Fox News Host Looks Like a Fool After Being Caught Blatantly Lying by Fact-Checking Organization

It’s not exactly “breaking news” that Fox News is filled with lies.  Granted pretty much all mainstream media outlets are, but Fox News definitely takes lies and propaganda to a whole other level.  I still can’t believe there are people who dispute the fact that Fox News is clearly a conservative media outlet.  It isn’t as if they try to hide this fact, yet still there are millions of people who honestly believe they’re “fair and balanced.”

What a joke.

Well, during Fox News’ The Five, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle decided to chime in on the recent VA scandals.  And in true Fox News fashion, she tried to use these recent horror stories to bash the Affordable Care Act.  

Guilfoyle said, “If he (President Obama) shines a light on that, if we actually have some illumination there, then you’re going to see this is really what the rest of you all are going to get: One big fat VA system in the form of Obamacare.”

A statement Politifact rated as a complete lie, giving it their maximum rating for dishonesty of Pants on Fire.

See, the VA is a system of government run hospitals with government employees.  “Obamacare” simply builds upon the private insurance system.

There’s not really a whole lot of grey area in these statements.

Yet even though the Affordable Care Act is in no way a socialized government takeover of our health care system, millions of conservatives continue to believe that it is based on blatant lies like the one told here by Guilfoyle.

I find it hypocritical how conservatives are quick to try to use the issues that continually plague the VA as a means to attack socialized health care, while ignoring our other socialized health care program in this country known as Medicare.  A program that’s extremely popular among seniors – and highly successful.

These comments are just more of the same stream of misinformation and fear mongering about the Affordable Care Act that Fox News has been spewing out for over five years now.

Then again, perpetuating misinformation and fear mongering are what Fox News does best.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Mrs_oatmeal

    So damn frustrating! Why are they never held accountable? Why do people continue to believe these fear and hate mongering “journalists” that get proven wrong? Have they lost all their critical thinking skills?

    • katherine norton malek

      Completely AGREE. Very frustrating that we have no government agency (FCC?) overseeing channels of information that call themselves “news” outlets – when in reality they’re nothing more than churners of right wingnut propaganda machines. The fact that true journalism no longer exists is the downfall of our democratic nation. Ppl don’t get to make informed decisions of their own based on fact anymore. Misinformation & lies are just shoved down their throats – a steady diet of someone else’s warped opinions.

      • kurt

        They were forced by the FCC to apply for an “entertainment” license. In Canada they are banned from ever receiving a news license. Under the entertainment banner, they are protected under free speech, unfortunately. Two contributors in their Florida affiliate, exposed a dangerous cattle scheme that posed severe health risks to whomever ate the meat. Monsanto caught wind of the story, and made the fox affiliate force them to edit their story. Eventually, they were forced to edit it so there was no wrong doing reported. That the findings showed no health risks. They refused. They were fired. They took fox to court and won. Fox appealed. Fox won the appeal their case? They said as an entertainment channel? They have a right under free speech to require their employees to lie. They can force them to. The judge found in foxs favor. Have ever since also. That ruling says they can lie their asses off and no one can legally do a damn thing about it. Yay free speech.

      • jimhummel

        Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware. Then read David below.

      • boots

        Yes it was a proud day when Faux news was banned from Canada. CRTC is a pain sometimes but it worked to protect us in this case.

      • Ben

        YES! You are SOOOOOO tolerant of others opinions. NOT! Hypocritical fool.

      • Craig Goetsch

        The Fairness Doctrine,
        created to protect of the “right of the public to be informed, rather than
        any right on the part of the Government, any broadcast licensee or any
        individual member of the public to broadcast his own particular views on any
        matter.” A FCC public policy
        adopted in 1949, The Fairness Doctrine was meant to ensure that a variety of
        views, beyond those of the broadcast licensees and those they favored, were
        heard on the airwaves. In 1959, Congress amended the Communications Act of
        1934, specifically recognizing “the obligation imposed upon
        [broadcasters]… to operate in the public interest and to afford reasonable
        opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views on issues of public
        importance.” The Supreme Court interpreted the 1959 amendment as a
        ratification of the fairness doctrine by “positive legislation,” and
        upheld the constitutionality of the fairness doctrine because of the first
        amendment goal “to preserve an uninhibited market place of ideas . . .
        rather than to countenance monopolization of that market, whether it be by the
        Government itself or a private licensee.” In 1987 when the
        amendment was voted on to make it a law or stop enforcing the policy, Ronald
        Reagan vetoed it. “This type of content-based regulation by the federal
        government is, in my judgment, antagonistic to the freedom of expression
        guaranteed by the First Amendment,” Reagan said in his veto message.
        “In any other medium besides broadcasting, such federal policing of the
        editorial judgment of journalists would be unthinkable.” With the loss of
        the fairness doctrine news broadcasters have been free of regulations forcing
        them to be fair and balanced for over twenty years now.

