Fox News Forced to Hang Head in Shame and Apologize After Airing Several False Reports About European Muslims (Video)

jeanine-pirro-apologyI’ll be honest, I really didn’t think Fox News would actually publicly apologize for several erroneous reports concerning European Muslims the network aired following the terrorist attack in France.

Probably the most infamous lie the network helped perpetuate came when they let a supposed “expert” claim that in Britain there are “no-go” zones where Muslims have complete control, and that the city of Birmingham is completely Muslim where non-Muslims dare not enter. He also went on to say that there were parts of London where Muslim police beat people who aren’t dressed in traditional Muslim attire.

And, of course, this was all complete nonsense.

Fox News’ coverage following the attack in France has been so absurd that the Prime Minister of Great Britain and several French television shows have called out their lies and outrageous misinformation. Which is fairly interesting because to the average American who doesn’t buy into Fox News’ propaganda, the network was just doing what they always do – lying and pushing an agenda. It goes to show you that most of the world thinks that Fox News is absolute garbage. It’s not just progressives and liberals here in the United States.

Well, shockingly, Fox News has issued a public apology for being terrible at being honest or factual.

Fox News host Julia Banderas said:

To be clear, there is no formal designation of these zones in either country and no credible information to support the assertion that there are specific areas in these countries that exclude individuals based solely on their religion. There are certainly areas of high crime in Europe as there are in the United States and other countries where police and visitors enter with caution. We deeply regret the errors and apologize to any and all who may have taken offense including the people of France and England.

Later in the evening Jeanine Pirro issued an apology, saying she should have pressed their “expert,” Steve Emerson, harder on his claims and ultimately incorrect information.

Though when do Fox News hosts ever push an “expert” on anything when they’re saying what the network wants them to say?  That’s not what they do. What the network does is it brings guests on who they know are going to confirm the narrative that they’re trying to push, then they set these people up with “softball” questions and allow them to say whatever drivel they want these people to spew out. While I’m sure it’s been highly offensive to people in Britain and France, this is just everyday behavior from “America’s most watched cable news channel.”

The only reason they’re apologizing is because they’ve been caught doing what they always do (lie) on a global scale. This time their fabricated lies weren’t relegated to “liberal vs. conservative” here in the United States; their false and misleading anti-Muslim rhetoric finally stretched across the Atlantic and ticked off quite a lot of people in Europe.

And I feel that I should point out that these apologies were issued on a Saturday evening which isn’t exactly a “ratings king” for cable news. In my opinion, they picked one of the slowest days and ratings periods for news to issue an apology so that they could technically apologize for spreading lies – but they made sure to do so when a much smaller audience would be watching.

Watch the apologies below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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