Fox News Host Disgustingly Lashes Out at Children Living in Poverty (Video)

stacey-dash-fox-1In an attempt to apparently prove that there are no lows to which Fox News will not stoop, Outnumbered co-host Stacey Dash decided to attack the children of families living in poverty. Because, you know, children are apparently just greedy little moochers abusing the system and looking for a free handout.

Discussing a recent Census Bureau report that found that 65 percent of American children are living in a home receiving some sort of government assistance, Dash called it “slavery” before further elaborating on her ignorance.

“This is the Democratic party’s new version of slavery to me,” Dash said. “I am a believer in the American dream. But as long as you are told where you have to live, what you have to eat, what you have to wear, where you have to go to school, you will never know the true meaning of expression. And, the power and value of self achievement. You’ll never know what that is.”

Wait, what? Are children not supposed to be told where to live, what to eat, what to wear and where to go to school? Haven’t parents been making choices like that for children since… forever?

I honestly have no idea what she means. If anything, children today are given much more “freedom of expression” than in generations past. I have no idea what a child living in poverty, whose family needs some help to provide for them, has anything to do with the ability for them to express themselves.

And can we please stop using slavery as an analogy? You know what’s “like slavery”? Actual slavery. 

That’s it.

But the truth is Dash is an imbecile. I have no idea what suddenly qualified her to be featured on Fox News as an “expert” at anything other than bad acting. This is a woman who just a few months ago actually said of the Republican opposition to gay marriage:

“We [Republicans] are for equal marriage. We’re not against that at all. We believe that everyone should have the same right.”

Then when she was asked about the often open opposition among many Republicans towards the legalization of same-sex marriage, she said:

“That’s just propaganda, it’s not true. You know? That’s just a certain amount of people. You can’t just throw a blanket over everyone because certain people have one opinion.”

A “certain amount of people.” Yes, as in the vast majority of the Republican party. 

And let’s not forget when she said that men publicly sexually harassing women was acceptable.

But despite her growing list of idiotic statements, even though she’s only been at Fox News for a short time, Dash continues to grow as a featured personality on the network. Which shows you the kind of “standards” to which Fox News holds itself.

Watch the segment below via Fox News uploaded by Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    [cue Peter Gunn music] Roger Ailes presents: The Gam Squad!!!

  • Smalldeer

    Why is it so hard for republicans to understand that if people earned a living wage they would not need to depend on “government assistance”.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Also just goes to show the truth in the adage that the most important thing you can do to set the course of your life is to pick the right parents.

      Here in northeastern MO, stats just came out showing that 20-something percent of people are living below the poverty level (and this is a highly conservative, agricultural region that prides itself on being self-sufficient. But somehow the govt handouts we get somehow don’t count as govt handouts). Of course, one of the qualification for many programs is that you don’t exceed the poverty level by more than a certain percentage – so right away it is clear that a good number of folks here get govt assistance for poverty. And we haven’t even started talking about farm subsidies, infrastructure maintenance (such as roads), etc.

    • veronica Alleyne

      because they are afraid that somehow that living wage would come at some personal cost to them when it already does in the form of the gov’t. assistance needed to fill the gap

    • Techster64

      What is stopping them from earning a living wage?

      • Dennis Frisby

        Um, JOBS or EDUCATION (just saying)

      • Techster64


  • Jerry Graybosch

    I guess this is the level of ignorance Fox looks for when hiring their news bimbos. At its heart is the simple-minded belief that poverty is simply the result of the choices people make, ….and therefore we only need to teach them to make better choices… ( starting with choosing richer parents?).

    • Sue Robertson

      People choose to abuse alcohol and drugs, have children out of wedlock and not finish high school…all precursor’s to poverty..

      • Cemetery Girl

        Addictions can lead to poverty (typical, but not always.) If single parenthood was a poverty requirement then there wouldn’t be a single two parent family on any form of assistance, but that isn’t the case. Education can make a difference, but a college degree isn’t even a shield against poverty. It is a complex issue, not something in which you can say “if you do X, Y, and Z then you won’t ever experience poverty.” Children in poverty is even more complex. Even if a child lives in poverty because it was born to unwed parents that dropped out of high school and are addicts, a child doesn’t select the circumstances in which it was born.

