Fox News Hires Paula Deen for New Cooking Show

pauladeenfoxnewsOn the heels of being fired by the Food Network, Paula Deen has been handed a brand new gig—with Fox News.

Desperate to prove that they’re absolutely not racist in any way, and are just being advocates for our First Amendment, Fox News has decided to bring the colorful Paula Deen aboard and will give her a brand new show—Paula Deen: Cooking With A Southern Strategy.

The show will focus on dishes that represent true southern traditions that come straight from the plantation.  Fox News has said they plan to help Deen overcome the oppression they claim has been recently forced on her by her critics, by giving her a show that will help her rise once again.

An unnamed Fox News network representative was quoted as saying, “Ms. Deen will not be held in chains, allowing her hand pick her entire staff and all of her recipes.  She will not be a slave to peer pressure from the liberal media.”

Former congressman Allen West, Fox News’ leading African American paid contributor, has endorsed the hiring saying, “I feel this will really show that Fox News stands firmly with the First Amendment and an American’s right to treat all races equally.”

When a reporter pointed out to Mr. West that the First Amendment has nothing to do with racial equality, he accused the reporter of being a communist and hating America.

Fresh off her reunion with Fox News, Sarah Palin chimed in on the hire saying, “Paula is a great American and Fox News is damn lucky to have such a patriot.  Paula Deen truly represents the values we here at Fox News cherish most.”

Fans of Deen have cheered the news of her new show, with many saying they look forward to learning how to make a single meal using only 6 pounds of butter and a gallon of oil.

Comments were directly sought from Deen after the announcement from Fox News.  However, to this point, there has yet to be a public comment from Paula Deen, or any of her representatives, as they have been in a period of mourning since June 19th.

Of course—none of this is true.

I made all of it up.  Though the sad part is, up until this point, many probably didn’t think this was satire.  Heck, I wouldn’t be shocked if Paula Deen does somehow manage to get a new job that has Fox ties.

But that’s the true sad state of Fox News and the Republican Party—it’s become hard to tell the difference between satire and reality.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Lillian

    This isn’t even satire, it’s just cruel. Nothing funny about it. I’m sure it made Paula feel really good too. People DO have feelings, even after they make a mistake. Fox News sucks.

    • Cuppy Duppy

      ya, like the lady who sued paula, she had feelings, too bad paula didn’t pick up on that.

      • lindylou

        Have to admit, though, that the worst items in the lawsuit were about Deen’s brother, a true sociopath IMO. She just allowed it.

  • Steven Kloppenburg

    Good food, good Southern racism–A good deal for Faux News.

  • Thom Cameron

    Surely, You jest!

    • adam

      of course! and stop calling me shirley

    • John Mallory

      I don’t just. And don’t call me Shirley.

  • Greg Meyer

    I guessed I passed the test. I read the headline and thought, “There is no way”. But part of me allowed for possibility that the story could be true. I simply had to read the article. I laughed(in relief) as I read that was indeed satire. 🙂

    • William Carr

      Or… IS it ?

  • Gman

    You know, I read most of your stuff with interest… but I don’t enjoy having my time wasted.
    Not funny, not even ironic…
    Do it again and I’m done with you

    • spazaru

      I’m sure he’s petrified.

    • Timm Higgins

      Yeah actually it was pretty damn funny. But I’m sure losing one reader isn’t going to break the site.

    • lather

      Really? This was great, almost as funny as Fox rehiring a Palin.
      You can go I guess, He just gained one reader in me so you won’t be missed.

    • amber

      i agree time wasted

    • ScottColbert

      I felt the same way about your comment. What a coincidence,

    • Echo Moon

      i agree with you. i think the story shows low intelligence. but of course they just had to jump on the band wagon of ridicule and put downs.

      i do not watch paula deans show and really don’t give a flying big f about her show. and i sure don’t claim to be a fan. but good grief, enough is enough.
      these stories so remind me of school yard bullies. just go your own way until the bully comes out and starts on one of the other kids. and that kid doesn’t even have to be of the dweb or nerd type. but in this case it’s one of the more popular kids. oh wow!!! lets join in and knock ’em down a few times too. hit ’em harder while their down. ohhhh, hit ’em again. lets all gang up.
      what paula dean “did” was not nice. but this story makes me sick because it’s on the other side of NOT NICE.

      are you really that self righteous?????