    • DavidD

      A lot of people never had them in the first place.
      The Age of Enlightenment never really happened for them.
      The only reason they don’t use reading goat entrails to guide their lives are that horoscopes are less messy.
      Also we all have an infinite capacity to BS ourselves into twisting reality to gratify emotional needs.Some of us struggle with this and try to seek truth from facts but many just don’t go to the bother and go with their “gut feeling.” Old Dubya was famous for that and we saw how well that worked out for us.
      If society broke down burning witches and throwing cow bones would quickly come back into fashion.
      I expect Louie Gohmert to propose legislation to bring them back any day now.

      • Gravity

        Critical thinking skills tells me a government run health care system is what’s looming as ACA gets bigger and bigger….insurance insiders have been saying it. But all is OKAY, as any government, tax payer funded, group who could do such a fantastic job on a website, at such a great price, could do a wonderful job with my health!

    • Charles Vincent

      Why does the MSM on the left do those exact same things?

      • jimhummel

        They can be lazy but they don’t do what Fox does.

      • Charles Vincent

        So the left doesn’t lie? That’s well…. Untrue.

      • jimhummel

        My experience has been that when they make an error they correct it on air. I know of no MSM that forces its commentators to lie. The Fox “News” case cited proves that Fox does and will go to court to protect that right.

      • Charles Vincent

        Thats disingenuous the left consistently and unapologetically lies and distorts the truth to serve its own ends.

      • Grace Scrimgeour

        Are you talking about “the left” or what you are characterizing as “left news channels’? Give some specific examples of where left news channels have deliberately lied, i.e. not examples where they have made a mistake which they later corrected.

      • Charles Vincent

        To my knowledge the huffington post is a left leaning outlet for media they have done more that a few unsavory things and not bothered to acknowledge their wrong doing.
        They are famous for distorting statistics on gun control to push the agenda of the left.

      • Gravity

        Did they ever correct the time Diane Sawyer did a report on militias (about 20 years ago) and she mentioned militias “wanting their members to commit to shooting on US citizens”, and then held up a cover of a magazine with that on the cover (“would you shoot at a US citizen civilian?”), AND I know it was ACTUALLY the army that was asking the soldiers if THEY would shoot at civilians and THAT was why so many soldiers were signing up for militias? How do I know? Months before the segment aired, a soldier friend of ours visited – he had just been at the 29 Palms base in CA and he said that he had to take a test and it asked him that. He was very concerned that the government would ask him that and he was thinking about joining a militia. We had never heard of current day militias. What a shock when Diane said it was the militias asking if their members would shoot at US citizens. OUT AND OUT LIE.

      • robingee

        Can you name some left-wing news blatant lies? Because there are pages and pages of Fox News lies. So it must be really easy to find the left-wing lies.

      • Charles Vincent

        The 90 % of all guns being sold with out a background check which came from a survey of 300 people in the early 1990’s it’s been debunked and yet they still didn’t issue a correction for getting it wrong or an apology.

      • robingee

        OK, that’s one. Thanks!

      • Charles Vincent

        You’re welcome.

      • Three Phased

        Just one, that’s all you’ve got? Anything else?

      • Charles Vincent

        The guy asked for an example and seemed satisfied by the one given to him. And no there are more.

      • Three Phased

        Okay, let’s hear them – bring them on!

      • Charles Vincent

        Time magazines lie of the year “Obama ; if you like your insurance you can keep it period.” and “If you like your doctor you can keep him Period.”
        And pretty much anything concerning guns and gun control that comes from the democrats.

      • Three Phased

        Two misfires there all right – it’s not like the insurance companies had to make the changes that caused the “junk” policies to lapse; they knew that this would happen. What did Obama have to do with that, exactly?

        Nice generalized swipe at “guns and gun control” there too. Pity it didn’t contain any specifics.

      • Gravity

        Educate yourself!!! Name the lies on FOX!

      • Three Phased
      • Gravity

        Politifact is owned by a company that is owned by George Soros. List lies from other sources.

      • Three Phased

        “Owned by a company that is owned by” somehow makes facts false, hmm? I see why you watch Fox now.

      • Gravity

        I just watched “60 minutes” tonight. It was about NASA noticing that a recent launch by China, their (China’s) space “junk” actually started moving and was being maneuvered. WELL, surprise, surprise, they are working on being able to move about to other satellites and maybe disable them? When the NASA guy was asked “Are we working on that too?”, he said “No, Congress voted against it”. NOW, I remember the DEMOCRATS voted it down. But 60 minutes, of course, is not going to mention that. If the Republicans had done it, it would have been, “the Republicans in Congress voted it down”…..THAT’s why I watch FOX …..and more often than FOX, I WATCH C-SPAN BECAUSE THE MEDIA LIES!

