievably stupid crap and it not be more than a week old.
        It’s called Cash’n In because they ass is laughing all the way to the bank and your just lapping it up.

        For the love of Crom, wake the fuck up.

      • Ivan Renko

        You choose to watch it, Nemisis. You choose to be outraged.

        Trust me, I don’t watch Touré to hear him say something stupid. I don’t watch Ed Schultz for his latest bigot eruptions. And I don’t follow blogs that obsess over MSNBC every day so that I can post my outrages there.

      • Nemisis

        Good. That would be a waste of time.
        I generally listen to programs while working.
        I seldom watch these programs.
        I probably take in 5 hours of “news a day” while working and then sift through all the crap opinions to find what they are currently blathering about. Then hunt the facts down. Blogs are opinions and seldom have relevancy. To get to the actual news I spend maybe 1 hour each day looking for it.
        I do this concurrently to save time.

        I’m not outraged by the “news”. I am disappointed in my fellow humans for allowing this sort of deception to cloud their minds.

      • Ivan Renko

        I’m afraid you’ll always be disappointed then, my friend.

      • Nemisis

        Damn it, I profiled there…I’m not disappointed in the entire human race. Although I should be, flying cars…can’t have them because of squirrels.
        (that’s a metaphor for distractions)

      • Sandy Greer

        I don’t see a correlation to Fox. Should I?

        What you quoted indicates, to me, some ‘weakness’ on the part of FDR. A willingness to ‘cave’ to rising public pressure.

        What’s interesting is that Japanese in Hawaii were left largely unmolested. Both Issei and Nisei. Don’t know what conclusions should be drawn – other than their numbers were large enough to be central to Hawaiian economy.

      • Nemisis

        From the article about fox news and what they are doing to manipulate people by using fear mongering tactics. If you swap Islam for Japanese you get what the LA Times did to boost sales. You attack the enemy and then point fingers at all people related to the enemy. Look at the violence to Americans who have middle eastern bloodlines just after 9/11. The same happened to American Japanese once the LA Times began running a hate campaign.

        FDR felt a lot of pressure from the bad press American Japanese were getting.
        That doesn’t show a weakness it shows a hard decision was needed. If he was going to keep focus where it was needed. If left alone some of the people who were interned might have been killed by patriotic Americans just protecting the country stirred into a frenzy. That doesn’t make it right.
        Look to the propaganda posters from the era, read the papers…It’s disgusting what was done then, and it is mirrored in what fox news is doing now.
        Like I said. It was a douche bag move then it is still a douche bag move.

      • Sandy Greer

        1) I haven’t bought in that Fox News advocates rounding up anybody. I think this article ‘manipulated’ people into believing that. Or maybe they believe – because they want to believe. Confirmation Bias.

        Either way – not what I heard. Not my ‘buy in’.

        2) If I think something Wrong – I won’t ‘buy’ into it – no matter if I stand alone. Easy to capitulate to Group Think. Hard to go against. Takes a real Strength – which I admire. Just a natural-born Contrarian, here.

        wrt Douchebag. Men bander it about flippantly. It’s offensive; a real turn-off (as a woman) to see men take something inherently female – something she might do to ‘freshen up’ for a man –

        And turn it Ugly. And then repeat it – twice more – in case I didn’t get it the first time.

        That’s about as much Dignity as I can muster, under the circumstances, Sir Nemisis. Looks like you won.

      • Nemisis

        I concede your point in the usage of DB and will modify my usage by not using it.

        I did not think of it’s use in the manner it is actually intended. I apologize as my intent was not to offend you or any other woman. It was a shallow comment directed at the treatment of others. I will do better.

      • Nemisis

        Just making sure this gets in as for some reason my first response is not showing.

        My intent was not to insult you or disparage women in general or actions that they may take, as you put, for men. However the result is, regardless of intent, exactly as you describe. It was callous and shallow, and without thought towards women. In that my choice of words was poor and the result of choice was harm, I apologize to not only you, but all women.
        I will not use that word with derogatory intent again. There are much better words to use and in the future I shall use them.

        In light of this post, It is you who have “won” as there are not many that can influence my vernacular.

      • Sandy Greer

        Thank you. I appreciate that more than I can say.

        I think what I like most about you is how you think things over. Taking time for that says something about a man.

        Sir Nemisis. No sarcasm, this time. I erred, in that.

        This time, Sir Nemisis (as the first time) is my acknowledgement of your ‘due’. For proving yourself to
        be the man I thought you to be – all along.

        Thanks again.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        wrong answer — FDR set them up. seems as if another white trash regressive non educated crybaby has gotten history incorrect again. Gotta love how eric bolling is getting as fat as Hannity and huck(ster) abee and beck and limbaugh

      • Ivan Renko

        Why do you profile Trey LaTrash as a white trash non educated regressive?

        Isn’t that what the Nazis did?

        Aren’t you being just Hitler?

        I’m being snarky, of course, but that’s pretty much how this blog thread started out.

        Trey said “I believe it was Harry Truman”. That’s a clause that indicates he wasn’t sure. It’s a mistake that could’ve been avoided in two seconds with a Google search, and it really has little to do with education, or lack of it, or being white, or regressive, yet you profiled him as such knowing nothing else about him on a blog thread decrying all forms of profiling.