  • Guest

    Sooo funny, timely, and well-written! Thought is was true–until I finished the second paragraph!

    I’m sure Paula Deen (and others, apparently) won’t be laughing, but deep-seated racism is not a momentary mistake for which she should be quickly forgiven.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Trey

    Sooo funny, timely, and well-written! I thought it was true–until I finished the second paragraph!

    I’m sure Paula Deen (and others, apparently) won’t be laughing, but deep-seated racism is not a momentary mistake for which she should be quickly forgiven.

    Keep up the good work!

    • El He

      Trey–I just posted a question–noon/Friday/28th. I’m
      hoping you can perhaps answer this for me.

  • GSWSyndicate

    I have written a treatment for a soap opera for her all about food & racism in the south titled “All My Chittlins”. She plays an evil ne’er do well woman named “Erica Chains”.

    • robkell

      You probably know a lot about chittlins as you are an azz .

  • Karen

    I love you Paula, but hate that you are associating yourself with Fox and what it represents.

  • effoff

    Your entire publication is satire. Publishing nonsensical trash like this is precisely what is keeping the divides in this country wide and racial tensions fresh.

    • MrMike

      effoff Yes and the intelligent ones will figure it out as satire and get a laugh, and go on their way! Most comedy is rife with satire, so what’s the problem with satire against a racist? If folks feel their time is wasted, then what the hell are you doing on Facebook?

      • johhney992873596

        MrMike, It was a waste of time and I got the link from an e-mail.. You _ucking moron…

    • Chuck

      The right wing nuts are out on this one, already it’s been decided that even talking about this issue should never get the length of time in the spotlight like a story that isn’t even true like say one of Fox’s made up stories, like benghazi for instance!

  • Russell Kurson

    hahhahahahah !! lol

  • Joseph Grimes

    How many of you saw this coming? This is just the beginning people. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flay, Alton, Giada….follow!

  • Facts over fiction

    I am progressive, but hate fake news. Just mean spirited for no reason and gets forwarded on social media. Hate it when either side does it. Just makes your site look like it peddles propaganda over information.

    • MrLightRail

      Like Fox News does on a DAILY basis?

      • sick_of_it_all

        ^Let me fix that for you

        “Like ALL news does on a DAILY basis?”

    • Lin


  • Aster Nova

    Great read!

  • John E. Conway

    The only reason I questioned it is because a cooking show would be too far remove from “News” for them to sell I think.

  • raymond

    bunch of racist bigots working together… I keep forgetting fox even exist until some underhanded bs come up… with all of the real News stations out here it should not be a problem… at least we wont have to watch her show because we don’t watch fox in our household. and for the record She is still a fat, butter eating bigot.

    • MS TEE


  • Richard Fischer

    So using a “racist slur” makes you a racist? Well then many Americans are racists because how ofter do you hear the terms chink, kraut, wop, dago, limey, and so many other “racial slurs” to describe those of another race who are social deviants or exhibit undesirable behavior? I have always believed that a racist is one who believes that one race (usually their own) is better than another for no other reason than race.

    • Aimee Barfield

      Ummm…until now never. Except on movies that place during a certain era. In everyday conversation, never.

    • Meaghan

      I am white, from a predominantly white area (granted the north east so it’s more liberal) but with this logic I should be surrounded by people who use those words. I’m not (I actually don’t know most of the words you said, I count myself blessed for not knowing such hateful phrases). Saying any of those words is not used by the majority of the population by any means.

      I’m sorry sir but using them does make you a racist. It’s a name designed to dehumanize a person because of their race. So maybe you don’t ‘mean to be racist’ like Paula Deen here, but that doesn’t make it any less what it is, racist.

