Fox News Host Whines That Americans Don’t Know History, Then Proves She Doesn’t Know History

andrea-tantarosWe’re all guilty of not being completely accurate sometimes when we say something or tell a story.  Someone tells me a story, I repeat it, and a few details get flubbed or altered.  It happens.

That being said, if you’re going to call out someone else (or a group of people) for not being factually accurate or informed about a particular situation or event — you damn sure better know what you’re talking about.

Well, that wasn’t the case when Fox News host Andrea Tantaros called out Americans for not knowing their history.

Tantaros was trying to make some ridiculous claim that Americans are “less economically free” (based on a study the right-wing group Heritage Foundation did where they rated Americans as 12th on economic freedom) because they don’t know their history.

Okay, I could see that as being a possible discussion topic.  But first I might want to find someone other than Ms. Tantaros to have that debate with because nearly immediately after putting Americans down for not knowing their history, she completely screwed up the history behind the Boston Tea Party.

Tantaros said:

“If you ask most people, they don’t even know why we left England.  They don’t even know why some guy in Boston got his head blown off because he tried to secretly raise the tax on tea. Most people don’t know that.”

Yeah — that never happened.  I guess that maybe she was trying to prove how poorly Americans known their history by proving how poorly she knows it?

The Boston Tea Party wasn’t about a tax on tea as many people falsely claim that it is.  In fact, the Boston Tea Party was in response to a tax break the British government was giving the British-held East India Company so that they would be able to sell their tea in the colonies lower than anyone else.

While there were taxes levied on tea, the Tea Act (which prompted the Boston Tea Party) wasn’t about raising taxes, but the British government proving a tax break for a big powerful business (for its time).

Interesting, right?  The Boston Tea Party was started because the government at the time (the British) was screwing over average citizens by providing unfair tax breaks for big business.

That doesn’t still go on today, does it?

But needless to say, Ms. Tantaros got basically nothing right.  The Boston Tea Party wasn’t a response to a new tea tax, but a tax break, and nobody’s “head was blown off” over this non-existent tax.

Again, if you’re going to be so bold as to judge others for their lack of knowledge about a particular issue, be sure you know what the heck you’re talking about.

Otherwise you might make yourself look just as foolish as Ms. Tantaros did.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • disqus_m6VHEzDacf

    You poor man. I’m assuming you watched Fox
    News’ because you had to, and I truly feel sorry for you.

    • Quebarbera!

      Know thine enemy. Watch Fox News.

  • Mark Heil

    I’m guessing she was conflating an inaccurate portrayal of the Valentine’s day massacre with the tea party.

    • Taymie

      well yeah, see what happened was some libturd tried to make Al Capone pay taxes. He was a job creator and they went after him to fund multiple late term abortions for a welfare queen driving a Cadillac. So when he stuck up for himself they – those libturds- killed Valentino to get even. They just massacred him. or made him wear mascara. And then black people voted and the country went to hell.

      /history according to faux noise.

  • Bill

    alas….it doesn’t really matter if she’s accurate or not given her target audience. They will lap it up like a Palin/Bachman elixir.

  • thesquire1

    Isn’t ignorance part of the requirement to work at FOX ?

    • David Makin

      Ignorance or the ability to blatantly lie.

      • Jeremy Stephenson

        Let’s not forget to include stupidity.

      • Kerry Norton

        And Pretty!!! Pretty damn stupid….

      • grettalulu

        I thought you had to be blonde. She must have gotten her job through affirmative action for brunettes.

      • Iain A. Ward

        Most blondes these days are bottle blondes anyway…..just sayin’…..

      • Cat L

        They have to have a token brunette to show how “fair and balanced” they are.

      • pablo duvnjak

        or “blond” somebody in head office.

      • Steve Brains

        yeah! She is a certified hottie and would probably drag down two grand a night flatbacking the Republican Convention. I think Democrats would pay a little less, but ask her to perform more radical services.

        I mean after all, the SPCA is not represented by the REDS.

      • Steve Brains

        Ignorance is the KNOWING of truth and DISCOUNTING it, ignoring it, avoiding it or otherwise KNOWINGLY being deceitful.

      • David Makin

        It also includes willfully not seeking to be educated about something i.e. sticking to a belief without being willing to learn more.
        It is ignorance to avoid being told the truth about something or refuse to consider an alternative view siimply because you know it contradicts your current views/beliefs.

      • Steve Brains

        I think you are in denial about THAT being called denial. LOL

    • PitoDaddy

      Chances are that the average devout Fart Noise viewer was nodding his head in agreement without conducting any research to verify the facts. This is just one example of how the GOP has been able to inflict so much damage on the middle class and the poor over the last 30 years.

      • Brian

        That’s basically the idea, imo. To lie, spin, and bushwhack as many Americans as possible into believing the nonsense, so the more votes Republicans can attempt to scrounge up come voting season.

      • Steve Brains

        I thikn Dems should be asking voters the famous 2012 question, “Are you better off NOW than you were after the Republicans Government Shutdown? Than you were 4 years ago when you stabbed the President and your selves in the back by voting the House RED?”

      • LL11

        “Big Lie”. Murdoch is just following Hitler’s advice. “a lie so ‘colossal’ that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” – Mein Kampf.

        And of course Goebbels “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular
        intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid
        thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies,
        one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at
        the risk of looking ridiculous.”

        Lie big!!

      • rioderek

        The U.S seems to follow that same policy.

      • Steve Brains

        Like Death Panels, massive job losses from PPACA, increased Health costs and Mission Accomplished 5000 days before the last troops were pulled out of Afghanistan?