      • Matt Begley

        True…. Although the majority of those receiving public assistance are not on illegal drugs, have or had a spouse, and finished high school. Do some research.

      • nomardw

        Ah yes. You show yourself to be as ignorant as this clownette.
        Just so you know but seem to fail to understand, the majority of people on government assistance are retire people who have worked all their lives, veterans that can’t find word after serving their country, and single mothers that work at LEAST one full time job.
        There are millions of Americans that worked hard all their lives with degrees that can’t find work now. Do yourself a favor and stop watching the idiots at Faux News, it isn’t helping your intelligence levels. In fact, it seems to have a negative affect on all intelligence that is exposed to it.

      • Blondie Blue

        AMEN! Couldn’t say it Better.

      • Eg Kbbs

        And people choose for the factory they work for to shut down ?

      • Jolene K Morgan

        I have never done drugs or drank in my entire life, I made a bad choice and ran away from home when i was 15 and went through the “system” Came home when i was 18 found a man who was hard working got married had a child. My husband had a forklift accident at work that was not covered due to “negligence” on his part (He slipped in oil on the floor and then a forklift operator didnt see him when he backed up an smashed him against some pallets. Hurting his back permanently.) Since i was the housewife i didnt go to college and since i was in a boot camp in utah for being a runaway from 15-18 i wasnt “allowed” to graduate even though i had all my credits in Utah to actually graduate, so no diploma. But… please Sue… Tell me again how i am a statistic, how i mooch the system because i have had my children out of wedlock and that i must be a drunken addict who didnt finish high school… Go on… Tell me. Because we all are so clearly definable by the actions of others. You “ma’am” are an asshat. Good day.

      • GenerallyConfused

        You do realise those that “choose” drugs and alcohol have a predisposition to abusing those substances, right? Having children out of wedlock, well what would you rather the 15 year old girl do? Abort it? And I’ve known people who had to drop out if high school to take care of their family when they hit 18.

        Also just because you have a chilid or children in a marriage does NOT mean it will be that way forever. My ex left me for someone else, failed to pay child support for over a year and I had to get on assistance.

        Poverty strikes when there is a major upheaval in one’s life. Doesn’t matter how well one plans, sometimes poo happens.

      • Lawrence Congdon

        A recent study shows Americans (averaged) think 24% of teen girls have been or are pregnant.

        The reality – 3%

      • GenerallyConfused

        I honestly don’t think of it one way or another. My mother was 15 when she was pregnant with me – I can’t say it won’t work out or it will. I was simply making a point.

      • Lawrence Congdon

        So you believe that children are born bearing “the sins of their father”.

      • Sherri G

        I’m a divorced mom of 5 who had late marriage domestic violence due to PTSD. I’m college educated and a military veteran. I worked to support my kids but with this size of family and no child support due to a permanent restraining order, I needed and accepted help. Then I was HIT by a drunk driver with poor insurance. No more job and now on permanent disability. One of my kids is High functioning AUTISTIC and on SSI. I’m her caregiver which is an UNPAID fulltime job. My kids had no issues with the law (one did have 6 months of runaway issues due to unknown sleep issues causing problems at school + home), with drugs and alcohol or teen pregnancy. One graduated reg high school; 3 from hybrid high sschool with 2 graduating a year early. Three are in or graduated from college with 4/5 currently working. Youngest is secular homeschooled after school failed to provide services. Poverty is all about circumstances and once you are in, its a ditch that keeps getting deeper the harder to try to climb out!

      • Jeffrey W Folwick

        Too many of the people who get media coverage are coming from a place of
        “Hey,I got Mines,…hope you got yours,…oh,you don’t,…that’s a
        shame,…good luck with that cuz we aint gonna help you” attitude,…or
        in this case just a plane old idiot,…!!!

