Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Slams Trump’s Dictator-Like Response to NYC Terror Attack (Video)

As Donald Trump has stated in the past, he knows that horrific acts of violence committed by Muslims are good for him politically because his numbers tend to improve whenever they occur. As a person whose entire existence is centered around focusing on whatever is in his own best interests, it should surprise nobody to see his practically giddy response and how quickly he tries to politicize these events.

The attack that happened on Tuesday in New York City was no different.

Almost immediately Trump began trying to politicize the attack, launching partisan attacks at Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), while pushing more of his usual anti-immigrant rhetoric. Of course, that’s a complete contradiction from statements he made following the massacre last month in Las Vegas that left 58 dead and 546 injured when a madman armed with modified semi-automatic weapons opened fire on a crowd. At that time, Trump said people shouldn’t be trying to politicize the tragedy so soon.

Well, in a comment that should terrify everyone reading this, Trump said he would “certainly consider” sending the suspected New York City terrorist to Guantanamo Bay. Trump also called the United States justice system a “joke” and a “laughing stock.”

The issue here is, whether Trump or his supporters like it or not, the monster who committed this act of terrorism is an American resident who has the same rights (outside of voting and running for office) as the rest of us. So when Trump says he wants to send this person to Gitmo, he’s effectively saying that he feels, under the right circumstances, the legal rights given to people in this country should be ignored and/or suspended.

These comments were slammed by Fox News’ Judge Napolitano on Wednesday.

As reported by Crooks and Liars:

Napolitano: I profoundly disagree with him that what we have right now is a joke. The Joint Terrorism Task Force, which is operated out of lower Manhattan, prosecutes terror suspects in federal courts. They have never lost a case, many of the defendants have been sentenced to federal prison for the rest of their lives. They are superb prosecutors. They do provide swift, certain, and fair justice. About Gitmo, this person, as horrific as he is, as a lawful American resident, he has the same rights, except for voting and running for office, as the rest of us. There is simply no provision for terminating his constitutional rights by putting him in the hands of the military and taking him to Gitmo.

Sandra Smith: Is that okay with you?

Napolitano: It is not okay with me and is not okay with the Constitution for the president or someone in government to decide you don’t have constitutional rights, we are sending you to Gitmo! It’s horrible what he did, he killed innocent human beings. He will face justice. If he is tried in the state courts here in New York, he cannot be exposed to the death penalty. If he is tried by The Joint Terrorism Task Force in lower Manhattan for committing acts of terrorism in the United States of America, he will probably be convicted and he can be executed. That would be fair, lawful, and constitutional. But if they sent him to Gitmo, it would be unfair, unlawful, and unconstitutional.

As Napolitano said, the Joint Terrorism Task Force has never lost a case. So I’m not sure what Trump means by our judicial system is a “joke” and a “laughing stock.”

Even though it’s rare that I actually agree with Napolitano, he’s absolutely right in this circumstance.

No matter how anyone feels about this situation, the bottom line is, based on our laws, this madman is protected by our Constitution. That gives him the Constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial, which will almost certainly end with him either serving out the rest of his life in prison or being executed if he’s tried and convicted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

This is why I’ve said it’s obvious Trump wants to be a dictator. While he likes to paint himself as someone who’s all about “law and order,” he’s nothing of the sort. He couldn’t care less about our laws or Constitution. He wants to have unilateral authority to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and thinks that the media, judicial system, and Congress are meant to serve him — not the American people.

It’s clear Trump thinks Congress “works for him” and that the judicial system is there to do his bidding, instead of serving a system of checks and balances like it was intended. He thinks he can ignore whatever laws he wants because “he’s the president.”

That’s how things work in a dictatorship — not the United States.

I might rarely agree with Mr. Napolitano, but I’d like to give him credit for at least being one of the few people working for Fox News who’s willing to call Donald Trump out from time to time with facts that aren’t convenient for the “president” to hear. Especially in moments like these when Trump makes it clear that his real goal is to be this country’s first dictator.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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