Fox News Host Blames High Divorce Rates on Women Not Taking Care of Men (Video)

dash-outnumberedRecently my colleague Manny Schewitz wrote an article mentioning that some Republicans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the conservative media, in particular Fox News, and how it’s continually pushing the party further and further to the right. That’s exactly what’s happening; it’s not about news, or even facts, it’s simply about telling conservatives what they want to hear.

Take for instance one of Fox News’ programs, Outnumbered. This show is basically just their attempt to seem “friendly” to women by having a show centered mostly around women often talking about politics or various issues pertaining to women. The problem is, it typically turns into a mockery of women’s rights. Last year during one of the segments on this show they actually defended the right for men to sexually harass women in public.

The whole show is just a sham.

Well, the true vile nature of this show rendered its ugly head once again as the co-hosts discussed an article in Glamour magazine which some people called sexist. The article gave “tips’ on how women can make men fall in love with them, with one “tip” being to bring him a snack or a drink after sex.

“After you engage in a little horizontal hula, make him a sandwich,” co-host Andrea Tantaros said. “That’s not called 1950s. That’s called kindness. And frankly, I think women should do a little more of that.”

Okay, I’ll agree with that. While I didn’t read the list in full detail, I skimmed it enough and I didn’t see anything really wrong about it – at least nothing I found “offensive.” I’ve seen many of these sorts of lists floating around the Internet all the time, only they’re usually telling men how they can make women love them. Typically these lists are pure garbage anyway. It’s just made up nonsense by some “journalist” looking for easy revenue through cheap clickbait.

However, fellow co-host Stacey Dash decided to display her ignorance by declaring her belief that divorce rates have risen because women aren’t properly taking care of their men.

“I think that’s why divorce rates are so high. Women don’t know how to take care of their men anymore,” Dash said.

Let me remind you that a host on a featured show on America’s most watched cable news channel said this – and won’t be disciplined in any way for it. In fact, that exact sort of rhetoric is highly encouraged on Fox News.

Could you imagine someone on any other major network but Fox blaming high divorce rates on women not catering to men? That’s about as blatantly sexist as you can get without being outright vulgar – and I’m not anything close to a person who sides with radical feminists. In fact, I’ve had many run-ins with radical feminists over what I believe are some glaring hypocrisies within their movement.

Either way, Dash’s comments do serve as another perfect example of Fox News personalities belittling and mocking women. That’s what Outnumbered really is – a show that’s clearly meant to seem like it’s about women, their point of view and women’s rights, but that’s all just a farce. Outnumbered’s real purpose is simply to make Republicans seen more women-friendly when, in fact, the show often mocks the push in this country to treat women with the equality they deserve.

Watch the segment below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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