        You’re hardly against profiling, giankeys.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        in your opinion,,,,,,,,(!!!) why would anyone place up mon THESE type of blogs something that is EASILY refuted? why would some cretin place an inflammatory statement which showed he/she did NOT do homework which is easy to find out? You agreeably stated that it can be “googled” in seconds-
        and; as he/she said DEMOCRAP that shows malice; ergo—–white trash regressive crybaby lemming
        epithet cast first allows me to retaliate.
        “profiling”???? seems more 2B recognition!

      • Ivan Renko

        …epithet cast first allows me to retaliate.
        “profiling”???? seems more 2B recognition!

        Your justification for profiling is hardly different than any one of the Fox panelists’, giankeys. You could’ve been on that panel making the same argument you’re making here for profiling Trey, and no one would be able to tell you apart from Jonathan Hoenig, Eric Bolling or Wayne Rogers as far as your views on the practice.

        As to the stalking nonsense, this just happens to be the most recent blog thread on this blog, and you and I happen to be commenting at the same time. You profiled someone, on a blog thread decrying profiling. In fact, you are a serial-profiler. Which struck me as odd that you’d even be so brash as to show up on this particular topic being discussed.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        I didn’t profile him,,,,,,,,,,,, he used a denigratory name attempting to describe Truman.
        U ignored this and tried to make it seem he was simply stating an erroneous opinion.
        He struck first; when that happens its no longer profiling. it is recognition
        U lose yet again
        or— did he not do it first?

      • Ivan Renko

        His comment doesn’t prove that he’s white. You profiled him as such.

        His comment doesn’t prove that he’s trash. You profiled him as such.

        His comment doesn’t prove that he’s regressive. You profiled him as such.

        His comment doesn’t prove that he’s ‘non educated’. You profiled him as such.

        You most definitely profiled him, shemale.

        You profile everyone here you disagree with. Repeatedly. It’s your modus operandi. It’s nothing but rank hypocrisy to pretend you don’t approve of the practice.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        (a) wager with me my 10K VS your 2K that he is white— white/Caucasian is OBJECTIVE; thus provable
        (b) “trash ” is SUBJECTIVE –in my colloquially expressed sentiment– ( not to be confused with garbage/offal/waste ET AL)
        (c) as the universe has proven 100% there is no standing still- thus regression and progression are the only choices. Hes a regressive .
        (d) NON educated is both subjective AND objective. Is he ( is he male?? U just profiled “him” by your nugatory intimations) educated? compared to WHOM? ME? YOU? Obama? GW Bush? Marilyn Von Savant? Marilyn Lange? Education does NOT equate intellect- yet I would be willing to wager he is NOT educated compared to me; thus he is NON EDUCATED/UN EDUCATED
        (e) I profile all that enters my frame of reference using the senses given 2 me by “GOD” / nature et hoc genus omne— You also do this; we all DO this- so stop acting like some “belle epoque” actress!
        Bottom line? “he” ( your profiling in action) attacked a well loved former president with a 2nd grade ( call me a profiler here) negative moniker and I lambasted him; much to (ONLY it seems) your chagrin. If ” he” (see: above) would’ve NOT said that I probably would have ignored him as you recently claimed to do with me ( oooops; ya missed again) or asked what he was referring to. I actually play fair when fair is shown. U however– are delightfully ‘ testarudo”

      • Pipercat

        Remember that method I posted a few days back about logic chopping?

      • jasperjava

        Right-wingers never miss an opportunity to display their ignorance. The childish epithet is just icing on the cake of stupidity.

    • Nemisis

      There is a saying in my house.
      “You have not lost an argument till you invoke the Nazi Clause.”

  • They should invite George Takei and get his take and the whole U.S. internment camp ordeal. He is pretty well versed in the subject.

    This video is the definition of bigotry.

    • Asher Frost

      That’s the response I am waiting for. You know it’s coming,

    • strayaway

      Roosevelt actually put Japanese Americans in prison camps. Doesn’t that make Roosevelt a more significant bigot than the Fox News guy who just mentioned it?

      • Ignatz

        You can always trust right-wingers to hate everything Roosevelt did. Except the worst thing he ever did. THAT one, they like.

      • OrthoStice

        The difference is that Democrats recognize how horrific FDR’s action were and admit that freely. If a Republican were POTUS during WWII, they would swear that it was a triumph of national security.

      • Charles Vincent

        Democrats priory to the 1960s were involved in all manner of bigotry and hate against minorities. They even filibustered the civil rights act of 1965. infact several democratic senators were associated with the KKK. So I Highly doubt they were running around saying anything about the internment camps at the time. get you history straight.

      • OrthoStice

        Note the verb “recognize.” Present tense.

      • Charles Vincent

        Tense is sort of irrelevant in your op. For example I can recognize now that something bad happened then, or I could recognize in the past that what was happening is bad. A poor semantics argument on your part.

      • OrthoStice

        Charles, you clearly are spoiling for a fight. I have neither the time nor the inclination. Enjoy your day.

      • OrthoStice

        Get your grammar straight.

