Fox News Host Pathetically Tries to Make Ray Rice’s Domestic Violence About President Obama (Video)

andrea-tantaros-ray-riceIn proving that she’ll try to use practically anything to attack President Obama, Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros somehow managed to try to make Ray Rice’s brutal assault of Janay Palmer in an Atlantic City elevator about the president.

On Outnumbered, Tantaros asked, “I wanna know, where is the president on this one?”

“My question is, and not to bring it back to politics but, this is a White House that seems to bring up a ‘war on women’ every other week. A White House that’s very concerned about the NFL, concussions, etc., prescription drugs in locker rooms,” she continued.

Let me start off by saying that her claim that she’s not trying to bring this back to politics is complete crap. This woman obsesses over making anything and everything about the president. It seems like no matter where she pops up on Fox News, she turns the focal point of nearly everything she says into some kind of attack on President Obama.

Besides, what does this have to do with the “war on women”? The White House has literally nothing to do with this. Outside of making a public comment (which they did later that day) they’re not at all involved in this.

The “war on women” is often used to describe the GOP’s efforts to restrict the constitutionally upheld rights women have over their own bodies, or their efforts to block legislation that would require equal pay for women in the workplace.

Oh, and let’s not forget that 171 Republican members of Congress voted against the Violence Against Women Act.

And the reality is that the only reason why this case has national attention is because Rice happens to be a professional football player and also because the NFL initially only gave him a two-game suspension. Though the NFL has since indefinitely suspended him and he’s also been released from the Baltimore Ravens.

But for her to “wonder” where the president stands on this is ridiculous. Everything doesn’t have to be about the president. There was literally no reason to even mention his name. But Tantaros seems unable to make it through even a single non-politically related segment without proving that she’s absolutely obsessed with doing everything she can to try to attack the president.

In fact, I’m almost willing to bet that had President Obama released a statement before she said these comments, she would have instead been criticizing him for trying to exploit the situation for political gains.

Because in true Republican fashion, no matter what the situation, they’ll find some way to make it into some kind of an attack on President Obama.

Watch the clip below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Darth Zhorrid still has much to learn from her master Darth Greg…

  • Asher Frost

    Was there a stand-down order given in the Elevator? Where was the President, why wasn’t he on the floor of the hotel with 2000 marines? America needs to know!

    Seriously, this is getting more silly than Professional Wrestling, any day now it will be “Did Obama kill Jesus? New evidence hints he may have been involved”

    • Stephen Barlow

      HAHAHAHA Fox news and Pro Wrestling!!! Did he hammer the nails or was he just the spearchucking Centurion?

  • Craig Miller

    He had the Marines stand down on this one is what I heard.

  • Jeff Maanum

    This women is the definition of a stupid c*nt. I know that word will enrage some, and I was taught not to use it, but sometimes it is the only description that fits.

    • John

      Amen Jeff, I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    • Gurina Kaye Psait

      You took the words right out of my mouth. She is a stupid c*nt.

    • Smart_Blond

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Beau West

    Are you serious? Really? Obama is trying to keep us out of a war, you stupid numnutz ! Why don’t you go to beauty school, and get a good trade……..?

    • chrissy9848

      Thank You for the laugh ..that is a great idea ..

    • gman

      She and the rest of the women and many of the men on Fox were beauty school dropouts.

    • Stephen Barlow

      I hear they pay garbage men quite well, and you already have experience in both white and multi colored trash.

  • oba Amuda

    Wrong question to ask about Fox News? I only have a basic cable now so that I do not have to mistakenly run into Fox Channels? Nothing educational and sincere in what they say. What borders me is the future they building for the next generation.

    • If you want to avoid Fox News, you better stay out of bars and midwestern chicken-wing restaurants, too.

  • dave

    Well not to politicize the events in my life but now that she mentions it, I want to know where the president stands on the 2 black men that were leaning against my car in the parking garage yesterday. I feel like I really need his input.

    • Asher Frost

      Totally, This morning, the soda machine stole my money. Now I’m not saying Obama was definitely involved, but it was change and that’s what he talked about, so I’m gonna need his direct input on this situation.

      • greaburns

        Love this comment. I need a laugh this morning. I think I will steal the comment and pull it out for the right occasion.

      • Chris

        Just another chance for that damn socialist Muslim communist terrorist to tax us hard working Americans!