    • Bill123

      “how ofter do you hear the terms chink, kraut, wop, dago, limey”

      Believe it or not, I recently used wop, dago and limey in conversation, but I was being purposely racist as a joke, when someone made a slur against black people.

      They are fighting words used against particular races. Are you stupid?

    • Pat

      “So using a ‘racist slur’ makes you a racist?”
      …Yes? Is that really the question you wanna go with?
      I mean, that’s pretty defining, right there.

      • MrLightRail

        When is someone gonna tell Blacks not to say the “N” word?

      • lindylou

        Idiotic comparison, dude. They can call themselves anything they want to. Just as white republicans can call themselves “Christians”.

      • Rhea Jones-Price

        …You don’t think anyone has told them not to?

      • Pat

        If you think the idea of talking to all members of a particular race as a unit, you really don’t understand what’s going on here.

      • Pat

        Oh, and there’s a difference between saying and using.

        …but I’m guessing the difference here is too subtle.

    • Sayway

      Yes Richard using racial slurs means you are a racist. Neither I, my family or those in my social or work circle use derogatory names for any race. Because human beings are not racial slurs we are all human beings.

    • Rhea Jones-Price

      …A racial slur is not flattering about a race. When you use a racial slur, you have just degraded another human being using their race. If you want to describe someone who is a social deviant (like a child molester, or a sociopath), there is no reason to make use of a racial slur, unless you are saying that their race has something to do with the deviation. You can totally call them “child molester” or “sociopath.”

  • Alison Demzon

    Those that made it through the second paragraph with out questioning the validity of this are of the same mind as the Tea Party people; in a blind rage following anything that supports presupposed ideas.

  • aab1966

    Actually, I *would* be surprised if Fox News hired Paula Deen, given that their correspondents participated in the “Paula Deen’s a racist” frenzy as gleefully as anyone else.

  • Cuppy Duppy

    had me fooled. sounds legit. you probably just gave them the idea.

    • Calvin

      Cuppy Duppy, I was thinking the same thing, but I hope that doesn’t turn out to be true and I hope that Faux News don’t turn out to be that stupid!!! Who am I kidding?!!! It’s Faux News!!!

  • Melissa Calderon

    When they discover they have chosen to hire a sinking ship they will soon regret their decision and fire her to.

  • I figured it was satire, and with that in mind, could enjoy ALL the funny things you wrote. Thanks for the smiles.

    • Pat

      I wasn’t sure it was satire until the sixth paragraph. And then I still wasn’t completely sure.

  • TheWrightWingv2

    Fox hired Obama Campaign supporter Paula Deen?
    That’s Fair & Balanced.
    How many conservatives are CNN & MSNBC staff, again?

    • GRS

      Asshat Joe Scarborough, (and dont flame if his named is misspelled. I can’t be bothered)

    • Aimee Barfield

      Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele are another two I can think of off the top of my head. Neither are lassoed in like ‘liberal’ contributors on FOX as a matter of fact. I’m sure if I did a Goggle search I could find at least ten more.

  • Nooo_doubts

    How sick can one be? Ridiculous is the society most of the racists have become. There are more racists in our government that allow the goings on in OUR AMERICA!! We the people are the ones that can bring OUR AMERICA!! Make it happen people.

  • TheWrightWingv2

    “But that’s the true sad state of Fox News and the Republican Party”

    Paula Deen is a Democrat and supported the Obama campaign. Why do liberals depend on their fact-free dreamworld to make their comical points?

  • OuterStace

    I totally fell for the whole thing, it disgust me so much like most Faux News stories that I didn’t even bother to read to the very end, I already shared the story on Facebook, but that’s cool, because when it does happen, it won’t be a surprise!

  • LadyeCatte

    You didn’t actually “make that up”. You were making a sensible prediction based on past “interviews” (a.k.a. being a ridiculous bigot/racist and getting fired for it) for employment with FOX.

