Fox News Host Embarrassed After Lie About President Obama Gets Fact-Checked

gretchen-carlsonNo matter what day of the week it is, or what time of the day it might be, if you head on over to Fox News you’re going to get plenty of anti-President Obama propaganda. Since before he even moved into the White House, there’s been a coordinated effort by basically everyone on the right to perpetuate this idea that President Obama is the worst president in history.

While I’m not saying everyone has to like him, to claim he’s the “worst president in history” is just absurd.

Furthermore, the bigger push the last couple of years hasn’t just been to label him the “worst ever,” it’s been a laughable campaign by many conservatives to suggest that George W. Bush was a much better president. Again, you don’t have to like President Obama, but to suggest he was worse than Bush is just flat-out idiotic.

Well, Fox News host Gretchen Carlson took it a step further by saying that President Obama is so terrible that the world actually respects the United States less than it did before he took office.

“The president said he believes he’s helped improve the United States’ standing in the world,” Gretchen said. “But right now it appears that statement isn’t totally accurate since most polls show foreign nations have lower regard for the U.S. now than they did before Obama’s time.”

Carlson’s statement most assuredly played right into the hands of conservatives, which was the point. There’s just one problem – it’s an absolute lie.

In fact, the favorable views of the U.S. went up (most by significant margins) since President Obama took office with every country Pew surveyed – with the exception of Russia, Pakistan, Egypt and Jordan. And when it comes to three of our biggest allies (U.K., Germany, France) we went up by 13%, 20% and 33% respectively.

And even in the two other polls Politifact looked into they found our nation’s favorability numbers went up since Bush’s final year in office.

What Carlson did is what your typical random conservative Internet trolls do; she made some bold claim about how terrible the president has been by using the general term “most polls,” while not citing a single credible shred of evidence to back up her statement.

But none of this is really surprising, because this is what Fox News does. It’s not about presenting facts, or even reporting the news, it’s about entertaining conservatives by telling them what they want to hear. And with the economy continuing to improve, gas prices down, unemployment at its lowest level in years and stocks still at record highs, the only thing they really have is his foreign policy. Since ISIS has risen to become a force, mostly due to Bush destabilizing the region with the Iraq War, they’re trying to play up the talking point that he’s been a failure internationally and no one respects us.

Even though, according to this Pew survey, not only has Obama improved the image of the United States in the eyes of all of our allies, but he’s drastically improved it.

Then again, it would take a news organization that likes to report facts to tell their viewers that, and as we all know, facts aren’t exactly Fox’s strong suit.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • GenerallyConfused

    “Fox news lies on air. This completely surprises me.” -no one ever.

  • hesaidwhat?

    Don’t think for a moment that Ms Carlson just slipped that bit onto the air by herself. There’s producers and editors leading all the way up to Roger Ailes telling her what to say.

  • Yassin Hassan

    Some people call Fox news but i call trash news it seems to me whatever they were reporting it is wrong as Muslims American won’t listen or watch the Fox news because it is ant-islam i wish them good luck with their lies.

  • D Lemon

    This headline is extremely misleading. There’s no way any Fox “News” host is embarrassed by the lies they tell. They are paid well to lie

  • Ken Cozier

    Hands down.. the worst president in recent history… thin skinned, fearful, petty, self absorbed, arrogant, clueless, racist, ..shall I continue??? I’m willing to wait and see how history judges the sorry-ass Community Organizer-In-Chief..

    • kathy

      I’m better off now than I was when the Shrub left office in 2008. If you aren’t then you’re doing something wrong. Sucks to be you.

    • CharlieAdamsInKY

      Sure – continue to demonstrate what an ignorant-ass, LYING-ass stack of right-wing shit you are. What’s the going rate these days for a TeaPubliKKKlan Treason Party PAID LIAR?

      • Ken Cozier

        Hey screw you. ass-wipe… Regardless of what you call me, it doesn’t change the fact that he will go down as the worst … he makes peaut-boy look like a statesman.. I’m counting the days to this CS is out of the White house and the place totally fumigated…

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        And I’M counting the days until we give every last one of you ignorant TeaPubliKKKlan Treason Party TRASH the choice of a one-way ticket OUT of the United States or a one-way ticket to a gibbet and a nice, quick hanging.

      • tracey marie


      • joopiteer

        Ken Cozier … You sound like a pathetic person. You should really listen to the vile things you have said, and look in a mirror and see what manner of man you have become; it’s sad … Is this what you want to be remembered for? Is this what you want your time on this earth to be about?

