Fox News Host Pathetically Tries to Make Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence About President Obama (Video)

andrea-tantaros-ray-riceIn proving that she’ll try to use practically anything to attack President Obama, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros somehow managed to try to make Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator about the president.

On Outnumbered, Tantaros asked, “I wanna know, where is the president on this one?”

“My question is, and not to bring it back to politics but, this is a White House that seems to bring up a ‘war on women’ every other week. A White House that’s very concerned about the NFL, concussions, etc., prescription drugs in locker rooms,” she continued.

Let me start off by saying that her claim that she’s not trying to bring this back to politics is complete crap. This woman obsesses over making anything and everything about the president. It seems like no matter where she pops up on Fox News, she turns the focal point of nearly everything she says into some kind of attack on President Obama.

Besides, what does this have to do with the “war on women”? The White House has literally nothing to do with this. Outside of making a public comment (which they did later that day) they’re not at all involved in this.

The “war on women” is often used to describe the GOP’s efforts to restrict the constitutionally upheld rights women have over their own bodies, or their efforts to block legislation that would require equal pay for women in the workplace.

Oh, and let’s not forget that 171 Republican members of Congress voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

And the reality is that the only reason why this case has national attention is because Rice happens to be a professional football player and also because the NFL initially only gave him a two-game suspension. Though the NFL has since indefinitely suspended him and he’s also been released from the Baltimore Ravens.

But for her to “wonder” where the president stands on this is ridiculous. Everything doesn’t have to be about the president. There was literally no reason to even mention his name. But Tantaros seems unable to make it through even a single non-politically related segment without proving that she’s absolutely obsessed with doing everything she can to try to attack the president.

In fact, I’m almost willing to bet that had President Obama released a statement before she said these comments, she would have instead been criticizing him for trying to exploit the situation for political gains.

Because in true Republican fashion, no matter what the situation, they’ll find some way to make it into some kind of an attack on President Obama.

Watch the clip below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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