      • Adam

        this is just anothe example of why we need big government out of our snacking industry, if Obamer were not sticking his nose in the chip industry them maybe we could get something done about the terrorist Shwarma infiltraters

  • Cemetery Girl

    Domestic violence is something I have strong feelings about. I would be ok with the President making a statement regarding domestic violence, but it really isn’t quite in his realm. Make a statement that he would be willing to support legislation that creates harsher punishments for abusers, fine. (Although victims might be better off if he came out saying “keep your b**** in check; keep a strong hand” and maybe republicans would trip over themselves to oppose him.) Everyone should care about domestic violence, but the President has a lot of other things to focus on. Honestly, at this point, if he came out pushing for stronger measures to protect from domestic violence then idiots like this would complain he’s trying to interfere in the ways that people in a relationship resolve conflicts.

    • Stephen Barlow

      Considering that He still has to make a disclosure on his Immigration Reform package, I wouldn’t expect much from him on Domestic violence.

  • Pamela Parker Ricer

    As a woman myself I have wracked my brain trying to figure out the just plain ignorant comments made by the women of Fox. Therefore I’ve watched the channel quite a bit, Andrea, as the most uneducated and unqualified host on the 5 got the least airtime in the 1st years of the show . Dana (who actually has credentials) gave the most reasonable albeit conservative opinions on the topics being discussed, and Kimberly sat on the corner flipping her hair, showing off her legs ,and making comments that were mostly just airheaded nonsense. (odd, since she at sometime in her life had enough brainpower to pass a state bar to become an attorney) Lately Andrea and Kimberly seem to be in a contest to see who will become the new Laura Ingraham or Monica C. to emerge from off the 5 with both of them at times acting like rabid dogs (I’ve actually seen spit flying from Kimberly’s mouth as her voice gets hysterically highpitched as she tries to overtalk the others) and Andrea pops up on every show that is short a talking head to espouse the President’s involvement in all things bothersome to someone. Basically I think you just have 2 women here who will do almost anything to get a big paycheck and be considered relevant. Kimberly thought she was on her way to being that Star until she realized going along w/the “I’m the nonthreatening, good looking girl of the misogynistic wing’s dream” would only get her so far, especially as she ages out on Fox. Andrea has kept to the script , ramped it up, and worked overtime . When haven’t there been people ready to sell their soul for fame and fortune? Ever hopeful in female humanity…I’m still always disappointed.

    • “As a woman myself I have wracked my brain trying to figure out the just plain ignorant comments made by the women of Fox.”

      No brain wracking required. Their agenda doesn’t include accurate broadcasting of information, or intelligent discussion. Their agenda is dictated by the Koch Brothers.

    • gman

      Yes,everyone on Fox – all of the up and comers and daytime people are out for the loot – no concern for society unless it is to ramp up war talk to fund defense contractors. Many are simply atheists who pretend religious outrage. How many times has O’Reilly harassed women?

    • Stephen Barlow

      Fos on hires men. Albeit cross dressing men who put on quite a show, but I am sure Gretchen Carlson is sporting a penis under his dress.

  • robingee

    The only thing here that might be a War On Women issue is that this dickbag Rice isn’t in jail. She married him, so I guess they’re OK now!

    • Bine646

      Its their life, their relationship, her face. Time for the public to get back to theirs

      • robingee

        Wrong. When someone is helpless and being abused it’s everyone’s business.

      • She’s already stated that she doesn’t want the public to get involved, and that we should leave them alone.

        You can stop abuse, you can’t stop stupid.

      • robingee

        I don’t think calling an abused woman “stupid” is showing how little you understand the situation. Women don’t stay with batterers because they women are “stupid” – they are scared of being murdered. Her family should help her.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Foolish is a better word because there is enough do-gooder resources out there for Domestic Violence victims. I live in a town of 15,000 and we have a church group, a government sponsored shelter for families and women and mandatory, pretrial anger management counseling for anyone arrested or charged with DV.

        To Me it’s a completely preventable crime THE SECOND TIME. The first time is usually a shock and a surprise to the girl. but if she stays, she’s making a CHOICE.
        Other than sitting naked on the hood of you car with your ankles tied to the windshield wipers, I can’t think of a better definition of “ASKING FOR IT.”

