Fox News Host Doubles-Down on Needed Criticism of Trump: ‘You’re the Problem’ (Video)

You don’t need to be a mental health expert to recognize that Donald Trump is a textbook narcissist — if not worse. From his constant need to be the center of attention, to the fact that nothing is ever his fault, Trump is the poster child for self-centered, egotistical narcissism.

In Trump’s world, everything positive going on around him was all due to his “brilliance,” while all failures or anything negative are never his fault.

Another “go-to”move for Trump is playing the perpetual victim. Pretty much no matter the circumstance, if something isn’t going right for Trump, it’s because he’s the victim of some sort of conspiracy/rigged system driven by nefarious individuals out to get him.

This is what drives his “FAKE NEWS” narrative. Any negative story about him, no matter how factual, in Trump’s world, is some fabricated attack against him driven by the “media that’s out to keep him from making America great again.”

Even when you quote him verbatim — apparently what he says isn’t what he means. Unless, of course, he then later changes his mind.

It’s all ridiculous.

Well, recently Fox News’ Neil Cavuto had some much needed words for Trump’s constant whining, literally telling him that he’s “the problem.”

Naturally, this led Cavuto to receive more than a few angry emails from some Trump supporters who’ve come to believe that Trump truly is a poor victim with everyone out to get him.

Apparently aggravated by the backlash over his criticism of Trump, Cavuto doubled-down on his statement.

“There’s nothing ‘fake’ about what I said, bottom line,” Cavuto said. “Regular viewers of this program also know there’s nothing new about what I said.”

“I figure I’m on three hours a day between two networks here, so I’ve got time to cover both,” he added. “Fake is sometimes in the eye of the beholder. To a president who hates any bad press, ‘fake’ is coverage he doesn’t really like. But ‘fake’ can also be the tweets and remarks he makes that compound the media coverage he doesn’t like.”

And he’s exactly right.

While I’m not going to act as if every negative story about Trump is true, they’re not. And if Trump only pointed out those stories as “FAKE NEWS” then he’d have a lot more credibility — but that’s not what he does.

For Trump, any negative story, even if it’s completely factual, is “FAKE NEWS.” Furthermore, any legitimate media outlet that’s ever gotten under his skin gets the “FAKE NEWS!” label as well. That’s his go-to attack line whenever he’s desperately trying to make people think someone’s “out to get him” and shouldn’t be trusted. If you dared to say anything except he’s the most amazing “president” in history, he’s going to claim whatever you’re saying isn’t true and that your entire career is nothing more than “FAKE NEWS!”

Though as Cavuto originally said, many of Trump’s problems with the media are self-inflicted. The unhinged Twitter rants, contradicting statements, and administration officials who defend the indefensible because that’s what they’ve been told to do.

What Trump does is whenever a negative story makes the national headlines, he then reacts to it in a way that adds even more controversies for him and his administration — then he complains because the media dares to report on his stupidity.

The truth is, his immaturity and incompetence create many of his own problems, then he whines when people call him out on it.

I don’t always praise the folks over at Fox News, but I’ll give Cavuto credit for not only calling Trump out, but standing up to his supporters who were upset because he dared to speak the truth on America’s most-watched conservative entertainment network.

Watch his comments below via Fox News (you might need to watch it directly on YouTube due to Fox News’ embedded video policy):

Allen Clifton

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