      • Tiffany

        I’m on government assistance because my ex-husband decided that my child and I were burdens to him and he left us. I worked to put him through college and it was my turn to attend. I work 40 hours a week, I take 18 hours of college classes, and I take care of my daughter by myself. I need help with daycare and I get grants from the government to go to school. I will be applying for law school this summer. So please tell me, I did not abuse alcohol, drugs. I did not have a child out of wedlock and I did finish high school and almost done with college.

      • GenerallyConfused

        Your story is so similar to mine it’s kinda scary. Good luck with school, sweetie. You’ll get there!

  • zivo24

    Stacey Dash is clueless. How apropos.

    • Ashley

      Ha! Totally apropos! #OhTheIrony

  • Scousebadger

    You don’t get it: you’re talking about her, and also about Fox News. And then so are other bloggers on other sites.

    Attention equals more people paying attention. Which translates into more revenue for the network?

    The days of talking heads and experts talking sense is over: is all a cynical numbers game.

  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    Stacey Dash got famous from being in the movie “Clueless”. I see she has embraced that idea and made it a part of her real life.

  • Frank DiCuffolk

    All forward progressives should be ashamed of the immoral behavior of Bill deBlasio.

    • regressive white trash reli

      ^^^^brand new TROLL^^^ profile^^^
      lets give him a BIG KWANZA holiday hand

    • benC

      Happy Kwanza Frank

  • Joseph Minardi

    This is how you move up the Fox News food chain. Act batshit crazy Conservative and you’ll get your own show on Fox.

    • Matt Begley

      As well as making your own stain on the casting couch.

  • lindylou

    Vile insensitive little roach.

  • GenerallyConfused

    She got the gig cause she’s a pretty face, with some amount of fame linked to her and Republican idealism. I wonder if she really had to act in Clueless.

    • Nicole Selchert

      I knew she sounded familiar! I just couldn’t place it.

  • david

    Here’s a thought, stop legitimizing Fox not news but entertainment.

  • Shellie Hunt

    Compare her now on fox news to when she was on clueless. She is using a much lighter makeup or she’s bleaching her skin, and blonde? Come on. She is more of a joke now then before she joined the ranks. She has even less intelligent things to say then the rest of the fox news bimbos and bimbots.

  • aka Eric Blair

    The vast majority of women are really decent people, but Fox News seems to attract and employ mainly Cunts.

  • Aly&Patrick

    Stacey Dash is the one doing most of the talking during this clip & She used to be an actress.. was last seen on VH1’s “Single Ladies” a couple years ago…Now this?!

  • Frank DiCuffolk

    Cop murderers may not be a power structure, but the “death to cops” chants suggest they have a fan base.



    • regressive white trash reli

      “conservatives”( regressives) like ^^^this above^^ TROLL^^ profile showcase their social ineptitude by ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      >>>>>>>>>>>> BY <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      ,,,,,creating brand new TROLL profile HOURLY!!!
      crybaby regressive white trash religious regressive scum,,,,^^^^

    • Cemetery Girl

      What does this have to do with poverty?

    • robingee

      Yes, Liberals are so violent and hateful. (eye roll)

      Try driving thru the conservative south with an Obama bumper sticker and then drive thru a liberal area with a Palin sticker and tell me which driver will get yells and insults.

  • Dave Bayer

    Why don’t those lazy little bugers get a job? You know their good at making fertilizers! They could also get a job making cute sounds! Maybe their crawling motion could be. Harnessed and used as energy!
    Come on people think outside the bubble!
    Republicans should be happy after keeping slave labor wages and giving tax breaks to the wealthy and now beginning the chant for child slave labor! Their true colors have been shining through for a long time! Just that there are still that many narrow minded biggots left in this World! Just glad to see them exposed so blatantly obvious!

    • Cemetery Girl

      I’m sure that some corporations would love to see the Republicans free the country of big government burdens like regulations on child labor. Under a certain age and minimum wage does not apply (although that’s another pesky big government burden they’d like to be done away with.) Ah, to return to the time when children were not required to attend school, so a family could send young children off to work in factories and mines to make ends meet; to a time when safety measures weren’t required, a six day workweek was standard, and laborers could expect 12 hour shifts, and all for a low wage. No vacation or sick time. If you were killed or maimed on the job then too bad. Ah, to go back to the time before unions and big government interference…

  • Jim Bean

    Can someone tell me what would motivate Democratic Party politicians to work their butts off to raise the income level of the economically dissatisfied up to the same level as those who traditional vote Republican?