      • Charles Vincent

        Get a real argument, instead of grammar Nazi trolling.

      • OrthoStice

        I believe you responded to my comment, not vice versa. I do not disagree with you that Dixiecrats are guilty of everything you say. However, as the present tense suggests, I am not talking about 50 years ago. I am talking about now.

      • Charles Vincent

        You say that now but your op was ambiguous. I did respond to you. but that doesn’t negate your grammar Nazi trolling. SO now its releavant that something happened in WW2 sound like a fallacious argument.

      • Duncan McNeil

        And what’s that

      • Bonta-kun

        Seriously, Dunc? Enola Gay is not just a song by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, y’know.


      • Duncan McNeil

        As far as I know Roosevelt was quite dead when those bombs were dropped.

      • Cemetery Girl

        The Manhattan Project began before his death. Truman had been left out of the loop on that until FDR died. Hitler had been interested in the concept of atomic weapons also.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        And as tragic as the devastation caused by the atom bombs was, it’s nowhere near as bad as the devastation that would have been caused had we not used them. Essentially, the plan was to bomb every city into rubble, and eventurally launch a ground invasion that would have cost countless lives on both sides. And the damage that would have potentially been caused goes on. If not for the large number of returning soldiers, there wouldn’t have been a ‘baby boom’, which is where the US gained much of it’s economic power. So, not only would more people have died if not for the bombs, but two of the currently most economically powerful countries in the world would have never gained said economic power.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Combination of limiting loss of American life and demonstration of power. The loss of American life with a ground invasion would have been horrible. Previous battles in the South Pacific already proved that. Without the use of atomic weapons we would have still bombed Japan. There wouldn’t have been the deaths from radiation, but it would have still been horrific. War isn’t pleasant. It isn’t nice or pretty. It is horrific and ugly.

      • Bonta-kun

        Truman might have made the call to drop them, but FDR green lit Manhattan. He was responsible for two of history’s worst crimes against humanity.

      • Duncan McNeil

        The specific act of dropping atomic weapons on cities is arguably different from beginning their production, and Truman still dropped the second one – he was not left out that they were to bomb cities or that he was to drop another.

      • MarcoZandrini

        The fire bombing of Tokyo killed many more people than the 2 atom bombs.

      • awfulorv

        Are you telling us that the bomber pilots were restricted to conservatives, of the Republican party? Cause that’s how I read your comment.

      • m3tan

        @Bonta-kun: You made one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read on the Internet. Green lighting the Manhattan Project so that we had the atom bomb before the Soviets or Nazis has NOTHING to do with actually dropping the bombs on the Japanese. Pull your head out of your conservative arse and think logically for a minute…

      • They use the same kind of argument when talking about the Jim Crow laws of the old South.

      • Nigel Smedley

        The Irish are known for winning wars. Lol

      • strayaway

        Who said that was the worst thing Roosevelt did? What about all the misery caused by dragging out the depression with failed policies?

      • Ignatz

        [What about all the misery caused by dragging out the depression with failed policies?]

        Yeah, so much misery that he was one of the most popular Presidents ever and got elected four times.

        The low point of the depression was about a month after FDR took office. The economy did nothing but grow during his Presidency.

        Yes, it took a long time to completely end the depression, but it was the deepest one EVER, so of course it took longer to climb out of it.

        And you know what finally ended it completely? MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING.

      • strayaway

        North Korean leaders get reelected and are very popular too. How much of that is deserved and how much of that is the result of limited news sources and WPA billboards I don’t know. Someone posted unemployment rates here a few days ago. Roosevelt started out with about 24% unemployment in 1932 and still had 16 or 17% unemployment in 1939 seven years later. Whoopie… and that’s with devaluing the dollar a third, raising taxes, and raising the debt to keep it from being even worse; like taking out loans and not paying debts. Sorry, I’m not as impressed as your ninth grade history teacher must have been.

        In Roosevelt’s case, “MORE GOVERNMENT SPENDING” = war. British money started pouring in about 1940 and eventually US military spending had to pick up which involved debt. Yes, WWII put people back to work in our military and factories but what really ended the depression was that destroyed places like Europe and Japan had to rebuild using American exports after the war during the Truman and Eisenhower eras. For awhile, we had huge cash inflows as orders poured in.

      • Ignatz

        [North Korean leaders get reelected and are very popular too]

        Oh, holy crap, you’re just a moron.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Roosevelt took that action, it has since been viewed as a dark mark on our country’s history. It is shameful. Roosevelt was wrong. It doesn’t make Roosevelt significantly worse than people who (should) know that an action is now considered terrible and the government has apologized for it, yet they think the government should do it again to someone else? How exactly does that make them significantly better? They’re better because they don’t personally have the power to take that action but instead have the power to try to influence others to support the idea of taking that action?

