Fox News is Nothing More Than Donald Trump’s Version of State-Run Media

With all due respect to Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, two journalists who I happen to respect, along with a couple of others, these few exceptions at the Donald Trump-loving cesspool known as Fox News don’t negate the rule that American’s most-watched conservative entertainment channel has morphed into this “president’s” own version of state-run media.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch Lou Dobbs’ “interview” with Donald Trump, you really should at least read through some of the transcript of it.

Dobbs began this “interview” by saying — and this is not a joke — “You have accomplished so much.”

Over and over again Dobbs heaped praise on Trump, never challenging him on any of the word-salad answers he gave to his softball questions while frequently sitting there grinning like an idiot.

Mark Knoller, a reporter at CBS, counted all the interviews Trump’s done since being in office. Naturally, Fox News came in first at nineteen — while The New York Times came in second, landing just four. In fact, Knoller calculated that Trump’s given more interviews with Fox News than with all other major news outlets combined.

Then again, that makes perfect sense considering Fox News employs very few real journalists who’d actually challenge and call him out on his meandering, often incoherent answers he gives to specific and important questions.

Fox & Friends, which airs for three hours every morning, spends most of its time as Trump’s own morning “news” show. They might as well just call it “Three Hours Kissing Trump’s Ring.”

Then there’s Outnumbered, which stretches into two hours with Outnumbered Overtime. This was Fox News’ pathetic attempt to seem more pro-women by putting four females on a stage, usually with a male, where they often attempt to set women’s rights back decades. This is the show that once defended males sexually harassing women, with former co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle saying, “Let men be men, I just love them.” Another former co-host, Stacey Dash, blamed high divorce rates on women who “don’t know how to take care of their men.” This is also the same show where Fox News contributor Keith Ablow called Michelle Obama fat, saying she “needs to lose a few pounds.”

While I wouldn’t say Outnumbered is as pro-Trump as Fox & Friends, it’s still mostly two hours spent promoting the “president’s” lies and propaganda agenda.

Then there’s The Five which is another joke of a show that features four conservatives (though I believe Greg Gutfeld fancies himself more of a libertarian — which is even worse) and Juan Williams, the lone Democrat on the panel. Because when you’re trying to present yourself as a credible news channel, pitting one liberal up against four Trump-supporting conservatives isn’t at all ridiculous.

Then starts the real trash with shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity. These two buffoons are soon about to be followed by Laura Ingraham, a woman who once blamed a security breach at the White House on gender equality, and once accused Barack Obama of trying to distract from the “failures” of his administration by talking about racial injustice following the riots in Ferguson.

Do I really need to explain how pathetic Carlson and Hannity are? I think most people reading this are well aware that these are two of the biggest suck-ups and cheerleaders to Trump we have in this country. Every time Hannity looks at Trump during his “interviews” he looks less like a conservative entertainer and more like he’s hoping Trump asks him to prom.

As for Carlson, I’ve started calling him Hannity’s version of “Mini Me” from the Austin Powers movies. He’s nothing more than a wannabe Hannity who’s only where he is right now because Megyn Kelly left after helping expose the rampant sexual harassment at the network and Bill O’Reilly got canned. Carlson was one of the next weasels waiting in line to host an hour-long prime time show mostly devoted to serving as Trump’s own personal cheerleader.

For the record, once Ingraham’s show launches, roughly 11 of the day’s 24 hours over at Fox News will be devoted to Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham if you include overnight reruns. That’s nearly 50 percent of the day airing shows hosted by people who are dyed-in-the-wool Trump backers.

Trump, Trump, he’s our man, if he can’t do it — blame Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the “fake news” media, the establishment, the intelligence community or the deep state! Trump can do no wrong! 

Oh, I’m sorry, I just wanted people to know what I often hear in my head when these clowns are speaking.

Fox News has always been a joke. For over two decades it’s served as the media arm for the Republican Party. The rise of bottom-feeding propagandists like Breitbart, The Drudge Report, Ann Coulter, The Conservative Tribune, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, The Gateway Pundit, and most of the conservative media (outside of Rush Limbaugh and a few others who’ve been spewing vile garbage for decades) can be directly linked to the insanity, ignorance, racism, and bigotry on which Fox News has fueled itself since it launched in 1996.

Only now, instead of mostly being devoted to promoting the Republican Party, since even quite a few members of the GOP realize this “president” is unhinged and unqualified, Fox News has basically become Donald Trump’s own version of state-run media.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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