        The guy is still wrong, but touching a hot stove a second or third time because you insist on ignoring the obvious the FIRST time is just as ignorant as taking a slap across the face that doesn’t get you juices flooding.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Of course she doesn’t want the public involved. If he will beat her unconscious in a public elevator, do you think he wouldn’t be worse at home. One of the tricky things about domestic abuse is the abuser will always blame the victim. The victim accepts this because of the mental conditioning that has made the abuse possible. If your significant other beats you, you will find that if the abuser’s bad behavior is called out by someone else the victim will pay the price. Someone notices a bruise and questions it in front of the abuser, you made them look bad. Scream and a neighbor actually calls the police, you got the attacker in trouble. In this case, he will likely blame her for hurting his career and the public backlash (what little there is.) The abuser always blames the victim. Always. The reasons can be incredibly trivial. You didn’t anticipate that you prepared for dinner something that the abuser wasn’t in the mood for, thus deserving to be hit for being stupid. You didn’t laugh enough at the abuser’s jokes while at dinner with the abuser’s friends (victims tend to have friends systematically cut out), so you deserve to be hit for deliberately making the abuser look bad. The list goes on and on, but the common thread is that the abuser justifies it by stating that if the victim could actually live up to a standard (ever changing standards, what if fine one day can be justification for abuse another) then the victim wouldn’t deserve it. It isn’t their fault, it’s the victims. And victims will believe this because they have been mentally beaten down enough that it must be true. This why “just leave him” statements have no effect. (Pronoun used based on victims are more often female but not all female.) Being a victim of domestic violence is waking up in a pit. By the time you realize how bad your situation is, you don’t know how to get out. You have come to believe that you deserve what happens. You believe that others think as little of you also, so what would happen to you if you left your abuser, and that’s assuming that if you left the abuser wouldn’t be enraged. (Sadly, that break of control can enrage an abuser. At the core domestic abuse is alway a matter of control.) Many victims will admit that the factor that caused them to leave was realizing they are likely to end up dead if they don’t. Some are killed for trying to escape. Some are beaten down so much they can’t grasp the glimmer of hope of freedom. Victims aren’t stupid. Victims are scared and brainwashed into believing their abuser is right. Strangers making statements that victims are stupid or deserve whatever happens after the first abuse, that doesn’t help victims. That doesn’t help the victim that reads online how stupid and deserving another victim is.

      • robingee

        Thank you. “She is stupid” and “mind your own business” is what gets women murdered. Children too. Of course she says she’s OK. He will probably kill her if she asks for help.

      • Cemetery Girl

        It is so hard for a victim to leave. First of all, there is fear. The abuser will be furious, so what will happen? Will the abuser beat you to death? Strangle you? Stab you? Second, control is key to domestic abuse. Personal connections are likely to be strained or severed. The abuser didn’t like the people that were close to you (considered them not good enough, interfering, what have you), and probably has control over aspects of your life (bank accounts, credit cards, ect.) that restrict your freedom. The relationship is like a prison with no bars. Third, you’ve been conditioned to believe you are worthless (it is the justification for the abuse) and observation confirms people don’t care. You suspect that neighbors have seen the violence through the windows or heard the screams or cries, and you’re pretty sure your suspicions are right because they avoid eye contact with you and you’re left feeling awkward and ashamed. You hear people’s comments or read them. Women that are abused are stupid. They deserve it if they allow it or can’t figure out how to leave. If they weren’t so weak they wouldn’t allow it. If they can’t bother to help themselves then why should anyone help her? The abuser is right. People don’t care. People agree that the victim deserves it. Victims (both women and men) need to be told they don’t deserve it. People do care. There are people out there that are mad as hell, at the abuser. There are people that understand.

      • Stephen Barlow

        There will always be the argument made that she doesn’t have to stay or put up with violence she doesn’t not want.

      • Cemetery Girl

        It is a simplification of the situation that does a disservice to the victims. In the simplest view it is an entirely accurate statement to say the victim can just leave. If someone takes the time to understand the complexities of these kinds of situations then it isn’t as clear cut. It is easier to turn a blind eye than consider the sad circumstances that contribute to a victim staying. On a certain level that really is completely understandable. No one loves the commercials of abused/neglected pet; they’re sad and uncomfortable. Being confronted with the pain, stripping of confidence and self esteem, isolation of the situation, and anxiety of never knowing when a mood will sour, people just don’t want that on their minds. It is simpler to believe that it is none of their business and if the victim wanted to they could walk away.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Everything is oversimplified in a three sentence paragraph. You must also remember there are HERDS of organization just WAITING for the chance to catch a Domestic Abuser.