      • Three Phased

        Wow, dodging the question and doubling down on the misinformation, huh? Oh well, have fun with that. The longer you plug your ears and keep your blinders on, the ruder your awakening will be when it comes – if it does.

      • Gravity

        What are you talking about? I DID just watch 60 minutes and what I wrote is what happened. I am not LYING!! As for the question, do you mean regarding Politifact? I heard it from a number of sources, not just from one place. At one point someone listed the name of the “parent” company but I don’t think I kept the info., if I did, I’m not going to spent the time looking for it as I don’t think you would find it helpful. I have not investigated it myself,as to whether it truly is the “parent” company and if that company is owned by Soros.

      • Three Phased

        So you don’t even know if the “fact” you tried to throw out to dismiss Politifact’s content is true, and you can’t back it up, yet you tossed it anyway. That sounds like doubling down on misinformation, all right!

        I don’t know if there is anything else to be said here. Good luck with your blinders and earplugs, and here’s hoping they come off someday.

      • Gravity

        The insurance companies had to cancel the policies as the companies weren’t interested anymore – they were not FREE to tailor them to the companies needs – they had to fit the rigid ACA requirements – it’s baby step socialism and some can’t afford it. As it is the insurance companies get a ACA bail out every years (2014 was 2.97 Billion) and over the long haul, when that amount gets bigger and bigger, it WILL be government healthcare.

      • Three Phased

        As I recall, health insurance is actually intended to provide for the customer’s needs. Sounds like both you and the insurance companies forgot about that, huh?

      • Gravity

        If you believe that, why would you take away their need to offer the best for the customers? They are working for the IRS and the US government now! Like I said, they get a yearly bailout from the government for being so “nice” and doing the ACA and getting less money – BUT they don’t get less money – they are getting my families tax money by way of the bailouts…I need a new car, and I could afford one if my taxes were not so high and I didn’t have to plan on the $3,000 dollar “ACA Cadillac tax” we need to come up with, as we are a blue collar family with good medical insurance. Will you pitch in some money?

      • Three Phased

        “Offer the best for the customers” and not actually providing for any health care (as the junk policies did) don’t really go together. That’s one of the ways that health care costs got as high as they have, you know – when people need health care, as they always will, what will they do when they find out their insurer doesn’t cover it, and they can’t pay for it?

      • Gravity

        Actually, that’s happening more NOW, because the deductibles are so high, like $6,000 for a family.

      • Three Phased

        If there are deductibles that high, they are in the lower-cost options of ACA plans. They’re closer to the “junk” policies that were being offered before, with the significant difference of actually providing health care in the end – I’m surprised you aren’t praising them!

      • Gravity

        Praising what??? Who has $6,000 laying around? What would be a person’s return if they invested that in a small business or started a biz of their own? $6,000 EVERY YEAR, and a person my not even end up using the health care much. How many supplements and gym memberships would that pay for? It’s a rip off because it also pays for all the IRS salaries, all the extra bureaucrats, the bailing out of the insurance companies at the end of the year ($2.97 BILLION for 2014)!

      • Three Phased

        Yup, that’s what the “junk” policies would do to you too. Except they didn’t call them “deductibles” because there was effectively no coverage to be had from them – I heard about one policy that covered exactly $50 worth of care. (No, that is not a co-pay.)

        So what is this about having “$6,000 lying around”? If you don’t visit the doctor, you don’t pay, right?

      • Gravity

        If you need a doctor, you have to go for $6,000 worth of visits before the insurance pays for something! IF you really needed it, you’d need $6,000 to pay it yourself. I disagree that it’s only junk insurance being affected. My husband and I have always had excellent coverage (and payed for it – no big fancy house for us), including eye, dental, etc. AND now our deductible has gone way up, the co-pay (what they pay) has gone down….and since we are a private (not public) union – we will have to pay the “Cadillac tax” (of $3,000 per year?) at the end of 2017!

      • Three Phased

        Did you miss the “junk” part about junk insurance? You could easily pay well over $6,000 for health care with those, because they often didn’t offer any significant coverage *at all.*

        As for your situation, it’s impossible to evaluate your anecdotal claims – all I can do is point to the 17 million people who don’t appear to be having the issues you mention. Perhaps there’s still a good deal for you out there somewhere…?