        What about, “Obama raising taxes scam, which only restored a temporary con game that redistributed wealth UPWARDS from the working class?

        Or the Obama is a Kenyan Muslim campaign battle cry?

        Don’t forget Romney insisting repeatedly that JEEP was selling out of America and moving all the jobs to China?

        And his FAMOUS mystery tax reform. Or the biggest one of all the REDS touted, “REPEAL and REPLACE” without a replacement!!!

        We ALL know who is responsible for the biggest lie of all of this century… “THIRTY THOUSAND WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!” And Boehner, Graham and Cruz are STILL SELLING the bogus crapfest about ISIS, using it in their campaign ads all the while insisting the 90% incumbent ‘next Congress” is walking out the door only to walk back in in January.

        If it’s so important to American Domestic Security, WHY won’t the Coward Beohner even debate it before the election?

        BEcause he KNOWS he’ll have to LIE on the floor of the HOUSE, under oath. He took an oath 12 timer, to faithfully DEFEND the Constitution of the United States.

        Isn’t he guilty of TREASON for NOT defending American lives and property?

      • Gregory Pennington

        The best one was they were going to create jobs starting back in 2011 and we haven’t seen one jobs bill from the GOP yet.

      • Martina Dinale

        Why yes he is …thanks for asking !

      • Estproph

        That’s exactly how they work. The rightwing noise machine makes a noise, rightwingers immediately take it as Holy Writ regardless of what it means, and it becomes their talking point until the next rigtwing edict comes out. If they felt like it, the rightwing noise machine could have a lot of fun making statements and following them up with direct contradictions, and then sit back and watch while the rightwingers chase their tails.

    • Joy Ruplinger

      Along with youth and good looks. These folks are crazy.

    • Bonta-kun

      It’s what they count on in their audience.

    • pablo duvnjak


  • Rickster Rickster

    a bunch of idiots got drunk on rum and dumped tea into the harbor and ended up paying more for their tea because they had to buy it illegally from other sources.

    • rebmoma

      Hey. That DOES sound like the modern Tea Party. Trying to make a point and only making their own lives more miserable.

  • Bonta-kun

    Lies, dissemblance, blowharding to cover up their own rabid right wing agenda. Just another day in the Fix Noise studios.

  • Greg Weaver

    Well, your description isn’t 100% full, either. The colonists were paying higher taxes on Tea that the Britons weren’t. The East India Company was getting a refund on the import duty they were paying. And the British Government created a monopoly by only allowing East India Company tea to be sold to England and its colonies. So the relatively poor colonists were paying higher taxes and prices than Britons were, and were forbidden from buying from cheaper sources.

    So, basically it was like the pharmaceutical companies!

    • jdcabltv


    • 31Forever

      Or Wal-Mart, (tax breaks/refunds), or Cable TV providers (monopolies), or Microsoft (monopolies), or oil companies (collusion), or…..

      • Kristinfan413years

        how is Microsoft a monoplie? there’s Apple?

      • 31Forever

        Then you haven’t been paying attention. Microsoft has been sued multiple times for breaking anti-monopoly laws. One of their favorite things to do is to buy out small startups that had innovated something that Microsoft was working on, but not quite getting right.

        Microsoft has been hit with more anti-trust suits than any other corporation in the history of the nation.

    • adcbeast

      Greg .. that is what Allan Clifton said in the above article

    • David Makin

      Rejoin the British Empire, our politics is (slightly) less corrupted by big corps. economics.

      • MidgardMortal

        And you have Tom Hiddleston!

      • David Makin

        Who ?

      • Alan Foxman

        That’s Doctor Who to you sir.

      • falconfalkor

        No, no he’s not.

      • Taymie

        That would be Tom Baker, not Tom Hiddleston, who I still don’t know.

      • Joseph Tiberius Orabona

        Loki from the Thor movies.

      • Taymie

        damn i should have known that

    • James

      well yeah the Tea came from China to England then to the U.S. so of course it cost more. Plus England was spending a ton of money daily to provide security for the U.S. from the Spanish and French getting almost nothing in payment for that .

      • not_Bridget

        Americans could build ships & sail them. The Netherlands also sold tea, Why should American enterprise (& a bit of enterprising smuggling) benefit an English company?

        American colonists (especially the New Englanders) had contributed blood & money to England’s various colonial wars but were largely left to govern themselves. American assemblies could tax the people with a bit of grumbling, but Americans were not part of Parliament. Why should we accept Parliament’s rules?

        The Seven Years War (or the French & Indian War) resulted in a larger Empire & a desire to make it run in a more orderly & profitable fashion. Why not sell government stamps to make a bit of profit on items small & large, from playing cards to legal documents? The intrusive Stamp Act was a fiasco & soon repealed–but the anger remained.

        Also, the military who were “protecting” the colonies were stationed in Canada or the Floridas. Money spent on them would not make it back into local economies–but to placemen & London bureaucrats. And not all those forces were necessary. The end of the Seven Years War meant that forces could be reduced; but officers put on half-pay were usually related to nobility. So the ratio of officers to other ranks was increased–the soldiers were from lower segments of society & nobody powerful cared if they lost pay. Gotta support those Younger Sons!

        Military occupation of Boston just made things worse.

        Really–it’s an interesting period. The colonists were trying to better themselves–they were not pure heroes. But a bit of study reduces the simplistic arguments.

  • Pat

    At least she didn’t intentionally lie, like they usually do at Fox!