        With the money he was renting her girlie parts with, she could have easily hopped a flight home or anywhere she wanted.

        Same with dope dealers in the [email protected] $1000 a day slinging dope, they could very easily hop a bus and build a new life 1000 miles away on a grand in cash. But the TRUTH IS that they LOVE the gansta life. until they end up in jail for life, dead or in a wheelchair. I have zero pity for them. I have a miniscule modicum or mild distain for any celebrity hooker/CSGF who takes a regular beating for money.

        Housewives with asshole husbands are another story as children will chain a woman into a bad marriage, but any woman with a platinum card and internet access can make a clean getaway. It’s even easier if she’s not protecting her abuser by NOT reporting the FELONY ASSAULT or rape.

      • Stephen Barlow

        SOme girls really like it rough. Whitney Houston was the poster child for wanting a heavy handed lover. I for one am not going to deny any lady her pleasures, but I most certainly only play rough with girls who actually ASK for it.

      • Bine646

        You are assuming she is helpless and shes not asking for your help so mind your own business

      • robingee

        To you, one of these is true:

        (a) He has changed and will never hurt her again.

        (b) She willingly puts up with being beaten for money and/or love.

        How often have the above 2 things happened? And how often do women stay with a beater because they are scared of being murdered? And how many are murdered?

        Which is more likely.

      • Bine646

        1) why are you so involved in another persons life? Didnt your mom teach you to mind your own business?

        2) they were engaged, she didnt have to marry em. You believe he would murder her if she didnt? Cmon mannn you cant be that extreme.

        3) video or no video he admitted he knocked her out- why does a video change the punishment? It shouldnt and he has the potential to sue the NFL and should

      • Gary Smith

        You’re wrong on every point. Every one. Put a sock in it.

      • Bine646

        So refute one of them

      • robingee

        I just told you what’s up.

      • Bine646

        Gary is glad you came to his rescue…..

      • Pipercat

        He has no standing when he signed his contract. These types of contracts have clauses regarding moral turpitude. Mr. Rice is done.

      • Bine646

        Vick came back after killing dogs, Ray Lewis killed a guy- if you can play you can play. Ravens fans gave him a standing ovation when he returned this yr, so lets not rush to end this mans livelihood and not give him a second chance

      • Pipercat

        Up to the employer to exercise the clause, not the employee, which they did. End of story. In this case, the word used was in indefinite, not permanent. All the rest is irrelevant.

      • Bine646

        The NFL announced their suspension- two games. Raven have every right to release him but the NFL cannot or should not be able to change its punishment bc of a video. We all knew he struck her, we all saw him drag her unconscious body out of the elevator, how did they think he knocked her out- w a kiss?

      • Pipercat

        More ad lapidem nonsense. The contract was still in effect; hence, they executed the clause- again. There are no iterative limits on the execution of a clause in a contract.

      • Bine646

        The NFL suspended him indefinitely, after it suspended him for two games. That is not right, this is completely separate from his contract with the Ravens. Goodell in 2007 became a dictator and we are seeing the repercussions of that decision

      • Pipercat

        Although I might agree with your assessment of Roger Goodell, the turpitude clause comes from the NFL. NFL franchises are separate businesses from the NFL; however, the franchisee purchases a license from the NFL. Moreover, when the NFLPA negotiates a contract, they negotiate with the NFL and not individual owners. The negotiation regarding turpitude was negotiated before the last collective bargaining agreement.

        Emotionally, I was, and my Imperial order were, not at all thrilled with the nine game suspension of Aldon Smith. This was still implemented after he took himself out last year for large number of games. The cooler heads in our group realized this came with the territory.

      • Bine646

        Ray Rice was not convicted of any crime and his act was deemed by the commish as requiring a two game suspension on June 16th. This was based on the moral turpitude clause in his contract- it was on June 16th, after meeting w Rice and the victim.

        Now in September the Commish feels he is able to change that ruling- that is wrong, why we have a players association

      • Pipercat

        There is no 5th Amendment application in contract law. Can Rice sue, sure; but the chances of prevailing are slim at best. Make no mistake, the lawyers, on both sides, know what’s in the contact. If there was a problem with termination and suspension, then Goodell would have remained silent. You will not see Rice playing football anytime soon and I would wager there will no lawsuit, either.