      • Gravity

        From what I’ve gathered, there is a group of about 15 million families who fall in an income range where they are just plain old screwed. (And it has nothing to do with them having “junk insurance” before ACA took effect. It is taking money from the middle class and giving it to the poor who vote Democrat). I think that number will grow as the “Cadillac tax” goes into effect (it should have if Obama hadn’t done an illegal bill change) and the insurance companies start feeling more pressure so they raise rates even more (rates should be higher now, but we bail out the insurance company every year – it’s a part of ACA – and 2014 was 2.97 BILLION dollars that went to the insurance companies) This money given to insurance, plus the portion of the debt that is from the ACA (1/3 of the debt will be ACA in 2025 – that’s from the Congressional Budget Office) you and I owe, my friend, because if the shit ever hit the fan, DC would empty out like rats off of a sinking ship and we’d owe that money to China, etc. – probably to be paid by the our hard labor. So it is inherently unfair to punish groups of people who have worked and obeyed the law and paid their taxes and then they get screwed with a huge insurance bill/taxes.

      • Three Phased

        And how exactly did you “gather” this information? Got any links?

        What does “plain old screwed” mean for those families, exactly?

        17 million more people now have medical insurance with the ACA. (See e.g. How does that fit in with the rather indistinct “plain old screwed” condition you’re alluding to?

      • Gravity

        Me and my family are getting screwed big time (we’re a private union family). A another family – friends of ours – they are paying.more and getting less. I watch a lot of C-span and people call in and describe how they’ve gotten screwed and guests on C-span talk about the demographic who are not the concern of the Democrat/liberal/progressive party…so they have been left to pay more, sometimes much much more and in some cases – get less. It’s the middle class to upper middle class and union families.

      • Three Phased

        So no links and a handful of unverifiable anecdotes – that’s what you’re basing your argument on?

        I saw significant savings on my silver-level ACA-compliant insurance – just about exactly the $2500 that was predicted by some ACA analyses ($200 less per month than I would have been paying for inferior individual coverage). I also know quite a number of people who either were able to get much more affordable insurance, or purchase any insurance at all, for the first time in years. They sit comfortably in the “middle class to upper middle class” group.

        Now, given that the complaints about the ACA’s bad effects keep on not turning out to be true (as in this one famous example:, I ask again: have you actually got anything to back up what you’re claiming? Links? Hard numbers? Anything that isn’t anecdotal and unverifiable?

      • Gravity

        I told you that my husband and I are paying more (a lot more). I have a friend who is also. Also others I’ve heard about, experts in the field on C-span, at hearings etc. I really, really, believe that if I spent the time to write down my whole medical insurance history and find the history about my friend and what she and her family and her small company has gone through (saved it on my computer somewhere) and I searched and found the stories on the web, PLUS reminded you of things you should be remembering (the $2,000 to $4,000 “Cadillac tax” that union members are going to have to pay), THAT YOU STILL WOULD BRUSH IT ALL ASIDE! BRICK WALL!

      • Three Phased

        Might want to take a close look at the last sentence of my previous comment. Clearly you didn’t see it.

        Just as a reminder, here it is again:
        “Anything that isn’t anecdotal and unverifiable?”

      • Gravity

        So it is “anecdotal and unverifiable”, in my mind, that ACA is a success and is good for this country. I already told you about my situation and others I know. You obviously don’t believe me, which means you think I am a liar. Conversation done.

      • Three Phased

        Not you personally, necessarily. Just that all the gloom-and-doom stories about the ACA, when investigated, have turned out to not be based on issues with the ACA (if they are real at all). I know how much the ACA saved me (pretty much a direct hit at the $2500/yr level) and I know many, many people who have insurance now that didn’t have it before. Your anecdotal and hard-to-correlate-with-the-ACA stories of complaints really don’t measure up to their having access to health care.

        But if you want to stomp off, that’s on you. Feel free to believe whatever you like, as long as you don’t insist that it is the whole of reality.

      • Gravity

        Well here’s the deal. I’m not lying. I wish we could really know the true outcome (including the 2.97 billion dollar private insurance yearly bailout that is a part of the ACA and factor THAT in),] but we don’t really have journalists anymore. BECAUSE it makes us less free, I am AGAINST it (medicare and medicaid are going bankrupt!, VA – wow, it’s just terrible, what just came out in the news? can’t remember, but some government entity just wasted 50 mil.). I think the free market (especially since the progressives have pushed their socialist “way”) can help greatly. Does it piss me off that Republicans didn’t do anything before (yes, there was “talk” over the years – no action)? Yes. Tired of our government, really tired. Good day. Have a good life.

      • Three Phased

        The “free market” was what got us the system that existed before the ACA – with its actual “death panels” at the insurance company level. Sorry.

      • Gravity

        We are all paying more as we are now bailing out the insurance companies by almost 3 billion a year.

      • Michael Clark

        Perfect example of deflection. The discussion is about TV News. One comment says that MSNBC does the same thing that FOX does (i.e.- lie and misrepresent). One commenter says “OK, give me an example”. The FOXbot replies with the results of a survey that had absolutely nothing to do with MSNBC. Then, the same commenter offers a quote from President Obama about health insurance, that has nothing whatsoever to do with MSNBC. This is exactly why we ridicule you guys, you are incapable of honest discourse. Sad, really.

