Fox News Host Hammers Bachmann: ‘You’re Being Silly,’ Democrats Should ‘Laugh at You Now’ (Video)

cavuto_bachmannWhile I’m sure it’s not popular to say this, a little part of me is going to miss Michele Bachmann when she’s gone from Congress.  Not because I agree with her politics, but because she might be the most ridiculous member of Congress any of us might ever see.

Sure, some have been a little crazier (Allen West for example).  Many have even made careers built off pure right-wing propaganda and lies (Ted Cruz is a prime example).  Heck, some have even managed to make themselves look more foolish than she can (look up Ted Yoho’s greatest hits).  But very few have put all of that together in one perfect package of irrational gay bashing, bigotry, racism and stupidity quite like Michele Bachmann.

And while I always assumed she’d end up on Fox News as a paid contributor, I’m not so sure now after seeing an interview where Neil Cavuto ripped her and other Republicans who continue to bring up the possibility of impeaching President Obama.

During a discussion about news that Speaker Boehner might sue the Obama administration, Cavuto went off on Bachmann for what he considers nothing more than an “enormous waste of effort.”

“You’re conflating issues and you’re being silly,” Cavuto said speaking over Bachmann. “Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush on the same use of executive orders? Because I think you knew then that that was a waste of time then and I think you know in your heart of hearts this is a waste of time now. There are far more important things that I think you guys have to be addressing than filing lawsuits past each other.”

Bachmann responded, “I’m not the one talking about that.  What I am saying is that what’s very important is the president trying to establish lawlessness in the United States.”

“Democrats said George Bush did the same, congresswoman,” Cavuto replied.

“What we need to do is defund the executive branch, number one, and then impeach executive branch officials who have broken the law,” she insisted.

“Think about what you’re saying, defund the executive branch?  Congresswoman, if Democrats had said, ‘We’re gonna defund President Bush,’ you would have laughed at them, and I think Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh you out now – defund them.”  Cavuto said with disgust.

You really need to check out the video below to grasp the full intensity of the interview.  Cavuto showed nothing but disgust and disdain towards Bachmann, and other Republicans who are wasting time with these pointless partisan lawsuits.

And Bachmann looked every bit the fool, just like she always does.

Watch the interview below, via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nan

    Bachmann is completely batshit crazy!

  • There is so much wrong with this woman. I have seen interviews with her where no one gets a word in, she yells, not talks, but yells, OVER everyone else but here she asks to be heard.

    “The American people want…..” She, for some reason, thinks she speaks for all US citizens (no one can speak for all 55 countries in America, but she somehow doesn’t understand geography.) I know that I am a United States citizen and she does not hold my interests or rights as a priority.

    I am so bewildered to see the Republicans stand against everything our president attempts to do, then Mr. Obama uses powers he would rather not use, then the Republicans take action against those actions.

    There is just too much to go into here. I have work to do this morning.

    • ijustcommented

      President Obama is damned if he doesn’t, blocked if he tries, sued if he does, and blamed when someone else did it.

    • John L

      I also never understood why these people that at the very most were voted into office buy a few hundred thousand, think they speak for 320 million people. The egos are mind blowing

      • Eg Kbbs

        John, remember where GWB was elected with a popular vote just barely over 50% and he went around crowing that he received a substantial political capitol / mandate from the people ?

      • Dennis M. Di Carlo

        He stole the first election to begin with. With all the crap that went on with voter suppression, the hanging chads, etc., and all this while his brother Jeb was governor. You don’t need to be that terribly intelligent to see what was going on.

    • runshouse

      Kelly I didnt know America had 55 Countries within its Geographic map lol but I agree on the Michelle Bachman rant she is dumb

      • From Greenland to the southern tip of Chile’. Two complete continents.

      • bambi

        WHAT!!!! Explain please.

      • “America” is not a country. Period. A generalization at best.

      • Brando

        If someone ever asked me I always asked for specifics “You want the continents or the country?”

      • I believe, for Michele, she thinks it somehow makes her appear patriotic. “The American people want…..”

      • C Davis

        Yes, Kelly ^ …she just out for “our” best interests. Ha. Not her own agenda at all…. This is what the “American people want”…

      • You believe that, obviously. That’s not a good thing in any way.