      • Bine646

        I think once the suspension is lifted Rice will be back with a team. He had no prior incidents, had no onfield issues and could play. I hope he sues the NFL so they change how they deal with their athletes

      • Cemetery Girl

        How should the NFL change how they deal with athletes?

      • Bine646

        The NFL bargaining agreement in 2007 gave Goodell ultimate power in these decisions n i see that changing quickly.

        The Cardinals just signed a player convicted multiple times of domestic violence- when will you protest?

      • Cemetery Girl

        Ok, it isn’t just this individual man that I find distressing. It isn’t athletes that abuse that I find distressing. I find abuse distressing. I know this is hard to believe, but I don’t follow sports. I’m assuming Cardinals are football (or are they baseball, or is it both, I honestly don’t know.) I don’t watch sports news (our TVs are set so if you’re flipping through the channels they skip over ESPN and such), I don’t even leave on the sports portion of local news. I don’t spend time seeing which players were involved in a crime every week (and honestly, their names would mean nothing to me if I did.) I have thought really sad (long before this) that professional athletes are put on pedestals despite bad behavior. The NFL is in the business of providing entertainment. They want their big name players on the field. They only have drive to seriously punish players if the public outcry over their behavior outweighs the fan appeal if that player. It is all money to them.

        I do like that, for the moment, people are talking about domestic violence. This is a problem that goes beyond athletes, musicians, and actors. I don’t believe that vilifying one person makes up for everyone else that does that same thing. I don’t want the lives of every abuser to be in ruins or to be publicly beaten or whatever. I do want for domestic violence to stop, for it to be completely unacceptable.

      • Bine646

        Do you believe people deserve a second chance? They are going to counseling, they decided to get married- I think its time we let them live. She is free and so is he, let them be. TMZ’s purpose in posting this video was for ratings, not for victims of domestic violence- especially not for Janay.

        Did they contact the victim prior to posting to get her permission- seems by her instagram post she would of said no.

        It shouldnt matter if a video was taken ir not. He knocked her unconscious and admitted it. The suspension should of been a year but it wasnt. The NFL should not be able to change the punishment

      • Cemetery Girl

        Did you bother to read what I wrote? I don’t want to see him used as the sacrifice for domestic violence. I don’t want abusers to have their lives ruined. I actually do think this is something that someone can get counseling, understand the root of their behavior, and change. I have not been talking about him specifically, I’ve been talking about in our country. What the NFL does, he can try suing them. I will be surprised if that’s successful, but he can do so. The NFL has no issue with his behavior. They have an issue with how people are reacting with his behavior. The video is released, people are talking about it, and they want to make it look like they care what players do off the field. As soon as public attention moves somewhere else they will allow him to play again.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Was she drunk. Not that it would justify brutality, but it might be WHY she passed out.

      • robingee

        “Ravens fans gave him a standing ovation when he returned this yr”

        So what? A bunch of sports-crazed assholes clapped for an asshole? When JoPa was fired from Penn State the kids went crazy with rage. Sports is more important than humanity for some people.

      • Bine646

        Penn State is still chanting for JoePa, rightfully so.
        He wasnt Sandusky and they can differentiate that

      • Cemetery Girl

        The end of his livelihood is in the hands of his employers. If there is a clause in his contract which he has violated and they suspend or terminate him then that is the call of his employers.

      • Bine646

        The NFL knew he knocked his gf unconscious and they gave him 2 games. A video should not change their punishment. The Ravens are free to release him but the NFL should not beable to reissue a punishment months later

      • Cemetery Girl

        Employers are not restricted to double jeopardy or any of the other limitations of criminal court. If you make an error at work (let’s say you send out an email or memo that is insulting to a client) and they write you up, yet later that error causes backlash (that client became aware of the error and ends the business relationship) the employer will not care that you’ve already been written up for error. You make a mistake that has an effect on your employer they will reevaluate if the situation has a larger impact on them. The NFL has reevaluated because they looked bad

      • Bine646

        The NFL knew who knocked his gf unconscious- a video released of the incident months later should not change the punishment

      • Cemetery Girl

        A video released months later has made their player look bad and by extension them look bad because they knew he did this and gave a slap on the wrist. What initially seemed like an incident that got little notice has since blown up. The NFL does have female viewers (not me, but they exist) and they now have to at least pretend that they care that this happened. Employers have the ability to change a punishment if what seemed like a little oops is something bigger. His action hadn’t changed but the public reaction has. The NFL will end up bringing him back eventually, but for now they have to put on a good PR face and make it seem like they are outraged when really all they care about is having men playing with a ball in a way that will fill seats, watch the games, and buy merchandise.