      • strayaway

        Growing up, I was taught by the church that thinking an evil thought was a sin just as acts like murder are sins and that even that thought sends us to hell. That always seemed unfair. I must have a more relativistic value system. Perhaps you and those theologists are right and i am wrong but it seems to me that incarcerating thousands of innocent people is a worse sin than making mention of it. I have Dante on my side.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        trust me,,, u/ me and George carlin are correct

      • Cemetery Girl

        Ethics can possess many ways of looking at a problem. Internment of the Japanese in WWII was horrible. It is generally agreed that it was a dark point in American history. If taking the action is wrong, then by at least some ethical viewpoints it would be wrong to suggest the idea of taking an action generally agreed to be wrong. Everyone has their own methods of deciding what is acceptable. For some suggesting a wrong idea is perfectly acceptable as long as it isn’t actually done, but others aren’t going to accept the suggestion.

      • strayaway

        “others aren’t going to accept the suggestion.”

        I agree, theologians have brought us everything from the Spanish Inquisition to modern Muslim court ordered stonings for believing the wrong thing.

      • m3tan

        You have to judge one’s actions in the context of the times. What FDR did was commonplace and acceptable all throughout human history until the last 50 years or so. Does it make it right? No – but context absolutely needs to be considered. This Fox nitwits views are far more extreme than FDR’s were for the time. I could very easily condemn virtually every Founding Father and early President for owning slaves…

    • Pjs8200

      That was my very first thought as well.

  • Sam Brosenberg

    He’s citing one of the most shameful and despicable instances of American history as a reason why we should act in the exact same way again? This man should be sent to North Korea, so he can enjoy Kim Jong-un’s “hospitality”.

    • Truthonaplate


  • SmallBizOwner2

    Did he really say “nuc-u-lar”?

  • Pipercat

    Trapper John?

  • Nick Wride

    Fox “News” is just throwing out more red meat for their idiot followers to gobble up. Disgusting that these fools don’t realize that Fox is owned by an Aussie and a Saudi.

  • disqus_1iBc

    there is one thing these people never consider, that any of the kind of practices they advocate will ever fall back on them. never enters their minds. what ignorant fools.

  • Nemisis

    Just for fun…
    The LA Times played a large role in formulating public opinion about Japanese-Americans. These opinions led to the internment camps.
    LA-Times is owned by Tribune. Tribune is owned in part by JPMorgan ,a small part, and OakTree, another small part. OakTree is owned by JPMorgan, not so small a part, JPMorgan owns part of Gannet Company.

    Some of you may remember Gannet from some previous posts of mine.

    • Ivan Renko

      I think you’re profiling here.

      • Nemisis

        Profiling? Nah, just connecting the dots.

      • Ivan Renko

        That’s what three out of the five ‘Cashin’ In’ panelists were suggesting, too.

        Funny that, huh?

      • Nemisis

        Laughing my ample ass off.

        Let’s assume for a minute that corporations are people. Taking a cue from SCOTUS.
        Let’s give them then a sort of nod toward sentience.
        Now we can start profiling what Fox News, and companies that behave and do similar things which is take a smidgeon of fact and fluff it up nice with extra heaping of embellishment and stir in out right dishonesty grown daily on the fertile slopes of Bullshit Mountain.
        Slap the word News on it. Serve it fresh and free. Even though it should be an editorial piece at best regulated to the grocery store check-out lane sandwiched somewhere between The globe and the Enquirer talking about Elvis and claiming Sharknado was documentary.

        Now let’s get back to the difference in profiling of the actions of a specific company and the profiling of an entire ethnicity.

        Of all the news outlets, I am focusing on just a few here the very few that are actually perpetrating the offenses I have discussed. That is not profiling that is using facts bolstered by observation of specific entities to make a statement about those specific entities. That by definition is not profiling.
        Contrarily to the profiling that is being suggested we do by these “News” outlets.
        The assumption that an entire ethnic group is represented by a few characters who claim to be from that group is indicative of the group as a whole.

        This is a fact: Some people wear cloths.

        This is profiling:
        Since some people wear polyester and are old, then all old people wear polyester.

        FoxNews is fairly unbalanced.
        All news is fairly unbalanced.

        Get it?

        Now, let’s look at what I mean by connecting the dots.

        Historically LA times behaved in a certain way that resulted in 120,000 people being interned, held captive whatever.

        Currently Fox news and Gannet Company outlets are behaving in a similar fashion.
        When a news outlet has a prominent position in news circulation it can be used to control information, steer public opinion and incite action in the manner that the outlet wants to. Nothing new here. The dots as it were are the owners of certain companies exerting their influence over what news is reported (cough) and how it is reported. The less facts given and the more opinionated the “news” the more likely a desired response from the public will be.

        Funny that, the panelists on these fox shows either circle jerk or just let one take the controls of the crazy train and drive it straight off the rails.
        Those panelists are not connecting dots.
        That would require research and I have never heard any of them do any hard research about anything they open their scripts and are told how to act and what to say. They are either the worst journalists ever or the best actors since War Of The Worlds was broadcast.

      • Ivan Renko

        Tell you what, Nemisis, look again at what Hoenig said:

        We should have been profiling on September 12, 2001. Let’s take a trip down memory lane here: The last war this country won, we put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, we dropped nuclear bombs on residential city centers. So, yes, profiling would be at least a good start.

        Bonds are mine.

        If this blog post is at all in good faith, and your concern is sincere, then why are neither Allen Clifton, you, or anyone else here focusing on Hoenig alluding to bombing residential city centers? Why aren’t you screaming bloody murder that that’s what Fox News wants to do, bomb cities with lots of Muslims? Far worse than merely installing internment camps, right? Why don’t you go there?