  • m

    ctually when you read the lawsuit her black employees weren’t allowed to walk

    in the front entrance and had segregated bathrooms. Paula ran her business “PLANTATION STYLE.”

    Next week you can watch her new show on FOX

    “Southern Plantation Wedding,”

    in which black waiters serve guests “slave-style.”

  • Aaron Davis

    Yes Fox News ought to eat her cooking all the time. They will all be dead of a heart attack very soon. Too darn bad this acticle is not true.

  • Anna Sarath

    Fox sure wears its beliefs on its sleeve. Paula Deen has found her kinda people: racists.

  • Anna Sarath

    In my mind, this is just the kind of thing Fox would do. Reading the whole article, I had to laugh.

  • DrPhrogg

    Freaking shame. I love Paula but won’t watch Faux News.

  • mojones1

    Not true, yet. Give them time. Soon we’ll be seeing “Paula Deen – Cookin’ with the Klan”

  • nellpost


  • MrFantasticJackson

    haha you got me. and i have a keen sense of spotting bullshit. sad that they are so extreme lately I couldnt help to believe it.

    • FrankyA18836640

      I can spot Bullshit too.. That’s how I found you… In NO way are you Fantastic..

  • guest

    Please, she is a racist, lying, southern squealing pig!!! She is sorry; she is sorry that she was found out, that’s not sorry. I will never listen or purchase any products, food, cookbooks, or pictures of her grandparents age possibly wearing KKK hats! She belongs on Faux News! Everything else there is a lie; she will fit right in, unless she gains all that weight back! lmao

    • mvlinn21

      I can totally see Paula in a KKK hood. Now I cannot unsee it.

    • TheWrightWingv2

      Paula Deen is a Democrat, the KKK was created by Democrats to terrorise blacks from voting for the GOP. Jim Crow, Bull Connor? Democats.

      • Jessica Neubauer

        Right, keep ignoring the shift after the democrats supported civil rights. You’re only exposing your ignorance.

      • JERobi1509

        Don’t read history much do you? DIXICRATS!

      • CherMoe

        And WHY, exactly, was it that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated?

      • John Berggren

        note that most prominent dixicrats … shifted and became GOP in congress, etc

      • jearruda

        Exactly Dixiecrats and the KKK such was the old Democratic party in the South. As the national Democratic party became more progressive and supported Civil Rights it no longer appealed to the Dixiecrats. The Republicans welcomed them with open arms and they had found their soulmates.

      • Mim789s

        There is no such animal as a white democrat from the south. Once the civil rights act became law, you either became “dixie-crats”, conservative, and republican.

      • Larry Holmack

        Mim789s….you have no clue what you talking about. I am white…I grew up in the south….still live in the south and I grew up in a family of Democrats. In fact, my grandmothers both described themselves as “Yellow Dog Democrats.” Neither one was racists, or a Dixiecrat, or what ever other racists name you can come up with. Talk about stereotyping. Next time think before you write next time!!! I do believe one of the Senators from the State of Louisiana, a southern State, is a democrat….Mary Landrieu.

      • chuck

        Here is one right here!

      • alani

        There is a difference between a Democrat and a Dixiecrat. Paula Dean is a Dixiecrat, a group with supported the KKK. When my ancestors left the South they refused to join the Democratic Party and did not do so until the 1960’s.

    • Vada Bodimer

      And all the slurs you just used about southerners are so objective right?

      I personally abhor racisim, but more than that o abhor someone who uses reverse racist slurs to make a point about how bad racism is.

      If you replace one type of hate with another it doesn’t change the act or make it less wrong because of where it steels from, hate is hate, and every kind equally ugly and damaging.

      I’m sure this type of statement goes a long way towards the change so many seek.

      • William Carr

        No, the slurs used weren’t about Southerners, they were about Paula Deen, who IS a Southerner.

        Otherwise, it would have read: ‘Southerners are racist, lying, squealing pigs’.

        Gee, I was never a Grammar Genius in High School English, but I got that distinction.