      • Bine646

        The NFL had seen the video, per police source we are now learning. The public was outraged before that he received two games; however that did not change the NFLs decision.

        Now the NFL is protecting its “shield” (as the commish calls it) by outing one of its athletes. Yet they expect athletes to respect and protect it back- it goes both ways. The NFL should of deemed the video as further evidence that they got it wrong (the punishment) but they should not be able to extend it after the fact.

        The Players Association got the bargaining agreement wrong w Goodell in 2008 and need to fix it. One person should not have ultimate authority because without the rest he is nothing.

        Ray Lewis killed a man and the Ravens have a statue of him out the stadium- hypocrites much?

      • Cemetery Girl

        Is this guy messing up your fantasy football team? Is that the problem? The NFL wants to protect their profits. The bad behavior of players and the blind eye that is turned isn’t a new problem. Not everyone has been OK with this. I’ve tried to discuss a problem that effects women and men all across the country. You have stated that everyone needs to mind their own business, ignore the problem, and let this guy play with a ball for entertainments sake. We are not only not on the same page but not even in the same section of the bookstore.

      • Bine646

        He was suspended at the beginning of the year, didnt take the risk of picking him up.

        You are using one victims incident to raise awareness for “all” victims when she has clearly stated to “stop and leave them alone.” Yet you and many others continue to parade her video/story around like it is yours. To that I say mind your own business and move on.

        As for the NFL, they levied their punishment and should not be allowed to change it months later, bc a minority media makes enough noise- admit you made the mistake and correct it so it doesnt happen again.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Sorry if you FF stats are screwed now.

        I get that you believe that domestic violence should be ignored. We all should ignore it, but I won’t. I was silly enough to think that because people were aware of this video people could talk about the problem (a normal reaction), but it turns out that people are more worried about the effect of the video on sports. You are the one focusing on this couple, not me. I think people should discuss domestic violence and society should work together to reduce the violence. You want to focus on a football player and encourage ignoring domestic violence. Clearly our views are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Done.

      • Bine646

        Take your fight for awareness to the streets and get off the message board then. Put your energy elsewhere bc youre wasting it speaking about a subject which youve stated multiple times you do not follow/understand.

        The issue has switched from Ray Rice to Goodells handling but continue to sound more tone deaf, please

      • Cemetery Girl

        1 – People need to mind their own business if they see someone breaking into a neighbor’s house, right? See a pedestrian get hit by a car, it drives off, and don’t call 911, right? That’s the pedestrian’s business and if they want help so bad they’ll drag themselves to a phone.

        2 – She was under no legal requirement to marry him. Absolutely not. The complex emotions a victim endures are a factor in if and when they leave. There is fear, shame, so many emotions. But why are you certain that he wouldn’t murder her if she left him? (Because let’s be honest, you phrase it that she’s to blame for then marrying him, but would being still engaged be different? Just living together? No.) Men and women have died for trying to end a relationship. It is more ridiculous to pretend that it never happens. It is a real fear for victims. You’re mocking the fear that domestic abuse victims feel.

        3 – The only difference the video makes is it has got people talking about what happened. NFL has proven time and again that they really don’t care what a player does as long as the public isn’t paying attention to it. If they cared about bad behavior of players come game time they’d be scrambling to put together a full team (at least for some teams.) The video doesn’t change what he did, and it doesn’t change how some people would feel about his actions. For some people they were disgusted right away, for other people they still argue that the NFL had no right to punish him for it at all. (That kind of gets into the whole argument over players being role models and should have to uphold a certain level of behavior.) Either way, he’s become a PR disaster for a little bit and it is up to his employers on how they wish to deal with their connection with him.

      • Bine646

        This incident occurred months ago- TMZ just bought and released the footage for ratings, not for the victim. If you are so concerned with the victims wellbeing then you should be totally against the release of this video months later requiring her to relive that night.

        The NFL brought in Ray and his fiance to discuss the incident and determine a punishment. Because the DA allowed him to enter a program, the NFL suspended him for two games. Now the public is crying for more, bc noone deserves a second chance.