        I’m sure that if Allen had, you’d be freaking out that that’s what ‘Fox News’ was trying to suggest.

        You don’t take that tact because it would look too ridiculous, even for the Slippery Slope argument.

      • Nemisis

        Hiroshima was a port city and one of the imperial military headquarters. There is a survivor of that drop from ground zero. There is a documentary that is interesting.
        As to why it was done. Millions of lives more were saved by the drops than would have been lost on a ground invasion. The magnitude of the devices could have been demonstrated in better ways, I will agree. Japan given a few months notice prior to the drops.

        War is as I have always stated an ugly state of the human condition. No one should have to experience what war is. However, war is not something you do half-assed once you start.
        If you are going to fight you fight till the will of your enemy to continue fighting is destroyed.
        We try at all costs to not destroy civilians. Even in WW2 that concept can be seen in the decisions of where to bomb and when. As our enemies relocated to within civilian populations we are left with no choice.
        If we are to fight to win we must attack and that means the destruction of civilian infrastructure that is used in a military way and the civilians that support the continued operations through manufacture or munitions or military hardware.

        I think it would be great if armies fighting were put on “Combat Island” but you still have the problem of removing the will of the people to support the fight. That is what eventually won the wars in Europe with Germany and was paramount with the Pacific Campaign. Remember it wasn’t until late in the European campaign that the death camps were found. So we were not there to stop the Germans for that.

        Let’s get current.
        Our newest rival on the scene is an army looking for a home. In order to find that home they are going door to door taking the civilians. Killing the civilians who do not join them.
        The result of that is ISIL has no civilian base for us to discourage from fighting.

        So where do you want the bombs? Wipe out a whole pick-up filled with them. One at a time. Or. we put troops on the ground to protect our diplomatic mission so we don’t repeat Benghazi.
        Our options are limited. Put a force on the ground capable of dealing with the threat? Or bomb every single place they stick their heads in. Those are our options.
        They behead, I say snipe with tanks. Drop a daisy cutter, bring back napalm. Not AO though that was a bad idea.
        But do it smart, don’t just bomb someplace because a dude is wearing the lasted black outfit.
        What it will take to defeat ISIL is an acceptance that war is messy and we do not have the luxury of time to wait for congress to decide what stance it wants to take and then blame Obama for.

        So as always with war. I am conflicted.
        Could you send 30k soldiers to possible death?
        Could you risk not sending 30k soldiers to stop what could become 100 million deaths.
        When dealing with a decision like that you get a taste of what FDR, Churchill, Hitler, Yamamoto all faced with the decisions they had to make.

        Why am I against internment camps?
        Because these people have done nothing.
        The ones that do should go to a camp for sure. But rounding up people that are Islamic, where do you stop? Why would you stop? It’s a reaction born of fear and only fear. It robs us of what we stand for. Or what I like to think I fought against.
        It’s not right. It is very wrong.

  • chaserblue

    Recently, the FBI said that right wing extremists are as big a threat to Americans as any outside terrorist organization, maybe more. So I wonder if they’d be as willing to put them in internment camps and take away their religious rights and protections as they are Muslims? What do you say to a little right wing profiling? Oh yeah, they’re still whining about the entire IRS thing, claiming they’re the only ones ever targeted by the government, even though using the IRS as a weapon has a long and sordid history dating back to the 1930’s.

    • strayaway

      There is already profiling of right wing groups by the IRS and the Holder “Justice” Department as you just mentioned. Helping to throw elections using federal agencies is a crime but no one is punished.

      • chaserblue

        And I think you’re just whining to be doing it. Right wing hate groups are a serious problem. Any time they throw down with federal officers, it’s a real problem. When that same group of people start stopping and demanding that citizens identify themselves, that can be construed as kidnapping and unlawful detainment. And people would be justified in dusting their idiot asses off the count. Obama has done nothing to you turnips that wasn’t already being done. I have no delusions about the government, or their steadily increasing over-reach. But to blame this administration for all your perceived woes is just a continuation of the massive temper tantrum the rabid right threw when they lost the last presidential election. And the one before that. So suck it up, buttercup. We survived the Bush family for 12 years. If you weren’t such drama queens, you’d realize that you’re going to survive this just fine.

      • strayaway

        As you correctly point out, the Obama administration’s police state policies are a continuation of those of the Bush administration. I differ with your tolerance of either’s misdeeds. When the head of the NSA, for instance, lies to Congress about blanket surveillance of your phone calls and mine, either he should be arrested or our Country goes down a notch for tolerating a new and lower standard of governance. here we are talking about profiling when the government is profiling the words in each of our phone calls including those of Muslims.

  • Larry Williams

    Really just Muslims? What about all of these characteristics of homegrown terrorist..Did they not see these facts or did they just ignore them.
    While women are increasingly becoming involved with jihadi groups; to date, Western-based radicalized women have primarily acted in a support role
    Under the age of 35
    Local residents and citizens of Western countries.
    Varied ethnic backgrounds, but often are second or third generation immigrants’ children.
    Middle-class backgrounds; not economically destitute
    Educated; at least high school graduates, if not university students
    Recent converts to Islam are particularly vulnerable
    Do not begin as radical or devout Muslims
    “Unremarkable” – having “ordinary” lives and jobs
    Little, if any, criminal history

  • Dulcinian

    What will the white folk say next.