    • megan

      I honestly don’t know whats worse, intentionally lying or too stupid to know better. Wow, what a choice

      • daclhill

        As a news person she should have known what she was commenting about before she made any comment. This is what makes FOX so irrelevant. They either promote lies, false news, and inaccurate news. They are not even a news source because of this. They are just a propaganda site for the corporate agenda.

      • megan

        First I agree completely, but what really burns me up as my southern mama would say is this Sarah Palin Jr and her ilk here and to me that’s the dangerous part of this. What message does this send when it’s only important, or possible for these cheese brains to find pretty OR smart women a la the movie Legally Blond. Jackie or Marilyn. That no woman could possibly be President, that’s what it says. The best Vice Presidential woman candidate we could find is so dumb literally a third grader is laughing at her stupidity like it’s a skit on SNL. Real women are very far from stupid and it’s a slap in the face.

      • Taymie

        Marilyn portrayed dumb blondes,but was actually quite smart.

  • Gabby Parsons

    Was this before or after Paul Revere was ringing those bells?

    • Lee

      Definitely after Jesus rode his flying dinosaur to Plymouth Rock and carved the Ten Commandments into stone with his vision.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        jeeesus didn’t ride the flying dinosaur!!! he levitated and carried the poor elderly beast with him,,,,, PRAISE JEEEESUS!

      • John M

        Let’s get serious here. We all know that dinosaurs are a giant liberal conspiracy!

      • hoipoloi

        I just this week heard that Noah had baby dinosaurs on the Ark.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        Im still perplexed as 2 how NOAH kept the termites from eating his boat: and how he kept the crocs from eating everything else!!!
        ( and those pesky little army ants!!)

        >>>>>>>>PRAISE JEEEEESUS!!! its a miracle!

      • Sean Jones

        I want to know how he managed to get sharks and whales on his boat.

      • BobLoblaw

        I have been told that all water dwelling animals followed the boat. : /

      • ShelleysLeg

        A big aquarium no doubt

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        fishtanks,,,,,made of rotten dried out desert woods.
        now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, about how he got them OFF the boat and delivered them to south America and Australia!!

      • Charles Vincent

        They are aquatic creatures and weren’t effected by the flood….

      • ClaudeL

        Oh no? What about all the fresh-water species? Most of the flood water is fresh water, you say?
        So then, what about the salt-water species that would have to live in a new, mostly fresh water global ocean?
        Instant adaptation via miracles, no doubt. 😉

      • Charles Vincent

        This should answer your question.
        http://www DOT onr DOT navy DOT mil/focus/ocean/water/salinity1 DOT htm

        Got to love science right?
        I never said the flood water was either fresh or salt water. Nice strawman …not really though.

      • rebmoma

        Two termites eat the whole boat?

      • Marty Hykin

        He only took two termites, just like all the other animals. Mr & Mrs Termite. No gay marriage back then.. Two termites don’t eat much. The crocs were OK in the water – didn’t need to come on board. He brought along a whole army of army ants, but cleverly fed them to Mr. & Mrs Anteater who ate them, all but two. Yep, you guessed it – Mr. & Mrs Army Ant.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        well; as Im pleased U straightened me out I will not ask about the whales/sharks/squid and what he fed the lions/tigers and bears (“OHMY”)………………. but: how did he get north and south America (and Australia) re-populated from the middle east??? did he lease out his boat and teach the western hemisphere inhabitants to steer and navigate using the stars?

      • Marty Hykin

        You get to make up your own answers to those questions – just like I did. Have a good time. I hope you didn’t think I believe any of this. Marty

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        im with ya,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, parody and laughter doth keepeth the cancer away
        which explains why the tea party and regressives are so angry!!

      • Ray San

        The World was much smaller then, and it was still flat. The land was all together and did not break up till after the flood which caused the earth to start rotating and become round, leaving some here and some there. Does that clear it p for you?

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, now: about that virgin birth thing: does anyone REALLY “think” a hard working jewish man would ( a) NOT be copulating with his wife ( B) NOT killing his wife ( then; maybe now) for getting gravid and its NOT HIS KID?? (c) keeping and feeding any kid NOT his???
        ======================================= on another note– im devastated by robin Williams leaving us way2 early

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        only the pterodactyls-
        the ground-bound ones are sluggish regressives

      • Judy….


      • Margaret Main

        There is another fact to add to the Plymouth Rock, You do know that the Mayflower did not sail from Plymouth don’t you, another fact, it was built in Harwich, Essex, England, the Captain lived there, and most of the crew came from the area, It sailed to London to pick up passengers, setting sail to Holland for more Passengers, running into bad weather it made for Plymouth for repairs, setting sail from there, how do I know this, I was born in Harwich and no the truth, the town is trying to put right and get some bragging rights for this,

      • Guest

        Yeah, they didn’t land in Plymouth because of bad weather; they had always intended to land there. They tried to hire John Smith (from the Jamestown colony, Pocahantas, etc) as a guide to show them the best spot, but he charged too much so they just bought maps that he’d drawn instead. Plymouth was their target from the beginning though.

      • Margaret Main

        I was talking about Plymouth England not the USA, Captains and Sailors alike are well aware of every port in the UK and after leaving London to set sail for Holland to pick up more passengers, the Mayflower ran into bad weather and had to call into Plymouth UK for repairs, where their intended port of destination was not part of my comments

    • Hank Lukas

      It was after Paul developed a rock and roll band.

    • Charles Almon

      Paul taught Liza everything she knows.