      • Sandra Moore

        So who has the pages and pages of Fox News lies? I’d like to see them, and I’d like to see you prove everyone of them as lies. Do you just take Obama’s word for it that Conservatives lie about him? So far, every derogatory comment made about him has come true.

      • Three Phased
      • Brandi Royal

        You do know that Fox was BANNED from doing the news in Canada because they have laws about lying on the news while MSNBC is not banned.

      • Charles Vincent

        Snopes says that is false.
        http://www DOT snopes DOT com/politics/business/foxcanada DOT asp

      • Ben

        Canada has laws against free speech too. You like that? There is NO 1st amendment in the Great White North. They have “BANNED” MANY things. Myself, I prefer freedom and freedom of choice,

      • Gravity

        They ban groups they don’t agree with. And I’m not talking KKK, etc.

    • Michelle R. Knight

      YES, they have! My ex would have Fox News on all the time. Whatever came out of their mouths was gospel!! Proved them wrong SO many times it wasn’t funny, he just didn’t want to hear it.

    • Mike Howell

      Its like my step dad. Ive told him over and over that the last 6 years Faux Paux Knews as been rated last not only in the nation but in the civil world in giving out fair and accurate news. Hejust looks at me and says “I don’t care, they make me feel good”. In other words “Let me burry my head in the sand and think its pre civil rights era”.

      • Sandra Moore

        I think you’re misinformed about that.

      • Ben

        I just shake my head at people as stupid as you are.

  • Terry Lind

    I’m sure they are told by Fox, you can say whatever you want as long as it has an anti Obama slant. That and all that makeup she wears has fried her brain.

  • Sargent Pepper

    it would not be faux news if she told the truth. she may even get fired.

    • Ben

      How did that work out? Hahahaha

  • Roxanne Agredano

    It’s hard to know for sure what is true anymore. But what I do know for certain is that Fox News is the furthest media outlet for fair and unbalanced news. I used to be one who believed that till I grew a brain and started really thinking for myself. Fact checking and researching. Common sense…one must have common sense to discern the difference between fact and fiction. When you feel you have to state that you are “fair and unbalanced” you most assuredly are not! It’s like being asked a question and one answers with, “honestly….” it infers one of two things either you are answering now with a lie or anything you normally say is a lie unless you start with “honestly”. See how that works?

    Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. The truth is out there you just have to really want to know what it is and you have to be tough because it isn’t pretty.

  • Rick Goncher

    Some fact checking…..what Obamacare is designed to do is ruin the private system we have and then the government comes to OUR rescue with a single payer system. She’s exactly right. The VA is government running a broken healthcare system. Just ask the providers that work for the VA and they will tell you what a bureaucratic mess it is with its layers and layers of needless regulation and BS just to get someone taken care of.

    • Josh Griswell

      If you worked in healthcare you would see that the insurance companies already did what you said, layers and BS. Hence the need for all the paperwork and computer documentation to prove to the insurance companies that you are sick and the doctor is doing what is cheapest for them ( and minimally meets your health insurance contract).

      The government maybe no different, but let’s not act like this is new. Healthcare has been broken for years and decades. A multi payer private insurance system simply puts stock holders and executives ahead of the folks that hold the actual policies.

      The real problem with the VA is that our military/ government insists on spending the budget on new armament and new conflicts. If some of that money was funneled into the VA instead then our vets would have the kind of health system we all deserve.

    • justsayin

      So you don’t think there should be affordable healthcare to all. Fine, you do without the Hospital option, because without SOME income the hospital HAS to shut down. A “private practice” Dr. will never exist anymore because if he screws up a single stitch some jackass will come back and sue him into the ground.

      You see where your logic leads? There is only one defense against rising healthcare costs and it sure as hell isn’t “just don’t get it”, we’ve seen people do the whole “boycott” thing and look what we have, WalMart.

      Back on topic:
      Healthcare itself is a scandal. You think you just walk into a Dr. office and boom your PCP just presses a couple of buttons to your insurance company and its all done. HELL NO. they have papers upon papers upon papers. The Medical Transcriptionist and Medical Billing and Coding field is BOOMING because if there is ANY incorrect information coming from the Dr. office its rejected and they have to refile it again. The Insurance companies want 100% evidence your not only sick, but you NEED the services you are requesting. This is just for those who can’t pay for out of pocket, its a bit more lenient when you have 5-10k just sitting around doing nothing, but for the rest of us its a fight to the death sometimes literally just to get the medications and services a single person REQUIRES to bring their life back from a debilitating illness or accident.

      This isn’t Mayberry anymore kiddo, the Doc ain’t just going to come around and give you a few pills and wait for your payment. he wants your money or your chickens. Either way he’ll end up with both if you don’t pay soon.