        As for Ray murdering his wife, has he shown this type of behavior before? No. Its extreme to think this one incident will lead to murder, especially since she had quite the reputation.

        You did not witness a crime as it occurred, youre simply the peanut gallery giving your two cents months later. I am sure there are more pressing issues in your life or energy you could give elsewhere

      • robingee

        “TMZ just bought and released the footage for ratings, not for the victim”

        You work for TMZ?

        “As for Ray murdering his wife, has he shown this type of behavior before? No.”

        You know them personally?

        He just punched her out and dragged her around like garbage, leaving her in the elevator doorway, showing no concern for her at all. But that’s the first time he’s ever been abusive right? Just a bad day?

      • Bine646

        Well thats what TMZ is all about- sooo.

        Do you know that Ray has? His wife is saying he has not, she may know more than u or me.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Oh, that’s right, everyone is supposed to mind their own business. Hear the neighbors fighting and screams begging for one person to stop, turn your TV up and ignore it, right? Discuss the issue of domestic violence? No, everyone go back to ignoring it. Ignore the bruises on a friend or loved one. Mind your own business.

        I don’t care that this man is apparently famous. (I do not follow sports. I couldn’t care less about sports. I don’t know athletes.) I care about domestic violence. I care about people changing their views. I care about people stopping things like calling a victim stupid. I care about victims knowing they aren’t alone and people are out there that care and understand. I have a hard time understand in how there are people out there that can have an attitude that they don’t care about people living in domestic violence. It can be very difficult for a victim to leave. Domestic violence isn’t just being hit, it includes emotional and mental abuse. We are talking someone eroding your self esteem, confidence, and worth. Combine that with fear and leaving can be hard. Knowing that compassion does exist in the world can help.

      • Bine646

        You care about domestic violence so much and helping the victims that you believe making her relive that night is ok. You think releasing this video for a websites gain, months after the incident, is helping the victim.
        Well if you respect these victims so much read the statement which she released then get back to your life.

        You were not present that night you are merely the public giving your opinion months later. You are not turning up the TV when you hear fighting, you are actually making the victims worst nightmare public and making her relive it over n over again- gooooodjob

      • robingee

        1) I’m involved in situations where I can help. I cannot help this woman personally but I can help raise awareness for battered women (as can everyone) and as far as “minding your own business” is what makes the perpetual cycle of abuse continue. Why don’t YOU have any sympathy for someone who is being brutally beaten? How can you be so callous?

        2) Yes, I believe he would murder he if she didn’t. Look up wives and girlfriends who are murdered by their abusive boyfriends. It’s on TV all the time. It happens every day.

        3) He admitted it, so that means it’s OK? What does that matter? Sue the NFL for what?

        What are your feelings on women? Do you respect them, like them? Have female friends? Wife? Daughter?

      • Bine646

        Have a gf, mom and a sister. They are humans, equals and I value/respect their decisions/judgement- but you apparently do not respect hers. My aunt was beat by her first husband, she gpt a divorce. My grandmother was abused by an alcoholic husband, she got a divorce and outlived him.

        So you are involved to help others who are victims as you make this victim relive her horrific night over n over again. If you really cared about her youd be appalled that TMZ would release this footage.

        Are you mad at the DA in NJ who released Rice without charges and allowed him to enter a program bc he was a first time offender?

        Im looking up wives who were murdered, should i assume any woman who hits a man will also murder them? My ex gf was nuts and hit me- should I worry shes gonna murder me?

        He admitted he punched her unconscious- which resulted in two games. Now bc a video surfaced of the actual punch that warrants more of a punishment? Thats a skewed view. The NFL should be sued bc they handed down their punishment and then months later change it, thats wrong

      • Stephen Barlow

        Your mother is your girlfriend AND your sister?

      • Bine646

        Go troll that way

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    Of COURSE this relates to Obama!! Doesn’t everything in this world that is going wrong? I think that Obama is particularly soft on elevator crime and he should stop and think how that frightens even the bravest of women and keep them from even considering getting on an elevator again!! I hope when he enacts the new ELEVATOR LAW that he will also include the escalator law as well!

    • Asher Frost

      That Escalator law is over-regulation and you know it!