    • Cemetery Girl

      Income level is not an indication of political affiliation. It wouldn’t explain states like West Virginia (which is a lovely state that does not deserve the reputation that it has) which tend towards red yet the average income isn’t amazing. It is a state that generally should support raises in minimum wages and government regulations to protect their environment and worker safety, yet generally the attitude is that government has no business being involved in their business, land, and lives.

      Poverty, and near poverty, is not limited to inner city areas or urban areas. It can be found across the country, despite a county being red or blue.

      • Jim Bean

        If you do a search for ‘the politics and demographics of food stamp recipients’ and study the data at the pewresearch dot org link, you will change your mind about that. You will find that those people in the Red states who are actually receiving the assistance are primarily voting Dem.

        The idea that its those voting GOP who are sucking down the welfare is just another hoax sold by the left wing hoping to utilize the Gruber Principle for their tomfoolery.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I took the “slavery”, told what to eat and wear and live, referring to pushes for requirements (desired more by conservatives) on limitations for what can be covered by various assistance. The push that food stamps cover only certain foods. That section 8 is more prevalent in depressed areas. Democrats support programs to help the poor, Republicans call for limitations on what can be covered (or the control over where children in poverty live and go to school, what they eat, ect., that she refers to.)

  • mark mccarty

    Maybe the poor should do like her and pose nude when the career tanks .

  • Frank DiCuffolk

    Hi Liberals: I missed the memo changing how “rhetoric” can inspire murderers to how it can’t. Can you forward me a copy?


    • Sure, if you promise to stick it up your ass sideways when you do get it.

  • GeeWhiz

    What an outright lie. She did not meet a women in Cambridge who calculated she would make more money off having another kid through welfare then the cost of the child. That is a BS myth. And Ms. Clueless is exactly that.

  • Steve_Schmeve

    A friend of mine shared the “welfare is slavery” idea with me about a year ago. I asked if he had heard it on FOX and he denied that. For me, though, the whole concept seems to be one the Republicans are hashing out in their propaganda factories and then the masses grab on, lock, stock & barrel.

  • rossbro

    Dipshit Dash.

  • veronica Alleyne

    how apropos that the first movie she became known for was called ” clueless”

  • Nick Wride

    More stupidity from another bimbo on Fox “News”.

  • Herman Williams

    Its is so funny that a person who family come from slavery would say such a thing. Then her co-host have the nerve to say, she spoke to a woman that stated she is thinking of having another child for government money. STOP, she do not run with middle class people, come on. That must been when her girl friend and here was just joking around at her house. Fox News people would not even set at a table of any one on this page.

  • Cee Gee

    Fox like them DUMB AND PRETTY!!!

  • Savannah Grace

    Pay people a living wage and make college affordable for everyone and they would not need the government. What an idiot!……They grow these bimbos over at faux noise in a cornfield.

  • Soothsayer123

    As far as I know, Fox News has never acknowledged that the majority of people accepting government assistance are white conservatives. They prefer to make their audience believe that only liberals and minorities are on the dole. That way, it’s easier to condemn them.

  • stefanavalos

    “I remember when I was an undergraduate at Harvard, doing community service around Cambridge…” This has to be a parody of cluelessness…

  • Bruce L. Northwood

    Fox and news are two words that do not belong together.

  • Lawrence Congdon

    Even if she is talking about the children’s parents…

    “But as long as you are told where you have to live..” – this makes no sense. Unless she is referring to Section 8 and believes it is inherently wrong

    “what you have to eat” – Yet, conservatives complain about the lobster they say they see people buying with their food stamps.

    “what you have to wear” – But, conservatives complain about how children dress for school. So she is opposed to school uniforms?

