Fox News Host Outrageously Claims Racism in America Has Been ‘Fixed’ (Video)

While most people are familiar with Fox News personalities like Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling and Stacey Dash, Jeanine Pirro is probably one of the more outlandish personalities featured on America’s most-watched conservative entertainment network. With Pirro, it’s not just what she says, but how she says it. Her over-the-top fear-mongering is often so outlandish that I often find myself laughing, wondering how in the world anyone could take her seriously.

Especially when she says completely idiotic comments like she did on Thursday declaring that racism is “fixed” in America because President Obama was elected twice.

“The problem is that this president is looking in a rear view mirror,” Pirro said. “It doesn’t matter if he’s at a prayer breakfast and says, ‘You Christians had it coming,’ and it goes back to Christ and Jim Crow and slavery. I mean, why doesn’t he look forward?”

First, when he made his comments about the Crusades last December, he absolutely did not say anything remotely close to “you Christians had it coming.” All he said when he made those comments was that, while we’re seeing radical aspects of Islam in parts of the world today, there was a time when Christianity was also violent. He wasn’t trying to disparage Christians at all. He was simply pointing out a historical fact showing that any religion, if distorted by fanatics, can be used as a weapon of violence.

But of course Pirro wasn’t done.

“We’ve passed the Civil War, we’ve passed the Civil Rights era, we’ve got the laws in place, he is identifying things that he thinks are a problem and he doesn’t get his facts straight,” she added. “America was colorblind when we voted for a black president twice. The problem is primarily fixed. He keeps making it worse. They have fewer jobs now. He is just stoking the flames.”

This is one of the dumbest arguments that I hear commonly repeated by many on the right. They want us to believe that somehow racism is no longer an issue because we elected our nation’s first African-American president.

It’s not as if President Obama was elected unanimously. In both elections, millions of people voted against him. Then let’s not pretend as if the tea party doesn’t mainly exist because a bunch of conservative and rural white people really didn’t like the idea of a black guy being in charge. It’s not a coincidence that the tea party (a movement that’s frequently linked to racism) magically sprang up just around the same time it was becoming abundantly clear that Barack Obama was going to become president.

I always find it laughable when those who support the party of racists, bigots, birthers, and millions who believe President Obama is a Muslim accuse him of dividing people. They hate him, they vilify him and they use blatant fear-mongering propaganda to slander him — yet he’s the one who’s being divisive.

And there’s no point in trying to reason with any of these people because they’re absolutely unreasonable. They want to hate this president, and they absolutely refuse to face the realities of what the modern-day GOP has become). They’re going to believe whatever nonsense they want to believe no matter how inaccurate, ridiculous or asinine it is.

Watch her comments below via Fox News by way of Media Matters:

Allen Clifton

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