      • Dennis M. Di Carlo

        Correct the United States of America is a country.

      • lindylou

        And Mexico is part of North America as well.

      • Tyler Terrell

        She’s referring to all the countries we have military bases in. Because, you know…we’re imperialists at heart.

      • I can accept that, but I will not award her even a .0000000001% of an IQ point.

      • Actually, a bit more research on my part reveals that there are 35 countries encompassed in North and South America, including the United States. My mistake. The two continents also comprise 8.3% of the Earth’s total surface area (28.4% of its land area.)

  • Lawana

    Bachmann has some serious screws loose. I’m so sick of all this back and forth mess between the political parties that I have lost all faith in all government. Our flag doesn’t stand for which political party can be in power, but for all Americans. We should try to work together toward that goal instead of like we are only trying to throw over the other party or who has the most wealthy backers buying the votes. Sickening!

    • parkside626

      Your are so right Lawana. Since 2008, we have been inundated with this BS

  • ijustcommented

    “Silly”. Not so silly though, when you consider how much of our taxpayer money this DB has wasted in his negligence to block American progress.

    • robingee

      Which “DB” is blocking American progress?

      • GOTP Lemmings

        Gottta be the cross eyed one,,,Michelle.

      • ijustcommented

        Take your pick, but the main DB that’s been blocking since about 2 hours since President Obama took office is Boehner. The good news is those Repubs that have stayed in touch with reality are finally coming around, knocking Teabaggers out of the picture and debating whether DB Boehner is really what this country needs.

  • DavidD

    I worked at Rusk State Hospital for about four years.It’s a place in Texas where the courts send you if you killed your family and then ate them.You were the !% of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity that made it.
    I’ve meet Louie Gohmert and I would reserve a bed for him tomorrow.
    From what I’ve seen of this gal I’d get her one on the women’s wing.
    You get good at picking the real goofy crazy ones because it’s nice to be able to figure out which ones might feel like gouging your eyes out that morning because they were havibg a bad day.There was nothing like fear and terror to really make you concentrate on your job.
    Let me tell you both these individuals have that look and mannerism.
    I wasn’t a trained profesional.I was the guy the doctors screamed for when they couldn’t handle them and needed a rescue quick.I was a bouncer with a bullshit title but I walked away from that job with my orginal pair of glasses,my testicles intact and my face unscratched.
    Most staff didn’t ,You just develop a sense about them and both these individuals need a ride on the cookie truck to the nearest Laughing Academy.

    • parkside626

      David – The world is laughing at us. What is going on is an embarrassment.

      • DavidD

        When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties there was hope and change in the air for real.Houston had the first public TV station in the nation ,they were building the Astrodome and the Johnson Space Center was going up.
        Now Texas is an embarrassment not only to the nation but to the world.We are last in enviromental quality,our schools are not only not improving but are a political football and our politicans are just openly criminal bragging on the house floor things they used to have to hide.
        The Democratic Party isn’t that much better than the GOP and people know it.That’s why people don’t vote because niether party represents the regular people who must work for someone else to survive.
        We have the lowest voter turnout in the nation.
        Only thing I know to do is vote the straight Democratic ticket in the short run and then throw most those rascals out next election and vote in real progresive leadership.
        Progresivism was started in Texas in Lampasses and FDR’s picture used to hang in everybodie’s living room.
        Real Populism does well here but first we have to get rid of the Faux Populism of the GOP.Even the tea party people have some good ideas but there leadership seduces them with hate based on fear of the monumental changes our state has gone through.
        Vote,goddamit,get your friends to vote,your spouse ,your coworkers your daddy and your momma to vote.Drive them to the polls,vote early so you can baby sit peoples kids so they can vote.
        Join battleshiptexas and start talking and this is really important start listening to them too,and not just the ones who agree with you either.
        I love my state but I’m tired of being embarrassed by it.I’ll never leave and I’ll never quit fighting back.You shouldn’t either and let’s turn this around.