    • Lin

      Paula is not a racist. She said the N word ONCE, when she worked in a bank and a gun was held to her head. The WHITE woman, who brought the lawsuit, said in her deposition, that she NEVER heard Paula use the N word or any other discriminatory word. If she was the liar you claim she is, she would not have admitted to even using the word once, and she did admit it. You are off the wall with your erroneous claims.

  • Dee

    I didn’t know it was a lie until the end…but I did know it was bad journalism from the start.

    • R.A.

      If it’s satire, then it’s not journalism, it’s comedy. The thing is, when you’ve watched too much Fox, you start to think the lies are journalism, so I could tell where you got confused.

    • Lin

      I agree Dee very poor journalism very poor taste…

  • Russell Parrott

    I thought is was true – It is about the level of the Fox Entertainment station.

  • HonestDebate1

    MSNBC still has Toure’, you can’t make up stuff like that.

  • rcfrt

    Yawn. So obvious that this was false with tired worn out cliches and a great lack of original ideas. Good satire should keep people believing to the end or be obvious and funny all the way through. This was obvious….but not funny.

  • Redcordelia

    Yeah. Incredulous as I was, I still believed the article was true until I got to the end.

  • Major Migraine

    Only racist old, white folks watch Faux News, so she will fit right in!


    I think part of the problem why AMERICA can not becoming this “dream” everyone talks about is due to WHT AMERICA’s refusal to come to the terms of how the dream started. This rush to “get over it” is why you keep gettin’ tripp’d up about the things you’ve started.

    IRONIC that such a word that YOU created/userp’t/translated now somehow becomes a penalty for you to use… Ever stop to ask yourselves how that happened or are you just willfully content in your ignorance?

    Deep down, I believe WHT AMERICA is AFRAID that without their perceived control of things, that the “minorities” would do to YOU what you’ve been doing since the beginning of this country. Isnt that why you fled England in the first place? So afraid of your own shadows that now EVERYTHING scares you…

    Think Planet of the Apes… Scares the shit out of you… hell, if I were YOU, i’d be scared too… given your “good book” warns of such vengeance being delivered.

    Aligned with that is this fear that admitting to how you gained your “wealth and power” will somehow result in the forfeiture of said “wealth and power”… I have no idea where you got such a notion… ooh wait, the IRS and basic government functions seem to run a close parallel…

    What I do believe needs to happen is that you PAY WHAT IS OWE’d… Regardless of how you feel about it, your wealth and power structure is built DIRECTLY on the tombs of BLACK AMERICA and the indigenous people who were here long before you arrived. When anything happens in this country that threatens to even approach that fact, y’all have a COLLECTIVE melt down, ranging from individual to GOVERNMENTAL sanctioned ASSASSINATIONS of US BORN CITIZENS i.e. MLK/JFK.

    What were those mens crime that required such a response? See what happens when you let your boggiemen and jiggaboo’s roam free? They whisper things in your mind(s) which only furthers to blood on your hands.

    Look around you and look @ your neighbors… READ THE VISCERAL comments you all post… It would make a sailors mother blush… yet, its the same folks callin’ on god and prayin’ for this thing or that thing… Even I know that doesnt jive with the pages in your set doctrine and IM THE “abomination”.

    End of the day, these are YOUR nightmares that keep polluting your dream… Your psychology tells you that dreams are a way of the subconscious trying to work some shit out, so it would stand to reason that your American “dream” has some kinks in it that you are unwilling to work out, thus creating your own nightmare…

    It is that irrational and internalize FEAR that continues to fuel this pinwheel of discourse when all you got to do is just get off the ride…

    Black’s will have to answer for the way WE HAVE TREATED EACH OTHER in the wake of what you have done, there is NO ARGUMENT about that! The conversation will still have to start @ the GENESIS and it starts with YOU!

  • Fred Hauck

    She will fit right in like a glove!!! TO FUCKIN MUCH!!!!

  • Jessica Neubauer

    That’s the point of POEs. With the ultra conservatives you literally CAN NOT go so far that it becomes ridiculous.