    “where you have to go to school” – is she saying there is something inherently wrong with the concept of school districts based on the municipality where you choose to live? Or is she saying every child should be going to a privatized – i.e. for-profit – charter school?

    • Nicole Selchert

      Food stamps – can NOT buy HOT food or NON food related items.. (totally not sure where live lobsters fall if they go that route from the store) If anyone buys cooked food from an EBT card, chances are they are using the cash assistance program as well which would then cover everything else. Otherwise they are all just full of crap lol. I’m pretty sure no one advertises they are using food stamps, so they must have been really nosey to know what card they are using.
      Pretty sure none of them have lived in poverty.

  • Delthea Simmons

    Do people on FOX even try to tell the truth anymore?

  • thethinker2

    Pure B.S. ! and the other woman saying someone would seriously decide to have another baby for the amount of extra money she would get in welfare just shows how ignorant she is. The amount you receive extra for each additional child is not nearly enough to totally support that child . Those who think it is are find out the hard way.

    • Nicole Selchert

      For food stamps, I get like $400 a month to feed 4 of us. That’s the only assistance I get.. I don’t think you really get more money considering you have another mouth to feed.. It’s also based on how much money you make and takes into consideration some bills that you have to pay and then how many people are in the household. I work so I’m not on cash assistance (in order to get that you really have to not have money and be actively looking for work, then you get off once you get a job – at least thats how it is in Minnesota).. Another thing that slays me is when people accuse food stampers of buying smokes and other non food related items.. You can’t buy those with FOOD stamps, now if they have cash assistance it goes on the same card – which is probably where people get that impression?
      Sorry that got long lol

  • Kim Serrahn

    A blonde in disguise.

  • Todd wilson

    SHE is giving her true feelings. SHE is just reading a script made my the FOX CORP writers for her to read……..they especially give that “message” to a black woman of color to read as if it is to her RACE….also mentioned was the fact that the DEMOCRATS want this to occur which is a false statement when the GOP refers to the poor voting for the DEMs ……the highest concentration of poor voters appears to be in the SOUTH…MISS, LA, ALA, ARK, SC, NC, GA, TN, KY…….the highest numbers on gov assistance are in those states and they always vote FOR the republican. THOSE are RED states. MORE RED states appear to have the most welfare and gov assistance in the nation….TRUE FACTS!

  • Ram Garcia

    I’m sorry to say this ladies but she epitomizes the saying “Dumb Blonde”. If, in fact, she really is one….

    • robingee

      She is not blonde, and hair color has nothing to do with intelligence. Let’s not lose sight of what is important.

  • Rudewaitress

    Everyone at Fox sounds like a bunch of parrots..all say the same thing over and over.. that is why they hire these,ignorant bitches…..not one of them could say a word without being told what to say…

  • colleen2

    I suspect that what this icon to Republican womanhood MEANS is that TANF is coming up for re-authorization so the American public had best get used to

    hearing about how single mothers and their children are responsible for everything that is wrong with the nation.

  • Laura Zito

    um, Clueless.

  • Shawn French

    She means parents of children in poverty are told where to live etc. Sorry you had to waste the time to write this and we wasted the time to read it, Allen Clifton.

  • digitlburn

    hahahaha!!!! Years ago I said that Ms. Dash is the only black woman that I’ve ever been attracted to. Now, I can cross that off my list. No accomplishments in her life. I looked back at her biography…no college education, she is an “actress” whose highest accomplishment is the 8th most important person in a b-rate movie.

    I will say one thing. Any time Faux News complains about how Affirmative Action gets minorities jobs they are not qualified for, all you have to do is point to them hiring her. Sssssssssss…that hissing noise is the sound of air leaking into that vaccuum on your shoulders.

  • reneear

    They forget most people getting assistance are working people who don’t receive a livable wage and I wish people would stop saying it is only people who work in Mcdonals and in retail because I know people working in your doctor offices as medical assistants with Associate Degrees making mini,um wage when they get out of school so most of them need help or work 2 jobs and some have to get 3 because they need the third one to pay for daycare.Some people make me sick especially these looking for their five minutes of fame. SHAME ON YOU STACY DASH