      • Phil

        Waiting for some facts to check.
        ACA will eliminate a huge amount of paperwork for insurers, the entire sections of the company dedicated to finding reasons to reject applicants, and to refuse payment of claims, will shrink by 99%…

    • patbit60

      The fact check was right. What you just said about obamacare is an opinion. Learn the difference.

      • Edward Krebbs

        Patbit60, I’ve seen in another article, I believe on ForwardProgressives or possibly on a site about science and critical thinking: One of the travesties of our time is that we have somehow managed to make “opinion” to be equal to (or constitute) “fact”.

      • patbit60

        Yes, I’ve notice that the difference between news and opinion has been blurred. Fox news which is mostly opinion is put out as news. What Rick Goncher said about Obamacare that he put out as fact is actually an opinion but out by Rush Limbaugh and probably other conservative commentators since they all say the same things.

    • stylusmobilus

      Because your private system is shite. You have the worst healthcare system of any nation. But hey, god, guns and Jesus would oppose free healthcare, wouldn’t he.

      Question…how the hell did you manage to put men on the moon?

      • Edward Krebbs

        I take it you’re from another country? You might be surprised to learn that despite the various listings showing the USA moving down the list in education, healthcare, etc. most folks here (USA) would argue to the death that we’re #1.

        And it is hardly original to me to ask: How come when one ranks the health outcomes, the countries near the top not only spend less per person than in the USA, but are solidly national, single-payer healthcare (places like countries in Scandanavia).

    • Roy Batty

      Care to provide some support for your “fact checking”? Oh, that’s right, nut jobs like you NEVER provide any actual facts to support your positions.

    • Phil

      Troll, and not an effective one either.
      Oh btw I’m a happy satisfied VA patient; best health care EVER.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      And you think THAT all started with Obama???? What’s with your republicans letting it go one for years? If they are so smart and know all of the ways to improve everything then why didn’t they DO IT?

  • Colleen

    Sargent pepper, she will not get fired for speculating.

  • Lonnietj

    If it’s more of the same then why bother even give this the time of day?

  • Edward Krebbs

    Agree with article but title needs a little work. “Fox News Host Looks like Fool after being caught blatantly lying” could pretty much be used as the title for an article every day of the week, 24/7, 365.

    • Phil

      How about “Fox News: Pants on Fire Again”

      • Devil_Dinosaur

        Perhaps, “Fox News Host Says Something Fair and Balanced. ROTFLMAO!!!”

  • BobG

    My poor old auntie get subjected to this when my cousin visits here (a lot). He puts Faux News on her tv and she thinks it is real. Then I have to try and make her believe Obama is not a terrorist Marxist communist Muslim mass-murderer when I visit her. She is old and gets very upset but my cuz is one of these right-wing wackos who is killing his mom thru stress.

    • chevyll

      You really should stop lying to your poor old auntie bobby boy. It’s not very nice of you.

    • Gravity

      Fox got it right – Berdahl is a deserter and 5 elite Taliban fighters are free (as of next month) to go back to the fight….and kill US soldiers.Obama is a Muslim sympathizer at the very least. Iran chanted (I saw the video) “Death to America” and the Iatola repeated it. Why didn’t Kerry walk out? Reagan walked out on Gorbachev!

  • rockit

    What stupid people! Obama is a fool! And you people blindly follow him and would go jump of the bridge for him. Period, remember that LIE! I could go on and on…………..

    • Raylusk

      Yeah but if you did go on and on you would just look even more foolish then you do now. So do yourself a big favor a shut up.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      Well, that’s a really intelligent post! Anyone can name call! Try some actual thought process and then make a statement.

    • dody stark

      wow, that made a lot of sense?

    • modera8

      Watch who you’re calling fools. “Off” has two ‘f’s, I suspect that’s what you meant. If you’re not even bright enough to know that, everything else you write is in suspect.

  • Ken

    The gov’t dictates the kind of policy you MUST have. For example, I have to carry maternity insurance even though I am a 45 year old single male. Since many doctors and hospitals are not participating in Obamacare, your options are limited. Ultimately, the gov’t wants to go to a single payer plan, which many have admitted, then it will be much more like the VA. Her comments were not accurate for how it is today, but are right on for how many in the gov’t want it to be.

    • erik thorne

      Pure BS.

    • Roy Batty

      You’re an idiot. There are no doctors or hospitals that are not participating because the ACA was simply a way to move more people into the regular health insurance industry. It’s not some separate insurance plan, so they wouldn’t have any idea if a patient was getting reimbursement for their premiums or not. And it’s VERY likely that your previous plan already included maternity care, but you didn’t get upset about it until they mandated that all plans have it. You’re just like all those Catholic organizations that bitched and moaned about contraceptive coverage. They didn’t get upset about it until it was mandated, BUT MOST OF THEM ALREADY PROVIDED THAT SAME COVERAGE!