    • Eg Kbbs

      Like your snark even more as Paul Revere’s ride is mostly myth from Longfellow’s poem (We should honor Israel Bissell).

      But the guy who got his head blown off. Was it Guy Fawkes ?

  • Guest

    But she didn’t look foolish if no one corrected her on the show. Why do we let them stay uninformed?

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      “there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see”

  • robingee

    The T party was founded by Mr. T, like, duh.

    • megan

      It would be so much better if it was!!

    • Secular_Humanist

      Yaeh – this was by far the best talking point (which I will repeat a thousand times – thank you very much) I have heard this year (I know it’s only a few days old, but heck, some better joke might come around and then…)

    • Kerry Norton

      I pity the fool!

    • JCollis

      Mr. T got no time for that jibber jabber!!!

    • ShelleysLeg

      LOL!!! Instead of worshiping the golden calf, they can worship the golden bling!

  • Bruce Harrell

    Those who were throwing the tea into the harbor were most likely smugglers trying to protect their business interests.

    • Dana

      No one should have ever had to “smuggle” tea, is the point.

  • Jesse Larner

    “We” also didn’t all come from England (and in fact Tantaros doesn’t sound much like an English name. And “we” didn’t all come for the same reasons.

    • Dana

      Also, because “we” didn’t all come from England, including some of the people who settled back then, language is not just an immigration issue. There are people who’ve been here all along or who have just been here a long time for whom English is/was not their first language. Native Americans, Amish (they speak an old version of High German, I believe), Cajuns until the early 1900s, etc.

      In fact, one reason we have so-called “revisionist” history now is because if you teach American history as if everyone in your classroom just stepped off the Mayflower, it leaves a lot of important details out–like how most people’s ancestors got here. If what you’re after is to teach *history*, you don’t want to do that.

      • Common sense

        God forbid if they taught the true history of “America” and the genocide of Native Americans.. That would be to admit their guilt.

      • ShelleysLeg

        The baggers are claiming that the “Trail of Tears” never happened…….and that there were NO smallpox riddled blankets either.

        But they clam up when asked by Custer and the Battle of Little Big Horn.

    • Quebarbera!

      Whoever held the political power in Massachusetts during this time in history would have all been upper class Englishmen.

      • not_Bridget

        No. The New England colonies (Massachusetts first among them) were settled by middle class Puritans. Over generation, they evolved into Congregationalists & some definitely prospered. But there were no Nobles here.

        The TIdewater colonies (Virginia, etc.) were settled by younger sons of English nobility. Along with some poorer folks (often indentured, originally) and many African slaves. (Slavery existed throughout the colonies but was economically important in the South.) The Southern aristocracy lived elegant lives–but many of them discovered they did not wish to remain in the Empire….

  • ceosion

    This is exactly the kind of demeanor that really bothers me. You have these ultra nut jobs who pretend they know what they’re talking about. They even *sound* convincing in their arguments. They can actually convince some people to believe them. I fear for when too many people stop thinking critically for themselves and start following the likes of Ms. Tantaros.

  • Eric W

    Tomato, Tomahto Allen, maybe her delivery wasn’t solid, but the irony of you writing a inaccurate history lesson to solely point out someone else’s inaccuracy is just absurd.

    • Dana

      If you think it’s inaccurate, feel free to explain why. Just saying “ha, you’re wrong” doesn’t count as an argument.

      BTW, who did the original Tea Party shoot? I’m dying to hear this one. No pun intended.

  • Lee

    We do the thinking for you! Unless we aren’t really thinking…

  • Dana

    We are “less economically free” because when it’s not the huge corporations competing American companies all the way out of business, it’s the slave factories in Third World nations doing it. Has nothing to do with how many regulations we have; as long as the regulations are reasonably easy to follow, some of them make a hell of a lot of sense. (Economic freedom does NOT mean the freedom to permanently poison an entire watershed. I’m lookin at you, “Freedom” Industries.) Not everyone can be a degreed professional or a service worker or a blue-collar contractor. Not everyone wants to or is able to join the military. But nearly everyone wants to be able to support themselves. To the extent that our economic policies favor the big guys and the cheap overseas labor over giving our own people the economic space to succeed, that’s never going to happen. And you can’t solve this with more government programs. Now, I like me some government programs, don’t get me wrong, but realistically we also have to *pay* for them. And right now we’re paying for them mostly with income taxes. Well, who’s earning the frigging income? The few people still with good jobs are trying to weasel out with more tax loopholes. The rest of us are broke. The jobs problem has got to come first, then maybe we can talk more programs.

    • megan

      You know, not to get off on a tangent or to get out my soapbox but to me this brings up a point. When I think about the topic you bring up, I actually think the problem isn’t at the root any of what you said. I don’t think we need to invent new jobs really. I think at the root the problem it’s these big corporations and CEO’s who make the huge amounts of money on our backs and we just let it happen. We even give them subsidies for it. We need to tax them if they fire anyone, if they hire a temporary worker and give them subsidies if they hire extra workers and give them healthcare and penalize them if they knock them down to part time. These are the kinds of changes that need to be made, no more million dollar bonus’s, or 5K lunches for Senators trying to cut welfare for children who can’t afford food.

      • Taymie

        give tax breaks to job creators. Tie the subsidies to the number of NEW jobs created (full time only) that pay at least 150% the poverty rate for a family of four.