  • richard

    The women of FOX news are just mandrills in estrus, with giant, angry-red vulvas, displaying and posturing in front of the camera, being outrageous for outrageousness sake. This is how low we have sunken. There has to be a bell somewhere backstage on the FOX News set….and every time one of these harpies creates an Obama link to anything horrible in the news cycle, the bell rings, and a tennis bracelet, a diamond ring, or a box of Godiva chocolates drops into their respective cage or green room.

  • kattywac630

    Does this woman EVER SHUT UP??? I would love to see one photo or video of her with her ugly mouth CLOSED!!!

  • Kovah88

    Exetera? Legitiment? Learn English.

  • News is dead. Divided we fall.

    • Pipercat

      Well, this is part of the “Entertainment Division!”

  • PhilliesWS2008

    she’s nothing but an irrelevant Kim Kardashian-lite bimbo and has nothing of any value to say.

  • Rick Flash

    Too stupid to even comment. Dumbing down of America in effect!

  • GodlessLiberalSwine

    Don’t we already know all of the right talking/bitching/whining points by now. Here let me start the bs for them. Example: “Where is the outrage now that it is a black on black violent crime?” “Obama won’t say anything because Ray Rice is black and Obama hates white people”. “If Obama were tough like Putin this never would have happened”. “If Obama had a son he would look just like this thug Ray Rice”. and don’t forget the always popular “Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now?”
    Ok how about the woman’s fault bs from the right: “The NFL would punish properly for legitimate assaults”. “How come we don’t hear any sound in this video that will prove that she deserved it?” “I would love to see her thug husband try that if she was carrying an AK-47” (got a twofer there). “This thing is just being blown out of proportion by the liberal media and those evil femi-nazis”
    I guess we will just have to wait until we here from Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and the Duck hunter Robertsons.

  • Jim Bean

    “A white house that brings up ‘war on women’ every week.’ Uh, I’d say she got ya on that one, yuk, yuk. But seriously. Should we be making this about Fox News or should we be taking the opportunity to talk about the REAL war on women?

    • Cemetery Girl

      Domestic violence isn’t just against women though. Men can also be the victims. As hard as it is for a woman to admit she’s been abused, it can be even harder for a man to admit.

      • Jim Bean


  • WordSorter

    Maybe she has a secret crush on him

  • Richard Pinaire

    Good article Allen. You should have plenty of ammunition to write similar story Steve Doocey. He deserves similar treatment in the media. More exposure of foolishness would be very interesting. I applaud you. Thanks for your work.

  • hdusey

    Anyone who watches Fox News and believes this crap…. hook, line and sinker, is just as ignorant as this idiot. I suppose if the earth was hit by an asteroid….. it would be the Obama Administration’s fault. Get back into reality…. and stop believing the garbage Fox News put out there…. it’s pathetic.

  • gman

    He did say he was against domestic abuse – and he has to be — as he has daughters.

  • Maverick

    Actually, if he and Holder had SHUT UP about every other private and local issue- Harvard University professor, Trayvon, Ferguson. ..this would not have happened. js

  • Maverick

    Oh…one more thing, Rice was not the aggressor in the elevator.

    Fact: If you are a woman and strike out at me in violence, I will knock you out! No questions. It’s not okay to start a fight then play victim when you get your ass kicked.

    That dumb bitch hit him twice before he responded.

    Now…someone is gonna say “never hit a woman”, another one will say “use (fill in the blank) type of force”…I’m going to tell you that if women demand to be in the Marine Corps infantry, “equal pay, etc etc…then earn it! If you hit me, I will do everything I can to destroy you. That’s equal.

  • Robert Flor

    Tantros must get her news leads and information from reading those wonderfully intellectual magazines and journals at checkout stands of her local supermarket.

  • paddles57

    “It seems like no matter where she poops up on Fox News”. Fixed that for you.

  • DianaGB

    Why do all male Fox news commentators wear suits, while all the females wear sleeveless dresses and short skirts? Do any of these people have credentials?

  • Bill Perkins

    excuse me dumbass the republicans are the one’s against women not the Dems call up you’re friends Boehner, McConnell Graham thats who is down on women dumb b**th!!!

  • Mike

    How pathetic!!!!

  • mike hunt

    FOX is the TMZ of news channels

    but I give TMZ 1000 times more credibility

  • Implied Volatility

    She’s doing an excellent job climbing the corporate ladder at Faux News! Soon, she’ll have her own show right after Hannity.