      • parkside626

        David – My friends and i are into politics and very aware of what’s happening with this do nothing congress in Washington.I am a fighter and will fight back any why I can. I always vote and encourage my friends and family the importance of voting. Life is so short and we monopolize it with hatred. Keep the faith my friend. pray changes things.

      • DavidD

        Thank you for your kind reply.It is good to know there are nice people doing good things like yourself

      • noah vail

        in the last two thousand years that i am aware of prayer hasn’t changed one f***ing thing…prayer is what religious people do when nothing else has worked and they just don’t know what else to do…of all the people in the world that have prayed they wouldn’t die how many of those prayers have been answered ?…and for how many years have whole groups of people been praying for peace ?…how’s that working for you ? lmao hahaha

    • prytani

      This made me laugh..great example of the insanity..guber and Bachman seriously need to be evaluated and really placed in one of those beds…the way they flap the hate and make up everything as they go is unbelievable to me… and the fact that Bachman is on the intelligence committee shows you where the rest of the House is…

      • DavidD

        She probably passed out the Big Chief tablets and made them share crayolas while she passed out those yummy cat litter box cupcakes .

  • Vincent Caione

    And the pukes put her on the intelligence commitee what a waste of skin.

    • Yeah, crazy. Like appointing Charles Manson as head of Human Resources. Baffling.

  • John L

    They must be having a snowball fight in hell right now!

  • Shane Patrick Irvine

    How can you have an intellectual conversation with a parrot?

  • robingee

    SO much mental illness on the right.

    • Bine646

      California shooter, aurora, newtown- all not on the right. What were you saying about mental illness?

      Especially after all the democrats have brought to the table- if they arent mentally ill they are certainly mentally deficient

      • robingee

        Yeah, since mass murderers are mentally ill I guess that means no Republicans are. Because reasons.

        Democrats bring equality and civil rights and veteran’s benefits “to the table” – what a bunch of whackaloos right? I mean, don’t they know that Jesus rode a dinosaur so gays couldn’t get married and indoctrinate our children into feminist abortions???

      • Bine646

        Democrats were at the heart of the civil rights fight in the 50s n 60s leading the KKK.

        Today the VA hospitals are forging documents to coverup their lapse in care- Obama does nothing.

        IRS is abusing its power, wasting tax dollars on extravagant meetings while deleting emails to cover up the conspiracy- what does Obama do? Nothing.

        Obama signed Monsanto Act, allowed net neutrality to pass and has entered us into conflicts w Syria, Libya, Egpyt, Ukraine n North Korea.

        Now we are finding out the economy is crashing at a rate similar to the 09 great recession- Whats Obama doing? Nothing

        Lastly it was just found Obama unconstitutionally appointed lawmakers to positions which now nullify hundreds of decisions. The list of his incompetence continues to grow.

        Great article on Obamacare today released by Bloomberg- rates will increase even higher in 2015 bc healthy individuals are remaining in their plans

      • robingee

        Oh, the 50’s and 60’s. That’s relevant.

        Republicans voted against VA funding.

        Monsanto has already been above the law for decades.

        Obama appointed people while senate was on a recess.

        And hey, what have you got against war?

      • GOTP Lemmings

        The 50’s and 60’s? Talk about desperation!! LOL

      • Bine646

        Shows how the democrats change overtime- look at you now, anything for a vote

      • Bine646

        Its the history of the dems, where they came from in a generation.

        Obama illegally appointed individuals, lets get that right.

        Obama ran on the belief that he was going to change Washington, not continue to allow corporations to rule. But with corps seeing profits of over 100% while citizens have less than a 1% growth shows the true Obama. More individuals and families are on food stamps, decreased wealth w increased debt is the beginning of the end for the middle class.

        As for war- we have them raging in afganistan and iraq- we should fight those so our soldiers didnt die in vain rather than start others in Syria n Egpyt.

      • parkside626

        Bine646 – This article is about Stupid
        Michelle Bachmann.

      • Bine646

        I was responding to Robins claim of mental illness on the right. Thanks tho

      • C Davis

        Bine646…It’s interesting how much Obama does in a day. One man. He runs the IRS, the Veterans Administration, the FDA, the FCC and any other governmental or non-governmental agency under the sun who made a decision you disagree with. Jeez, he must never sleep. It is actually congress who admittedly and intentionally (well, one side) does NOTHING. Then when Obama does something to fix things because they refuse to, he’s “overstepping.” Oh, but wait, you said he does nothing. Which is it? Why don’t you try to research some actual facts and lay off the Faux News Kool-Aid you’re obviously drunk on.