  • JERobi1509

    Well done!

  • Gus

    She is cooking racism and a lot of butter.!

  • El Keter Ben Tzadik

    All of this “fake news” has to stop.

  • MrLightRail

    I honestly thought the quote from Sarah Palin was true!

  • tremoney

    lol! “help her rise again”. Hilarious.

  • Ilene Rachel

    LOL Had me going! I really could believe it!

  • Keith

    You got me…

  • Vicki Brown

    Actually, the whole time I was reading this, I kept checking the URL to see if I was reading The Onion.

  • Allen Hamilton

    This article was kinda funny but mostly boring.. The fun part was reading all the comments from the Libtards.. It’s like ONE of you have ever said a bad word!! Would you think it was fair if you got fired from your job for having said Nigger? I am not racist or a repub.. I just do not thik that ONE word should get someones career and reputation KILLED!!

    If this were the case for the rest of the world NONE of us would have jobs…..

    • james gilcrease

      I agree completely!

      The people making comments are just as rude.. They are calling people all kinds of names.. It is funny how you can call people which describe their size, weight, color, etc but you mention being being black or a specific religion you are in trouble.

      How are these two different?

      Calling you a jew


      Saying that you’re jewish?

      Does the ISH really have that much power?

      • Rhea Jones-Price

        I don’t think it’s about mentioning that someone is black. Calling me an n-word and describing me as a “black woman” are totally different things. Sure, they may be synonymous to you, but if I decided to call you a degrading name because it’s synonymous with what I think of you, it doesn’t make the term less degrading.

    • Rhea Jones-Price

      If you disrupt your workplace by alienating employees of a particular race, gender, etc., then yes, you should lose your job.

  • Mephisto

    Is her first recipe going to be Klandied Yams?

  • lindylou

    I knew it was satire from the git-go: I had already posted a “fake story” elsewhere that she and Sarah Palin had collaborated on a new recipe for chicken-fried chocolate chip cookies.

  • Liberals suck Balls

    I Hope all you progressive liberal commies wake up, you are the ones destroying this country, food stamp nation, you jerks want the government to be in charge of everything. That is sad, furthermore it is sad that we live in such a PC word, grow a pair, sack up, and don’t be such pussies.

  • MrLou

    So y’all get your black mammy to crack them eggs and put em in that their bawl and have her mix that there flour….. Made The Southern Way!

  • Lapv

    Good! And I am not a Fox fan at all. But all this phoney hoopla over a 66yr old southern woman with a cooking show, saying this awful word to her husband 30+ yrs ago is wrong. Time for black rappers to get rid of it too.

  • Edward Baker

    Exactly where she belongs ,on a KKK hate driven news station that stirs the Hate Cesspool

  • Deb Ty

    Well, why not this is where all the failures of life go, to Fox News.. I’m sure she will fit in nicely, but theirs one big problem, she won’t have much of an audience .. nobody with a half brain watches fox news .

    • Deb Ty

      Fresh off her reunion with Fox News, Sarah Palin chimed in on the hire
      saying, “Paula is a great American and Fox News is damn lucky to have
      such a patriot. Paula Deen truly represents the values we here at Fox
      News cherish most.”

      Enough said, this explains it all. So being a Patriot is being a racist?

  • Edward Baker

    I loved the satire but had to make my comment anyway just in case it does come true

  • MiDoRoaD82

    The fact that you would write this is the problem with the liberal media. You will do whatever; lie, steal, cheat, throw sources under the bus, anything, to get your agenda across. This wasn’t even an attempt to share any real news. This is purely an attempt to bash on fox news. Which, it doesn’t need. It can screw up enough on it’s own. But to put a mass post/blog about a lie, just to make people hate something is absolutely ridiculous. As an informant, don’t you want the media to believe what you say and put out? Don’t you want to be accountable for the words you type/say? Instead, now I find this blog site absolutely useless and full of lies. No longer will I share any of your blogs/posts and will be letting people know what kind of “news” you write about. Real Classy. forward thinking, my ass.