        I love to give tax breaks to actual job creators. and tax the hell out of companies pushing for slave labor.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        job creators. wanna have fun? ask regressive republicans to compare the job cration of the 20 yrs of Reagan/bush1/bush2 VS the 14 yrs of Obama and Clinton. watch the crybaby regressives squirm

    • daclhill

      I have to disagree with you on part of your premise. There needs to be government programs to retrain workers into the jobs that are available right now. Any business in the U.S. that manufactures their goods over seas and then sends it back to the U.S. to be sold (avoiding taxes and the cost needed to produce the product here) should be taxed to cover the difference. If they choose to not sell in the U.S. there are plenty of entrepreneurs that would gladly take up the slack thereby creating jobs. This stupid agenda of giving companies tax breaks and then the companies sending the jobs over seas has to stop. Our tax dollars are not be to promote manufacturing in other nations. There is no problem with government programs to help the poor and underprivileged if at the same time these poor and underprivileged are helped in getting a leg up. Yes there are a few that will use it like there is now but most would gladly take the schooling and training to get a leg up. Most do not like living as slaves. I am for businesses making a profit but these insane profits and salaries for upper management has got way out of hand.

    • Gerald Hastings

      Thank you for your comment. It states some interesting facts that people who are stuck on a certan mantra don’t want to hear.

    • Secular_Humanist

      Darling, after most manufacturing jobs (and banking, IT etc) were sent overseas, the remaining workers need to be retrained or else they will be on government subsidies for the rest of their lives. Which will be much more expensive than a 6 month course in something useful.
      This notion of “having to pay for them” is a very ugly, unchristian phrase from the t-party, where cheap, hateful, uneducated and miserly people are used for political pawns.

    • ShelleysLeg

      The only problem is that the 1% have figured out their ‘jobs’ program and it is perpetual war.

      No way will they create new jobs because they don’t want us lapping at their heels or owning homes! They want us desperate enough to have joining the military as our ONLY choice.

      THAT is what makes THEM money! They simply don’t care about the rest of us.

      I just watched “Lawrence of Arabia” last night after an absence of 40 years and it’s all laid out. Politics, backstabbing, and the war machine.

  • Al Briones

    It’s no different than the same group of idiots believing that the Earth is only 8k years old and Adam & Eve were the first 2 people on it…It’s not knowledge it’s belief.

    • megan

      Let me just say, it’s a story, told in dead languages interpreted by men ok. So it may be the Bible, but there is a lot of room for interpretations. For instance there is a verse i can throw at you here, to God a single moment is to a thousand years. So is God saying the earth is 8 thousand years old, or is that room to interpret it could be 10 billion years old and he’s still the one who did it. Ok so, fable, interpretation. Just saying. I went to several Bible schools for a long time, I’ve heard many. All I know is this, if you think you, or perhaps brilliant scientists studying hard about the universe, have learned everything there is to know think about all they thought they “knew” 10, 50, 500 years ago and imagine just what we will know 50 years from now. We obviously haven’t learned everything we could so keep an open mind.

      • Kerry Norton

        How about this to blow your mind. God created the sun on the 4th day. HTF do you have days if you don’t have a sun with an earth spinning around it? He made light the 1st day. And in poor planning he made the trees on the 3rd day and then provided the energy and warmth for them on the 4th day by making the sun. Guess he needed the light to see how to make the sun. And if a single moment for god is 10,000 years or some BS the how long did the earth sit in a deep freeze before this “intelligent designer” figured this out and said “Crap, need a sun. I won’t send this one to it’s death, but the next one I probably will.”

      • megan

        Considering they could have been seedlings forming in the earths crust? But since you certainly look like a “scientist” “palaeolithic scholar” I don’t have to tell you this? You’ve never made so much as a turd so asking someone narrow minded as you to be open minded is a futile effort. Go play some video game with balls or guns.

      • Dylan Tiberius Pumpson

        LOL trying to watch a religious person reconcile our actually understanding of the universe with iron age mythology is hilarious. Especially when they get all condescending and haughty about it.

      • teresaInPa

        your understanding of the universe, you mean like what day God made trees and what day he made the sun?

      • white trash religious teaparty

        GOd didn’t do things the way a MAN MADE book of superstition and rampant sexism says,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        OH– allow me to inquire: in those “etched in stone” 10 commandments….. why is is SO reprehensible to use GODS name in vain,,,,but RAPE isn’t mentioned????? Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, war on women back then also

      • Kerry Norton

        Yes, I’ve made many many turds. That’s still more shit than ANY DIVINE BEING has ever made.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        ask any / all religious cretins for THIS miracle: forget cancer or winning a war or the miracle of sight– when JEEEESUS ( or who EVER) can CURE AN AMPUTEE I will send all my money to that church and give all my life to “GOD”…. until then? JEEEESUS– and all other religions are simple VOODOO

      • teresaInPa

        How about this to blow your mind…do you have any idea how literal minded you are and what a handicap that is?

      • white trash religious teaparty

        as “literal minded ” means DULL and Un imaginative I can only ( at THIS moment) state that I am willing to wager an ENTIRE DOLLAR that YOU have never heard that ( amputee miracle et al) mentioned before; which expostulates into you being the stultified crybaby who is oligophrenial enough to TITHE at some tax free house of superstition ( SEE: CHURCH) and now because I dare tread upon your long standing stupidity U TRY ( and fail) to cast an aspersion in MY direction.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        I do like the idea of having religious scumbags ( see: liars/lemmings) heal an amputee………….
        why does that bother you?( other than KNOWING it wont happen)

    • Quebarbera!

      It’s blind belief in conventional myths.