      • Bine646

        Love the Fox news quote- so typical of ur breed

      • noah vail

        and thats all youve got? i dont agree with you but i was giving you credit for your argument but you turned up lame

    • Charles Vincent

      The left has just as much “mental illness” as the right it’s just a different brand.

  • Bine646

    Wonder when Clifton is going to write an article about Lois Lerner

  • Chris Muir

    Must have been a real shock to her, going on Fox and not getting the usual love and adoration!

  • GOTP Lemmings

    I think the RWNJ’s must be $hitting their pants. First Megan goes after the POS Chenney and his haft wit daughter, now Cavuto basically calls the idiot, the idiot!! LOL Has hell frozen over? Pot is legal in 2 states, gay people are getting married,,,so much for that landslide in 2012, ACA is working,,,,no traction on any of the RW so called scandals! LOL So long RWNJ losers!

    • Bine646

      Obama has Bush numbers- 40% approval rating with a crashing economy

      IRS scandal has alot of traction- bc its ridiculous. Whats the administration done? Besides deleting emails and allowing the DOJ to sit idle, exactly
      Bloomberg released an article today on the numbers who signed up for Obamacare- not the healthy. 2015 will see a significant increase in premiums.
      Thats after the botched rollout was followed by no firings, must be nice to be apart of this shtshow administration.

      • GOTP Lemmings

        Troll away mister troll. At least your good for a few laughs, not much else!!

      • Bine646

        Strong rebuttal hahaha, typical for your type

      • GOTP Lemmings

        Strong rebuttal hahaha, typical for your type!

      • Bine646


  • Parker McArthur

    As soon as she’s out of office, her husband will feel free to finally come out of the closet. Come on, Marcus — you’ve been letting your batshit crazy spouse hold you back — let that rainbow flag fly.

    • parkside626

      Parkera – LOL

  • MLR

    She’s a fucking idiot!!

  • liquidwindows

    Republican guano-psychosis. Obfuscation and avoidance of real problems.

  • Dur

    Defund the executive branch..

    These republicans are domestic terrorists.

  • Dennis M. Di Carlo

    Why does anyone give this nutcase Bachmann the time of day is beyond me.
    She is definitely driving the crazy train!!!

  • parkside626

    She looked and sounded like a stupid ignorant fool!

  • Liberal

    Why does she hold an elected position? These crazy GOP politicians are so worried about suing Obama and impeaching, but everyday citizens are struggling to survive and get basic needs. Believe it or not, but Obama has used the least amount of executive orders out of the last four presidents. GOP is a party of liars and thieves.

    I love how she calls him a King as well. A King would have had to you outback and shot.

  • John Baker

    You’re a little late to the party, Neil. Democrats have been laughing at Bachmann for a long time now.

  • Jim Bean

    Why not pick, ‘The island of Guam might tip over if we put too many people on it’, or, ‘Romney paid no taxes’, ‘or “you have to vote for the bill so you can see what’s in it” when reflecting upon the preposterous things idiotic congressmen have said? Why single out just one party?

  • LostSok

    The GOP claims to love the constitution…but they have utter disdain for separation of power or separation of church and state. The reality is…they LOATH Democracy, and can’t for the life of themselves understand when they aren’t simply allowed to decide everything for everybody…any why we aren’t falling over ourselves thanking them. It’s pathological…and kinda hilarious.

  • Stephen Lynch

    When I served in the US Navy during Vietnam our gov’t was pretty messed up. Especially lying to the people about the War. I wonder what our current military members feel about the state of our state? Too many of our elected leaders worry far more about continuing their own careers by any means than they do about serving their country.

  • C Davis

    “The american people are outraged.” Jesus. Someone put her out of her misery. it’s truly painful to watch. Does her constituency ever listen to her talk? And they continue to vote her in??

  • lindylou

    Why do they even spend time (and money)with her?