      • broke50

        Ken Cozier, are you trying to say peanut-boy and referring to Jimmy Carter? If you are, Jimmy Carter IS a true statesman. He oversaw the only treaty in the middle east that has held. He is requested as a mediator between disagreeing parties and nations because he is known as an honest man. He helps the poor and disadvantaged through Habitat for Humanity, which he helped found. A man of honor who prefers to be called Jimmy, not James. No ego trips. That is a true statesman. Mr. Obama is our President and as such, deserves our respect. It is not his fault that the Republicans would rather see this country fail than have a black man’s suggestions pass. They have undercut him every way they can short of outright treason, and they have come awfully close to that with the letter to Iran. Republicans are trying to send this country back to the 1950s with their policies taking away the rights of women, minorities, and the working class.

      • joopiteer

        My Oh My, you have a lot of anger in your heart. Relax, there’s no reason to have this much hate, especially toward someone you haven’t even met. We all get it that you don’t like Obama, but your nasty words reflect poorly on you, not Obama. Is this REALLY what you want people to think of you?

    • tracey marie

      wow, the C.O. card, when he was in his 20’s . Get some branches on your family tree, soon your kind will be slithering on the ground.

    • joopiteer

      OK, let’s wait and see … I think history is going to be very kind to President Obama. His image will eventually be on coins and/or bills. History will recognize he was and will always remain the first African-American President … all of the haters in the world will NEVER be able to change this fact.

      • Rusty Hix

        His image will never be on any money. Love him or hate him, he was too divisive to be revered by the entire country enough to make currency.

      • joopiteer

        He is only thought to be divisive by the extreme far right, the country as a whole looks at Obama with respect. Besides, many of the presidents that are on bills and coins now, were thought to be quite divisive in their own time by a minority in the opposing party. With minimal research, anyone can easily see that Lincoln was thought to be divisive by the opposing party, Jefferson was thought to be divisive by the opposing party, as was Roosevelt. Obama has around a 50% approval rating after 7 years in office, which is pretty darn good for a lame duck president, Ronald Reagan was 52% in his 7th year.
        Obama’s rating has another year to rise or fall, but lately Obama has been rising. Certainly not bad for a guy who is constantly being lambasted by the GOP, FOX, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Hannity and dozens and dozens of other radio haters of the president. So, yes, I’ll bet you a steak dinner that Obama will one day be on a bill or a coin!

      • Cathy Stieber

        note it is the most extreme and divisive of all media outlets that label Obama as being divisive. smh oldest trick in the book.

    • A Olson

      Ken, I do offer my condolences for your stupidity and the fact that fox has you by the balls!

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      You spew all these words——what are your facts? Where is your proof that what you say is true? You are simply giving YOUR opinion—-not exactly the same as fact is it?

  • DrPlacebo

    Not only that, but the drop in Egypt has been fed mainly by Republican conspiracy theorists such as Michele Bachmann. (Many Egyptians believe that Obama rigged the election in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood, because they don’t realize that Bachmann has no credibility and thought she must have been telling the truth because she was in Congress.)

  • disqus_LHbNFrf4o7

    I think we as americans need to do a service to our country and ask Google, I.E. Oprah and other browsers to start rating pages by factual content VS popularity. See as fox already took lying to the supreme court.

  • lindylou

    It says nowhere that she was called out on this lie in public if anywhere at all. That’s the only way fact checking works: it’s no enough to inform those of us who already know Carlson is a buffoon, that’s “preaching to the audience”, it takes someone with the courage to say, on the air, to her face, what the truth is. You won’t reach the Fox audience, they don’t understand “checking facts” unless they are checking facts by way of another Fox source.

  • Sam D”Anza


    • Kim Serrahn


  • Capitol Guy

    Since the other “news” organizations refuse to acknowledge the various felonies committed by the president and his cronies, Fox News is left to report the FACTS. You know, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, Obamas anti-police rhetoric without facts, the list is endless. Progressive-communists love Obama because he wants to redistribute wealth, just like Lennin, Stalin, Che and Castro.

    • Cathy Stieber

      lmfao how did those right wing conspiracies work out for ya ?? NOW you know why the other media wasn’t falling over themselves pushing the fake news that Fox was !!!!!!! lmfao But I am going to bet you STILL consider them legit and still watch Fox ” News”. smh