  • adcbeast

    Andrea Tantaros is an embarrassment to Greek people

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      yep— but kim guilfoyle is certainly NOT the usual flatchested skank on FOX– she is moderate and a nice yummie body!

      • Quebarbera!

        Oh yeah, of course. A nice yummy body makes her entirely okay, regardless of her level of education or ability to articulate her thoughts.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        for what I want,,,,yes it does

      • Quebarbera!

        Oh, you must be a ‘real’ man! ;~Ohhhh, babyyyy!

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        in the respect of sexual gratification……………
        I totally am

      • ShelleysLeg

        HOW do you reconcile that with the fact she was married to that ultra ‘librul’ Gavin Newsome? I would think that would make you reconsider.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        its easy!! the operative word is “WAS” married,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        and that would explain why guilfoyle is easily the most moderate of that group( bob B is a liberal)

  • Smooth


    • moe/larry & curly keys

      FOX “news”

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    Taxation without representation,Period.

    • Daroe23

      Which is why the only Americans who have a right to the “tea party” live in Washington D. C.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I believe in the intense study of history because it will teach a person so much. To have a better understanding of where we are now we must understand where we came from. The colonies didn’t break from England quite for the gradeschool reasons we were given. English were not the only people that came to what we now consider the US. (In fact, Germans were the first group of settlers to face discriminations and at the birth of out country there were questions about if they should be allowed at all because their different heritage would change the culture of the emerging nation. Sound familiar?) There were complexities that are often ignored, but unless we recognize our history we won’t recognize the reoccurring problems actually are reoccurring.

    • Common sense

      No.. The indigenous people were the 1st to face discrimination. Things like “Manifest Destiny” and the Papal Bull “Inter Caetera” of 1493 prove it.

    • ShelleysLeg

      Indeed! And I was lectured by a tea bagger the other day that going back MORE than 30 years was ‘gross’ and irrelevant to today.

      And we wonder why this country is a laughing stock?

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    another flatchested regressive uninformed republican trash who spouts BS and FOX “news”–of course– doesn’t challenge it ( that silly “fair & balanced thing”)

  • Ken Donnelly

    `99% of fox viewers won;t know either LMAO .,They will believe what she said and call you a liar for not agreeing. plain and simple

  • RB

    None of the brain trust that’s called “The Five” ever gets it right. It’s really scary – these people can’t possibly believe the nonsense they spew out. Clearly there is an agenda, set off camera by other forces. So many people are being mislead and deceived by this station, and others like it, and almost always greed is at the core of their diatribe. I understand their fear – the world is changing and it’s becoming obvious their beliefs are from the past and are going to be left behind in a new paradigm. They see the writing on the wall – they are digging in and fighting for their lives on behalf of greed. We cannot sustain the greed that’s devastating the planet, devouring nature claiming the ‘resources’ instead of realizing it is our home and the home of thousands of species. It’s not going to be pretty, but the transition is essential for our survival.

    • ShelleysLeg

      Rent “outfoxed” sometime to see the behind the scenes running of that station……….they have ONE word or term sent down every morning by Ailes or Murdoch that they HAVE to repeat, over and over and over again. “Flip Flop” ring any bells?

  • rossbro

    Dumb Ass !!!!!!!!!

  • megan

    Tomorrow on Fox News “Ms. Tantaros was kidding, didn’t you get the joke?”

  • Adam of Portland

    Remember that sketch on SNL in the early 90’s called, “American History as Told by People Who Did not Graduate from High School?”

    Apparently the civil war didn’t really end until someone’s a$$ was seeing hanging out in Myrtle Beach, SC.

  • Cynthia Padley

    She fits right in at faux fox satire !!

  • CooperNick

    Typo? You meant “providing,” right?”While there were taxes levied on tea, the Tea Act (which prompted the Boston Tea Party) wasn’t about raising taxes, but the British government proving a tax break for a big powerful business (for its time).”

  • Toben Coffey

    she “Most people don’t know that.” maybe that’s why WE don’t know it? maybe she has some connection to true history we can only dream of…gods, i almost said that with a straight face

  • Matthew Reece

    I never thought I would say this, but nice job.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      there is hope for ya yet matthew!!!

      • Matthew Reece

        More like, there is hope for Allen Clifton.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr Clifton does much better all-around than mr Reece

      • Matthew Reece

        Argumentum ad prosperitum fallacy.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        U cannot/ willnot deny this
        …………..but then again: perhaps it does not matter to an anarchist.

  • dave

    AndreaTantors and Megyn Kelly…. Together in the new show, the ignorant and the uniformed.

    • dave


    • moe/larry & curly keys

      and they collectively have a “B” cup breast————— yuk

  • David Wr

    Actually The Sons of Liberty were protesting Taxation without Representation. But like a typical liberal you twist the facts to fit your agenda.

    • Sean Gonzalez

      I feel for you because actually buy into this brand of ignorance and duplicity.

      The Sons of Liberty were about protecting the colonies from English predations through big corporations given power to rob from the colonists and enforce their own products as the only ones allowed then WHAM them with levies to pay the Crown for a war with the French and Indians they didn’t have money for.

      Wow…doesn’t that all sound a little familiar? Like we’ve seen this all..on TV…recently?

      You know, David…if I can call you David….you are one of those who are “Doomed to Repeat”.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        to quote ‘saint reagan’………………………… ” there U go again”……… annoying regressive republicans with FACTS

  • ljpljpljp

    One of the few brunette bimbos at Fox, CNN, and MSNBC etc.