    I’m sorry, does that mean I’m profiling?

  • Guy Lauten

    Where was Michelle Malkin? I’m sure she’d have some of her classic word turds to drop on the subject of the WWII Nisei roundup and incarceration.

    • forpeace

      That Michelle Malkin is a piece of art!

      I have seen her constantly attacking and insulting minorities and immigrants without mentioning the fact that her own parents were born in Philippine, and had immigrated to the United States on an employer-sponsored visa.

      I won’t even bother to talk about her scary eyes!

  • JJB1310

    Here’s what we do. Spend less time complaining about what Fox News airs, and more time finding out who the advertisers are that pay to support this garbage. Send letters to the CEOs of those companies (if you have a retirement plan, divest of any company – or any mutual fund investing in that company – that pays to advertise on Fox News). Then mobilize to protest and boycott and take it to the streets. You can only fight them by denying them what they want most…money.

  • forpeace

    Fox News “Finally” Loses It?!

    Fox Loose News has lost it long time ago. There is nothing left for Fox to lose.

  • forpeace

    Fox’s topic: Should we profile Muslims?

    Why don’t you ask a muslim named Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia that through his Kingdom Holding Company, owns 7% of News Corp.’s shares, making Kingdom Holdings the second largest shareholder?

  • Eg Kbbs

    So they are advocating that we aspire to one of the lowest points in our history ?

    Why do they hate our freedom ? (And by “they” I’m not talking about folks overseas).

  • Ignatz

    You know what fun to do. Quote George W. Bush on Islam, but tell the right-wingers that Obama said it. Watch their heads explode. THEN tell it was actually Bush.

  • Sandy Greer

    As we argue whether Fox News is the Second Coming of Satan:

    TSA strip searches an 85-year-old grandmother. Pats down a 3-year-old
    girl in a wheelchair.

    ‘Cause – you know – We don’t want to ‘profile’.

    Hitler gets around. Godwin’s Law is an Equal Opportunity offender. Both Presidents Bush and Obama have been characterized with Hitler mustaches. Please. Stop that. Just stop.

    Lost in discussions of Japanese internment are the oft-forgotten 442nd – the most decorated unit in military history. And that’s a real shame. Because from internment arose fierce, determined, Nisei Warrior Heroes – whose like has never been seen.

  • Duncan McNeil

    Because people commonly are neighbors of serial killers.

  • AlengGiam

    “Finally Losses It”? That was many, many, many, many, many years ago.

    • Ivan Renko

      And the professional Left will keep repeating it for many, many, many more years to come, AlengGiam. Daily.

  • Reynardine

    They’d put Jesus in Gitmo.

  • jcdchawk

    Is he also going to intern American Black Muslims? If he is going to be a racist he might as well have suggested that as well.

  • dnealwinchester

    And yet those are the same morons that are scared to death of the fictitious FEMA camps.

  • Evbo

    I’m appalled at the lack of understanding of the english language by the writer of this article and the commenters. Hoenig is simply stating that doing basic profiling is not that big of a deal, compared to the other things we did in order to win the war against the Japanese.

    I also find it so ironic that many of you believe that conservatives agree with Japanese internment camps, because anyone who believes strongly in the constitution knows that placing the Japanese citizens in those camps was unconstitutional.

    If the idea of profiling in any form offends or scares you then here is a shocker for you, we’re all profiled. We’re profiled because of our sex, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, overall physical appearance, you name it and it’s probably something police or our government use to help identify us. And by the way @asherfrost:disqus your whole slippery slope argument is a moot point because it’s a logical fallacy, it asserts the idea that no rational argument would be made by some form of opposition.

  • E.A. Blair

    I’d like to see Bolling and Hoenig try to profile Muhammad Ali or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

  • Macdoodle

    When looking for radical Islamic terrorists we can generally rule out elderly white females.Or should we watch them to just to be politically correct?

  • Macdoodle

    What he was actually saying is that we have taken much more radical steps in the past than simply profiling.

    • Ivan Renko

      Eighteen words that summarizes the nonsense on this thread beautifully. Thank you, it’s a lesson for me.

      If one wakes up on a Saturday morning looking to be outraged, it doesn’t take much for them to find it.

      • Sandy Greer

        Mass Hysteria.
        As frustrating as trying to talk jumpers down off a ledge.

        As scarce as truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand.
        ~ Josh Billings

  • Robert Squires

    How about profiling FOX blondes, and stopping them at roadblocks that check for stupid?

  • Pedro De Oliveira Verissimo

    By all means! Next, let’s profile domestic terrorism to certain “Christian” churches, corruption to mega-corporations, voter-suppression to the Republican party, and general misinformation lying to a certain tv-channel…

  • Straight Shooter

    Geez!!! This is must be the new low for Faux Noose!!

