Fox News Host Ridiculously Tries to Claim Obama Planned Immigration Crisis (Video)

jeanine-pirroAnother day, another pathetic right-wing conspiracy about President Obama.  I’ve honestly forgotten more of these asinine conspiracies than I can even remember.  Pretty much if something negative is going on in this country (or the world for that matter), according to conservatives, it’s always President Obama’s fault.

Take for instance Jeanine Pirro’s recent comments on Fox News where she claimed that these immigrants coming to the United States are all a part of some “plan” for President Obama to change the demographics of our country.

Pirro said, in part:

Over the past two years, multiple warning signs were conveyed to the Obama administration. Studies they funded concerning the coming surge and Customs and Border Patrol as well as ICE agents were ringing alarm bells. The White House was involved, two years ago, in efforts to care for these kids when they negotiated the temporary shelter at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. So why, you say, would the Obama administration not prepare and plan and warn us two years ago? Why?

I draw but one conclusion: Barack Obama is intentionally using the immigration crisis as an excuse to change the demographics and ultimately the electorate of this nation.

Yes, that’s someone who wants you to take her seriously actually claiming that President Obama orchestrated this entire immigration situation on our border to fundamentally change the demographics of the United States to rig the electorate of the nation.

Then again this is also the same woman who tried to pathetically blame President Obama for something that happened while George W. Bush was president.

Meanwhile she completely ignores that President Obama is actually trying to change the law so that it’s easier to instantly deport immigrants from non-contiguous countries.

But why hasn’t the law been changed?  Because Republicans are too busy blaming President Obama for the law, which Bush signed in 2008.

President Obama is actually agreeing to do a lot of what Republicans have said he needs to do.  That is, send these kids back home.  The problem is they’re too content trying to use this as a way to attack him, so they sure as heck aren’t going to help him fix the issue.

They’re trying to use this situation with immigration to get their voters nice and fired up heading into this year’s midterm elections.  If they actually worked with the president to fix it, they’d lose that talking point.

It’s the same thing we’ve seen from Republicans for years.  No matter what President Obama does, even if it’s something Republicans have said he should do, they’re still going to do the opposite.

And while Republicans are generally ridiculous when it comes to their conspiracies concerning President Obama, to honestly believe that he somehow planned to have these immigrants flood our borders so that he could change the demographics of the United States is absurd.

But the sad part is, I’m willing to bet millions of conservative voters believe just that.

Watch Pirro’s comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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