  • Shari D

    Still just a bunch of talking Barbie and Ken “dolls” with brainwashed blather rattling around inside their empty heads and dribbling out of their insipid faces. Until the Faux Noise “evil empire” collapses, we will not be rid of these trash-talking ignoramouses. Faux Noise is not allowed on my TV ~ they have absolutely nothing to tell me that I care to hear. I choose to get my news from other sources, who most likely ARE familiar with the basics of the history of our country, and don’t feel the need to make up lies and get their “celebrities” from the likes of the scrapings off the ground below the bottom of the barrel.

  • Cris

    Also, “we left England”? Tantaros sounds more Greek than English to me…

  • Francois Bergeron

    damn it. I’d forgotten that too…

  • juelqueen

    I’ve never seen anyone on Faux that isn’t an idiot. It is a prerequisite for the job. The funniest thing is, or the saddest thing is, that there are actually people dumb enough to believe this crap.

  • John M

    Let’s be fair, In her world, she’s right. Most Fox new watchers have no clue when it comes to American history.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      actually they are well-versed ( sort of) in our history since jan 2009

      • Taymie

        really? cause they are fairly sure Benghazi was a conspiracy deliberately set into action by Obama.They claim that Obama has done nothing in his presidency, and that refugees are the same thing as an invading swarm.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        hey sexy taymie– im on your side: im a liberal centrist who knows that Obama has– in spite of republican trash obstruction X10- done a great deal for America.
        I do find It funny that regressive tea party trash now decries the ‘invasion’ as they no longer can b*tch about Benghazi and obamacare
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, best part? ask a regressive what they are “conserving” !!! the only thing I see is conserving the NON equal rights of women and gays and minorities

      • Taymie

        i got that, i just wanted to point out GOP isn’t even up to date on history they lived through.

      • gian keysTOOEASY flat mom

        they do write their own history lately

  • GOTP Lemmings

    She was just trying to prove her point!

  • John N Florida

    MAYBE 1 American in 10 can name the corporation that OWNED the tea on the ships in Boston Harbor.
    1 out of 10,000 might be a Tea Party member.

  • skywryter

    So the tea party if they were aptly named, would be for higher, fairer real corporate taxation. The truth makes obvious the flimsy ill informed astro turf nit wits they really are.

  • Hornet816

    How about a little independent research sheeple. First, I was taught in school that the Boston Tea Party was in response to unfair taxes levied on tea (and no, I do not remember hearing anything about someone being shot).
    After reading this article I looked it up again (two sources ) and guess what… They both state the Boston Tea Party was in response to unfair taxes (a duty is a tax for those who did not know or understand). So, she was correct on that. As for the tax breaks the articles make clear that the colonists were upset not because the company got a tax break as much as the fact that they, and only they , had to continue paying the high Townsend Act taxes on tea coupled with the inability to purchase tea through any other supplier.

    So again high taxes caused the tea party, so where was she wrong?

    Do research yourself and stop rewriting history to suit political agendas.

  • Darrell Pierce

    The Tea Act of 1773 was offensive to the colonist because it was more taxation without representation. If you are going to call out someone for being wrong then you should be doubly careful yourself in order to not look foolish.

  • Matthew Lufcy

    Actually, the Boston Tea Party was more over the Americans not wanting to pay what they considered unfair taxes (The Townsend Acts) on their tea. Most wouldn’t have cared how much the East India Company paid on exports back in England. While this bimbo on fox news is totally wrong, using this as an opportunity to attach modern correlation to the Boston Tea Party is entirely misleading.

    Know your history. The Tea Act did cut export taxes on the E.I.C. but it was designed with the intent of making the Americans pay on the Townsend Acts, thus justifying their existence.

  • James

    The real History is that England was going bankrupt over Tea from China. The Chinese would ONLY accept payment for Tea in Silver. British Industry could not find anything to sell the Chinese that would balance the out flow of wealth. Read up on the 1860’s Opium Wars where British War Ship went to China to force them to accept the sale of Opium from India in China for ONLY Silver. Opium was Illegal in China.
    The Colonist wanted Tea too but did not want to pay for the Military Security that England had provided for many year FREE of charge. When the Bank of England faced Bankruptcy because of the out flow of Silver over Tea of course they demanded Taxes be raised on Tea !

  • Judy….

    This is typical of Faux News. I am surprised though. She is missing the blonde hair and short tight skirt. Rupert Murdoch must have changed his criteria for bimbos.


    Par for the course with the right wing propaganda machine.

  • Danny Vinson

    If he had just taken Paul Revere’s warning.

  • Curtis Scarbrough

    They misunderstood her complaint. What she really doesn’t like is that American’s don’t know the FOX “News” version of American history.

  • Julian Johanson

    what are her qualifications? Oh, right…an attractive right wing bobble head is all you need to be to get a job at FAUX

  • Tom Folk

    She’s not only inacurate she probably has her events confused. The only person I know of who got their head blown off was Crispus Atticks, a freed slave, who was part of an angry mob confronting a group of red coats. Please enlighten me if I’m wrong.

  • Kovah88

    It seriously sounds like she has muddled the Boston Tea Part with the Boston Massacre. Words I NEVER thought I would type.

  • Anna Carbone

    Is she American? If so, she’s just proving (or furthering her point, at least) that we don’t know history.

  • Christopher Hall

    Apparently, she’s the ONLY one who knows this

  • Cody Davis

    Faux News FTW!

  • Rudewaitress

    Scarey….Sounds like Palin!!

  • Phil Fugate

    Can’t blame them too much. I didn’t now it either, but I am not professing it as fact on national TV.