  • Sulayman Ibrahim

    I am Muslim come get me White fOX NEws Trash

  • awfulorv

    BTW, those of us with memories recall that it was a Progressive Democrat, F. D. Roosevelt that interred the Japanese, though not the Japanese of Hawaii. Apparently there were too many of them.
    Or it could be they did not have such valuable land holdings that could be confiscated, and never returned to their rightful owners.
    As long as the Demorats bring up Watergate, time after time, where no one was hurt, maybe the incarceration of all those CITIZENS of Japanese extraction should be mentioned now and then.
    And don’t think the present scoundrels in power wouldn’t do the same today, except for all them hunting rifles.

  • JakeBai

    Aaaand that’s exactly how to create MORE terrorism on home soil. Yes, make innocent people feel oppressed, make them feel like this is not their home, and you will undoubtedly create a bigger problem than you started with. Muslims in particular, the more you push them, the more they resist. They submit to none but Allah (aka the definition of the word ‘Muslim’), and unless you understand that, you’ll just keep making ridiculous mistakes. If you want to destroy terrorism, you need to understand terrorism. What are its causes, why are people becoming radicalized, and then address them at the root. This requires conversation and discussion with young people who support groups like ISIS, and get them to open up and share their thoughts.

  • MD3000

    Profiling goes against the Constitution. This guy is un-American.

  • Pipercat

    I just occurred to me, Jonathan is emulating Ann Coulter’s mannerisms!

    • Ivan Renko

      How so?

      • Pipercat

        Like, you can’t tell?

      • Ivan Renko

        No. I don’t think you can, either.

      • Pipercat

        I’m very perceptive!

      • Ivan Renko

        How would we know?

      • Pipercat

        Because I pointed out Jonathan’s schtick!

      • Ivan Renko

        With all due respect, no, you haven’t pointed anything out.

      • Pipercat

        Let’s take a look at the original comment, shall we? The comment contains a prefatory clause that sets the purpose no matter what the operative clause contains; ergo, it’s an observation. Now since it’s an observation, you can agree, disagree or even, like you did, demand proof. What you’re not seeing is this: I am under no obligation to provide proof for my observation. Moreover, offering additional proof would undermine the purpose and the nuance of the comment.

        If you cannot see the similarities and the nuance behind the observation, then all I can say is I hate that for you.

      • Ivan Renko

        Fear and spinelessness are terrible things, Piper. It was a simple request. I’ve Coulter a thousand times. I’ve seen Hoenig a hundred times. I’ve never noticed an emulation from Hoenig of Coulter’s mannerisms. I can’t think of any from recall. A simple explanation from you wouldn’t detract from your observation at all, and I made no demands from you.

      • Pipercat

        Well see, that’s another thing that is missing here with your replies. All that comment here are on equal footing. As such, no individual commenter gets to decide what another commenter must do. When that is asserted, plus adding in a healthy dose of condescension, a bully tactic has been offered as bait. Now you just could have said you’ve seen these people hundreds of times, etc, and viola!

        So, why don’t I just chalk one up in the disagree column!

      • Ivan Renko

        Probably best to agree to disagree. Didn’t mean to bully you, and I apologize for coming across that way, I just wanted to understand you.

  • Rabpt

    If only Fox News would broadcast their. #2 owner is an Arab prince !

  • Altair Trevino

    what a group of morons. because by their logic, we should be profliling white males,christians because ok bombing and brevik.

  • Bariso Abubaker

    This is terrible. These people are just adding to the chaos in this world. They should not put my brothers in those camps. But it is okay if they know muslim from non-muslim.

  • modshroom128

    well… we’ve been safe for like over 12 years… and the “homegrown american terrorists” were sent to go fight in syria for their own syrian country which has literally nothing to fucking do with us.

    “isn’t it time to racially profile!?”
    why is fox news allowed to exist?

  • deccandude

    FOX NEWS SHOULD BE RENAMED FAUX NEWS ~ what a joke this network is; a black spot on journalism and what our Founding Fathers stood for.

  • jmak

    911: inside job.
    Boston bombing: inside job.
    Battle between Israel and Palestine: which side is taking more innocent lives (aka more related to terrorism)?
    Airports have been profiling any and all Middle Eastern-looking people ever since 9/11. Get the f*** out of here.

  • Andersen Cooper

    How come do we have a high Muslim terrorist threat and zero terrorism in the USA despite there being 10 million Muslims in the usa?

    Then throw in the 100,000s thousands who cross the border illegally. If they can cross the border why can’t any terrorist?

    Terrorism isn’t just on a plane. It can be anywhere at anytime. A drive by, car bomb, stabbing, kidnapping and so on can be acts of terror and still zero

    You can’t stop crime, how the hell you stop terrorism?

    Only when u r the one behind it.

  • Stephen Barlow

    In wartime, and 9/12 was wartime, we should have profiled all Saudi, Yemeni and …

    • Ivan Renko

      For profiling, or against it, Stephen?

      Or for it with caveats? That caveat being that you can’t be for it when someone from Fox is for it?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Under the circumstances described

  • Delectatio Morosa

    unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse now that ISIS leaders have called on all muslims living in america to start attacking americans.

    and you can bet there will not be a shortage of fanatics who take up that call. There will be a significant increase in muslim terror attacks on american soil now.

    we are nothing but subhuman infidels to muslims (even to the moderates). They hate anyone who isn’t muslim.