  • memeremalek

    LMAO. Genius. Had me, hook line & sinker. SO utterly plausible.

  • Mr. Giggles

    This post is oh so shameful. Typical liberal bs. Are Paula Deen’s comments out of color (scuse the pun) for the times? Of course! Saying that she’s a 60-something year old woman born in the south is not an excuse, it’s an explanation. You know what’s more racist than this? Anything organized with a race in front of it. Black scholarships, Black history month, black whatever. It’d be just as bad as White scholarships, White history month, White whatever. ANYTHING with a race in front of it is racist except for a description. PERIOD.

  • Benjamin

    “Birds of a feather, Fox together !! The first amendment allows us to speak racial innuendos, inferences and epithets. So fuck all of you all !! Neener, neener…..”

  • Johnny Lawless

    This is NOT true.

  • Good Bye

    Hey assholes, I thought it was legit and posted it on my feed. Thanks helping me look stupid in front all the right-wingers. Good-bye d-bags.

  • pszymeczek

    Swiftian satire!

  • Chris Canary

    She will go on Oprah and sit there blubbering like Tammy Faye Baker.
    will hold hands, Oprah will give her a sympathetic nod and then you
    will hear a Choir Of Angels in the background as Oprah gives her Special
    Dispensation and announces she is giving Paula her own new cooking show
    on the OWN Network.

  • Dee Ree

    Ha! Of course they did. Racist have to stick together to protect themselves from the scary minorities:/

  • Bob K

    I am not a Paula Deen fan. I watched her show once in a while and enjoyed it. This is funny, except it does not point out when Mrs. Deen used the “N” word. So far none of the reports that I have seen mention when. It is not right, no matter when, but would you rather she had done what 99 % of the white people who used and use the word, and LIE. The majority of people who have used this word in any context would have lied, and I have to give Mrs. Deen kudos for telling the truth. For what it’s worth.

  • Kristen

    I am so tired of the right vs. the left vs the liberals vs the conservatives…THING. It’s exhausting and the joke is on the American people because they are all playing for the same team and the mainstream news groups ALL report bogus information and focus on mostly insignificant drama without ever talking about anything that matters. The rest of the world knows it, but yes, let’s continue this non-solution oriented type of rhetoric to fuel the fires of separation among the masses. Way to be a part of the problem.

  • DeepIg

    This works out perfectly for her because she seems really used to the idea of chains and slaves.

  • David William Reid

    No different then Obama giving a promotion to Shirley Sherrod who was denying white people farm loans 25 years ago. Whats the problem here? Fair is fair right?

    • David William Reid

      Maybe they
      should just to piss of a bunch of racist hypocrites?

  • MS TEE


  • Chaz

    We Love Paula Deen, and so happy to know that she has been given a job with Fox! Way to go Fox!

  • shonda

    do we need to start a petition or boycott,cause if she had been black,we would have never heard from her again.i’m not suprised at fox they are racist.

  • Foxy Loxy

    I think you have psychic powers. This could come to pass.

    FOX NEWS, the official News Source for Henny Penny, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey.

  • lolo

    wow i was pissed ………. until i got to the last part .. u got me

  • Itiesha

    “Single meal using only 6 pounds of butter and a gallon of oil” was semi truck headlights indicating the article was a parody, but I read on and loved it.

  • alani

    The Plantation food she is cooking was prepared and cooked by slaves. That right there says it all!

  • Colossus

    You’re a fukin idiot. Nobody bought that. You could smell the bs from the title of the piece…….of shit.

  • Tiana SomuchmoorWashitawn

    while u laugh….they’re typing up her contract….just like rappers…

  • Guest

    Will Allen West be her frequent guest ?? Will he paid to kiss her racist ass ??

  • Will Allen West be her… frequent guest ??? How will he be paid when he kisses her racist ass ??

  • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

    This article, while completely lacking in subtlety, was nevertheless amusing…right up until Mr. Clifton’s assurance that it’s a joke. He must not think very highly of his readers if he thinks that even his heavy-handed attempt at satire has to include its own warning label. Mr. Clifton, as I stated in my first sentence, this article may be funny, but its humor is not remotely subtle. You don’t possess the razor-sharp wit of a Gore Vidal; this article’s humor is more slapstick than it is sophisticated. Nice try, though. Keep plugging away; you may get it eventually.

  • Zarius Corten

    I’ll admit, you had me going. That was perfect a FoxNews screw up… Kinda like using the picture of two lesbians getting married as their poster ‘child’ for “traditional marriage”. Glad it was a steaming pile of horse crap, but KUDOS!

  • Bunnyman09

    That was funny. Deen would be perfect for a Fox cooking show. She could serve up huge portions of ignorant racism along with a side dish of total stupidity, and the idiots who watch Fox would lap it all up.

  • wanda

    prove time after time. ‘BIRDS OF FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER’.

  • Averyck

    Then entire time i was reading this, i was thinking to myself “Citation Needed.” Also, to put it into perspective, I could do the same thing, and switch “Fox News” with “CNN” and it would be just as believable.

  • Nanci Ostergaard Bucchianeri

    As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, Surpirse, Surprise”.

  • Just another reader

    Another reason when visiting the in-laws, while on vacation, to go downstairs to watch some other channel.

    Fauxnews is getting so desperate for keeping the ratings, that they have to stoop even lower.

  • disqus_EGP4lci1cu

    I think they should consider revoking your degree since you obviously have too many errors in your UNfactual attempt at humor.

  • Ellen

    This is a ridiculous article written by a ridiculous person.

  • Benchley

    If you’re trying to be Borowitz, you ain’t made it.

  • CCinRI

    Cue Strange Fruit as the shows theme song.

  • Tolerant American

    “It would have been a good story, actually, the Paula Deen’s show was picked up by another network. And when the heat of this media-invented “scandal” cools off, that will probably happen. Unlike the left wing haters, the American people forgive others for their mistakes, especially mistakes from 20 years ago. So the American people will still support Paula Deen, buy her products, and watch her on television. The far left is too hate-filled to forgive and learn any lessons from any of this. What a shame.”

  • Tolerant American

    The intolerance, hate and arrogance in these comments would put the KKK to shame. Well done Progressives!

  • spanky18

    I hope Fox 5 will Disappear ~ Take Paula with You!

  • Dan70801

    The bigots circle the wagons. And I’m sure the Deen woman is so remorseful she’ll turn this offer down as a sign of repentance…….Right just like the Rattle snake won’t bite if you pet it!

  • El He

    What is the difference please between Paula Deene

    using the ‘n’-word years ago and Louis Farrakhan’s

    anti-Semitic rant (something he does frequently) in a

    Detroit church last month in front of

    the Reverend of the Church, a US Congressman

    and the head of an NAACP branch?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      Farrakhan was –at the time– alone in being a prick.
      deene caught him
      care to comment upon glenn beck saying Obama hates whites? ted nugent calling Obama a ” ” mongrel? any of rush ” druggie” limbaughs well-known ( and quite frequent) racial slurs??
      NO? ” you jes’ might be a redneck”

  • chuck

    I called this as well the day i heard about it.

  • Chris

    The article and the positive comments prove that none of the people who criticize Fox News has ever actually watched it. What would progressives do without the continual specter of racism in a nation that elects people of color at every level of political office across the land?



  • Jaina

    Allen you must LOVE today, because you can write the headlines and story everyone is dying to see. Bravo sir 🙂

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    allen west? he is comfortably nestled in the ” one-and-done” congressional term……. another cretin whom even the staunchest rightwing regressive mushroom will eschew as elmer fudd loony tunes.
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as I vehemently bloviated prior: VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!

  • robkell

    Paula Deen is a credit to the idiotic writer of this article and the hee haw hyennas chorusing their agreement. This article proves that all niggers are not black and all writers are not created equal.