  • Stephani Satterfield

    Apparently, you don’t know your history, either. The Boston Tea Party was not a reaction to a tax break granted the East India Company. The Boston Tea Party was a reaction to the Tea Act of 1773, in which the British government granted a monopoly on tea sales in the colonies to the East India Company. While the result of the Tea Act was a removal of the tax per pound on the East India Company’s tea, the colonists were outraged by the monopoly created by the government on behalf of the British government.

  • wheldon rumproast

    Fox invents & spins its own version of history. And their faithful viewers line up and defend them to the death. Fox & their faithful have achieved a cult-like relationship.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      and a cult-like redistributing their wealth to give to tax free churches and hearing cretins such as glenn beck an sarah palin speak

  • Margaret Main

    You know being British I have argued this so many times with US Relatives, and it makes me sad that this is still given out as a fact down the years, there is not excuse the facts are out there now, for everyone to find

  • Harry Sachels

    Here’s what I have to offer:
    Months ago, I purposely channel blocked (locked out) the Fox News Network.
    Because previously, I would stop for a few minutes and be lured in by their scheme. Which is to be as obnoxious and blatantly false and rude so that “regular” people, (me) would want to watch. Watch to see what crazy assed thing they were going to try and say/do next. It’s what made Howard Stern so popular. Well, that’s what they WANT you to do. Look at their stupidity. Because NO reaction, is worse than A REACTION. Which is what you people are doing now. I have seen so many of these posts before that I almost am starting to believe that the Fox people are behind these postings on the WWW. I really do. That way they can somehow REACH people like me. People who have completely (except for your people) tuned this crap off. It is SO refreshing to not even fall into their trap, that I now feel much more at peace during my days. I refuse to allow these people to perpetuate their lies and deceit to my ears. You’d be right to do the same, and quit repeating their bullshit. Come over to the good side! It’s bliss!

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      she probably IS on this side but the BIG money she makes keeps her looking regressive,,,,,,I would cry ” obamas a muslim; were all gonna die” if they paid me 500K a year

  • Cathryn Sykes

    They also screw up the original TP motto. It was not “No taxation” but “No taxation without representation.” Colonies didn’t have much say when it came to laws passed in Parliament.

  • sharongibson

    She must have been absent from middle school American history class when the Boston Tea Party was being discussed.

  • Teapubliturd Hater

    Ignorance is part of the requirement to be Republican.

  • ShelleysLeg

    Does she know WHY most people LEFT England?

  • Dorothy Thomas

    For Fox Noise, misinformation and stupidity is the norm.

  • James Blanken

    I live in Massachusetts, just north of Boston. This story, the real story, is drilled into us from elementary school. Obviously the “reporters” at Faux News never went to elementary school.

  • Kato

    Apparently this slut don’t know her history. We as Americans know that FOX has a history constant lies.

  • Paul the Fossil

    Yes the Fox News nitwit’s description of the Boston Tea Party is wrong, but so is the one in this article. It was just as much about the extremely-unpopular tea tax as about the new Tea Act (which only partially exempted the East India Company from tea taxes). “No taxation without representation” was the colonists’ rallying cry; the Sons of Liberty had been founded and become active in response to the tea tax well before the Tea Act became a kind of final straw.

  • John E. Conway

    Also most of our beef with England and taxes wasn’t so much about taxes per se, it was about taxation without representation. We didn’t mind the concept of being taxed, we just wanted a say.

  • AuntInAZ

    Don’t worry, Ms. Tantaros ALWAYS manages to make herself look foolish. In fact, it’s a rare occasion when she opens her mouth and does not look and sound foolish!

  • Thack

    The Boston Tea Party was about letting government know that favoring corporations wasn’t a good thing. It was peaceful. Cons are dumber than a box of rocks.

  • DashingDan

    My how great the hate….how deep the divide…right or left, right or wrong…what if we all posted comments with civility, accountability, and some level of dignity? The intellectual discourse would certainly improve…and it should begin with authors of articles like this…just read the title. Far left or far right, stoking division is counterproductive. “Fair and balanced” is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t think Fox or MSNBC has any intention of being either.

  • William Keiser

    Oh no. Another Faux News pinhead pundit spouts off about something they don’t know crap about. Stop the presses!!

  • Bebold29

    Why am I being blasted with Republican ads on this site? I hope the owners aren’t willing to take their money.

  • Frank Finkelstein

    The “Patriots” were all petit bourgeois who would lose money because the ax was repealed while they were pushing their stale tea. They were just stuck with their old stock.

  • Jeanine Eaton

    come on guys, she did say that most people didn’t know that… just because it didn’t happen, well, don’t confuse her with the facts.

  • Steve Brains

    Fox is as Fox does…. Just as Forrest Gump said. Just not in those words.

  • Steve Brains

    Since a Federal Judge gave them carte blanche to MANUFACTURE stories and data for entertainment in Florida, they can’t even be prosecuted.

    Wouldn’t it have been a shame for Fox to loose it’s FCC license a month before each of the last 5 elections? Obama should have replaced the Bushie FCC Director.

  • Kipco

    Andrea Tantaros is a moron who is trying really really hard to be the Latin version of Michelle Malkin (now THERE’S a worthwhile goal!) She is always in a perpetual state of PISSED and outrage about EVERYTHING just to keep everyone else pissed and outraged. Dummies keeping dummies agitated and voting Republican.

  • Gregory Pennington

    Fox News formula. Pretty young women reading and commenting on the news. This is done to pander to the old white guy demographic.