Fox News Guest Perfectly Mocks the Network for Trying to Slander the FBI for Trump (Video)

At this point, there are two types of people in this country: those who realize Donald Trump’s an incompetent, dangerous con artist who has no idea what he’s doing, and those who are brainwashed by his pandering rhetoric and non-stop propaganda.

The latter are likely big fans of Fox News, a network that’s essentially become nothing more than Trump’s own version of state-run media.

If you’re someone who’s been watching American’s most-watched conservative entertainment network the last few months, especially over the last several weeks, you’ve seen an extremely calculated push by the propagandist Trump cheerleaders over there to discredit the FBI, undermine the integrity of Robert Mueller, and even some going as far as to claim that this is all part of some “shadow government conspiracy” or “coup” against this “president.”

Well, on Tuesday, Fox News guest Ben Kissel hilariously mocked the network’s efforts to attack the ethics and integrity of the FBI just to protect Trump. In particular, he went after the insistence by many at Fox News that the FBI is some radical leftist advocacy group because a couple of agents were found to have sent anti-Trump tweets.

“I think this is making a mountain out of a molehill here,” Kissel stated. “There is no liberal witch hunt going on with the FBI in an attempt to get Donald Trump. The FBI isn’t some hippie organization filled with people wearing Birkenstocks and going to Flaming Lips concerts. They’re serious individuals and they’re able to hold personal opinions, and it does not necessarily impact their professional life.”

After another panelist insisted that the texts (which were sent before last year’s election — and long before the special investigation began) “prove” Mueller’s investigation has been compromised, Kissel shot back, pointing out that Trump’s deputy attorney general is the one who picked him to lead the investigation.

“His deputy Attorney General Rosenstein appointed Mueller!” Kissel replied. “It wasn’t as if Mueller was chomping at the bit to have the investigation go down.”

That’s one of the aspects to all of this that’s been infuriating. This idea being pushed by Trump, his supporters, and the conservative media that this is all somehow a “liberal witch hunt” when, not only is Mueller a Republican — but he was selected by Trump’s own hand-picked deputy attorney general.

Furthermore, this idea that FBI agents aren’t allowed to have personal thoughts and feelings outside of their job is preposterous. Are there FBI agents who are Democrats? Yes, of course there are. But guess what? There are FBI agents who are Republicans, too.

Having a political lean or partisan personal views doesn’t mean that someone can’t ethically and legally do a job.

But this is nothing new from the Republican party.

They’re fine with Republicans leading investigations against Democrats. Such as the multiple “investigations” they conducted against Hillary Clinton relating to Benghazi. They were also fine with Republican James Comey running the FBI during Clinton’s email investigation. Well, that was until the results weren’t what they wanted them to be.

However, when it comes to investigating Republicans, it seems they aren’t even comfortable with other Republicans leading those — even those appointed to do so by a Republican deputy attorney general.

The truth is, what Republicans want are people who are going to conduct “investigations” that give them the results they want regardless of what the actual facts show. They’re fairly certain Robert Mueller and the FBI won’t do that, which is exactly why they’re not trying to actually discredit the evidence the FBI is finding, or even defend Trump’s behavior, they’re simply trying to slander Mueller, cast doubt, and undermine the credibility of what’s being discovered.

Republicans are masters at these types of situations. When the truth, facts, and reality aren’t on their side — which is far more often than not — all they do is muddy the waters, push conspiracies, and try to cast doubt over the credibility of facts, truth, and reality.

Though as it’s been said many times already, the great thing about reality is that it’s real whether or not Trump supporters want to believe in it.

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Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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