      • Charles Vincent

        Nice Nik scify fanare you.

    • Phil

      Really don’t come here with this made up shit. As the others show, Obamacare is not a facility-specific or doctor specific program. So you are just making that up. “Oh I have to carry maternity insurance…” OMG what horse manure!
      And I’m a VA patient and it’s the best health care I had EVER had bar none. I’m 65.

    • CommonSense

      do you have a mother? do you like sex? then man up, join the human society, and help cover either (a) childbirth or (b) birth control

    • Daniel E. Chapman II

      You have to carry maternity and the women have to deal with the costs of Your higher than average cardiac problems rate.

      The way insurance works is that everyone pays into a pool and it allows the higher costs to be spread out amongst a larger population. When you have a smaller pool then the costs are higher per peesob. If you could get all of the people out of the plan who incur any cost at all it would be super cheap… but then why would you ever need insurance if no one ever uses it

      If you can’t guarantee that you’ll never need to make a claim you’re probably better off paying for maternity care while they will some day cover your prostate care. Or for your sports injury. Or for your alcohol induced cirrhosis. Or for your ….insert any condition here that they will not personally encounter. (That’s just how insurance works.)

  • rossbro

    More hype from the ‘ Kool-Aid’ providers. Keep the sheeple riled up at any cost.

  • kale

    FOX ENTERTAINMENT NEWS the best blonde, tits, ass and leg shots on tv. Never have heard them always have the volumn off just wait for skirt and shirts slipping!!!!

  • Tom Casey

    Republicans like me, are gay.

  • Thomas Pasqualone

    By and large, most of the opinions I read here are typical of an uninformed electorate. Nothing more than a conglomeration of left-wing loonies, trying to add support to the Obama ideology. It’s rather pathetic to see so many who can’t think for themselves, or admit to the mistake electing with the current administration. I will admit, the VA facility I use provides adequate care, but to fail acknowledge that there are serious problems inherent within the system is quite simply ridiculous. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would have to admit the Federal government is rife with incompetence and really should not be in charge of something that accounts for 1/6 of the nations economy. In closing, I would like to add nothing has gotten better under the Obama regime other than his bank account.

  • JJ Lynch

    All we need to know and do is that Fox is the biggest Joke when coming to News and the People who follow them are just stupid! and stupid id what stupid does!

  • JJ Lynch

    Let face the facts Fox news is the worst News channel and never gets it right. the people who follow “FOX” think Aliens are coming and its the end of the world. Does anyone find it funny that Republicans follow “FOX” and they are as bat Sh*t crazy as a monkey on drugs!The Republicans and fox have been going after Obama for 6 years now and saying “JUST YOU WAIT!” Well?…the economy going back up, unemployment a all time low, the stock market blooming, Fox and Republicans need to go away! We need to re-elect smart Republicans…if we can find some. It might like be finding an Alien!

    • Debbra Fletcher Phillips

      I think we have, in you!!

  • EveryWoman

    A Foxbot lying her pants off…who woulda thunk

  • JanetMermaid

    Something is very wrong here. She isn’t blonde. SHE’S NOT A BLONDE! Is Fox slipping?

  • Marshall Mc

    Kimberly is a former prosecutor lawyer and so much more intelligent than you pajama boys. Obviously she was not making a direct comparison but was talking about the mindset and reference to the progressives eventual move to single payer insurance. In the meantime all the rules are set by thousands of pages of regulations to the point that the insurance companies are just processing vehicles. Also, these political fact checkers are mostly in obama’s bag. Proven by the real fact checkers. And read your headings. You guys are real cry babies.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      Oh, of course. “all of these political fact checkers are mostly in obama’s bag”. That’s the answer of course.

    • dody stark

      oh, obviously. she does have a hard time making herself understood correctly though, doesn’t she. um, who are the “real fact checkers” you’re referring to. Fox News?

    • modera8

      A “former prosecutor lawyer”? You mean a prosecuting attorney? Not sure what a prosecutor lawyer is. “Referencing the progressives’ eventual move to single payer insurance”, you mean? In the meantime, (note the comma) regulations, (note the comma). Proper names should be capitalized (Obama’s). 18 people “liked” your comment but none of them are bright enough to notice your atrocious attempt at English? The day you can write a complete, correct sentence is the day you have the right to criticize anyone else’s intelligence. Until then, just keep watchin’ FOX.

      • Marshall Mc

        Just saw this. You don’t know a lawyer and attorney are the same. You arresting to petty fog so it won’t show all opinions?

      • Marshall Mc

        Didn’t notice spell check screwed with what I typed, but that will give the syntax police something to be anal about. Have fun.