  • Wetback

    Oh God, the second guy talking about the internment camps and nuclear bombs…Holy crap…

    Did he even go to school past middle school? Jesus Christ.

    I haven’t been this offended by a fellow American for a few years now, disgusting.

  • jojoba

    I agree hundred percent that we should profile all Muslims that exist in this country. Not only that, but we must and have to terminate their citizenships and send them back to where they belong. Muslims are haters of the west and will never love our culture nor our religion. They come here for a purpose. Our government must stop bringing Muslims to the States they are a threat to our safety. No matter what this country does to them or offer them they are still ingrates and resentful of our freedom and ways of life. Wherever they go they believe that they can start a state of their own within another state, therefore creating rift, hatred, and hostility amongst people. I agree we must not build them mosques or even restaurants.

  • Joe Crowe

    One guest was a democrat. Each guest was talking about profiling from an ideologic viewpoint (which is going to be done whether you pretend it is or not), not physical appearance. Also – key point – no one said anything about internment camps. Keep calm and pay attention or freak the heck out and jump to conclusions based on pathetic reaction.

  • Chip Q. Salsa, esq.

    fox “finally” loses it?

  • Som Ebody

    Great. I live in Saudi Arabia, far away from the U.S. I am never, ever, ever gonna go to the U.S. Totally convinced me they are gonna call me ‘serial killers’.

  • JenQu

    I guess Fox is going for broke?


  • Highlyamused

    Can’t wait to share this with my Japanese-American Husband who also happens be an active duty LtCol in the Marine Corps. His grandmother, who is still alive, was in the internment camps. I’m sure he’ll agree with Faux News.

  • Michelle Grasz

    They want to bring back McCarthyism apparently ….these child television anchors have no sense of their own history….I pity our future generations

    • gian keys LOVES shemale porn

      superb paychecks make the FOX “news” cretins cry whatever they are told to spew

  • 4th Generation JA

    you don’t have to look that far…my grandmother was in the Camps. I promise you, my generation will not allow this to happen. If you want to profile extreme thinking and anti-American activity, start with those who won’t pay taxes. The list in Washington is quite long.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    The Japanese internment camps were “successful”? How about “disgraceful”?

  • k.evans

    Finally, its about time some one in the media is making sense!! I am glad to hear it. We need another president like FDR who is not afraid to hurt some feelings or to step on some toes to ensure the safety of americans i agree 100% with internment camps!! And racial profiling. Political correctness , racial correctness has gotten so ridiculously out of control, people would be afraid to report a dark skinned man with a beard and head towel, carrying a ticking briefcase through an airport, because ” oh my he could be a watch salesman, how politically incorrect of me to assume he is a terrorist because of his race” i call BULLSHIT lock them all up profile the shit outta them

  • Nigel Smedley

    War is KILLING! The Japanese were treated well in comparison to how they treated Americans living in Japan. Suck it up buttercup! If Muslims want war we have the means to end it…Internment camps full of muslims will happen if they keep poking the Giant.

  • Qwertytude

    We should not be required to apologize for our opinions. Tyrants suppress opinions. We recently spoke with a non-Muslim who grew up in a Muslim country. She laughs at Western progressives who defend Islam, and she has taught us a number of things.
    1. Muslims are fake. They lie about Islam to non-Muslims in an effort to indoctrinate or throw off suspicion. That friendly Muslim face is a lie.
    2. They don’t want to assimilate or be good friends and neighbors. They want to take over an area and turn it into a Muslim enclave. They will even demand sharia enforcement, and they have no respect for others. In this regard, we were shocked to learn that some YMCA locations in the U.S. enforce sharia by offering segregated gym and swim hours.
    3. Muslims are violent and volatile. They are guilty of block busting in areas that they descend upon and harassing non-Muslims. Yes, the men engage in extreme violence against women and children including rape (in this regard, we learned that during the first seven months of 2013, 700 women and 300 children in Sweden were raped by Muslim men). We were told to expect crime and violence to rise as mosques open.
    4. This young lady pointed out that Westerners, especially Americans, are quick to defend Muslims and be drawn to Islam when they know so little about what she calls the true nature of Muslims and Islam. Her advice? Don’t let them near you. They are nothing but trouble.

    Smart lady! We’re heeding her warnings and we hope that you will heed them, too.

  • Kylemoe2000

    I’m embarrassed and ashamed to be a citizen of a country that would profile and put people in camps because of their heritage.

  • Plain and simple.

    Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, along with
    each and every one of these brain dead barbie dolls and dipsh*t ken
    dolls of Faux Nitwit Newsless should be arrested on charges of Treason
    and Sedition. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the

    Too bad we no longer execute people for Treason and
    Sedition, cause all of these lying bunch of outhouse dwelling inbreds
    should be lined up against the wall and shot.

  • christopher bagley

    Get the muslim scum out and the bleeding heart pansy liberals can get out with them. The President and Congress should declare Martial law and round up all the unpatriotic democrat scum and eradicate them with extreme prejudice.