Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Freaks Out Because Pope Francis is Actually Acting Like a Christian (Video)

gutfeld-francisFor decades the Republican party has perpetuated this idea that they’re the party for “Christian values.” I’ve never bought into all the propaganda because I’ve seen the policies they support. Tax cuts for the rich, gutting programs that help the poor, an obsession with guns, more war – these aren’t policies that scream “Christian values.”

It’s like I’ve said to many of them over the years, going to church and quoting the Bible doesn’t make you anymore a Christian than does yelling out engine parts in a garage make you an auto mechanic.

Since the accession of Pope Francis to the head of the Catholic Church, Republicans haven’t been too happy. That’s ironic considering that not only is Pope Francis arguably the most popular pope in modern history, but he’s the most “Christ-like” pope – possibly ever. He’s based a large part of his time in power on helping the poor, preaching acceptance and even supporting the idea that humans need to take care of the planet that God gave them.

Naturally, Republicans have been upset by pretty much all of this. After all, he’s been accepting of homosexuality for the most part, condemned giving tax cuts to the rich and supports climate change… not exactly stances that mesh well with the GOP. Though what might be most comical about all of this is the fact that they seem to think Pope Francis cares about the Republican party. In fact, they seem to take his comments that contradict their warped ideology personally. As if he’s sitting in the Vatican really giving a damn about what nonsense the GOP is trying to pull here.

Well, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld absolutely freaked out on Tuesday’s The Five while speaking about the “Marxist” Pope Francis.

“He doesn’t want to be your grandfather’s pope. He wants to be a modern pope. All he needs is dreadlocks and a dog with a bandana and he could be on Occupy Wall Street,” Gutfeld said.

“He is a Malthusian. He is in bed with Malthus,” he continued. “He believes that the Earth is overpopulated and remember he said Catholics have to stop breeding like rabbits? Do you remember where that came from? That’s a Malthusian belief. And Malthusians believe that the Earth is overpopulated and it would be nice if there were a few billion people less. How does that happen? Global warming.”

That makes almost no sense. Considering Pope Francis has come out and said we need to combat climate change, I’m not sure how using it to “lower the population” ties into any of this incoherent babbling.

“I think the problem for you is that you put it in a box of pure politics, left and right,” co-host Juan Williams said. “What about if the Pope is simply saying we should do all we can to support God’s green earth. Is that so radical?”

“Um, he has a Marxist background,” Gutfeld replied.

Amazing, isn’t it? The Catholic Church finally has a pope who seems to be following the actual teachings of Jesus Christ, and these so-called conservative “Christians” are appalled by it. Then again, why shouldn’t they be? It’s hard to continue to keep calling yourselves the party of “Christian values” when the most powerful Christian on the planet seems to be contradicting everything for which you stand.

Watch the segment below via Fox News by way of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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