      • Ben

        How pathetic, you intellectual superior. Way to dodge the debate, snob. Do you think people with accents are stupid too? You must be a real treat to be around, hahaha. Hey please tells us how smart you are and how dumb we are again.

  • Alice M. Weeks

    It is truly a shame that people talk about things they don’t know anything about and add what they want. Do you people go to church. Do you know what happens when you do this. (I hate to say it but I am about to believe you are a racist and really don’t know it. He;ll be gone and you want have to so imfactic about your comments. God Bless.

  • Clavell Jackson

    FOX News counts on its viewers being so stupid they won’t bother to check the facts.

  • EdwardWJones

    Why don’t they make fox use their real name (FRN) ‘fox republican network’?

  • mauricio

    Fox,msnb and cnn all are biased!!! News channel’s no longer exist they are all spin and one sided.

  • mediasilenced

    In response to the writer of this article’s opening sentence, it is relative. Compared to the main stream media propaganda machine, Fox News IS the most fair and balanced news outlet out there. It is certainly the ONLY one that holds the Liar in Chief accountable, that’s for sure.

  • mediasilenced

    Reading all the liberal nonsense below, I see I am among morons here.

  • Swallow

    Why is it that the Dems don’t start their own lies before the GOP chimes in. I think it would really get them riled to be in second place with the second place story. Give them a chance to scream about Dem lies, that would be fun.


    phuck fox

  • Sue Lawson

    Faux news is losing young viewers. Gosh I wonder why….

  • dody stark

    i want Walter Cronkite back.

  • Scott Robinson

    She just gave her thoughts about obamacare. That’s not making a false statement. What are you smoking?

    • Brandi Royal

      because what she said was not true …. its not putting people under a system like the VA there is no “obamacare” doctors or hospitals. Everything is still under the private insurance providers.

      • Alex Delgadillo

        First talk to your doctor and ask him or her if this is good,

  • cjtinie

    Bonehead!! Medicare before the ACA was not ‘socialized’, it was funding and provided people to still go to a doctor of their choosing. The ACA will eventually require medical personnel to become state employees by making their payments come exclusively from the government. The providing medical treatment privately is not illegal as it will become under the ACA. The ACA mandates the maximum allowance of drugs, procedures, etc. with no provision for private/personal money going to make up the difference if desired. Medicare does not dictate how much a doctor can make, only what they can charge for a medicare patient. The ACA will dictate what a doctor can charge… period. There will be no exceptions and they will likely be paid very poorly relative to their education. Eventually, the ACA will pay out less than 25% of the money it will confiscate. That whole, “we have to pass it to know what’s in it” think? Yeah… that’s what in it you stupid git!!!

  • Brandi Royal

    they are banned in Canada because you can’t lie on the news in Canada

    • Ben

      NOT TRUE. NO free speech or 1st amendment in Canada.

  • jackie

    First of all “The Five” is not a hard news show. It is an opinion type show where 5 people from both the left and right discuss current events. What Kimberly was saying is that when Government gets involved, it is never good. Private sector is so much better. The VA is government run and if Obama Care continues it will mirror it. Maybe you should all watch before you attack.

  • Wolverines


  • Elfego

    You folks that do not believe the Affordable care act is run by government are foolish.

  • Gravity

    With the prediction that more and more insurance policies will be dropped and more and more people will have to go to the ACA exchanges, leaving the insurance companies with less and less customers and money (even with the ACA insurance company yearly bail out – for 2014’s it was 2.97 Billion), it may just be that a single payer system emerges. Some have gone so far as saying that is why the ACA was designed the way it is, to bring about a government run, single payer system – which is what Obama has always said (along with socialist Democrats) he has wanted.

  • Gravity

    As a C-span watcher, I find Fox gets it right more often than the other news channels – they were right concerning Berdahl. He is a deserter and 5 elite Taliban fighters are free (as of next month) to go back to the fight….and kill US soldiers.Obama is a Muslim sympathizer at the very least. Iran chanted (I saw the video) “Death to America” and the Iatola repeated it. Why didn’t Kerry walk out? Reagan walked out on Gorbachev!

  • Gravity

    Let’s see, did the the left media ever correct the time Diane Sawyer did a report on militias (about 20 years ago) and she mentioned militias “wanting their members to commit to shooting on US citizens”, and then held up a cover of a magazine with that on the cover (“would you shoot at a US citizen civilian?”), AND I know it was ACTUALLY the army that was asking the soldiers if THEY would shoot at civilians and THAT was why so many soldiers were signing up for militias? How do I know? Months before the segment aired, a soldier friend of ours visited – he had just been at the 29 Palms base in CA and he said that he had to take a test and it asked him that. He was very concerned that the government would ask him that and he was thinking about joining a militia. We had never heard of current day militias. What a shock when Diane said it was the militias asking if their members would shoot at US citizens. OUT AND OUT LIE.

  • jaquez