Fox News Host Hilariously Panics After Displaying Graphic Showing Network Least Trusted (Video) [CORRECTION]

*Please see the update/correction at the bottom of this post.*

In my experience, most people fall under one of two categories. They think:

  • Fox News is a “fair and balanced” network and the only beacon of truth in mainstream media. — or —
  • Fox News is nothing more than the media arm of the Republican Party and, more recently, has morphed into Trump’s own version of state-run media.

I rarely find anyone who think Fox News is some sort of non-partisan, middle-of-the-road network.

Critics of Fox News are likely well aware of the fact that the network has spent more than two decades pushing right-wing propaganda, stirring up conservatives by presenting “news” that’s really nothing more than conservative fan fiction and entertainment. Currently their prime time lineup consists of staunch, far-right conservatives and conspiracy pushers such as Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity. Meanwhile, many of their other shows such as Fox & Friends, The Five, and Outnumbered are clearly geared toward pandering to what conservative voters want to hear rather than presenting a balanced view of the facts.

As my fairly middle-of-the-road buddy said to me a few weeks ago after watching just over an hour of Fox news, “If someone were to only watch them for information, they’d basically be living in another reality than the rest of us.”

I couldn’t agree more.

There have even been studies done showing that people who watch no news at all were more factually informed than someone who watched Fox News.

Folks over at Fox News also like to attack other networks, frequently echoing the lined used by most Republicans that the mainstream media is “liberally biased and afraid of the truth.”

That makes what happened on Sunday even more hilarious, as analyst Howard Kurtz was sent into a panic after the network showed a graphic based on a Monmouth University survey showing Fox News as the least trusted network on the list.

“Speaking of fake news, there is a new poll out from Monmouth University ‘Does the media report fake news regularly or occasionally?’ 77 percent say yes,” Kurtz began to explain. “Who do you trust more?” with CNN at 48 percent, MSNBC at 45 percent and Fox News bring up the rear at 30 percent.

“That is not the graphic we are looking for. Hold off,” he said, clearly flustered, “Take that down, please.”


Nothing like trying to spout off your usual b.s. about the “media pushing fake news,” then posting a graphic from a poll you’re trying to use to “prove your point,” only for the data from that poll to show that the network for which you work is considered the least trusted of the “big three” listed.

Not only that, but there’s a significant gap (18 percent less than CNN and 15 percent less than MSNBC) between where CNN and MSNBC rank when compared to Fox News. So it’s not as if the three networks were closely ranked. Furthermore, the poll also showed that, despite Trump’s constant attacks on the credibility of any media entity that dares tell the truth about him, far more Americans trust the media than they do him. And it was all displayed for the entire Fox News audience to see in a convenient graphic, before a frightened Kurtz urged his show’s producers to remove it immediately.

While I’m sure Trump and Fox News supporters will do what they always do when confronted with information they don’t want to believe is true — dismiss it as “liberally biased” — I still found it hilarious that the network displayed a graphic based on information from a credible polling company showing that they’re the least trusted major news network.

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Watch the segment below via Fox News:

*UPDATE/CORRECTION (4/14/2018)*: Kurtz did bring the poll back up later in the segment to discuss it. Furthermore, the poll did not show Fox News was the “least trusted network,” as it actually only compared the networks’ trustworthiness versus Trump. Please see Politifact’s fact-check for the full rundown. It seems the incident fooled several major news outlets as well. Our apologies for not getting the full story correct before publishing.

Allen Clifton

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